Why "green energy" did not benefit Ukraine

The winter of 2020-2021 has already turned out to be extremely frosty, especially in contrast to the previous one. Instead of staying warm at home, residents of several Ukrainian regions took to the streets and began to block highways. The reason is simple: the cost of heating and hot water has grown significantly in pursuit of "European standards" by Independence, but the income has not. Who is to blame, what to do, and what does “green energy” have to do with it?

The citizens of Ukraine cannot be envied. The country has a lockdown, unemployment is rampant, in neighboring Poland, where many Ukrainians routinely go to work, a full lockdown has also been introduced until January 17. It was freezing outside, and bills for gas and electricity began to arrive with unpleasantly large numbers.

With gas everything is clear: Ukraine buys Russian gas in Europe with a "partner" markup. This in itself is quite an expensive pleasure, but now "blue fuel" in the EU has risen sharply due to the growth in demand in Asia, where LNG tankers went. Poland, Hungary and Slovakia began to lack excess gas for Kiev. Since the beginning of the year, its cubic meter for ordinary Ukrainians has risen in price by 0,9-1,5 hryvnia. But that's not all. In accordance with the European standards, which Nezalezhnaya switched to, gas delivery now has to be paid for at a separate tariff, and since January it has grown by 2-3 times. It is not surprising that it was the inhabitants of the countryside with their gas heating that were the first to stir up. The routes have already begun to be blocked in the Poltava and Kharkiv regions in order to draw attention to their needs. About 1000 hryvnias for utility bills per month is a heavy burden in this difficult time.

Unfortunately, these are not all of their problems. The increase in tariffs also affected electricity. Previously, 100 kWh per month cost Ukrainians 0,9 hryvnia, and everything that is higher - 1,68 hryvnia / kWh. Now this "freebie" has been canceled. The current cost is already 1,68 hryvnia / kWh, but from April 1, only the first 300 kWh per month will be paid at this rate, and everything above - 3,42 hryvnia / kWh. The growth is noticeable and very tangible. But how did this become possible in a country that has 4 nuclear power plants and exports electricity to Poland and Hungary?

At firstIndeed, Kiev itself sells electricity from its Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant to neighboring countries of the European Union. Moreover, it does it at rates that are lower than those provided for ordinary Ukrainians. The export contract was signed for 20 years. The fact that there is a corruption component in the projects of all kinds of "energy bridges" between Independent and the EU, which allows private companies to parasitize on state infrastructure, has long been discussed in Ukraine itself.

Secondly, in the Ukrainian realities "green energy" has surprisingly shown itself, in which foreign investors have begun to actively invest. In 2013, solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable sources provided 0,64% of the total generation, and in 2020 - already 10,9%. It would seem that one can only rejoice for Independence, but corruption has perverted this good undertaking too, turning everything upside down. The state is obliged to buy this electricity at a "green tariff", which is higher than the market, which led to real undercover wars in Kiev between groups of influence of different oligarchs. Due to the drop in industrial production in recent years, electricity consumption has also decreased, but the state-guaranteed share of the "green" in the total balance has remained. This was especially felt when, for political reasons, a ban on energy imports from Russia and Belarus was introduced, which soon had to be hastily canceled.

Alternative sources are, of course, very good, modern and correct, but a country that widely implements them should be economically prepared for this. And Ukraine is far from Germany, no one will allow it to rise to such a level of development, but despite this obvious fact, by 2035 Kiev plans to bring the share of "green energy" in its balance to 30%.
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  1. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 12 January 2021 13: 19
    For a long time I suggested focusing on the preparation of dung. By the way, heat generation based on it is not included in 10% of green energy? If not, then in vain, the cherished 30% can be achieved much earlier than 2035.
    EVYN WIXH (EVYN WIXH) 12 January 2021 14: 17
    I poorly understand what the vaunted "green" is. The production itself, the disposal of these wind turbines after operation? And what about accessories and spare parts for these machines? And the story with solar panels is the same, and maybe more interesting. Maybe it's all in someone's "interest"?
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 13 January 2021 17: 29
      The program of intensive "greening" of the energy sector is aimed at the collapse of the economies of those countries that, out of their feeble mind, will join it.
      Similarly, the introduction of huge numbers of migrants into the EU. This is even worse. Migrants are the cadres of the future ISIS, designed to destroy the EU and supported by the money of the same EU. An ingenious idea (albeit on the verge of perversion). Everyone sees and discusses the future caliphate in the East, but they do not notice the almost finished European caliphate.
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 13 January 2021 22: 57
        Well, predictions rarely come true at this rate.
        In Brussels, his Floyd appeared (in the sense, died). Then everything continues as before: the local Floyd died on reaching the site, during the day there were peaceful protests, in the evening - pogroms and arson of shops, an attack on the car of King Albert.
        We are waiting for a golden coffin, kneeling kissing boots of black gentlemen, BLM with a Muslim bias, ...
  3. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
    igor.igorev (Igor) 16 January 2021 21: 46
    Someone pity the Ukrainians, they say the people are suffering. But wasn't this people who rode on the Maidan for half a year for European life? The Ukrainians missed only one. They jumped for European salaries, and European prices jumped out at the same salaries. I am absolutely not sorry for them. Horse tribe.
  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 17 January 2021 01: 39
    All energy sources have one or another negative side effect - solar ones occupy hundreds of hectares, wind turbines create a background noise, dams lead to waterlogging, flooding and groundwater rise, thermal dams increase the CO2 content and many other problems.
    For the foreseeable future, only atomic and thermonuclear energy can be a real alternative.
    The efficiency of nuclear energy is undeniable, but there is a potential threat of radioactive contamination for a variety of reasons. Chernobyl and Fukushima, and how many accidents and emergencies there were at different nuclear power plants and nuclear-powered ships - do not count. In addition, nuclear waste requires high costs for processing and disposal, although the problem can be solved by sending them to the sun, during the flight to which they are disposed of by themselves without any negative consequences, just like outdated artificial satellites burn up in the Earth's atmosphere without causing any inconvenience to its flora and fauna.
    Controlled reactions of hot and cold thermonuclear fusion have not yet gone beyond the experimental stage, but there are encouraging results. At the same time, hot thermonuclear or artificial sun requires high energy consumption and complex engineering solutions, and cold thermonuclear fusion proceeds at ordinary temperatures, which increases its commercial efficiency in mass use.
    Today, the real task is not to receive energy, but to transfer it. The entire planet is enmeshed in power grids in which a huge amount of generated electricity is lost.
    Tesla's experiments prove the possibility of obtaining unlimited energy due to the difference in the planet's potentials and its wireless addressable transmission of energy to each specific consumer. In history, there is a curious reality or fiction - once N. Tesla was stopped for breaking the rules and the hood was opened - there was no motor, and Tesla took out a small box and left. The movement of a car without an engine raised many questions to which N. Tesla did not give any answers.
  5. andreshk Offline andreshk
    andreshk (Andrei) 10 December 2021 14: 37
    Very interesting article.