Russia took the moon in sight: preparing to land

The Soviet Union was the first to put into orbit an artificial Earth satellite and the first to send man into space. Unfortunately, in the "moon race" the United States got ahead of us, and the American astronaut was the first to step on the surface of the earth's satellite. The exploration of the moon was interrupted by the USSR in 1976 for a number of reasons.

The resumption of the lunar program by the Russian Federation is planned by the Federal Space Program 2016-2025. Her budget was initially estimated at 39 billion rubles. The purpose of the program is not just a walk along the lunar surface and sticking a flag into it, but drawing the earth satellite into the sphere of human economic activity. The moon today is like distant and frozen in the ice of Antarctica for our ancestors, where incredible reserves of fresh water and other minerals are concentrated.

Despite the reduction in the budget of Roscosmos, the sequestration did not affect the lunar program. Representatives of the space corporation "Energy" said:

Work has begun on the formation of the technical appearance of the lunar take-off and landing complex, the delivery of which to the lunar orbit will use a super-heavy carrier rocket

Space exploration today is only possible through the joint efforts of major technological powers. It is known that Russia has agreed with China on cooperation in the exploration of the moon and space. And the components of the Russian lunar module will be tested at the American visited near-moon station Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway.
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