Americans admired the sound of Tu-95MS flying overhead

In the West, the B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber attracts attention because of its "antique" (rarity) status, because its first flight took place in 1952. It is still in service with the US Air Force and is powered by a chorus of eight Pratt & Whitney TF33-P / 103 engines. The Russian Aerospace Forces has a Tu-95 turboprop strategic bomber-missile carrier, of approximately the same era, equipped with a quartet of powerful and amazingly sounding engines, writes the American online edition The Drive.

Four aircraft engines "NK-12" (from SNTK Kuznetsov, OKB-276) develop a colossal power of 15 thousand hp each. each and push the counter-rotating propellers that make the plane move at jet speed. It is they who give the aircraft a remarkable feature - the deafening sound of a mechanized band.

Listen to the terrifying and at the same time beautiful mechanical "roar of a bear" Tu-95MS flying overhead. A video from Russia appeared on the Web - one of the best examples of how an "orchestra" with a capacity of 60 thousand hp. forces playing on his thunderous fortissimo.

The rattling sound creates an immersive experience, especially for those on the ground. It is a mixture of the howling of a jet engine with an exotic and disturbing high frequency roar.

At the same time, there are many stories of pilots who intercepted the Tu-95. Many of them said that they literally felt the rumble of its power units through the cockpit canopy and helmet. The roar of the Tu-95 and Tu-142 (long-range anti-submarine aircraft) are heard at gigantic distances by submarines in the depths of the oceans, using their sensitive sonars.

Nevertheless, the ancient "Bear" is a chaotic-sounding beast, similar to an airplane, and its naughty hum will continue to fill the skies, wherever it roams for many years to come.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 6 February 2021 13: 39
    The video is from Russia, and for some reason, some Americans are quoted ...
    1. margo Offline margo
      margo (margo) 8 February 2021 17: 21
      They not only quote, they are still in shock, panic, etc.
  2. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 6 February 2021 14: 35
    Now the news is "not new" - Khrushchev had this particular glider. He flew it for a reason.
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 6 February 2021 19: 21
      Well, Khrushchev flew, all the same, on the Tu 114. Yes, on the basis of the Tu 95, but passenger. And it differed from the Tu 95 in the same way as the Tu 104 differed from the Tu 16.
      1. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
        Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 6 February 2021 20: 19
        For some reason, there were no other * passenger "at the base. It was because of the sound that he chose this plane. And the colors of the propellers were made accordingly.