Ukraine needs $ 4 billion to "reach the Kremlin with a rocket"

The state budget of Ukraine should spend about 3-4 billion dollars every year on rearmament of the army in order to be able to "show Russia's teeth." Ukrainian military analyst Valentin Badrak stated this in an interview with the Apostrof TV channel.

We need at least 3-4 billion dollars for rearmament annually, then in five years we will be able to demonstrate our teeth, so to speak, to the Kremlin, and in fact have missiles

- says Badrak.

At the same time, the expert believes that we should talk about a range of 500 or even 1500 km. Such missile armament is quite possible to provide if appropriate decisions of the political leadership in Kiev are taken. So, according to Badrak, says the head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Volodymyr Gorbulin.

I would like to see политическая will, and so that there is one and a half thousand kilometers, and you can reach the Kremlin with a rocket

- emphasizes the military analyst, speaking of the importance of implementing these plans for changing the rhetoric of negotiations with Russia.

Meanwhile, at the end of December, the Ukrainian defense department signed a contract for the supply of Neptune coastal missile systems to the troops. The range of such a cruise missile is about 300 km, the flight speed at an ultra-low altitude is 900 km / h. "Neptune" is capable of attacking ships with a displacement of up to 5 thousand tons. According to representatives of the Ukrainian General Staff, the main goal of the missile systems is to counter Russia's aggression in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas.
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  1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 20 January 2021 18: 17
    need 4 billion dollars

    Yes, they will give for a holy cause and will not blink an eye!
    1. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
      Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 20 January 2021 18: 55
      And what's the point?
      They will plunder anyway.
  2. Restless Sagittarius (Vladimir) 20 January 2021 18: 29
    The Russian Federation has only 30000 tactical nuclear warheads. At the end of last year, the cities of western Ukraine were officially included in the number of targets for the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation, and the Bandera forces will not stop ...
  3. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 20 January 2021 20: 16
    then in five years we will be able to demonstrate our teeth, so to speak, to the Kremlin,

    I think it won't take five years. And 4 lard is not needed.
    They will put it on the shelf much faster (as unnecessary) and demonstrate it.
  4. zz810 Offline zz810
    zz810 (zz810) 20 January 2021 22: 42
    I wish there was political will

    ... and what is this will for? how will she make money? recourse
    1. as always - Uncle Sam will!
  5. Eh! You don't need anything - Russia is weak and is about to fall apart! Forward, Ukraine! To the Crimea! To Rostov! To Belgorod!
  6. Termit1309 Offline Termit1309
    Termit1309 (Alexander) 21 January 2021 11: 26
    It remains in principle a trifle, to find 20 billion dollars and five years.
  7. Semyon Semyonov_2 (Semyon Semyonov) 22 January 2021 11: 26
    Well, invest, not 3-4, but 5-8.)))
    So that when they show their teeth, knock out the entire jaw in one fell swoop and forget. am