"People have no fear": Polish media on protests in Russia

The Polish press covered in detail the opposition protests that took place in some Russian cities on 23 January.

The Polish edition Rzeczpospolita writes about the generational gap between the citizens who protested on the Russian streets on January 23 and the people in the country's top leadership.

Many who attended Saturday's demonstrations - and they took place in more than 120 cities and villages in Russia - stressed that it was the young people who took to the streets. At the same time, compared to previous protests (in 2017), the geography expanded from Yakutsk to the most militarized cities that are the bases of the navy: Murmansk and Kaliningrad. And even in Crimea

- says the new article.

One of the newspaper's cited expert opinions argued that there was "a historical and demographic clash between an aging elite and a youth in need of renewal" on the streets. The generations that grew up under Vladimir Putin do not want his continued rule.

On the eve of the rally, the President also submitted to the Duma a draft law on the abolition of age restrictions for officials appointed by him.

The authorities must finally understand that times have changed, and this is no longer the Soviet Union, no matter how they dream about it. […] This is a different generation, a different time, and here are no longer Soviet people, shouting "we support!"

- the Polish newspaper quotes the opinion of the literary critic Irina Prokhorova.

Refers to protests in terms of their impact on the international agenda and the Warsaw Institute think tank. The text notes that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov may be wrong in arguing that the assumption of the office of President of the United States Joe Biden will not change anything for Russia. In fact, relationships can deteriorate significantly.

American diplomats have already called on Russia to release those detained during the January 23 protests, as well as Alexei Navalny himself.

Biden currently has no choice but to maintain, or even toughen up the [anti-Russian] course

- says the analytical note.

The Polska Times newspaper also publishes its article on the protests in the Russian Federation.

I have no fear. I came here not for myself or Navalny, but for my son, because he has no future in this country.

- quotes the media as saying Sergei Radchenko, a 53-year-old protester from Moscow, pointing out that Russians no longer fear to resist the authorities.

The publication emphasizes that policy several countries, including Poland, supported the demonstrators.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 27 January 2021 10: 40
    Lenin said that the communists must always be ahead and lead the protest movement of the people. Even if it was initially a losing and deadly performance. Therefore, in 1905, the communists were on the barricades together with the people, and priest Gapon, who organized all this, fled. Now Zyuganov, together with his party, is "silent in a rag", instead of organizing and leading the protest movement of the people. And it turns out that now in Russia there is no party that is with the people, so they follow Navalny.
    1. goncharov.62 Offline goncharov.62
      goncharov.62 (Andrei) 27 January 2021 10: 58
      in 1905 there were no commies. Glory to Gd ... And the king needs to be tougher and much more. The protest movement ... who? People? Those who came out are not the people! These are stupid people + freaks + provocateurs and some of the always dissatisfied. Like that "grandmother" (who is 54 years old) ... You, who like pouring iron - but in my opinion pi ... blah blah blah talker! Such people should be dunked again in the 90s into the shit from which they pulled us out, but some have already forgotten. I recommend that workmates of this type remind him. Preferably with the introduction of this into the head! IMHO.
      1. andrew42 Offline andrew42
        andrew42 (Andrei) 27 January 2021 12: 55
        Nobody pulled us anywhere. Yes, the territory of Russia is not torn apart. But, we are "still there" in the Gaidar-Chubais program. Just a soft death scenario. The fence was painted in the colors of the EP, they steal strictly according to the rank, the physical protection of the business was tightened up by the feasible modernization of the armed forces. All. That's all. The rest is a raw materials export-oriented economy, plus the military-industrial complex, which is not allowed to die in order to "keep the perimeter" around the cash cow. Minus three hundred thousand indigenous people a year - one city in the red. So I have never been a communist, but by your term "commies" I see where the wind is blowing from. the current oligarchs grew out of the same "kulak" who pulled on the cracked pieces of the blanket.
        1. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
          Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 27 January 2021 13: 32
          I admit that you are right, like those who started and supported Muydan and who took advantage of the results of Muydan. Isn't Ukraine (Georgia, Armenia, etc.) richer, happier, who took the lead and who are the real masters of the Ussr today, people, democracy or veche by the fire in power? Who?
          it is known that the revolution always devours its children and the most monstrous vices of those who become the head of the rebellion results emerge.
          you think that by supporting the call of the carnival you did not support him, well, yes, of course, you are the mass behind which he hid, those who sponsor and conduct it, using the discontent of people, the real owners want to get their benefit, their gesheft and on you, the people and they don't care about Russia
          that is why young people and children are taken out, they are easier to manipulate.
          it is impossible to change people for honest and decent using rebellion and revolution, power is such as society as a whole
    2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
      Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 27 January 2021 11: 37
      The leftists are all silent in a rag, so as not to fall under the distribution. Not only Zyuganov, who is clearly afraid for his life ...
      And everyone hates this, because he could, but they didn't ...
    3. andrew42 Offline andrew42
      andrew42 (Andrei) 27 January 2021 12: 47
      Protestants have no brains, so there is no fear. He has nowhere to live. As for "ahead and lead," I disagree. The moment is tempting, but the balance is not right. The cliché of one thesis does not work. "Better less, but better" has not been canceled either. To follow in the wake of the bulk-sorosity, to be in the wake of the bulk, to the cardboard fools of global imperialism is a shame for the communists, infamita, and the loss of face to zero. It is necessary to work on the communist protest, for socialist principles, and not to get into a fraudulent squabble between home-grown barchies and foreign bourgeoisie.
    4. The comment was deleted.
  2. goncharov.62 Offline goncharov.62
    goncharov.62 (Andrei) 27 January 2021 10: 52
    Radchenko is the foremost brute! There is no future in this country (!) - (Russia) - go to Ukraine and don't look back! And grab your offspring up to the seventh knee.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. oderih Offline oderih
    oderih (Alex) 27 January 2021 13: 13
    I now believe more in the palaces of the communist landowner Grudinin than in the fake palace of Putin. You communists themselves dug a pit of oblivion.