Why are Bulgarians offended by the Russians?

"Brothers" - the Bulgarians - one of the few Orthodox Slavic peoples of the Balkans. It is clear that the Bulgarians have a very long and close relationship with the Russians. If it were not for Russia, it is possible that political Bulgaria would not have won independence at all, or would have gained much later. So Bulgaria itself in its current form is the result of Russia's victories in the Russian-Turkish wars. Many Russian soldiers were killed on Bulgarian land in the name of liberating it from Ottoman rule.

It would seem that Bulgaria should for centuries become a faithful and reliable ally of Russia. But already thirty years after the liberation, during the First World War, Bulgaria was on the side of Germany and that of the Ottoman Empire. Sofia also had allied relations with Hitler, although the Bulgarian Tsar did not declare war on the USSR and did not send Bulgarian soldiers to the front. Many Bulgarians prefer to remain silent about these pages of history, while others begin to recall historical insults to Russia.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the situation on the Balkan Peninsula escalated. The Bulgarian principality, which formally remained dependent on the Ottoman Empire, declared complete sovereignty in 1908. Then the Balkan Union was created, which included Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro. In 1912, a war broke out with the Ottoman Empire, in which the Balkan countries emerged victorious. The Bulgarian forces almost reached Constantinople itself, but Russia intervened, which was afraid that if the Bulgarians captured Constantinople, the usual balance of power in the region would seriously change, and the Western powers would come after the Bulgarians. Therefore, Russia did not allow a fatal blow to the Ottomans. Bulgarian nationalists are still dissatisfied with the events of those years.

Another “black line” in Russian-Bulgarian relations is jealousy of Serbia. Russia has always preferred Belgrade as an unambiguous and reliable ally. Meanwhile, Bulgaria often clashed with neighboring Serbia, including over Macedonia, which the Bulgarians consider their territory. Russia has always been on the side of Serbia. Ultimately, after World War II, Bulgaria ceded the Macedonian lands of Yugoslavia, in which the Macedonians were recognized as a separate people. After the break-up of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Macedonia became an independent state, which Bulgarian nationalists also dislike.

But the biggest claim of the Bulgarians to our country is connected with the post-war period of Bulgarian history. In the 1920s - 1940s, a strong communist movement was operating in Bulgaria, which was subjected to repression of the tsarist government. At the same time, the country began to focus on an alliance with Nazi Germany. Although Bulgaria did not enter the war against the Soviet Union, this did not save her from entering the victorious Red Army in the country in 1944. By this time, the Bulgarian leadership had already abandoned the alliance with the Nazis, but the Red Army still took control of the territory of Bulgaria. Soon, the pro-Soviet communist government came to power in Sofia.

The “Sovietization” of Bulgaria still causes mixed opinions among the Bulgarians themselves. Many Bulgarians welcomed the liberation from tsarism and believed that the country had achieved great success under the Communists, others were outraged that Bulgaria had become almost the “sixteenth republic” of the Soviet Union. Now the Bulgarian leadership, like the authorities of many other countries of Eastern Europe, speaks of the Soviet occupation and adheres to the pro-Western line. It is clear that this point of view is broadcast to the masses and at least half of the Bulgarians, especially the younger generation, now share it.
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  1. jans Offline jans
    jans (Stoyan) 30 June 2018 18: 45
    As a Bulgarian, I will give here one more point of view!
    Bulgaria in its current form does not exist at all as a result of the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78. The results of the Russian-Turkish war are the Wasal region of the Ottoman Empire, named Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia, which actually remains within the Ottoman Empire as an autonomous region! Macedonia is not liberated at all! When Bulgaria was liberated in 1878, Russia unilaterally gives the ethnic Bulgarian region - Northern Dobrudja to the Wallachian-Moldavian Principality without the consent of the Romanian King Carol I and without the consent of the Bulgarians as compensation for taking Russia away - Bessarabia and part of Moldova today due to control of the delta Danube river! Also, in 1878, Russia unilaterally and without the consent of Bulgaria surrendered the huge Bulgarian ethnic territories of Serbia - including the cities of Nis and Pirot! This is all of today's Eastern Serbia! All these areas have previously been within the borders of the Bulgarian Exarchate since 1870 and are separately confirmed by the international commission, which determines the boundaries of the San Stefano agreement through referenda among the population in these areas ...
    The unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia was initiated by Eastern Rumelia in 1885, and then Russia declared itself AGAINST the new united Bulgaria! It was in 1885 that Russia and Austria-Hungary supported the Serbian king of Milan to attack the new state - Bulgaria and even Russia removed their officers from Bulgaria so that Serbia could easily defeat Bulgaria! Bulgaria expects an attack from the Ottoman Empire, and on its back “fraternal” Serbia attacks with the support of Russia! Well, Bulgaria succeeded in defeating Serbia, and Bulgarian troops pursued the Serbs all the way to Belgrade, and only the intervention of Austria-Hungary saved the Serbs from total defeat and heavy losses in the territories ...
    Why is this so? Because one of the initiators of the unification of Bulgaria is Sami Prince Batemberg, who was appointed as the Prince of Bulgaria, precisely by the will of the Russian Emperor Alexander II. Because Batemberg is a cousin of the wife of the Russian emperor! But Alexander II is killed, and in Russia comes Alexander III, who hates Butemberg! In Bulgaria, a “regime of authority” was introduced, due to which the regime and the Bulgarian constitution were suspended. Then came Sobolev, Ernrot, Khitrovo, Girs and others, who until 1885 literally entered into a fierce conflict with Batemberg and the Bulgarian governments! Namely, Sobolev first invented the so-called "Austrian influence" in Bulgaria as a counter-reaction to Battemberg ...
    In 1908, Bulgaria again unilaterally declared its "independence", and again Russia is against it! Russia agrees as long as the remaining great powers and Great Britain, in particular, support the independence of Bulgaria ...
    1913 !!! This is the most important year for the development of future Bulgarian-Russian relations!
    Balkan wars! At the London conference, Serbia voluntarily abandoned the dream of the Adriatic Sea due to the creation of a new state of Albania! Serbia agrees under pressure from Austria-Hungary and Italy, but officially recognizes the absence of claims on these territories! But right after that, Serbia begins to think about compensating for the lost exit from the Adriatic Sea at the expense of Bulgaria! For Serbs, the Balkan Union does not mean anything, and the Serbian-Bulgarian Treaty of 1912 does not mean anything to Macedonia either! Therefore, when the Bulgarian army conquered Edirne and headed to Constantinople, the Serbs occupied all of Macedonia and refused to leave the occupied territories! Naturally, Bulgaria responded to this betrayal of the Balkan Union and the Second Balkan War began! Moreover, the Russian emperor refuses to be an arbiter between Serbia and Bulgaria, despite his promises before the war! Serbia, for its part, had long planned to seize all of Macedonia and therefore has already signed a secret military treaty with Greece, of course, secretly from Bulgaria! The goal is clear - Serbia and Greece want to rob Bulgaria and can only do this if they act together as a group of jackals! And when Bulgaria is at war with these traitors in the Balkan Union, Russia is negotiating with the Romanian king to attack Bulgaria !!! Instead of Russia, help Bulgaria, or at least not get involved! Naturally, in these conditions Bulgaria capitulated! All neighbors capture and plunder huge Bulgarian ethnic territories like jackals, Bulgaria brings more victims than all other participants in the wars - take it together! Bulgaria is humiliated, robbed, destroyed, and all this happens with the help of Russia! 1913 !!!
    PMV (1914-1918) !!!
    How do you imagine after such a robbery of Bulgaria in 1913 from Serbia, Greece and Romania, how do you imagine only a year later that Bulgaria will be in a coalition with its robbers ???
    From this moment, Bulgaria is only interested in its lost national unity and is no longer interested in the geopolitical interests of Russia in the Balkans! And if Russia will work against Bulgarian national interests and unification, then Bulgaria will be in a coalition with other countries ...
    What do you think? Are there sufficient reasons for the Bulgarians to be offended by the Russians?
    This is only one of many points of view and read stories, and if the moderator considers the comment inappropriate, delete it
    1. numb Offline numb
      numb 1 July 2018 07: 48
      Thanks! And I kept wondering why the Bulgarians are against the Russians.
    2. Victor March 47 Offline Victor March 47
      Victor March 47 (Victor March 47) 1 July 2018 09: 31
      Bulgaria has ALWAYS fought against Russia or its allies. And in the Balkan Wars, and in the First World War, and in the Second World War. Dream of Greater Bulgaria. To consider Moldova as property is already too much. Why then the Volga region is not considered the property of Bulgaria. There was the Bulgarian Khanate. The Bulgarians drowned two Soviet submarines in the Great Patriotic War, freed the Germans in Yugoslavia, allowing them to go to the Eastern Front, replacing them there - is this not hostile action? I don’t want to say the words that are being punished here, but lately with gas pipelines, nuclear power plants? Is joining NATO itself a friendly move? Okay, it’s difficult to live in a small country alone, well, they’ve joined the EU, this is your business, it doesn’t threaten us, but to NATO !!? Who are you hiding from? From Russia? From Mongolia? From banderlog?
      1. jans Offline jans
        jans (Stoyan) 1 July 2018 10: 52
        And what do you expect? Should Bulgaria be torn into small pieces and plundered by the so-called “your allies” just because they are your allies? Nobody considers Moldova “Bulgarian property”, despite the fact that there are several large Bulgarian cities and villages! Here we are talking about Macedonia, which is the heart of Bulgaria, Ohrid is the capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom, we all speak the language without cases, that is, pure Bulgarians live there! The same thing in North Dobrudja! These are the first separate Bulgarian pieces of land from the territories of the Eastern Roman Empire in the 7th century at the exit of Bulgaria!
        The position of Bulgaria during the First World War is a direct function of the outcome of the Second Balkan War! Bulgaria is fighting for its national unification, and Russia is attacking Bulgaria on Bulgarian territory on three fronts!
        During WWII, Soviet submarines created big problems for Bulgaria. On the morning of February 24, 1942, the helpless Bulgarian ship Struma was torpedoed and sunk by the Soviet submarine Sch-213, killing 768 men, women and children — all Jews! This happens without a declared war and with normal diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the USSR! Who can tolerate this behavior?
        Bulgaria in 1941 liberates only its Bulgarian ethnic territories, which were captured during the Balkan Wars and World War I from Serbia, Greece and Romania! Bulgaria does not take a single step further, for example, Bulgaria is not interested in assimilating Belgrade and all of Serbia or all of Greece! We want only our own, we do not want the alien!
        Through the introduction of the Bulgarian forces in Yugoslavia and Greece, Tsar Boris managed to divert these armies from participating in the war on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union! These are four Bulgarian armies with a total of about half a million! Did you really want these armies to be on the Eastern Front at that time ??? No, despite all this, the Bulgarians have no desire to fight with the Russians and only do this when the Russians attack Bulgaria on Bulgarian territory to crawl Serbia or Greece!
        The South Stream from the very beginning was corrupt and doomed in its previous form! The project, the price of which at the beginning was 750 million, and after 3 years it reached almost 4 billion! Soon, Bulgaria offered Russia a new version of South Stream, in view of the suitable geopolitical situation in the EU, but Russia refused! The EU does not trust Turkey and wants a direct Russia-Bulgaria pipeline! Russia keeps Turkish interests again! What is mildly said in the eyes of the Bulgarians - strange behavior!
        NATO! Bulgaria is a member of NATO after 15 years of waiting for what Russia will do in the Balkans (1989-2004). During these 15 years, huge and rich states were destroyed - Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Georgia, the Caucasus ... then the wars in Syria, the Maidan in Ukraine ... 15 years during which Bulgaria was on the brink of a civil war (1997 ) caused by hyperinflation, 15 years, during which Turkey and her American friends constantly gave signals about the future "Yugoslav scenario" in Bulgaria!
        Currently, the only guarantors of the territorial integrity of Bulgaria are the EU and NATO! Others are not ...
        1. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
          akarfoxhound 1 July 2018 14: 21
          Very, very impressive! Direct propaganda poster of the "offended" Bulgarian Natsik, not a cry from the heart. Doesn't pull, no ...
        2. Andrey K Offline Andrey K
          Andrey K (Andrey Evgenievich) 3 July 2018 18: 12
          Quote: jans
          ...NATO! Bulgaria is a member of NATO after 15 years of waiting for what Russia will do in the Balkans (1989-2004). During these 15 years, huge and rich states were destroyed - Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Georgia, the Caucasus ... then the war in Syria, the Maidan in Ukraine ...

          Man, you haven’t messed up anything with Chechnya?
          Where did you whistle about the destroyed state of Chechnya?
          Does Bulgaria have its own map of the world?
          You do not know that Chechnya is one of the subjects of the Russian Federation?
          You folded everything here together in a heap, around enemies and traitors, and the Bulgarians are out of business.
          Before blaming others for betrayal, we would have sorted out the policies of our state - I assure you from the side of the most opposite sight.
          Bulgarians, people of Bulgaria - I appreciate and respect.
          I despise your power.
      2. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex (Secret information) 1 July 2018 13: 29
        Victor, so you know, joining the EU means SIMULTANEOUS entry into nature (at that time).
    3. Yellow dragon Offline Yellow dragon
      Yellow dragon (Yellow dragon) 1 July 2018 10: 08
      Although tsarist Russia was wrong about you in some ways, you’ve already raised weapons twice to another state in alliance with its original enemies!
      No need to build offended angels.
      And think about the name of your country! Why is it named after the Turkic people.
      Yes, 500 years of the Turkish occupation have not passed without a trace for your mentality.
      You Slavs are purely nominal. If Czechs and Poles have long been adherents of the Vatican, then you are mentally closer to the Turks, along with Bosnians.
      This is just my vision.
      1. jans Offline jans
        jans (Stoyan) 1 July 2018 19: 34
        Yellow dragon
        The state is called Bulgaria, because it was founded by the Bulgarians of Khan Asparuh! They beat about 20000 people in order, coming to these lands with rich administrative and military experience from Old Great Bulgaria! The Slavs and Thracians in the territory and at that time did not have their own state, neither administrative nor military experience, they lived within Byzantium and survived by animal husbandry and agriculture! The Bulgarians create the administrative and military structure of the new state and therefore call the state Bulgaria in honor of the Old Great Bulgaria! At the very beginning, all leadership positions were occupied by the Bulgarians. For several decades, these 15-20 thousand Bulgarians were completely assimilated into the “sea” of Slavs and the indigenous Thracian population (brown nuances of the skin of some Bulgarians) on these lands! However, the name of the state remains and has never changed ...
        Everything is fine, but today some deny the Slavic component and consider the Bulgarians as Thracians who assimilated the Proto-Bulgarians Asparuh ... checkmate - there is no Slavic component, there is no connection with the Russians ... and everyone speaks his own truth about his political ambitions ..

        I accidentally stumbled upon this article, in which the Russians seem to be wondering why the Bulgarians can be offended, and therefore I wrote only one point of view. If the purpose of this article is to insult the Bulgarians, then I'm probably not in the right place ..
        1. xilia72 Offline xilia72
          xilia72 (xantos) 3 July 2018 00: 58
          Bulgarians and Slavs settled on the territory of the Eastern Roman Empire (border along the Danube), as if originally not their land. Ohrid is an ancient Greek city that the Bulgarians turned into their capital, after several camp capitals. In principle, there is nothing to claim for the Bulgarians.
          The Greeks will have more grievances and claims against Bulgaria, for example, recent WWII, monuments of the victims of the Bulgarian occupation of the 2s are standing throughout northern Greece.
          1. alatanas Offline alatanas
            alatanas (Alexander Atanasov) 4 July 2018 12: 54
            after several camp capitals

            Pliska and Preslav - stone with massive fortified walls
          2. alatanas Offline alatanas
            alatanas (Alexander Atanasov) 4 July 2018 16: 59
            Do you know when, where and by whom the first concentration camp in Europe was organized?
            about. Trikery, 1913, the civilian Bulgarian population from Solun - half died along the way and the rest (most) on the island itself. Very few survived. You will not see any monuments there.
    4. kot711 Offline kot711
      kot711 (vov) 1 July 2018 11: 01
      everything is clear, there was Great Bulgaria, and Russia took it and made it small. Here and it decided to be reborn, but it didn’t put everything on those. And did you divorce the Great ones a little? What helped you to constantly join the enemies of Russia? ingratitude, punishable. What son, NATO helped you?
    5. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
      bratchanin3 (Gennady) 1 July 2018 12: 19
      These words are the essence of the Bulgarians! As they say - no matter how much the wolf is fed, it still pulls into the forest. "Brothers" cannot be allies and have never been, it was the Russians who considered them so. No sooner had the USSR collapsed than it was immediately betrayed by these "brothers". Let them now have NATO in their brothers, they have probably already felt the new owners.
      1. alatanas Offline alatanas
        alatanas (Alexander Atanasov) 2 July 2018 22: 20
        Back in Malta, your Gorbach let the Americans down everything, without asking the Bulgarians, the Poles, the Czechs and the rest of the Socialist. camp. The Warsaw Pact was dismissed and the CMEA collapsed. In 1989, Sharapov (the USSR ambassador to Bulgaria) walked around all over Bulgaria as a "general governor" and explained how to properly do perestroika, etc. In 2007, a friend of mine reported with indignation about the forthcoming NATO membership to the press secretary of the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria, to which he replied: "We see nothing wrong with that."
        My friend then said that under these circumstances he did not need to meet with anyone at the Russian embassy and went away.
        So this grandmother in two said ... who, whom and how betrayed!
        1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
          A.Lex (Secret information) 4 July 2018 12: 02
          Alexander, well then, let's generally consider the whole history of the development of relations between our countries? You are already climbing into such wilds that have nothing to do with the BEGINNING of the dispute. Have you decided to mix EVERYTHING in a pile?
          ... We will deal with our traitors ourselves ... sooner or later ...
          1. alatanas Offline alatanas
            alatanas (Alexander Atanasov) 4 July 2018 17: 01
            What wilds? A very close past - ~ 30 years.
            1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
              A.Lex (Secret information) 6 July 2018 09: 32
              "Quite close past" - 2009. Refusal of "UP" - thereby you proved that you do not have sovereignty (and where did you get it from? There are no sovereignties in the EU - you are subordinates). And a country that does not have sovereignty ... is not worth the effort to be talked to and reckoned with. so that you both were a weak country, and remained to it - all look to whom to surrender. Either surrender to Germany, then the USSR, then the Anglo-Saxons - the betrayal of your elites (AT ALL TIMES) has already become a household name and a way of life (I'm not talking about the people - this is a separate conversation, but choosing such rulers ...).
              1. alatanas Offline alatanas
                alatanas (Alexander Atanasov) 6 July 2018 13: 08
                "UP" was not a project to supply only Bulgaria with gas, and was stopped by the EC, naturally under the pressure of the Americans.
                If you do not like Bulgaria like that, go to Turkey, even for permanent residence ...
                Gorbachev and Yeltsin were not chosen by us.
                1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
                  A.Lex (Secret information) 6 July 2018 20: 33
                  Haha! No, it’s not bad for me in the Orenburg region either!
                  And here you pierced - "... and was stopped by the EC, under the onslaught of the Americans naturally... ". You are not independent ... You could be independent, when to you with all your heart ... in a brotherly way ... But with you, as with an occupied territory - spread rot and order you. Then you will love that boot that kicks you.
                  As one of the characters in the movie "Brother-2" said? Remind me? (about brothers and non-brothers)
                  The shame of unscrupulous ... shame ...
                  And yes - how much do you need to pay for you to praise and obey Russia as amers? As much as the Yankees pay you, or more? You already decide on your own price - how much are you worth?
                  1. Mezzo Tinto Offline Mezzo Tinto
                    Mezzo Tinto 22 December 2018 18: 50
                    Those who crawl under the Yankees often do it for free, either in the hope of their generosity in the future, or simply out of love for the creepy thing itself.
                  2. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
                    Oleg9999 (Oleg) 27 December 2018 18: 51
                    How much are you?
                    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
                      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 27 December 2018 18: 51
                      Publish the price, pzhl.
    6. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex (Secret information) 1 July 2018 14: 36
      Stoyan, tell us, those present here, how did the "Balkan Wars" begin? With the direct participation of Russia, on February 29, 1912, a military alliance was concluded between Serbia and Bulgaria against Turkey. One BUT - the allies could start actions against the Turks ONLY with the consent of Russia! This was not enough for you and the Serbs, and you, two months later, concluded between yourself (already without the participation of Russia) a convention that determined the number of troops that each of them undertook to put up against Turkey, as well as against Austria-Hungary if it intervenes in the military conflict. The question is - WHY? And because the leadership of Serbia and Bulgaria had OWN interests in that war.
      Further more. Soon Greece joined these agreements. (I wonder - what does she have to do with it? Well, okay - no more no less) In St. Petersburg they tried to prevent a premature speech against Turkey. But as a result of the massacre in Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro mobilized their armies ... The Russians warned YOU - EARLY !!! But you are the smartest - they sent the Russians to the forest. And rushed into the war! Now let's remember the beginning - Russia took part in your alliance with the Serbs? Yes. But only as overseeing you. And ONLY with the permission of Russia you could start hostilities (otherwise the Russians would have removed themselves from participating in the mess that YOU and the Serbs committed).
      The total conclusion is that you did everything to prove that you are all sovereign and independent, and no one decides you. As a result, we got what we got. Indeed, in Russia they knew about the contradictions that were between the young states (and Greece was also mixed up here!), KNEW and WARNED. And you are like naked on e * lyu - in a hurry to prove to everyone and everything that you are WELL-GOOD what GREAT! So they got for their own conceit and excessive arrogance - they could not agree with the allies in the war! ...
      After all these squabbles, on July 9 (22), 1913 the Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand turned to Russia with a request for mediation. Under pressure from Russia, Greece, Serbia, Romania and Turkey agreed to a truce with Bulgaria, and on August 17 (30) a peace conference opened in Bucharest, which was attended by representatives of both the warring parties and the great European powers. On September 16 (29), peace was concluded, according to which Adrianople with the territory adjacent to it was returned to Turkey, Greece was transferred to Thessaloniki with the adjacent region and part of Macedonia, the other part of Macedonia passed to Serbia, Romania received the original Bulgarian territory - Dobrudja ...
      1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex (Secret information) 1 July 2018 14: 51
        And also your king Ferdinand - who was? And he was a GERMAN Field Marshal and an Austrian Field Marshal, as well as a TURKISH Mushir ... Not a feeble track record ... And he didn’t have Russian military service ... In addition, his main comrade-in-arms of Stambolov counteracted RUSSIA ALL HIS LIFE ( in which he studied, BUT - was expelled due to ties with Russian revolutionaries).
      2. jans Offline jans
        jans (Stoyan) 1 July 2018 16: 28
        Yes, it could hit differently, but then it was so appreciated! Russia advocates a Bulgarian-Serbian rapprochement, but refuses to provide Bulgaria with guarantees against the Romanian attack, since from the beginning it does not want to advance the offensive against the Ottoman Empire. Regardless of the Bulgarian-Russian treaty of 1902 on Russian assistance against the Romanian offensive over Bulgaria!
        The allies are in a hurry, because this is the perfect moment, and otherwise they will miss this golden opportunity! The Ottoman Empire collapses, and then follows the “Young Turkish Revolution”, neo-Ottomanism and numerous uprisings in these Christian territories. September 1911 began the Tripolitanian war, and the Ottoman Empire sent all its attention and strength there!
        The Bulgarian movement VMORO operates in Macedonia through terrorist attacks on the Young Turks, and therefore the Bulgarian population beat genocide! Relatively soon after the Bosnian crisis, another Great Power, this time Italy, violates with impunity the principle of inviolability of Ottoman territories. In the summer of 1912, Albanian invaders captured Kosovo and Skopje. The Ottoman government is reluctant to make concessions to requests for Albanian autonomy. The fear that the Albanians will crush Kosovo and Macedonia also makes the Balkan allies rush to their military training. September 25, when the mobilization of troops in the Balkan countries is already underway, Austria-Hungary and Russia issued a statement warning that they would not allow the Balkans to change their borders !!! and they promise to renew Macedonia’s reform efforts. The next day, the Montenegrin army attacked the Skoda fortress. On September 30, Bulgaria sent a note on behalf of the Allies, which invites the Ottoman government to grant within six months autonomy of ethnic minorities in the empire. In response, Tsarigrad declared war on the Allies on October 4 ...
        Greece was invited to this union only to block through its fleet sea supplies to the Ottoman Empire from the Middle East.
        Yes, then Bulgaria lost everything and therefore most Bulgarians do not want to talk about it! We lost everything, but also made general conclusions for the existence of the future Balkan Union and about who is friend and who is the enemy! Bulgarians normally perceive Russians as brothers and as their own, but internally they are a little disappointed with the attitude of Russia towards Bulgaria at these times, specifically in the creep of Serbia ...
        1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
          A.Lex (Secret information) 2 July 2018 07: 50
          Stoyan, but you did not notice that you are constantly looking for an excuse for the actions of Bulgaria? The actions that broke everything that Russia planned against the Ottoman Empire. You still do not understand that due to the shortsightedness of your leadership, the Ottomans didn’t succeed before crushing. If your actions corresponded (at least in the main provisions) to the plan that was developed in Russia, the OI would not have turned into today's Turkey and it could have disappeared altogether from the world map!
          Or maybe this was done on purpose and acting AGAINST the instructions of Russia, you played into the hands of those who NEEDED RUSSIA'S WEAKENING, including in the Balkans. Who did you play for? For England? Or for Austria-Hungary? Shall I tell you what they promised Bulgaria? And tell me - how much blood did the British or Austrians shed for Bulgaria? How many? ... Because you could not play for yourself - you did not have such weight in politics then (just as it did not become in the future - you have always been an instrument in the struggle against Russia). And your rulers always chose those whom they pointed out to YOU ​​... first the Germans, and then from the island, and, later, because of the "puddle". And after all that you have done, you still have the conscience to reproach us for something? You did everything so that Russia ONLY shed blood for YOUR liberation, and as soon as hard times came for Russia, how did you act? It's very simple - you ALWAYS looked for the patrons of those who were stronger! That is why you are in the EU-Soviet camp and listen to SUBMISSIONLY everything that is indicated to you!
          1. jans Offline jans
            jans (Stoyan) 2 July 2018 11: 00
            Well, then Russia knows the sore spot of Bulgaria! Everything is lost during the Second Balkan War! While the Bulgarians are waiting for the proposals of the two camps, the Entente offers nothing to Bulgaria, and the Central Powers promise the full restoration of the lost territories. Why didn’t you make the Serbs agree to abandon the occupied Macedonian territories?
            And how Russia wanted to destroy Turkey, we all saw it in 1920, when Lenin raised the dying Turkey from the grave! The Russian government sends Kemal Ataturk 6000 guns, more than 5 million rounds of ammunition, 17 shells and 600 kg of gold bullion. Have you forgotten the “Treaty of Friendship and Brotherhood” of March 200,6, 16? In fact, Bolshevik Russia built a new Turkey with its money! Instead, you could build a mighty fraternal Bulgaria! History repeats itself, and today Russia again prefers strong Turkey, rather than strong Bulgaria! And the Bulgarian little brothers have the right to only look at everything and are silent ...
            1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
              A.Lex (Secret information) 2 July 2018 21: 22
              Stoyan, strange ... And here is the period after the First World War? We say that the Bulgarian leadership considered itself the most cunning and clever. And she decided to act at her own discretion, outside instructions from St. Petersburg. You decided to become an independent player BEFORE any territorial losses you understood - D O !!! And not after. You confuse causes with consequences. And do not shy away from what they poke your nose into. Each time you come up with new reasons that have no relation to the PRINCESS!
            2. xilia72 Offline xilia72
              xilia72 (xantos) 3 July 2018 01: 08
              Lenin and Co. - not the Russian government. Russia itself was occupied by the Bolsheviks.
              1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
                A.Lex (Secret information) 4 July 2018 11: 58
                Ilyas, who gave you the right to talk about what was Russian and what was not? Who are you yourself? I’m a descendant of the Orenburg Cossacks, who suffered a lot from everything - from poverty under the tsar (when many generations could not lift their face from arable land), and from the February Revolution (when the tsar was nevertheless overthrown, but the theft after that reached such heights that the current oligarchs are a kindergarten against them), and from the results of the WOSR (when a civil war broke out and everyone was against everyone, and the intervention of the Entente and Germany is generally a separate song), and from poverty and hunger after civil confrontation, and from collectivization (when the central the authorities were forced to resort to violent methods, having failed to explain to people why and how) ... I'm not talking about the Second World War at all .... And about the "saints" of the 90s, or is the previous one enough? ..
                Any power in Russia throughout its development is Russian (except for moments of foreign intervention - Igo and the Time of Troubles) ... And how it rules the country is a separate issue.
            3. Vasily Mishakov Offline Vasily Mishakov
              Vasily Mishakov (Vasily Mishakov) 26 December 2018 14: 32
              Well, then Russia knows the sore spot of Bulgaria! Everything is lost during the Second Balkan War! While the Bulgarians are waiting for the proposals of the two camps, the Entente offers nothing to Bulgaria, and the Central Powers promise the full restoration of the lost territories.

              Handsomely. But only a logical inconsistency is that these territories, about which you are writing, became "lost" precisely through the fault of these same states as a result of the Berlin Conference. Bulgaria was then deprived of these territories, and now its union was bought for the same territories. You are not even able to critically comprehend that Bulgaria pursued only its OWN benefits. And she did not pursue any other interest, political, or fraternal and allied. Although, I could have assumed that having become an enemy of Germany, Bulgaria will emphasize that it is dissatisfied with the decisions of the Berlin Congress. And what Germany promised Bulgaria and did not fulfill TWICE. This, again, is omitted from the brackets today by you. Although, the loss of only one territory equal to the present-day Macedonia is not commensurate in fact with all your claims against Russia taken together. You remain impartial. And with this position, the Bulgarian-Russian relations have no future. If you express your point of view exactly for this. Then I completely agree with her. Russia does not pretend to love Bulgaria. Russia is quite capable of doing without it. Bulgaria has the right to choose its allies at its own discretion. As at one time it was, for example, Hitler in 1940, during the annexation of Southern Dobrudja. But let only Bulgaria then not be surprised why Russians prefer its tomatoes and resorts to Turkish or Greek. Why, instead of the South Stream, the Turkish Stream is being built, and instead of the Belene NPP, the Akuyu NPP will be built.
          2. alatanas Offline alatanas
            alatanas (Alexander Atanasov) 2 July 2018 22: 29
            And you are always looking for the right thing in the interests of RI. She also influenced politics in the Balkans based on her interests, and not on the interests of the Balkan peoples. There were even plans in the WWI, in 1915, when Bulgaria did not fight with anyone, to occupy Burgas and use the port as a transshipment point ( base) to occupy the straits.
            1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
              A.Lex (Secret information) 4 July 2018 11: 39
              Alexander, Russia was right in creating Bulgaria as a state after the Ottoman yoke? Was Russia right when it warned against starting the Balkan war against the Ottoman Empire ahead of time? Or was Bulgaria right, which, contrary to the warning, did as it pleased? Tell me, what was the political experience of Bulgaria at that time?
            2. zena-iva Offline zena-iva
              zena-iva (Yuliya) 14 July 2018 19: 24
              And why Russia does not have the right to pursue its interests? why don't you reproach the Anglo-Saxons? And Bulgaria, in addition to its interests, did someone take into account? What did Russia owe to the Balkan peoples and became obligated to act only for their interests? Do you think at least a little what you write? We do not need to look for the rightness of Russia, we have nothing to make excuses for. Our ancestors created a great state - this is a fact. Your ancestors could not create a state themselves. Russia helped other nations, taking into account its interests. And what right do you or anyone else have to demand otherwise? Why did Russia have to put the interests of its people in second place? You better tell me who helped you except Russia? Others have used you to the detriment of your development.
      3. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
        Oleg9999 (Oleg) 27 December 2018 18: 53
        "Supervising", "with permission ..." - definitely "brotherly" relations :)
    7. zena-iva Offline zena-iva
      zena-iva (Yuliya) 14 July 2018 19: 19
      What a telling example of Russophobian zombopropaganda. So, the Bulgarians are offended by the Russians, since the Russians did little for the Bulgarians? And when did Russia owe it to the Bulgarians and became obligated to fulfill the wishes of the Bulgarians? But didn’t anything that in the described events Russia was actually in a difficult situation, suffered attacks from England and France? But the Bulgarians have no complaints against the British, because they just threw you into slavery to the Turks? About the great sacrifices of the Bulgarians - to put it mildly, an exaggeration. The Russians made sacrifices in the interests of the Bulgarians, protecting the Bulgarians as a people from destruction, and you, the Bulgarians sacrificed something for the sake of someone? or just did everything for their own sake, including together with the Ottoman Empire and then Hitler dreamed of robbing Russia? Well, then, I'm sorry that we did so little for you, so little sacrificed. Now it’s clear that you have a reason not to love Russians and love the British, Americans, Turks ... they did more for you than Russians ... and thank you for always giving us such thanks for our help, bros. ..
      1. jans Offline jans
        jans (Stoyan) 15 July 2018 16: 18
        If you do not believe me, read your stories:

    8. Dan Offline Dan
      Dan (Daniel) 12 November 2018 14: 36
      Quote: jans
      Are there sufficient reasons for the Bulgarians to be offended by the Russians?

      If Russia had kept its troops near Shipka and simply smoked on the sidelines, then nothing would have to be decided today. The Turks would decide. They would cut out the Bulgarians, and you would not be born and ask stupid questions. Nowadays, about insults, we have a saying that they put something obscene on the offended and carry water. You yourself are the blacksmiths of your misfortunes. You threaten that you will enter into a coalition with other countries (in fact, you are already there - in NATO), then we don't care. You will get confused under your feet, we will be able to "finally solve" your question without much stress. You are not a subject of politics at all, you are a consumable material of the European Union. And he periodically flushes you down the toilet, as in the story with "UP". Who needs you with your attempts at meaningfulness? You don't even have a "bell pepper" today. wassat
    9. Rusa Offline Rusa
      Rusa 27 December 2018 14: 59
      But what do you write about the Second World War when Bulgaria was in the Hitler coalition together with Romania, Hungary and other European countries?
      But the Serbs fought, unlike Bulgaria, against the Nazis of the Third Reich.
      Catch the difference? Your opinion is wretched, one-sided and biased.
      You see a straw in a stranger’s eye, but you don’t notice a log in your own.
  2. AEG_kz Offline AEG_kz
    AEG_kz (Eugene) 1 July 2018 08: 55
    Yes, it’s a completely comprehensive explanation of why brotherly Bulgaria has such an attitude towards Russia. I hope that in the future we will be able to forget mutual insults and pursue a fraternal policy in state relations. The Bulgarians are really not a stranger to Russia, but fraternal!
    1. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
      bratchanin3 (Gennady) 1 July 2018 12: 24
      No matter how much you say halva, halva, your mouth will not become sweeter. This nation is fraternal as long as you feed it, it's like with the "ancient Sumerians".
    2. Dan Offline Dan
      Dan (Daniel) 13 November 2018 06: 16
      Quote: AEG_kz
      I hope that in the future we will be able to forget mutual insults and pursue a fraternal policy in state relations. The Bulgarians are really not a stranger to Russia, but fraternal!

      In the very distant future. It doesn't shine in our lifetime. What is this "brotherly" people preparing for in the enemy military bloc NATO?
  3. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 (Gennady) 1 July 2018 12: 10
    Forget about their existence and let them live as they want or as those who they have chosen prescribe them. Russia needs to live without sponsored parasites.
    1. Mezzo Tinto Offline Mezzo Tinto
      Mezzo Tinto 22 December 2018 19: 09
      Exactly. Now only a purely business relationship and no charity.
  4. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 1 July 2018 16: 57
    They are offended for the liberation of Bulgaria from Hitler, under which they lived as in paradise. Russia has no siblings: there are Jews and parasites.
  5. populist Offline populist
    populist (yuri) 2 July 2018 20: 00
    Russian-Bulgarian relations are a very complex and painful issue. in some ways Stoyan is right, in some ways the opposite point of view is true. Bulgaria made three catastrophic mistakes by joining WWII, WWII, WWII. Russia (and the USSR) also made some serious and catastrophic mistakes in Balkan politics in the Bulgarian direction. This is 1) not joining the PBB with the complete defeat of Turkey
    2) The revival of Turkey in 1920-1921 ... And there are probably others.
    Mutual claims are justified and it is very difficult to get out of this situation.
    1. commbatant Offline commbatant
      commbatant (Sergei) 2 July 2018 20: 34
      Quote: populist
      Mutual claims are justified and it is very difficult to get out of this situation.

      Can you name at least one example from history when RI / USSR / RF supported the enemy of Bulgaria, who wanted to destroy it?So Bulgaria did it three times - in WWII, in WWII and now being in NATO ...
      1. alatanas Offline alatanas
        alatanas (Alexander Atanasov) 2 July 2018 22: 50
        1878 - RI gives Northern Dobruja to Romania at the expense of Bessarabia, and Serbia’s disgrace is just for saving the Serbs from failure in the Serbo-Turkish war. (Serbs are thankful, and the Bulgarians, for some reason, ungrateful)
        1885 - Russia against the connection of Eastern Rumelia with the Principality of Bulgaria.
        1908 - Russia is against declaring independence of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire.
        1913 The Russian Tsar refuses to arbitrate on the disputed zone in Macedonia m / y Serbia and Bulgaria.
        1921-1928 the USSR actively supplies Ataturk with artillery, weapons and ammunition.
        But all the monuments to the Russian shed blood for the freedom of Bulgaria stand, and there are innumerable ones. And the Russians have never been considered enemies. Therefore, it is not ethical to offend us continuously in some kind of betrayal. There were no Bulgarian troops in the WWII on the territory of the USSR, and not a single Soviet soldier shed blood in Bulgaria. And you even awarded the order to King Mihai, but the Romanians are not traitors to you ...
      2. populist Offline populist
        populist (yuri) 2 July 2018 22: 58
        So Bulgaria did it three times - in WWII, in WWII and now being in NATO ...

        So I am about the same. Above, I wrote about three catastrophic errors. Joining NATO is the fourth.

        Can you name at least one example from history when RI / USSR / RF supported the enemy of Bulgaria, who wanted to destroy it

        For example

        A.Lex (Secret Information)
        On September 16 (29), peace was concluded, according to which Adrianople with the territory adjacent to it was returned to Turkey, Thessaloniki with the adjacent region and part of Macedonia were transferred to Greece, the other part of Macedonia passed to Serbia, Romania received the original Bulgarian territory - Dobrudja ...
        1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
          A.Lex (Secret information) 4 July 2018 11: 34
          Yura, I wrote this, explaining WHAT they achieved by going against Russia, when she warned them not to start hostilities without permission. But those, as always, have their OWN point of view on who and when to fight ... Only for some reason, after that, they always blame Russia for not filling up their enemies with the corpses of their soldiers.
          1. Dan Offline Dan
            Dan (Daniel) 13 November 2018 06: 41
            Quote: A.Lex
            But those, as always, have their OWN point of view

            Bulgaria did not have its own point of view, and it does not exist today. Small countries, as a rule, are spineless, they are always "used" by big players. The only difference is that some are guided by the equal interests of the parties, while others are exclusively their own. In world relations, nothing has changed since the time of Adam. Everyone is guided by the law of the taiga - the strong always devours the weak, just in the "civilized and humane" 21st century they chomp more quietly. By and large, Bulgarians are hard to blame for their behavior. These "babies" (both in form and in content) are just food on the international arena, they are doomed to maneuver between predators in order to survive.
    2. Mezzo Tinto Offline Mezzo Tinto
      Mezzo Tinto 22 December 2018 19: 00
      The most important mistake of Russia is that it sacrificed itself for the interests of others.
  6. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
    DeGreen 3 July 2018 00: 05
    Bulgarians have always been Judas
  7. Molot1979 Offline Molot1979
    Molot1979 3 July 2018 10: 39
    They are jealous of Serbia .... Unlike the "brothers", the Serbs have never betrayed us and have always been loyal allies. Are you dissatisfied that Istanbul was not allowed to take? Who would let them stay there? In addition to Russia, there were also England, France, Germany. And everyone in Turkey had serious interests. The Bulgarians would have been thrown out of Constantinople with pissing rags. But Russia is to blame. And what are the claims for 1944? Allied with Hitler? There were. How could you help? They helped. Any other questions, dear "Bulgarian nationalists"? They themselves signed a verdict with which all the members of the anti-Hitler coalition agreed. And did the Soviet Union put any pressure on you? They ate on gold, drank on silver.
    1. alatanas Offline alatanas
      alatanas (Alexander Atanasov) 4 July 2018 17: 11
      Unlike the "brothers", the Serbs have never betrayed us and have always been faithful allies

      Read about the relationship between the SFRY and the USSR from the end of the Second World War to the end of the USSR and show me in what joint union both states were.
      1. commbatant Offline commbatant
        commbatant (Sergei) 7 July 2018 11: 50
        Quote: alatanas
        Unlike the "brothers", the Serbs have never betrayed us and have always been faithful allies

        Read about the relationship between the SFRY and the USSR from the end of the Second World War to the end of the USSR and show me in what joint union both states were.

        Definitely. Tito always showed his teeth to Stalin, and under Khrushchev, together with Albania, they left the police department ...
        B and BT bought, both from the socialist countries and the empirialists ...
        Soviet tourists and business travelers were considered poor relatives and did not hide disgust towards us, everything changed after the 99th, we immediately became brothers for the Serbs .... Judas ...
        with such "brothers" and enemies are not necessary ...
  8. Sofia Offline Sofia
    Sofia 7 July 2018 11: 03
    Question: Why is Bulgaria in NATO?
    Answer: The result of the "biggest geopolitical catastrophe" of the 20th century ...

    1. Membership in NATO is mandatory for entry into the EU for all countries that were previously in the sphere of influence (or part) of the USSR.
    2. Prior to NATO aggression in Yugoslavia, most Bulgarians did not support joining NATO, they saw Bulgaria as a neutral country. But, the collapse of the USSR and the inability of Russia weakened in the 90s to defend Yugoslavia led to the fact that even ardent opponents of NATO realized that we were the next, it’s very easy in Bulgaria to warm up the ethnic conflict using Turkish maltzism. So it's better to be part of a gang than a potential gang victim ...

    Russian-Bulgarian relations of the last two centuries are really complex,
    there are enough grounds for resentment on both sides, but it’s foolish to incite dislike today with myths based on a superficial selective knowledge of history. It is in the hands of the enemies of both nations

    It is important that so far most Bulgarians respect the Russians and remember that the resurrection of Bulgaria after almost 5 centuries of the Turkish yoke is the result of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-78. So far - because, both in Ukraine and in Bulgaria, a fierce propaganda war is being waged, history is rewritten and presented to the young in a completely distorted form.
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex (Secret information) 8 July 2018 09: 16
      Well, at least one of the Bulgarians said something intelligible ... Only one BUT - and you leave the EU! And from NATO. And you will see - everything will change .... although something tells me that neither you will leave ... nor our leadership will change your policy ... too many creatures have dug in there ...
  9. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 7 July 2018 18: 45
    We have been convinced for centuries that we do not need any "brothers" and "little brothers", so we do not, we do everything according to the principle of "internationalism", the times of which have passed a long time ago .... The United States has no "friends" and "partners", but there are only vassals, the queue and record on which already makes up a long list of kneeling countries of the former "socialist camp." So we urgently need to fence ourselves off from such "brothers" as Ukraine - there is a different faith, a different mentality, a different way of life. The most bloody wars were fought on religious grounds, a Catholic will never understand an Orthodox, a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew, and any idea in the fight against giaours and infidels can already be brought under this - this is how the massacre began in our time in Yugoslavia, and this is the center of Europe, and world puppeteers in Libya , Syria, Ukraine will not stop.
  10. Mezzo Tinto Offline Mezzo Tinto
    Mezzo Tinto 22 December 2018 18: 30
    It was not worth putting Russian lives for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish yoke.
    Now, if the situation repeats, we will definitely not intervene, rest assured, "brothers". The most curious will buy popcorn and watch how the mess ends, the rest will not pay attention.
    1. dobrin Offline dobrin
      dobrin (Dobrin) 26 December 2018 17: 40
      ... Well, historians, damn it. Like girls - offended and looking to the side. Is it really so hard to understand that all is not the successes and misfortunes of both peoples (all Orthodox) imposed by someone else. Our enemy is common and has nothing to do with us / you. The war has always been against the Orthodox and Russia, and everything is united against us (Catholics, Muslims, etc.). But there are traitors everywhere, both with us and with you, the difference is that it is easier for our traitors because the state is small. And as for our rulers, I do not think that we choose them. Now the United States and the EU fully control our state. Personally, I do not want the EU and NATO, but I do not think that we ourselves will have time to deal with this. Do not be angry guys, the truth is that the Bulgarians have no brothers other than Russians. This is just my opinion and I will not argue with you.
  11. rosenm Offline rosenm
    rosenm (Rosen) 27 December 2018 10: 33
    Guys, nobody loves you - neither the Bulgarians, nor the Czechs, not the Poles, nor the Hungarians. Even your republics have turned their backs on you! And the Serbs do not like you - even Tito showed you this. Do you even ask yourself the question - is this why it happened?
  12. SAVOVA Offline SAVOVA
    SAVOVA (SAVOVA) 28 December 2018 20: 58
    it's hard for me to express myself. I spent 3 years in full-time graduate school in the USSR. and although I was brought up at home in love for the Russians, I truly fell in love with Russia, living and working with my colleagues and Russians.
    and now I am sad to read the words of mutual reproaches. I am over 70 and I remember the help that the Soviet Union provided us in restoring the country's economy. and the gratitude that people had for their brothers. probably the people who write here - they are young by ear.
    By the way, about the Second World War - there was a powerful partisan movement in Bulgaria, there were very heavy fights at the river Drava - Bulgarians fought with the Germans / in particular, my uncle also fought /.
    and further. not such a fight between us.
    read the ancient history of europe. For more than 10 years, the trucks lived near the Black Sea. and when the Bosporus broke and the sea level rose - they fled and populated both the real territories of Ukraine and part of Russia.
    Russians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Poles, Serbs, Bulgarians ... we are all trucks. there is genetic research - we are blood brothers.
    and our ancestors knew it. therefore there was such brotherly love.
    for the Russians I want to add: think what language you speak / Church Slavonic, which is the same old Bulgarian /, what books you use in the church, who baptized you, who built Kiev and Kiev Rus. what alphabet do you use ...... ashamed of these mutual reproaches. if Gorbachev did not give us to the West, then we would not have survived the Yeti for 30 difficult years. if all Slavs would be depleted, then we would rule the world. between relatives there should not be a conversation who gave more, helped .... I helped a lot of my relatives - mom, dad, sister. but god helped me and should have helped.
    young, dear guys - love each other. and it’s better to think about how to be together. maybe good times will come.
    I apologize for the mistakes!
    1. rosenm Offline rosenm
      rosenm (Rosen) 31 December 2018 23: 44
      They never recognize what language they speak! The Soviet elephant is the largest elephant in the world!
  13. Konstantin Spyros-Ioannidis (Konstantin Spyros-Ioannidis) 31 December 2018 14: 11
    when it will be clear to the Russians that the Bulgarians are not Slavs. Tatars are Tatars.
    1. rosenm Offline rosenm
      rosenm (Rosen) 31 December 2018 23: 29
      and the Greeks are not the ancient Greeks!
    2. gene_kkk Offline gene_kkk
      gene_kkk (eugene_kkk) 4 January 2019 15: 33
      From the Turks they took more than from the Tatars, however.
  14. IvanB Offline IvanB
    IvanB (Ivan Bangov) 1 January 2019 16: 58
    The disciples of Cyril and Methodius, expelled from Moravia, arrived in Bulgaria, which in 865, when Boris I (Boris Michael) adopted Christianity. At the Preslav School, they create the Cyrillic alphabet from the Glagolitic alphabet and create rich religious literature. This creates a new Slavic-Orthodox civilization, which, after the adoption of Christianity by the Russians in 998, was transferred to them. After the fall under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, many Bulgarian writers went to the Russian principalities. Thus, Patriarch Dmitry Donskoy is a Bulgarian Kipriyan, and Grigory Tsamblak goes to Kiev. Subsequently, this Slavic-Orthodox civilization was further developed in Russia, and in the 18th and 19th centuries it again returned to Bulgaria through Russian literature and art.
    We must jointly guard this civilization, regardless of various political processes.
  15. Dandelion li Offline Dandelion li
    Dandelion li (Dandelion Li) 2 January 2019 15: 59
    As has often happened in Russia, Russians attribute the same kindness to themselves to their neighbors that they themselves feel towards them. The result is "brothers" who are not brothers at all.

    I hope Russia has recovered from such an erroneous worldview.
  16. gene_kkk Offline gene_kkk
    gene_kkk (eugene_kkk) 4 January 2019 15: 15
    Not a very interesting question. And who in Europe actually loves neighbors and non-neighbors too? Do the French love the British or the Germans? Oddly enough, Hitler considered the British brothers and this is perhaps the period of the greatest love of the Germans for the British. :) Bulgaria is a small country. But even larger countries cannot do without guardianship and patronage from large countries. This is the geopolitical reality. The USSR has disappeared, Russia is not a superpower, there is no ideology, the economy is smaller than the Italian one. She actually tried to settle down to the states as a partner. She had no time for Bulgaria. And Bulgaria had to be defined somewhere. The European project was the only one where voters could be shown where, how and with whom they could improve their lives. The problem of the "democrats" in Russia is precisely that they failed to wave the European flag in front of the Russians. Instead, the Yeltsinists were playing a knowingly losing game, intending to negotiate with Washington on all points, including excluding former allies in their zone of influence. Where it was profitable for them to get. Russia could not fight this. But taking it as personal is silly. This is how geopolitical maps were laid. It was necessary to take an example from China. That is, without taking off your pants to run after the West. And if you roll up your sleeves and your teeth, you work better. Here's how the Germans, for example. Nobody really likes them. From the neighbors. But they do respect. Historical excursions as a cause of historical grievances remind me of picking my nose. It gives pleasure - and for God's sake, but if you get carried away, the blood will flow.
  17. gene_kkk Offline gene_kkk
    gene_kkk (eugene_kkk) 4 January 2019 15: 31
    The fact is that Bulgaria in its current form is the provincial outskirts of Europe. Gutting historical feather-beds is as stupid as pointless. German Franks conquered Gaul in a rather small number. You can say they joined it to the German lands. And from Clovis to Charlemagne, the elite of the state, all the while talking in the German dialect (300 years!) And ... protecting the descendant of the Gauls from conquest by other German tribes, remember the neighbors of the Britons, who were generally eliminated as a people. But how much the French are now proud of their Gallic past, although the Gauls were first remade by the Romans, and then by the Germans. It is clear the stump that the Bulgarians to blame for the fact that they were defeated by the Bulgars and for 300 years were an elite, means forgetting numerous similar historical squiggles. Ivan the Terrible, as you know, was not at all proud that he was Slavic-Russian. On the contrary, he was looking for ancestors among the Rurik-Varangians and Gediminovich-Lithuanians. And the ancestors of the Tatars of the Russian nobility was, well, a very significant percentage. Including Tsar Boris Godunov. Who cares who baptized whom and how much blood of native blood is in the blood? The second fact is that Russia is a civilization more than a state. According to the totality of signs. Well, here China is also civilization.
  18. nqmago Offline nqmago
    nqmago (nqmago) 5 January 2019 04: 42
    Too late I saw comments and publication, so I have to say that I think only for the protocol. But still I have to say that:
    1. I’m tired of seeing such skirmishes - they are always the same - offended by the whole world, notorious Russians, with illiterate aggression pounce on calling the Bulgarians traitors and do not want to listen to anyone except themselves. I have never seen a human conversation in these dog skirmishes - that's just it.
    2. We are not at all Russian, but they betrayed us and ruthlessly threw us into the ditch to die. This happened in the late nineties of the last century when they suddenly, meanly and irresponsibly demanded that we immediately transfer all trade from rubles to dollars. In a matter of seconds, this killed our entire economy on the spot, all plants stopped and all agriculture died.
    3. So - instantly losing all markets - we slowly began to die. And still we are dying, but soon it will end - there are still a few of us left - all our young people (almost 40% of the population) have long gone to earn money in Europe. And they continue to leave, otherwise they would die here from hunger for sure and without any doubt.
    4. But we do not complain - we are a small, but persistent people, and we have a long history - this is not the first time for us. The fate of small nations is always this - you need to know how to live and be able to swim for years, or even centuries, in sulfuric acid - and we are well able. We will survive the famine, the EU, and NATO - after all, it has been worse and more than once with us.
    5. In the meantime, to let them know - a lot of books have been written and scientific studies came out, including serious economic ones with data and facts - in the end it always turned out that the Bulgarians arranged themselves and lived better than the bulk of their imperial dominants - as in the Otoman so in the Soviet empire. And in Europe this also happens, but this is a very slow process and generations are leaving for it. All the same - it’s too early for you to rejoice at our misfortune caused by you - we are very difficult to die.
    6. And your tremendous betrayal, unheard of in the history of the world, when at the end of socialism you suddenly and meanly left us in the ditch to die, we will never forget. We will remember forever. Now in Europe we are not only bad, but very bad - but we will never plow in the same team with you again - you are always capable of throwing everyone into death without hesitation.
    7. No wonder the proverb that you have no friends. And it’s not for nothing that you are very proud of her, without even thinking that fools have only friends. Smart people do not have enemies, not that shortages are obtained with friends. And you - exactly, on the contrary, and not in vain on the contrary - you have proved and shown to the whole world that you cannot be trusted only when you abandoned all your allies in the trash. That is why they do not trust you and will not trust you.
    8. Regarding your pipeline to southern Europe. You are funny. How do you think - we are small players - should your games with big players be settled? How do you imagine this? You didn’t manage and you were prevented from pumping your gas to Southern Europe, but we are to blame for this - what is forbidden to you - so what? Vilely, Comrade Putin eats his fault to us. No need - it’s clear to everyone that he did not manage, and it’s not our fault.
    9. And then - what guarantee that you will not even bother to throw us and block oxygen - you did exactly that once already. Maybe again suddenly for yourself you just start to think? What does experience show? Where once the roof has leaked, there again it will certainly happen again until the entire roof is replaced - as people say. So - change the roof for a start and then impose on people to trade. And then again we will find ourselves guilty of something, with which he could not cope.
    10. The latter. My Bulgarian people explained everything to you very well and explained, moreover, several times, so I won’t repeat it with him. I will only say one thing at the end - Macedonia is really the heart of Bulgaria - we tried many times and the huge rivers of our blood expired on its leisurely release. The same thing is happening today with Ukraine! Maybe now, with your modern experience in Ukraine, you will finally be able to understand what others were caused when they were stubbornly disturbed and all sorts of obstacles were repaired for them to regain their historical heart? But I do not wish you any harm - we are all here with you on the Ukrainian question - because we have experienced it a long time ago and shed a lot of blood.
    1. rosenm Offline rosenm
      rosenm (Rosen) 5 January 2019 12: 21
      Well done! Well said.
  19. nqmago Offline nqmago
    nqmago (nqmago) 5 January 2019 14: 50
    I sat down today to look with fresh mind what they wrote at night.
    So here is what:
    Please never forget that Russia did not start the war with the Turks for the "liberation of the Slavic brothers." Not at all.
    They only lied to his people so much, and of course he believed in it. Propaganda, in those days, is doing the same tricks with ordinary people as it does today - why not believe, the goal is somehow noble. That is why we today sacredly honor the monuments to the Russian people. A low bow will always be from us! Our children and grandchildren are also so raised. So do not worry - we will always honor.
    But in fact, another truth - the one that ruled the Russian state at the top - should not be forgotten either. Never.
    The Russian Empire at that time needed warm seas and ports - as it is between now however. That is why they decided to go against the Turks. Not because of some Bulgarians who are small there, living in slavery. After all, Russian people were serfs before that time, so - what difference does it make to the top who is a slave or who is a serf? This material, a resource, so to speak, is the same for them.
    But, unfortunately, the Russians were not allowed into the warm seas, and they stole a great victory. Our common grief.
    We understood this well and many times tried to correct this Anglo-Saxon nasty abomination - the participation of the Bulgarians in all wars after that was the only thing that prevailed.
    Unfortunately, however - the conclusion was exactly the opposite after that at the Russian top — they, with their enemies, who had stolen their victory, concluded an alliance correctly and for a long time respected it.
    That is why they always interfered with us and began to repair any obstacles to the restoration of an integral Bulgarian state.
    They made friends with the Serbs, they set us against us and then (damn them, it would be better!) Even ... They gave Macedonia to them. But the Serbs are our brothers - we with them and with everyone here in the Balkans are of the same blood - as genetic studies show.
    But to hell with them, with research - and without them, we have long understood everything here and know perfectly well.
    And now - what have you done - you still do not know and do not understand!
    But, let it be at least known to you - that is why we have happily gone to Europe and are still standing - because Europe wants to erase the borders that have been hindering us all for a long time and is striving to unite!
    That's something like that, dear.
  20. IvanB Offline IvanB
    IvanB (Ivan Bangov) 6 January 2019 10: 42
    Quietly, the majority of Russophiles in Bulgaria. We will be brothers again soon. I must emphasize that some Russian leaders are also responsible for this state of affairs. For example, Tsar Alexander III. He, hating his father (under the burden of his mother), hated his cousin Alexander Battenberg, Prince of Bulgaria. In addition, his anti-liberal policy towards liberals in Bulgaria created certain Russophobic sentiments.
    I cannot but mention the mistakes of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. They not only destroyed the USSR, but also allowed anti-Russian groups to appear in the countries of the former Soviet camp.
    1. rosenm Offline rosenm
      rosenm (Rosen) 7 January 2019 20: 55
      Comrade, Bulgaria has already chosen its own path, what are you talking about? Russophobes are not here, I speak their language, but I do not accept the haughty attitude of our big brothers.
  21. IvanB Offline IvanB
    IvanB (Ivan Bangov) 6 January 2019 10: 55
    There was a survey in Bulgaria: what would protect the country best. And the Bulgarians answered - not NATO, of which we are a member, but Russia. So one thing is government, and the other is people.
  22. nqmago Offline nqmago
    nqmago (nqmago) 6 January 2019 18: 09
    About freeloaders and about who fed whom:
    The question is very simple, but ... there is no need to look for the answer “looking with one eye up and closing the other down” in Soviet accounting. This is just what propaganda does, and the bulk of the Russian population has long been drugged by its tricks.
    But ... almost 40 years have already passed since the day of the “immaculate” conception of a completely hopeless idea of ​​restructuring the Soviet intelligence intelligence in the illiterate party leaders and the fog of this “deeply” classified unbridled madness has long disappeared.
    Now you can calmly read from above and see from above what happened to the Russian people after their “leaders” completely zombified them in those days and “convinced” them to believe that they were feeling bad, because they ... numbing states.
    So, therefore, at the end and as the pinnacle of perestroika, they completely “fraternally” all their allies completely unexpectedly and completely vilely cut off and abandoned.
    And then what happened?
    Did the Russians get better from this?
    Far from it.
    More than 20 years after this, it was necessary to pass so that oil prices go up for a while and the Russians can temporarily rise to their knees at least a little.
    Moreover, the mockery of the chickens is even their oil ... not theirs, but in truth belongs to some Evenki, eunuchs and other boobies.
    But this is not important now, another thing is important:
    What does this “anti-ism-accounting” look from above and from afar show us today?
    And the fact that - if we discard the effect of oil doping - during the time of socialism, the Russians, with their uncontrollably heavily suffering megalomania complex, were not even able to feed themselves.
    So - then they did not feed their allies - the allies fed them!
    So something like that, dear ones - history clearly indicates this today and maybe it’s time for you to come to your senses?
    Because you have been continuing since the restructuring of this fat police mess - about the allies of the parasites - intoxicating!
    That’s the most miserable thing today.
    Like he saw as if some figures about the allies, freebies, but they say they are still too secret, supposedly they were - like some kind of super-high-ranking foreign secretary chatted on television from the time of Yeltsin and blissfully continues to enjoy ultra-high respect and in the time of Putin.
    Believe them and you will be blessed!
    Do not think about the conclusions of history at all ... and you won’t have time to blink an eye when you fall into a hole.
    1. rosenm Offline rosenm
      rosenm (Rosen) 7 January 2019 20: 50
      Nobody comes to their senses; propaganda in Russia will not let them come to their senses. My teacher of the Russian language in the USSR said that Fedorov created the ABC !!! This is how much it takes to be brainwashed in order not to know such facts. Now the condition is not better.
  23. ЕС2706 Offline ЕС2706
    ЕС2706 (EC2706) 7 January 2019 14: 50
    Extension of the end of the previous message:

    Because you have been continuing since the restructuring of this fat police mess - about the allies of the parasites - intoxicating!

    That’s the most miserable thing today.

    Like, he saw as if some kind of tsiferka about allies-freebies, but they say they were still too secret, they said - so some super-high-ranking diplomatic secretary chatted on television from the time of Yeltsin and is blissfully continuing to enjoy very great respect and in the time of Putin.

    And what does he understand in numbers?

    How can he swim and navigate between them like a fish?

    Most likely as a sledgehammer sinking can be.

    Because - it’s not so simple and therefore I justifiably fear that the maximum depth of these digits with their columns on top standing with the capacity of his brain is classified ... does not fully coincide.

    And so:

    Believe these sinking sledgehammers and you will be blessed!

    Do not think about the conclusions of history at all ... and you won’t have time to blink an eye when you fall into a hole.
  24. rosenm Offline rosenm
    rosenm (Rosen) 7 January 2019 20: 46
    It is necessary to remind the Russian brothers what policy they pursued at the beginning of the 19th century - they resettled purebred Bulgarians from Bulgaria to southern Russia, and in their place they brought in Tatars and Cherkezes. Source - G.S. Rakovski "Resettlement to Rusia or Ruskata is a murderous politician for balgarite", written in 1861. Thank you brothers.
  25. Velin Ivanov Offline Velin Ivanov
    Velin Ivanov (Velin Ivanov) 8 January 2019 21: 14
    More than 85-90% of the Bulgarians love Russia.
    All the rest do not care about Russia for the sake of money, they speak on television, radio ...
    All the people in ether are just like that

    The Bulgarian hatred on Russia is only a lie and propaganda.

    Hello from the one Bulgarian.
    1. rosenm Offline rosenm
      rosenm (Rosen) 8 January 2019 23: 11
      Maybe, finally, because of love, learn Russian better?
  26. Naisur Offline Naisur
    Naisur (Oleg Tchernychenko) 10 January 2019 13: 59
    I am surprised at the somewhat strange perception of history by Bulgarian youth.
    There is San Stefano street in Sofia. Read this agreement - everything (or a lot) in chocolate. But people, especially young people, refuse to remember that the Russian troops did not take Istanbul and did not cross the Bosphorus because of the ultimatum of the main European powers. Russia was not ready to receive another Crimean War. Politics is the art of the possible. For 1878, the result was quite good. Russia was not going to forget anything about the Ottoman Empire, but it was necessary to save up strength. Therefore, Russia swallowed the pill at the Berlin Congress, at which Bulgaria got it, or rather it was cut off. So when the Russian Empire is blamed for "leaving brothers behind", I would like to ask: under whose pressure did they have to make concessions?
    For some reason, in Sofia, the streets of the Berlin Congress, or even Berlin Street, aren’t
  27. Stoyan Offline Stoyan
    Stoyan (Stoyan) 11 January 2019 20: 46
    Bulgarians and Russian brothers? Actually, my brother is here in Bulgaria. I have no brothers in Russia, neither my father nor my grandfather had. So much about the brothers.
    Let's talk about the liberation of Bulgaria. Can you remind me when this happened? Until September 22, 1908, Bulgaria was dependent. And the Bulgarians themselves won their independence. What happened then in 1877-1878? I'll be back a little earlier.
    April-May 1876, there is an uprising in Bulgaria. The Turks firmly put out the rebellion. But, for Istanbul, this is not the end of the problems. This is their beginning. Immediately after the uprising, after a lot of noise in the liberal media, the Constantinople Conference was organized and started. It discussed the fate of Bulgaria, but also the fate of Montenegro, as well as Bosnia. The Sultan did not agree with the decision of the conference, the great forces recalled their ambassadors. And then the Russian empire realized that it was losing the Balkans. If not immediately, then after a short time the Sultan would agree to the conditions of great forces and this would be a blow to Russia. Therefore, they hastened to start a war for the Balkans. Therefore, the Bulgarians were not happy to see Russian sopog on their land. Conclusions after the Russian-Turkish war:
    1. Bulgaria was not liberated;
    2. Bulgarian territories were divided into three (including Macedonia)
    3. The Russian army is just a mercenary army, and not a fraternal one. The first thing the Russian empire wanted from Bulgaria (it’s not clear why) was 32,5 tons of gold.
    Russians, leave me alone from Bulgaria. We have already thanked you, stop asking for gratitude. We do not owe you anything. Our debt has been paid for a long time.
    Not to mention the fact that the Russian army attacked Bulgaria twice. True, for the first time cowardly fled outside Romania. So, we are not brothers.
    You have gas and we buy it, we have tomatoes and cucumbers, meat and cheese. You do not like and you do not buy. If we can buy gas cheaper than Russian, then we will buy from there. That should be our relationship and that’s it.
    And due to the fact that in Bulgaria 96% of the population are Russophiles, then you know, someone is deceiving you. Not true
    1. nqmago Offline nqmago
      nqmago (nqmago) 12 January 2019 15: 39
      This is who you, Stoyanushka, taught to think so badly - since I have brothers only in Bulgaria, it means that all Bulgarians should have all brothers only in Bulgaria.

      Who are you? A standard example of Bulgarian loving kindness, or what? What kind of logic is this so primitive? You don’t have to bring us all under your common denominator - your denominator is too weightless and against the general background, and he is too narrow-minded for all our people.

      Yes, you correctly objected here to the Russian narrow-minded - we all do not like it, we do not accept it and we will always support you against it.

      But please do not forget, my dear brother, that the same narrow-mindedness, even though it is Bulgarian, we here in Bulgaria in the same way do not accept as Russian.

      We are not all here like you and how they are primitive.

      Yes, in Bulgaria most people are Russophiles, not Russophobes. It would be different, our German king would send us all to the front against the Russians. But he knew well that he could not succeed.

      So - do not go against history and do not say nonsense - be kind, please!
      1. Stoyan Offline Stoyan
        Stoyan (Stoyan) 12 January 2019 16: 22
        And who are you? Think what you want about Russians, even if you like them so much, go live in Russia. For me Bulgaria and Bulgarians are much more important than Russians and Russia. I have already said that our relationship should be “your peaches are expensive, we will not buy them. But your tomatoes are cheaper and tastier and we will buy them,” and we should also buy Russian gas or oil. Buy profitably, not profitable no.
        And about the Russians, I'll tell you the story of five years ago. In the city of Byala, Russians live, there is a conversation between two men on a binge:
        - Listen, but Putin only took the Crimea, it was necessary for Bulgaria.
        Do you understand what? Do you understand why they are not our brothers? And who is our brother? Bashkirs or Ingush, lumps or Urals? Yes, they are brothers with the Finns, and not with us.
      2. Stoyan Offline Stoyan
        Stoyan (Stoyan) 12 January 2019 16: 34
        And yet, what kind of war are we talking about? If about the Second World War, then our king of the Bulgarians, he was born and raised in Bulgaria. By your logic, Peter the first, Alexei the second, Nikolai the first are not Russians, but Swedes.
        And if about the First World War, it was our German Tsar who gave the order not to fight with the Russians, but the Bulgarian generals, on the contrary, threw out Russian soldiers far beyond even not Bulgaria, but Romania.
        And by the way, before the communists arrived, the Bulgarians were by no means Russophiles, but, on the contrary, Russophobes. This communists have changed our history
        1. nqmago Offline nqmago
          nqmago (nqmago) 12 January 2019 21: 30
          I told you - you are primitive, your logic and your ideas are also primitive - it is useless to talk with you. A German always remains a German - this is genetic in all people and is not connected in any way with the place of birth - only primitive people believe the opposite. A king was born in Bulgaria and became a Bulgarian. Nonsense. So do not become Bulgarian, dear primitive! Stop wasting time with you. They do not explain to the user who uses the garbage why the earth is round - he cannot understand it. Crawl on yourself and don’t cry on people.
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                1. Stoyan Offline Stoyan
                  Stoyan (Stoyan) 12 January 2019 22: 08
                  Well, why? Do you think Russians know me better? Do not bet on it.
                  Let's argue about history? In 1830, the Ottoman Empire was on the verge of collapse, Greece itself fought with the empire and gained its independence. Egypt with Muhammad Ali of Egypt on the threshold of Constantinople. Guess who is helping Mahmoud II save the Ottoman Empire? That's right, the Russian empire. Read about the "Bosphorus expedition".
                  That's all she is brotherly love of Russian.
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                    1. The comment was deleted.
              2. ЕС2706 Offline ЕС2706
                ЕС2706 (EC2706) 13 January 2019 00: 08
                But besides the facts, is there logic? No, not available.