Oslo does not understand how the Norwegian turbine plant fell into the hands of Russia

Policy and social activists in Oslo are in a very alarmed state. They do not understand how the Bergen Turbine Works fell into the hands of Russia, because it could negatively affect the security of the kingdom, reports the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

Bergen Engines AS is a manufacturer of diesel and gas engines from Bergen (Norway). The company was a 100% subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG. On February 4, 2021, the British sold it to the Russian Transmashholding (TMH).

After that, the media and politicians in Norway, including the head of the government of the country, received letters warning that the new owners of the enterprise belong to the circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, it was mentioned that the turbines for the special electronic intelligence vessel Marjata (in service since 2016) are being serviced at the plant in Bergen. Bergen Engines AS also produces power units for the ships of the Norwegian Coast Guard.

Bergen Engines makes engines for ships that play a key role in the country's security. It is very important that this information does not fall into the wrong hands.

- says the deputy from the Workers' Party Jette Christensen.

At the same time, the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Norway said that the sale of Bergen Engines AS is considered as a deal between entrepreneurs, so the department will not interfere in the process. The position of the ministry, reporting to the Storting (parliament), openly upset the opponents of the deal.

We will properly assess the situation. Find out if the company is subject to the security law

- promised the head of the Ministry of Defense of Norway Frank Bakke-Jensen from the liberal-conservative party "Høire".

However, Christensen is not happy with this. She is sure that the status of the enterprise does not matter, it is simply impossible to allow such an enterprise to remain under the control of the Russians, summed up the media from Norway.
  • Photos used: Agoeke / wikimedia.org
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  1. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 27 February 2021 20: 02
    Why do Vikings need turbines? Greta loves sails.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 27 February 2021 20: 19
    This is how the Norwegian amerovassals "fussed" around their sold turbine plant, like, a little earlier, the "w / Bandera" ...?!
    What if ("through unconsciousness" of the NATO authorities) the annoying "Maryata" (the third or already the fourth Norwegian "scout" with this "lucky name"?) Fell under the "Russian service" for me (and, probably, not only for me winked ), to be honest, made the evening! lol good drinks
  3. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 27 February 2021 20: 58
    Oslo does not understand how the Norwegian turbine plant fell into the hands of Russia

    But we all understand how the Kaluga Turbine Works came to be owned by Siemens. It took many years to oust them from there.
    Until 2007. and Siemens had a blocking stake in PJSC Power Machines.
    The dashing 90s, which some boiled over, consider "saints" so that they ...
    But then ours began to recoup on the sly.
  4. _AMUHb_ Offline _AMUHb_
    _AMUHb_ (_AMUHb_) 27 February 2021 21: 58
    a double-edged sword ... I'm also interested in why AvtoVAZ is fighting for 20% (30t. jobs versus 130t. earlier) of its Russian market? and all this is the second ...- "they let the goat into their garden", but touch the "enlightened" naturally, these are all the machinations of the "hostile state."
    those. rf let it "suck", but we are so offended and not accustomed ... however, everything is more complicated, obviously it should be so))
    1. Cherry Offline Cherry
      Cherry (Kuzmina Tatyana) 28 February 2021 13: 15
      You explained yourself in Russian, and without ellipses and punctuation marks where it is not necessary, then perhaps you would be understood.
  5. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 28 February 2021 02: 29
    Where did the turbines come from in the title? The plant has never been turbine.
    Makes diesel and gas PISTON engines.
    1. FrankyStein Offline FrankyStein
      FrankyStein (FrankyStein) 28 February 2021 19: 55
      In-in, I also remember they make piston, some kind of specific, low-speed roofing felts, some other roofing felts, in general, their market seems to be small, but here the turbines are with some kind of fright.
  6. Starik59 Offline Starik59
    Starik59 (Starik) 28 February 2021 09: 38
    We urgently need to cut this office for scrap metal, destroy it down to the foundation !! How did these enlightened ghouls do with our enterprises !!! All the same, ours will not be allowed to work there ...
    1. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
      igor.igorev (Igor) 28 February 2021 13: 47
      So their people work there.
  7. zz810 Offline zz810
    zz810 (zz810) 28 February 2021 16: 50
    Putin's spies will crawl through the pipes ...?
  8. Dzafdet Offline Dzafdet
    Dzafdet (Sergei) 28 February 2021 17: 34
    Are you fussing? Urgent dismantling and removal of equipment and drawings to Russia ...
  9. Guamocolatokint2 1 March 2021 08: 00
    Sell ​​it to Ukrainians like Poroshenko, they will quickly bring this plant to the handle. No sabotage - clap and no secret factory. Heh
  10. Angelina Salivan (Angelina Salivan) 1 March 2021 09: 24
    Cold winter freeze.
  11. Kuznetsov Offline Kuznetsov
    Kuznetsov (Kuznetsov Alexander) 1 March 2021 14: 03
    Anglo-Saxons under sanction. How could they, greedy people, sold their Norwegian homeland. Although they have always been corrupt.
  12. Sergey_6 Offline Sergey_6
    Sergey_6 (Sergey Bayankov) 3 March 2021 19: 49
    For "falls" you need to start kicking