"Destroyer of Russia". Who our enemies see Navalny

While Moscow is methodically and without haste "sweeping" the closest henchmen of Alexei Navalny, who has returned to the country and their heads, in the world around our country a lively discussion of both the most tragicomic figure of the "prominent oppositionist" and his last life vicissitudes continues.

The European Parliament is seething with anger and threatening sanctions. Joe Biden, according to available information, not even having time to really recover after the inauguration, intends to set the National Intelligence Service with the urgent task of "giving a full assessment of the use of chemical weapons" in the "poisoning" of the "beacon of democracy" ...

In my opinion, much more interest than these "duty" and absolutely predictable Russophobic demarches are the opinions of those who, being not bound by etiquette and protocol, allow themselves to speak very frankly about who exactly the "prisoner of the Kremlin" is seen by individuals, absolutely not concealing hatred of our country and hostile intentions towards it. Very, you know, informative ...

Navalny - side view

There is a belief that the true appearance of some representatives of evil spirits, especially skillfully masquerading as ordinary people, can be seen only by looking at them with “peripheral” vision, and not directly in the eyes. Let's try to use this method on the character we are studying. Indeed, what can you expect from the bureaucrats of Brussels, the US congressmen, or, even more so, the Chancellor of Germany, for which the under-poisoned Leshenka has become almost native. Found a foster child, you know ... Of course, they will throw thunder and lightning, broadcast about "trampled democracy", "violation of human rights", "denial of key values", as well as other similar things, with real life absolutely nothing to do not having. They will portray Navalny as a "fearless fighter against corruption", "a man who challenged the tyranny of the Kremlin," "a representative of healthy liberal democratic forces in Russian society."

These, again, are cliches hackneyed to the last limit, hung up on necessity on many different people and in no way intersect with reality. All the gentlemen and ladies I mentioned above utter them not at all because they believe even one iota of what they say (I am so much alternatively gifted by Western leaders and politicians I don’t think so!), but only because it is necessary. The program embedded in them produces just such a text and no other. Before us is a ritual dance, and it does not matter at all that the persons performing it are not dressed in skirts made of feathers and leaves, but wear suits and ties from the best couturiers. It is supposed to be so - so they dance. The words are carefully weighed and verified, they are as false as pretentious. It’s not at all that - individuals who are in no way constrained by conventions such as the need to somehow combine their own “deep indignation at Moscow’s arbitrariness” with the desire to receive gas from it in a stable and guaranteed way via Nord Stream 2.

The representatives of Ukraine, dreaming of the “death of the damned Muscovites,” at least since 2014, represent in this case, perhaps, the most striking example. True, those of them who, for some unknown reason, still continue to classify themselves as, excuse the expression, the "establishment", like ex-President Petro Poroshenko, are still trying to comply with some kind of framework. This staunch "fighter against Russian aggression" considers the arrest of Navalny "a dangerous challenge to the entire democratic world" and "another crime of the Kremlin authorities." Demands "immediate release" and "objective investigation into the poisoning," of course. One gets the impression that Pyotr Alekseevich (or rather, his speechwriter) wrote this text, squinting at the messages about the statements already made on the same occasion by the main politicians of the West - so that, God forbid, not to blurt out too much, as usual. Poroshenko only clarified that his and Navalny's "approaches to Crimea" are "diametrically opposed."

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the former prime minister of the “non-profit”, broadcasts in approximately the same vein - in his commentary there is continuous “solidarity with the Western countries” in demanding the release of the “sufferer” and a bunch of small nasty things addressed to the domestic authorities: “insignificants”, “fell into a trap” etc. The wall would be better finished, comedian ... The rest of the near-power democratic "get-together" is more concrete. Representatives of the relatively “moderate” wing are confident in her: Navalny in power would be beneficial to Kiev by “significantly speeding up the negotiation process on Donbass and, possibly, Crimea as well. The "logic" is as simple as the googling of an orangutan: becoming president, the "father of Russian democracy" would definitely not find it expedient to "spend budget money" to save and support some kind of DPR and LPR. Well, in principle, right - why spend them on something, if you can just steal? The habit of measuring everything and everyone by itself is a great thing ...

They are of the same blood. Tainted ...

But whoever allows himself not to restrain his emotions at all and does not bother to choose expressions is one of the main modern ideologists of Ukrainian Russophobia - the former director of the infamous Institute of National Remembrance, and now a member of the local parliament, Vladimir Vyatrovich. He directly declares: “There is no hope that Russia will become democratic. It is a multinational empire that suppresses peoples. Any attempts to democratize Russia are useful for Ukraine and the whole world because someone manages to break out of the empire, like the Finns, Poles, Balts once did, and in 1991 to the Ukrainians and many other peoples who suffered in the USSR ... "Therefore Vyatrovich believes that “any attempts to establish democracy in Russia” should be welcomed, even if they are carried out by “inveterate Ukrainophobes” (if anyone does not understand, he includes Navalny as such), since our country is “Carthage”, and Carthage , as you know, must be destroyed ...

Vyatrovich, of course, is a patented hater of our country, but the more valuable is his recognition that a liberal-democratic course will mean its inevitable death. This idea is fully shared by the well-known economist Sergei Fursa, who claims that "until Russia weakens, does not fall apart, and does not begin to demand food for the starving, Crimea will never return, and there will be invaders in Donbass." In his interpretation, “Ukraine needs hell in Russia” and it is Navalny who brings it to her. Other speeches of the same kind are already so psychiatric that it is difficult to quote them. There is a lively discussion in the Ukrainian blogosphere and social networks, during which "publicists", "experts" and "scientists" (like the professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University Yuriy Podlesny), using the arrest of the "fiery oppositionist" as a pretext, discuss extremely burning topics. For example, which of the "10-15 republics into which Muscovy will break up" will pay Kiev "indemnities for centuries of occupation and assassinations" and where will the "Ukrainian-Chinese border run" ... Naturally, thanks to the "fruitful activities" of Navalny and others like him.

It would be possible not to pay attention to all this artistic amateur performance of the insane, but this is absolutely not worth doing. It is these "revelations" without any embellishment that demonstrate the true essence of the "beacon of Russian democracy" languishing now in the pre-trial detention center and heart-rendingly summoning its own supporters from there to the street to set up the very "hell" of which the Neo-Banderites so fervently dream. I want to emphasize once again that after Navalny's repeated statements about Crimea (which “is not a sandwich to return it back and forth”), this public does not in any way consider an acceptable politician for Ukraine (and even more so as the head of the Russian state), and will never count. However, they, like the hero of one beautiful children's book, can say: "We are of the same blood!" Spoiled, poisoned, carrying anger and hatred through the veins ... In our "hero" there are written "Maidanists" of all stripes, both Ukrainian and, by the way, Belarusian, dreaming of the death of our country, see who he really is ... Specifically - a destroyer, a destructive force that brings chaos and collapse. It is friends or "partners" who can flatter, packing their own opinions into "decent" formulations - enemies cut the truth-womb, without hesitation.

And, by the way, it would be a great omission on my part not to quote another opinion about Navalny coming from the lips of the representative of Ukraine. The local journalist Yuri Tkachev believes that this figure is preparing a "Ukrainian scenario" for Russia. The one as a result of which "outspoken murderers, traitors and looters" seized power, who "doomed the country to Western occupation and death." As for the “investigations” of the FBK, it equates them with the stories about “golden toilets” and “golden loaves” of Viktor Yanukovych, which turned out to be a complete phony and propaganda provocation. In his opinion, Navalny and his supporters intend "to purposefully dismantle the Russian statehood, since they are acting on the orders of the very forces that have already done this in Ukraine." Perhaps, the words of the person who suffered the hell into which they want to push our country and who lives in it now is still worth listening to?

Honestly, after such direct and unambiguous characteristics, all those who are still hesitating about their own attitude towards Mr. Navalny and all his activities should think about it. All right, only full and unconditional support from the West - they follow their own political standards, although at the same time they clearly see it as the same "battering ram" directed against our state. Local politicians simply never in their lives, unlike Ukrainian nationalists, will honestly equate the words "democracy" and "the collapse of Russia." But they pursue the same goals. Whether the current government is good or not - this issue is not discussed in this case. However, to oppose it under the “banner” and leadership of someone whom Russia's most ardent haters hail as the “messiah” of its death and destruction is definitely a bad idea.
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  1. Ivancarafuto Offline Ivancarafuto
    Ivancarafuto (Ivan) 24 January 2021 14: 09

    Everything else is words !!
  2. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 24 January 2021 17: 46
    intends to give the National Intelligence Service an urgent task

    I know about the CIA, this is the first time I've heard about the said Service.
  3. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 24 January 2021 19: 18
    Yes, we ourselves are promoting this Navalny more than our Western "friends and partners" .... Well, he flew in from Deutschland, well ... with him, let them poke around at their Bolotnaya, make some noise with their school-lyceum undergrowth, sitting on my father's and mother's neck, will reach some kind of permissible line, and if it is crossed, that it is necessary to video fix it, then you can do what was done recently in the "beacon of world democracy" in Washington - to disperse it with tear gas and rubber bullets, and then to the "last carriage", and to the Kolyma .. The Americans and the French showed us a vivid example of how to pacify such "rebels", and we again lisp with them, and are afraid of the shout of the "big brother" from over the hill, but for everything the North Caucasus, and Tatarstan, and Buryatia, and Yakutia and the rest of our future "fragments" are watching this, if we do not apply a firm hand.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 24 January 2021 22: 02
    another PR of the unnamed.
  5. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 25 January 2021 04: 51
    - Aha - terminator X .... !!!
  6. Ryzzard ewiak Offline Ryzzard ewiak
    Ryzzard ewiak (Ryszard Ewiak) 30 January 2021 13: 05
    Navalny fulfills the plan of the West and weakens Russia from the inside. And this is not according to God's plan. The Bible says:

    At the appointed time, [the king of the north] will return back ”(Daniel 11: 29a). And this means the strengthening of Russia's positions and a significant weakening of the United States. The return of Russia is not a dream. All the predictions from this vision, and there are many of them, come true effectively, with 100% accuracy, in chronological order, and this is not a coincidence. God says: “for I am watchful over my word in order to fulfill it

    (Jeremiah 1: 12)
    God, in order to realize his plans, at the right time, sets the most suitable pieces on the political chessboard of the world. Therefore, there is Putin on the one hand, and the American Yeltsin on the other. Putin is strengthening Russia. I'm surprised that not all Russians understand this.
    1. stepset Offline stepset
      stepset 30 January 2021 14: 02
      Quote: Ryszard Ewiak
      Navalny fulfills the plan of the West and weakens Russia from the inside.

      The low standard of living of its population weakens Russia from within. This is due to the specific distribution of income from oil and gas. In terms of income stratification, Russia is 170th out of 171 countries surveyed by Credit Suisse.
      Here is the emaciated population and is dissatisfied.
      No one Navalny will drive the well-fed and contented out into the street.