Polish media: As expected, Lavrov beat Borrel

Russia humiliated the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrel, and in his person - the entire EU, according to a new article on the website of the Polish TV channel TVP Info. It is noteworthy that this was the first visit of an EU head of diplomacy to Russia since 2017.

It is alleged that Russian Foreign Minister "Sergei Lavrov did not even have to spit in the guest's face, because even the very information about the expulsion of three EU diplomats was enough."

The visit of the European official is characterized as “completely unnecessary”, and even “doomed to failure and shame”. Borrel's arrival in Moscow shortly after Navalny's imprisonment in a colony yielded nothing.

So what did the Spanish socialist who now heads EU diplomacy want to achieve with his visit? The point is not at all about Navalny. The Great Union, led by Berlin, Paris and Rome, has long been beating its hoof in order to "reset" relations with Russia. And it's not just about Nord Stream 2, but about the general “normalization” of relations. That is why Borrell went to Moscow. The West is interested in the fate of Navalny only in the context of establishing strategic relations with Moscow. Nothing more

- the text says.

When Borrell and Lavrov met face to face, the Russian representative had an advantage, as previously "warned by some EU member states, including Poland."

As expected, Lavrov beat Borrel. In this football, Lavrov scored goal after goal, and Borrel missed them all

- quotes the source of the words of an unnamed high-ranking diplomat.

The very fact that negotiations with Lavrov took place at the time of the trial of opposition leader Alexei Navalny was called a "terrible idea" in the text. Also, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, as noted in the publication, "considered it necessary to humiliate the European guest in front of the cameras."

Lavrov completely outplayed Borrel, and at their joint press conference, the defeat of the head of EU diplomacy, where he could not influence the fate of the Russian oppositionist, became obvious. But the humiliation of the European Union did not end there.

It is hardly accidental, the text says, that on the day of the visit of the head of European diplomacy to Moscow, the Russian authorities decided to expel three EU diplomats from their territory. And this act is directly related to the Navalny case, which is especially important in terms of Borrel's agenda.

In an official statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry it is reported that employees of the Polish and Swedish consulates in St. Petersburg, as well as the German embassy in Moscow, took part "in illegal actions on January 23, 2021."
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  1. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 9 February 2021 08: 53
    Why doesn't this Spaniard protect the rights of Spanish citizens?

    The head of Catalonia's regional office for foreign policy Raul Romeva received 12 years in prison, Speaker of the Parliament Karme Forcadel - 11 years and others

    who received their sentences for trying to secede from the corrupt Madrid authorities, incl. former King Juan Carlos?
    Or does your feces not smell sweet?
    1. Cherry Offline Cherry
      Cherry (Kuzmina Tatyana) 10 February 2021 05: 56
      How you do not understand this other!
  2. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 9 February 2021 09: 36
    where he could not influence the fate of the Russian oppositionist in any way.

    There it is. So he came to save Leshenka. lol And why influence his fate, serve as it should and return. He himself is to blame for his fate. I was on a subscription, but I imagined myself to be God and went for a walk, it seemed like I didn't care about the law, I’m my own law. So they cut off his wings and lowered them to the ground. There will be time to think lol
  3. Vadim Ananyin Offline Vadim Ananyin
    Vadim Ananyin (Vadim Ananyin) 9 February 2021 10: 42
    The Poles are distinguished by a certain level of strange thinking, they are looking for intrigues, intrigues from Russia in everything and everywhere, Borrell and the diplomatic corps of the three countries received in fact on the face, the personal merit of all participants. The fact that now they are sending our representatives is only out of impotence and anger ...
    Now the Kremlin's hands are completely untied, and the hairpins will be inserted in full too.
    And as for Samikh Polyakov, it just dawned on them that no one would stand on ceremony with them now, as with the Borrels.
  4. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 9 February 2021 12: 42
    Polish media: As expected, Lavrov beat Borrel

    - And what are they ... - did they play on the flick? - Or "on diplomats" ??? - Apparently this Borrel lost to Lavrov three times ... - so they sent three EU diplomats ... Also to me ... - "game" ... - so-so ... - came and left ...
    - And the cost of a "barrel" does not depend on such visits by Borrel ...
    - And why is the Polish media suddenly picked up to sympathize with the allegedly successful actions of S. Lavrov ??? - This alone seems strange ...
  5. Robot Bobot Offline Robot Bobot
    Robot Bobot (Robot Bobot Free Thinking Machine) 9 February 2021 14: 09
    Well done, Lavrov, so them, transgender, in the muzzles, in the muzzles, so that the muzzles in the blood!
  6. Cherry Offline Cherry
    Cherry (Kuzmina Tatyana) 10 February 2021 06: 00
    the defeat of the head of EU diplomacy became obvious, where he could in no way influence the fate of the Russian oppositionist.

    The EU really believed that only Borrell would say, "We must release!" - and the non-poisoned will be released immediately? I understand that 73 is not yet the age of margasm, but after all, it is no longer a capricious three!
  7. Cucumbers Offline Cucumbers
    Cucumbers (Cucumbers) 10 February 2021 23: 34
    And they don't understand. Borrell had an overdue summons. He was supposed to come a year ago. And then everything changed. For the year there was a lot of time to think about, and what kind of present to prepare for the long-awaited dear guest. And then the Germans helped, let Alyosha go home. Well, those who should have taken Alyoshenka under the white ruchenka and sent him to places not so distant. And in addition, three ambassadors were dismissed to their homes ...