Russia is preparing a "thermonuclear" breakthrough

There is a statement: "There is no prophet in his own country." And it approaches Russia, as, probably, no other country. Our society is rooted in the belief that everything fundamentally new can appear anywhere, but not with us. And we will buy strangers at best. Technology, and at worst - other people's goods. And we ourselves will drive raw materials from our bowels abroad, in the best case, agricultural products, like some kind of colonial country.

It seems that the Lord did not offend our people with their minds, and hands grow from the right place, but somehow we don’t trust ourselves.

And even power has nothing to do with it. So it was under the tsar-priest, communists, democrats. Even now, bright heads and scientific minds, having created something revolutionary, are more likely to find a response abroad than in their own country.

It seems that all of our rich innovative potential is in autosourcing. Ours will make an invention and sell it abroad. There they will process the Russian idea, improve it a bit, “break in” it in practice, wrapped it in a beautiful candy wrapper and sell it to us. Often in the form of finished products. And we will be thinking at the same time: “Well, these fellows, these Americans (Germans, Japanese, French, Koreans), came up with a great idea. Ours would never have realized. ”

Take, for example, a research group from Moscow State University under the direction of Alla Alexandrovna Kornilova, a world famous nuclear physicist. For several years now, the group has been studying the problem of cold nuclear fusion. The technologies created on the basis of its developments are of great importance in the energy sector, nuclear industry and defense.

The ideas proposed by Russian scientists are so revolutionary that they do not quite fit into generally accepted scientific ideas.

The well-known axiom is, for example, the fact that nuclear fusion reactions can be carried out at ultrahigh temperatures and special conditions.

But the Kornilova group managed, for example, to provoke such a synthesis at a low, even room, temperature with the help of microorganisms. As soon as these and other cold fusion researchers have not been attacked in the past few decades. The academic community accused them of pseudoscience, many broke their scientific career. It is good that the burning of bonfires is out of fashion, otherwise they would have been subjected to this procedure, accused of alchemy and witchcraft.

Indeed, the “classical” experiment of Alla Kornilova is very similar to witchcraft. Using ordinary yeast, she was able to artificially create an iron isotope from manganese using cold synthesis technology. And the technology for producing gold from tungsten strongly resembles alchemy.

And what prospects does the development for the decontamination of radiation-infected areas open up! The reaction allows you to neutralize the radioactive cesium-137, which is the main active substance of liquid radioactive waste, and convert it into an absolutely harmless and stable barium-138. It opens crazy horizons. For example, you can use the method to neutralize radioactive waste in nuclear energy.

Of course, the theory sounds a bit wild today, like the idea that the Earth is round and spinning once. But it is confirmed experimentally.

Despite the fact that in Russia the reaction to the research of the Kornilova group was rather sluggish, the best foreign research centers expressed a keen interest in the development. Perhaps they need it more than we do.
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  1. VladVlad Offline VladVlad
    VladVlad (Vladimir) 5 July 2018 07: 52
    Kornilova well done. But it’s useless to contact Rosatom, Kurchatovsky, the Ministry of Education and Science, and the Russian Academy of Sciences. The leading posts of careerists, mediocrity, mediocrity and clumsy took over there! They stuck to the budget feeder, and enriched, promising in 40 years the result. They mislead Putin, they broadcast noodles to him. And that .... is underway ....!
    You need to go abroad, there are not such stupid careerists in directors as ours. They give an opportunity to realize the idea. By the way, the idea of ​​Kornilova is quite real, but at room temperature it is difficult to make a reaction. So far, there is no such technique providing the necessary physical conditions at room temperature. We must make it ourselves. But .... success. I can help with the development of equipment.
    1. astepanov Offline astepanov
      astepanov (Alexey) 11 July 2018 14: 49
      My dear, what is your education? Have you ever heard about the law of conservation of energy? Believe me, it was not adopted by the State Duma, and it is unlikely that even Medvedev will be able to cancel it. Do you know what energy is released during the decay of cesium-137? Can you imagine what would happen to yeast if an isotope mixed with it suddenly begins to decay at least a couple of hundred times faster? And how can you protect this yeast from monstrous doses of radiation? Finally, there is no type of decay in which cesium-137 turns into barium-138, because in all decays, the atomic mass decreases, rather than increases. Most likely, the journalist, as usual, messed up everything - since it is unlikely that such stupid people remained at Moscow State University. Don't trust science magazines; and pearls like "There were seized leading posts by careerists, mediocrity, mediocrity and muddleheads! They stuck to the budget trough, and enrich themselves, promising results in 40 years" should not be allowed at all. It is not for you to judge science. The gut is thin for this. And the gyrus too.
  2. c0ff75 Offline c0ff75
    c0ff75 (Eugene) 5 July 2018 14: 21
    If this is really discovered and experimentally susceptible - let them first be published in respected scientific journals. You do not need injections of millions of budget money. And so they stake their primacy.

    If someone from other scientific groups in the world confirms the results, then we can talk about serious grants.

    And so - it looks like under the guise of a "revolutionary" idea to cut the state money.
  3. Step Offline Step
    Step (Alexander) 7 July 2018 20: 08
    While all this is very similar to another story. First, there were articles in the press about how snickering scientists spread rot on the unrecognized genius who built an inercoid - an engine that works without ejecting reactive mass. And then they decided to test this engine in space, and for some reason it could not move the satellite out of orbit. The money was cut from the budget, and the inertsoid went to be finalized. You look, they will launch again - an improved version.

    There can be no irreproducible experiments in science. While no independent group of scientists has reproduced the experiment, all this remains quackery and fraud.
  4. Mikhail Anokhin_2 (Kara Chumysh) 9 July 2018 12: 19
    Well, there are patent offices in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to patent this method, and then ...
    Then it does not matter in India or China, they will begin to apply it.