"Alpha", which was betrayed: How was the dress rehearsal of the collapse of the USSR

Remembering today, three decades later, the tragic events in the capital of the then nominally Soviet Lithuania, in our country they speak of the meanness and cynicism of local nationalists, cowardice and betrayal of the then leadership of the USSR, even openly, indicating the specific names of the representatives behind the then criminal conspiracy U.S.A. What, in my opinion, has not received enough attention is the role of those days in the final dismantling of the Soviet Union that soon followed.

January 1991 "backfired" with its terrible August, and then with the shameful Belovezhskaya December ... How exactly? We will talk about this in detail.

Gorbachev's Baltic giveaways

Any attempts to view January 13, 1991, either as a certain set of fatal circumstances, or as a situation in which “something went wrong” due to incorrectly given or understood orders, is nothing more than an attempt to wrest that night from the global context of much larger and longer events. They are undertaken, of course, in order to divert attention from the main culprits, inspirers and organizers of these events. From those who made every effort to ensure that everything happened exactly this way and not otherwise. The clash, in which the main characters were servicemen of the army units brought into Vilnius and the soldiers of the KGB special forces of the USSR "Alpha" on the one hand, and nationalist militants on the other, was only the last act, the final of the tragedy. The plot and roles in it were painted in the Kremlin and the White House long before the shots sounded near the television center.

Let me state that everything that happened there was planned by Mikhail Gorbachev and his masters from the West in order to simulate the situation for the entire USSR. It was a test of strength, a test and a rehearsal. Why was it necessary for both sides involved in the conspiracy to destroy the Soviet Union? Gorbachev and his accomplices feared that the moment would come when the true meaning and goals of their criminal activities would finally "reach" those people in the Central Committee of the Party, the State Security Committee, the USSR Ministry of Defense who, due to their positions, have a real opportunity not to only to thwart all the plans of these scoundrels, but also to deal with them as they deserve. That is - to hang on the nearest lampposts ... They really wanted to exclude such an option in principle.

In turn, the United States feared that the collapse of the USSR, having begun, would lead to a new Civil War, in which, what good, the Reds would win again, who would restore order in the country - and all the work to destroy it would have to start anew. And in general, large-scale hostilities in a state with a huge nuclear potential, the Americans somehow did not smile at all. According to their idea, the Soviet Union was to die quickly, as bloodlessly as possible and as if "from natural causes." Blood and local wars were planned for later ... It was impossible to come up with a better testing ground for such a scenario than the Baltics. Long-standing and strong Russophobic-nationalist traditions, a considerable number of “forest brothers” and similar bastards who survived thanks to Khrushchev, most of whom signed a long time ago about cooperation with the CIA, SIS and other special services of the West ...

In addition, a significant role here was played by the fact that the inhabitants of the Baltic republics in material terms lived much better than many citizens of the same RSFSR or Central Asia. "If these" lead "to talk about" independence ", there will be no problems with the rest!" - obviously, the logic of our overseas "well-wishers" was just that. In accordance with it, they began to act - naturally, having secured the complete consent of Gorbachev and his clique. Since the spring of 1990, the experiment has started proudly - Lithuania (the first in the USSR) allows itself to declare the "restoration of independence". In principle, it was a turning point - after Moscow openly recognized such actions as "unconstitutional" (and they were exactly what they were!), The KGB was supposed to join the case, and Vytautas Landsbergis and the "Sayudis" headed by him smoothly and quickly move to continue their "national liberation activities" somewhere in the camps of Mordovia. The best case scenario.

Tellingly, in the hands of Mikhail Gorbachev, in addition to purely party instruments, there were also state ones - as the president of the Soviet Union, he not only had the full right, but was obliged to introduce his own direct rule on the territory of the brazen republic with all the ensuing consequences. However, nothing of the kind was done. The subsequent ridiculous series of exhortations, concessions and attempts to "reason" the "Natsiks" who were gaining more and more strength are called for some reason "the confrontation between the Center and Vilnius." It would be more correct to call it as it is - a disgrace. In April of that same 1990, the nationalists, who were striving for power, crossed the last line - they established the Department of Regional Protection. In fact, it is an illegal armed formation, the existence of which on the territory of the USSR, of course, was not allowed under any guise. Here it was already necessary to bring in troops and begin general arrests, and immediately. Not done ... But undertaken with the filing of Gorbachev "economic the blockade "of Lithuania allowed the local separatists to hike the prices of all products by three or five times, while claiming that Moscow was to blame for this.

Didn't Mikhail Sergeevich understand what he was doing? I understood, and how. Only this was exactly what he needed. Lithuania was systematically and consistently led to an explosion, to riots, to a confrontation between supporters and opponents of "independence". The second, by the way, at that time there were no more than the first. Gorbachev's “ultimatum” of January 10, 1991, in which he demanded “the restoration of constitutional order,” and the subsequent deployment of troops to Vilnius, was in fact nothing more than a match held to the fuse-cord that did not want to ignite by itself. If the would-be president really wanted to restore order in Lithuania, his actions would have been completely different and he would have taken them much earlier.

Alpha, who was betrayed

In the events of that fateful night, if something is surprising, it is that only one person became a victim of the betrayal of the country's top leadership, who sent KGB and military personnel to Vilnius - Lieutenant of "Alpha" Viktor Shatskikh, who was killed by those who took refuge in the upper floors of the TV tower by snipers. In fact, there should have been many more victims. However, the militants, who then fired from the Lithuanian side, had an order to shoot at the crowd - the "national revival" needed bloody "sacred sacrifices", and they provided them. The most remarkable thing is that exactly this version of events was presented (and even more than once) by a person who, in theory, should have firmly denied it - Andrius Butkevichus, at the time of the events we are talking about, he held the illegal "position" of the "Minister of Regional Protection ". He completely openly admitted that he gave the order to his bandits to hit exactly the crowd - aiming and to the death. From there, the victims with gunshot wounds. The soldiers did not have live ammunition in principle, just as there were no real shells from the crews who came to the TV center to "scare the crowd" of tanks. Alpha had them, but there was also a strict order: do not use weapons to kill under any circumstances. If this is not called "send for slaughter", then what to call it ?!

The worst thing is that those who opposed them knew perfectly well about blank cartridges in military stores and the ban on opening fire for "Alpha"! Where could such a "leak of information" come from, except from the very "top"? There is, however, another version. The chief of staff of the Vilnius garrison at that time was none other than the colonel of the Soviet army Aslan Maskhadov. This personality and its role in many, much bloodier and more terrible than January 13, 1991 events, is known to everyone. Based on this assumption that it was he who "leaked" data on the plans, movements and equipment of the forces trying to restore order in Vilnius, and, most importantly, their restrictions and prohibitions against nationalists, should be considered at least quite probable.

After everything that happened, Gorbachev, as usual, began to fool Vanka and lie recklessly: they say, he found out about what had happened only in the morning, almost later than everyone else, and before that - neither in sleep, nor in spirit ... This is it - the General Secretary , the President and the Supreme Commander in one person ?! However, this lie pales before his allegations that the Alpha fighters were allegedly “presented with an“ order to move ”signed by his name (but not by himself, of course!), Scribbled on some shabby piece of paper not only by hand, so also with a pencil! Then they immediately "torn to shreds" this, if I may say "document". Well, and the "alphas" disciplinedly went to "fill up" ... I wonder who Mikhail Sergeevich tried to make big idiots, rubbing, excuse me, such absolutely incomparable nonsense - his listeners or employees of the elite special forces of the KGB of the USSR? Yes, they, having seen such an "order" in front of them, would not have budged. Unless they would have laughed to their heart's content - in the presence of a good mood. When high-ranking government and military officials vied with each other to deny "authorship" in the Vilnius events or any relation to them at all, it was not a question of "fear" to appear before the "high court" of terribly formidable independent Lithuanians.

Did the late Dmitry Yazov really harm the fact that these comedians accused him of what he knew and "condemned" in absentia? Their hands are painfully short - they only have enough strength to grab retired lieutenants. No, the point here is different - the whole "operation to restore constitutional order in Lithuania" was originally a uniform comedy. True, which later grew into a tragedy with human casualties. And those who gave the appropriate orders "at the very top" knew perfectly well that this is how things would turn out.

Why was it necessary to occupy the House of Press, the Higher Party School, storm the television center, without arresting the self-styled "government" of Lithuania? Why weren't they caught, neutralized, in the end, destroyed every single Butkevichus militant? Why at least the firearms were not confiscated from them? It was necessary to start with this, and not with stupid riding on tanks in the evening Vilnius. And here, by the way, there is another question: why did the army column "backpedal", which was marching exactly where it was necessary to conduct the assault - to the parliament building? Was the "lateness" of the paratroopers to the TV center accidental, because of which the Alpha fighters had to take him literally with their bare hands, surrounded by a raging crowd?

However, these questions are, by and large, secondary. The main thing, perhaps, is different: how could the KGB allow the creation and functioning on the territory of one of the Soviet republics of not just an intelligence network of Americans, who immediately "planted" agents of influence on all "prominent fighters for independence" who then acted under the dictation from the United States, but assault squads militants led by an American sabotage specialist? Andrius Eytavičius (Endre Eyva) is a very real person, known to the secret services of a good half of the countries of the world, as a big dock in the field of both partisan and counter-partisan warfare. His participation in the war of Afghan spirits against our troops has been proven for certain, and the number of the highest military state awards that he was awarded in Lithuania convincingly testifies that the participation of this thug in the events of January 13 and, moreover, their leadership is no invention. There were also other "specialists" - in the relevant areas. Professor Jean Sharp is a master of psychological warfare and a recognized architect of "color revolutions", Rita Dapkute is a professional information warfare. There is no doubt that there were much more of them, both those who were in the states of the CIA, the Pentagon and the State Department, and others. But why were they allowed to act completely openly and with impunity?

It won't take long, and the same "Alpha" will refuse to storm the White House during the Emergency Committee. It is impossible to condemn its commanders and fighters, who have already been betrayed once in Vilnius - no one wants to be either "cannon fodder" or, even more so, "a scapegoat". The army and the militia will act stupidly and uselessly ... And indeed the whole attempt to "restore constitutional order", only now, not on the scale of tiny Lithuania, but of the huge USSR, will look like the same stupid staging. And it will end in nothing. The power, which once demonstrated its weakness to the enemy, and to those who have to defend it, their own meanness and readiness to “surrender” their defenders for a pinch of tobacco, is doomed. Vilnius on January 13, 1991 was supposed to become the Soviet Tiananmen, and became the beginning of the end of the USSR.

In conclusion, I would like to clarify one detail. I call these events a tragedy solely because a real officer died at the hands of the nationalist rabble, and their final result was the destruction of a great country, my Motherland - the USSR. I see it this way and that way.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 16 January 2021 10: 50
    It hurt the late Dmitry Yazov

    Everyone wants to occupy high positions, receive high salaries. And when the time comes to make decisions, they are cowardly and do not want to take responsibility for themselves. It was the military who could prevent the collapse of the USSR if they were faithful to the oath. And those who were faithful to the oath were set up and made guilty. Yazov is a coward, not worthy of respect! And there is nothing to stand on ceremony with these Baltic republics. Let Europe feed them!
    1. Miffer Offline Miffer
      Miffer (Sam Miffers) 16 January 2021 21: 36
      What are the military? What Yazov?
      And then, and now, both in the USSR and in Russia, as in most civilized countries, the army cannot be involved in a war with its own people, and no military doctrine provides for the use of the army within its own country. There is a militia, police, internal troops, Rosgvardia and others. Army - AGAINST AN EXTERNAL ENEMY.

      It was the military who could prevent the collapse of the USSR if they were faithful to the oath.

      You at least read that oath - there is NOT a WORD ABOUT PREVENTING the USSR collapse.
      1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
        steelmaker 16 January 2021 22: 05
        I am always ready, by order of the Soviet Government, to defend my homeland - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

        Is Yazov uneducated or what? Didn't understand that they were destroying the USSR? When three people gathered in Belovezhskaya Pushcha! You needed a lawyer to Efremov. You could do it!
        1. Miffer Offline Miffer
          Miffer (Sam Miffers) 16 January 2021 22: 23
          Defend against an external enemy. The external enemy did NOT ATTACK, so Yazov turned the shafts when it came.
          And the "three in the Pushcha" are the leaders of the republics. Yazov should have landed there?
          Drunk to death, Yeltsin signed everything. And it's too late for you to shake your face :))
          1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
            steelmaker 16 January 2021 22: 33
            Where is the external enemy written in the oath? To Efremov as a lawyer, you will succeed!
            1. Miffer Offline Miffer
              Miffer (Sam Miffers) 16 January 2021 22: 48
              And if not written, then sit and do not rock the boat.
              Yazov was just a minister.
              1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
                steelmaker 16 January 2021 22: 50
                And I do not rock the boat. It’s you "let loose"! Like literate !!!
                1. Miffer Offline Miffer
                  Miffer (Sam Miffers) 16 January 2021 23: 01
                  Yazov was not supposed to rock the boat.
                2. The comment was deleted.
                3. Miffer Offline Miffer
                  Miffer (Sam Miffers) 16 January 2021 23: 06
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 16 January 2021 11: 26
    "Alpha", which was betrayed: How was the dress rehearsal of the collapse of the USSR

    - Yes, what "Alpha" .. ??? - And here "Alpha" ???
    - Personally, I already ... more than a year ago in some topic I already wrote (too lazy to look) that in 1945, immediately after the end of the Second World War ... - in the USSR, all these national republics had to be urgently disbanded (all 15 ) ... - Create districts, volosts, provinces, territorial formations, etc. .. and so on ... - And no national republics ...
    - The genius Lenin once made an emphasis on the creation of these national republics ... - at that time they were necessary ... - it was necessary to create a huge USSR and then it was simply impossible to do without it ...
    - But over time, these republics, having fulfilled their mission, began to simply harm a single state, with a single government and a single center ... - And these republics were very difficult to disband ... conflicts on ethnic grounds could arise ...
    - But here, oddly enough .. - "helped" the Second World War .... - The fired, professional, desperate millions of Russian soldiers returned from the fronts, ready to carry out any order ... - Look how quickly the Japanese Kwantung group was destroyed ... - as if they were not "fanatical samurai"; and an untrained stupid army ...
    - And, if then Stalin, the Soviet government would have set then in 1945 the task of disbanding, liquidating these national republics; then everything would be done very quickly, clearly and bloodlessly ... - They would just send troops, these military front-line soldiers into all these republics and disband all national local institutions ... - and create new government structures; where local national cadres would also enter ... - And no local extremists would dare to utter a word ... - But this was not done ...
    - Generally ... - that's even incomprehensible ... - what the Soviet government was counting on then; preserving these ugly "marginal states" ... - Where in the whole world could this work for the center and how long this "warty state in general could exist" ??? - So it crumbled at the first blow ... - "blow from the inside" ...
    - And no "Alpha" and "Omega" and so on ... - could not have saved ... - sooner or later, insoluble contradictions would have arisen anyway ... - So these outskirts pulled out of their last strength ... - threw in colossal funds for these national republics; "they understood the economy there"; supported whole nationalities on subsidies with ugly "mini states" and the Balts, including ...
    - The alleged "extra votes" in the UN did not help either, due to the "presence" of these republics ... - And everything ended extremely disgusting ...
    1. Miffer Offline Miffer
      Miffer (Sam Miffers) 16 January 2021 18: 14
      in 1945, immediately after the end of the Second World War ... - in the USSR it was necessary to urgently disband all these national republics (all 15)

      1) At that time there were 16 republics (Karelo-Finnish SSR).
      2) Non-Russian Stalin would never have gone to disband the national republics. He was once the people's commissar for national affairs, stood at the origins of the creation of this strange state and positioned himself as a great specialist in the "national question", as well as in all other questions of all areas of human knowledge in the USSR.
      3) In my humble opinion, after the October 1917 coup, the Red Bolsheviks were able to defeat the White Guards and others, only by promising the Red "national elites" to create these strange republic-states in which these "elites" would rule, hiding behind the "banner of proletarian internationalism" ...
      4) Policy of indigenization and other dregs ... http://5fan.ru/wievjob.php?id=75915
      1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
        gorenina91 (Irina) 16 January 2021 18: 39
        In my humble opinion, after the October 1917 coup, the Red Bolsheviks were able to defeat the White Guards and others only by promising the red "national elites" to create these strange republic-states in which these "elites" would rule, hiding behind the "banner of proletarian internationalism."

        - You yourself answer your own

        In my humble opinion

        - All these "elites" caused so much harm to the Bolsheviks that it would be better if these "elites" would not exist at all ... - These "Armenian", "Georgian elites" gave rise to continuous separatism and problems for the Bolsheviks on the ground ... - And at any moment they were ready to grapple with each other (all the same Armenians and Azerbaijanis) ... - They called the Germans and members of the Entente to "help" ... - just a continuous darkness ...

        the creation of these strange republic-states, in which these "elites" would rule, hiding behind the "banner of proletarian internationalism."

        - That's it ... that's exactly what happened ... - And there were also repeated attempts to secede from Soviet Russia ...
        - Nestor Makhno then brought more benefit to the Bolsheviks than all this much national and "much state" Transcaucasia ...
        1. Miffer Offline Miffer
          Miffer (Sam Miffers) 16 January 2021 21: 17
          - All these "elites" caused so much harm to the Bolsheviks that it would have been better than these "elites" at all.

          They could not but be. Already appeared "intellectuals" - poets, writers, scientists and simply rogues, demagogues, adventurers. It was only Marx in the middle of the 19th century that divided everyone into oppressors and oppressed. And in real life it was much more heterogeneous and more complicated.
  3. argo44 Offline argo44
    argo44 (mac) 16 January 2021 13: 32
    The same method as described here:

    Unfortunately, history repeats itself.

    According to Severin Osinski's book The Fifth Column in Gdansk Pomerania, the Polish Foreign Ministry pursued a pro-German policy before the war, as it does today.

    From the analysis of the archives that Osinsky studied, a completely unknown image of the Second Polish Republic emerges.

    Beck was clearly a German traffic jam in the Polish government, he did not react in any way and did not use messages from the administrative pits about Germany's actions in Pomerania.

    The Polish government even helped the Nazis organize themselves in Pomerania, allowed the Germans to engage in activities that they forbade the Poles!

    The structures left by the German agent Pilsudski sabotaged the country from above, from the administration.

    Today, it looks like, after 7 years of Tusken rule, Poland looks like its entire administration has shifted to foreign services - Polish-speaking Germans rule Poland in the interests of their nation.

    I recommend:



    And this explains why almost all governments in Europe are pro-German:

  4. Praskovya Offline Praskovya
    Praskovya (Praskovya) 16 January 2021 16: 11
    I read here in the comments that Lenin pushed the USSR to collapse by creating republics. Right. But .... Putin is going the same way. How many republics of the Territories, autonomies we have now .. And even so, only Russians on the territory of the Russian Federation do not have a single national entity. Many are now yelling that Russians are everywhere and the Russian Federation and that there is Russian territory. So there are Jews everywhere, Chechens and Yakuts and Mordovians, and even Ukrainians and Belarusians. And every nationality on earth has a national territory. By the way, under the USSR, Russians were everywhere, but then they were expelled from everywhere or cut out. How can I prove that where I live is a primordial Russian territory. if there is no such thing on paper and in documents.
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 16 January 2021 17: 30
      I read here in the comments that Lenin pushed the USSR to collapse by creating republics. Right. But...

      - Lenin never pushed the USSR to collapse ... - Lenin created the USSR ... - To build the USSR in the 20s of the last century was possible only by creating national republics, with the subsequent establishment of Soviet power in them ... - That's why these national republics were needed ...
      - Even new republics were invented ... - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, etc. ... - Even a new nationality was invented ... -Kazakhs, after which suddenly the gigantic territory of Russia was administratively secured ...
      - And as the Soviet power strengthened in them ... - all these republics had to change their "national color" and cease to exist on a "national basis" ... - without any "Karabakhs", "Transnistria", "southern and North Ossetia "," Abkhazia "," Ajaria "," Alaniy "and so on and so on ... - And Lenin ... - an absolute supporter of" centralized power "would never help these ugly" states "to exist for any length of time ... - Of course, under Lenin, all this should have ceased to exist ... - It would have been, but Lenin quickly left ... - And the new "leaders" who came to power were not so talented ... - like Lenin ... - And this ugly, much national ... - or rather, the "multi-state" state has remained so to exist ...
      - After the victory in the Second World War, the USSR had an easy and bloodless chance to finally get rid of this freak and create a state on a purely administrative territorial basis ... - But this was not done ...
      - That is how the Russians remained in their conquered Russia without their real official territory ... - So Russia (Russians) lives today in a "civil marriage" with all Russian peoples; whereas all Russian peoples can always present their claims to Russia itself (to the Russians) under the terms of a "marriage contract" ... - That's it ... - they have a "marriage contract"; and for Russia (for Russians) ... only "civil marriage" ...
  5. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) 17 January 2021 01: 54
    Yes, just write us After the reign of Ivan the Terrible, traitors, fools and tyrants rule, and these from Alpha, as well as Berkut, are just healthy foreheads who are waiting for an order and thus cover up their spinelessness !!!!!
    One politician correctly said that the order to defend the Motherland is already implied after taking the oath, and not to wait until the traitors from the Kremlin (and this is a fact) give the order to defend the Motherland !!!!!!!
    1. Miffer Offline Miffer
      Miffer (Sam Miffers) 17 January 2021 08: 18
      This is the private opinion of the marchiz himself, to which he has every right.

      And "healthy foreheads" are OBLIGED TO FOLLOW ORDERS. Otherwise, they turn into armed gangs like the African Bantustans with their monthly armed coups organized by the local tribal leaders "Mbopu" and "Ngoko marshals" who got off their palms yesterday or the day before yesterday.

      And the anonymous politician is also very subjective with his implications. The fact of "betrayal from the Kremlin"? What oooo? Thirty years (!!!) have passed, no investigation, no evidence, no trial ... one of the main "traitors" will soon turn 90. And another "traitor" was set up a memorial complex.
      And the fact that you are beeping here ... well, it's okay ... The Internet does not tolerate that.
      1. Marciz Offline Marciz
        Marciz (Stas) 17 January 2021 18: 37
        WWII showed who won the war !!!
        Ordinary people!!!!! And these are only in peacetime benefits and other cookies get such security officers the darkness is dark and like a war to hide behind conscripts !!!
        They took Amin's palace !!! He did not know and did not expect such a blow in the back, only people died in vain (((
        1. Miffer Offline Miffer
          Miffer (Sam Miffers) 17 January 2021 22: 36
          Confusion of consciousness is a form of clouding of consciousness, in which separate elements of its various syndromes are combined, primarily amentia and delirium. There is disorientation (partial or complete) in place and time ... Attention is fixed with difficulty, perception and reactions are slow, there is inadequate emotionality, the presence of unstable illusions and hallucinations, fragmentary delusional experiences.
        2. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
          Ulysses (Alexey) 17 January 2021 22: 42
          WWII showed who won the war !!!
          Ordinary people!!!!!

          We are in the know.
          Your "common people" gathered three Ukrainian fronts and defeated Hitler.
          And then the Muscovites, who had been sitting for four years behind your backs, meanly drove you into the caches and made you hungry ..

          We know your interpretation of history .. feel
          1. Marciz Offline Marciz
            Marciz (Stas) 18 January 2021 06: 45
            Vparivali here on IN that we are one people !!!! And when we were against the West-controlled SBU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the MTR of Ukraine with bare hands, where were you !? There was no weapon. Here is a deep bow to the Don Cossacks, Dremov and many others. Eternal memory !!!!!
            And do not praise the Russian here Miracle heroes from Alpha and other units while you sell drugs killing boys, black people walk the streets like masters and there is SOMEONE to squeeze them !! The retirement age of the hard workers was raised and what the security forces kept silent !? As before! If only one security officer would sympathize with people !? Pointless Articles about Useless People
  6. Wooh Offline Wooh
    Wooh (Barmaley) 18 February 2021 13: 08
    Lieutenant "Alpha" Viktor Shatskikh, killed by snipers who took refuge on the upper floors of the TV tower. The tower has no upper floors, only a restaurant, from which it is impossible to aim down.

    He was shot in the back not near the TV tower, but near the TV center. There is a distance of several kilometers between the tower and the TV center and the river "Neris".
    The author forgot to mention the bent-footed Yakovlev, the traitor and executor of the Central Committee.
    It would also be worth mentioning the Soviet media, incl. 1-channel, which crap on Russians in Lithuania as well as Lithuanian nationalists. The latter, at least, can be understood.
    And the Russians themselves from Russia? What did they say on TV about their half-bloods? You have to look for such scum. So do not blame the Lithuanians and Americans alone. If it were not for the assistance of the Soviet (Russian authorities) and the barking of the media, the approval of the people, then nothing would have happened, what happened. LITHUANIA ACTIONS WITH THE FILING OF MOSCOW AND WASHINGTON.