Ishchenko explained why there is no point in reviving Antonov

Ukraine is experiencing a deep economic the crisis. Some industries have practically ceased to exist and there is no point in reviving them due to the country's chosen political course and new circumstances. This was announced on the air of the YouTube channel of the Belarusian political scientist Dmitry Bolkunets by his Russian colleague Rostislav Ishchenko.

According to Ishchenko, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 affected the Ukrainian economy much less than this impact had in other countries. The explanation is simple - "she was killed much earlier."

They began to kill her until 2014, the first serious blow was struck by the Tymoshenko government in 2005. It was slowly destroyed, and after 2014 it went into a dive and crashed into the ground.

- Ishchenko specified.

The expert is sure that in its original form, the Ukrainian economy is no longer subject to resuscitation in principle. This is the main problem of Kiev.

The Ukrainian economy, which existed before 2014, cannot be restored, because to a large extent the high-tech enterprises that survived were focused on the Russian market

- He reminded.

Ishchenko explained that the destroyed enterprises can be recreated if desired, but their products are no longer needed. The market itself has ceased to exist, it has disappeared. Russia, seeing the behavior of Ukraine, built the necessary enterprises and replaced Ukrainian products with its own.

If we assume that Motor Sich, Antonov and so on have now been revived, they simply have nowhere to supply their products. The Americans, French and Germans will not buy helicopter engines from Ukraine. Russia used to buy, but now it will not buy, since it has its own

- he added.

As for China, it will not become a "lifesaver" for Ukraine either. Beijing has already "burned itself" with the Motor Sich enterprise when Kiev began to fulfill the requirements of Washington. Therefore, it is much more profitable for the Chinese to cooperate with Moscow, which provides guarantees and, nevertheless, more technological products, the expert summed up.

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  1. goga3913 Offline goga3913
    goga3913 (Igor) 16 January 2021 13: 28
    Interestingly, this Belarusian journalist will change something in his head, after Ishchenko's words, I think not!
  2. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
    Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 16 January 2021 13: 33
    Maybe it would be better for a Belarusian political scientist Boltunets to comment on the situation in Belarus, and Ukraine will figure it out on its own, since their chatterboxes have nowhere to go!
    1. Japan Offline Japan
      Japan 18 January 2021 12: 44
      That's right - it is said! If the Russian Federation does not care about Ukraine, then why from 2014. every day - every day on TV, etc., muddy? Ukraine has recently released a new plane and flies without any problems!
      1. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
        Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 18 January 2021 18: 16
        Russia is under sanctions and it has no choice but to look for external enemies.
      2. Short Offline Short
        Short (Brief) 25 January 2021 15: 57
        Ukraine flies into problems and nothing more
  3. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 16 January 2021 16: 47
    For 5 years now, the media have been burying, bury, bury, bury Antonov, but he still will not die and will not die.
    1. Alexey Mironov Offline Alexey Mironov
      Alexey Mironov (Alexey Mironov) 16 January 2021 22: 47
      He's already dead.
      1. Japan Offline Japan
        Japan 18 January 2021 12: 45
        Whoever writes like that, the brains have already died ...
    2. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
      igor.igorev (Igor) 17 January 2021 12: 45
      He died back in 2015 and no one can revive him. There are no sales markets.
      1. pvs512 Offline pvs512
        pvs512 (Paul S.) 19 January 2021 09: 05
        In 2018, Alexander Krivokon, President of Antonov State Enterprise, noted that, in fact, due to revenues from air travel, Antonov “retains the team, pays salaries and utility bills.Антонов_(компания) Хоть ничего не производят, но не банкроты, как ни странно. Ремонтом своих самолетов занимаются.
        1. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
          igor.igorev (Igor) 19 January 2021 21: 09
          It won't last forever. An-124 aircraft have an assigned resource. In 20 years they will knock it out, and you will not make new planes. Then there will be the final death of GP Antonov, although he is still dead except for flying planes.
          1. pvs512 Offline pvs512
            pvs512 (Paul S.) 7 February 2021 11: 05
            Tu-95 in general from the 60s. flies, with timely maintenance.
    3. polev66 Offline polev66
      polev66 (Alexander) 17 January 2021 13: 52
      And what did Antonov release in 5 years?
      1. Japan Offline Japan
        Japan 18 January 2021 12: 50
        Better NOT to release than to pretend - throw cheap pAnts in front of the whole world! Is it better to steal the state budget? Deliberately - unprofitable in advance - failed projects, where they stole hundreds of millions of $ Superjet 100, Volga Cyber ​​and many others.
        1. pvs512 Offline pvs512
          pvs512 (Paul S.) 19 January 2021 09: 10
          Did you count yourself how much you stole where, or read it somewhere? I wonder how much was stolen at the "Nord Stream-2" or at the construction of the BelNPP?
          1. Japan Offline Japan
            Japan 19 January 2021 12: 50
            I am not writing only about the Russian Federation, but about all the CIS countries! They steal - steal - steal - bastards! am But among all the CIS countries, the Russian Federation is number 1 and not because the country is many times larger than others, but because it is already in the blood of the people of the Russian Federation for centuries. And the fact that they stole from the BelNPP was not Belarusian money, but a loan from the Russian Federation was therefore stolen not from the Republic of Belarus, but from the Russian Federation laughing
    4. Short Offline Short
      Short (Brief) 25 January 2021 15: 59
      Yes Antonov is still in a coma and has no hope for the best
  4. Termit1309 Offline Termit1309
    Termit1309 (Alexander) 17 January 2021 01: 42
    Quote: Sergey Latyshev
    For 5 years now, the media have been burying, bury, bury, bury Antonov, but he still will not die and will not die.

    Grandpa Lenin is also eternally alive.
  5. Andrey Naprygin Offline Andrey Naprygin
    Andrey Naprygin (Andrey Naprygin) 17 January 2021 18: 12
    Not needed. Russia has everything