The emergence of a Caspian competitor to the Turkish Stream may not take place

The increase in the capacity of the Southern Gas Corridor, the purpose of which is to increase gas supplies from the Caspian Sea region to European consumers, may not be realized. According to Natural Gas World, the expansion of the Caspian competitor of Turkish Stream to the previously planned 32 billion cubic meters may not take place due to too long negotiation of the necessary agreements on engineering and procurement, as well as the unfavorable situation in world markets.

According to experts from the consulting firm Wood Mackenzie, the increase in the capacity of the Trans-Adriatic Gas Route (TAP) by 20 billion cubic meters annually may indicate a fiasco in ensuring the security of gas supplies to Europe. In this regard, much attention will be paid to the "open season" for accepting applications for additional transportation of gas fuel, which will be held in the summer of 2021.

The trans-Adriatic gas pipeline is part of the Southern Gas Corridor, which delivers gas to the EU from Azerbaijan. At present, the capacity of TAP is 16 billion cubic meters of gas annually, 6 billion of which are in Turkey, 8 billion in Italy and 1 billion each in Greece and Bulgaria.

Due to the fact that the European Union plans to switch to renewable "green" energy sources by 2050, the Caspian rival of the Turkish Stream may become the last project to provide southern Europe with gas. With the initially planned volume of supplies of $ 10 billion annually, the Southern Gas Corridor will not affect the European gas market, but such diversification may worsen the position of other suppliers of “blue fuel” to this region.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 15 February 2021 17: 00
    The emergence of a Caspian competitor to the Turkish Stream may not take place

    - Why can he "fail" .. ???
    - Erdogan already has two gas streams in his hands:
    - This is the Russian "Turkish Stream";
    - And Azerbaijan's "South Gas Stream"
    - You can only dream of this ...
    - Erdogan just doesn't give a damn ... - what kind of showdowns are ahead of Russia with Western Europe and the United States ... - it is absolutely purple for him and it does not concern him ... - and it looks like Erdogan will start his "gas game" very soon .. - Why the hell is Erdogan today in the Caspian ... - It's good even for him that he will not be actively involved in his upcoming "gas affairs" ... - neither Turkmenistan, nor Kazakhstan ... - China will simply not allow them ... ...
    - Here is such a clever Erdogan ... -he even made China "work for itself" ...
    - Well, and Russia and Azerbaijan (after the Turkish victory in Karabakh, Azerbaijan became ... "like silk" before Erdogan) will now carry out all "gas orders" of Erdogan ...
    - Most likely in the near future Erdogan will start looking for ways of rapprochement with Israel; to start an active campaign against Iran ... -Today Iran is hindering Turkey a lot ...
    - And Israel may well go for rapprochement with Turkey in order to crush Iran to smithereens ... - otherwise waiting for the United States ... is an empty hope ... - under old Biden, there will be continuous delays in this "Iranian case" .. - And Iran should have been destroyed ... yesterday ... - So ...