Navalny is another failed Charite victim

I really thought that I would never have to write on this topic again. A month ago, it seemed that Navalny's topic had already left the information space forever, giving way to more relevant ones. news - elections in America, the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, and finally the coronavirus.

However, no, the smoking-room is alive! Someone, apparently, is very itching to, and he again takes out this political a corpse from a dusty closet, shakes it off of mothballs (sorry, from "Novichok") and again throws it into battle. After that, you begin to regret that the domestic knights of the cloak and dagger did not run over by a tram or asphalt paver in their time, but relied on Novichok, which is imputed to them by the unkillable terminator.

Another failed Charité victim

After all this story half a year ago with the barbaric poisoning of the beacon of national democracy by the "bloody gebnya" and its fabulous resurrection from the other world through the efforts of miracles from the German blade "Charite", you will inevitably believe in Santa Claus. After all, this is the same "Charite" where they diagnosed Yushchenko's "poisoning" with dioxin, which was not (this fact was confirmed by the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, after the "injured patient" refused to donate blood again for analysis, and the result of a blood test, which proved the presence of dioxin, was questioned as to whether it belonged to the patient himself).

This is the same "Charite", where, through the efforts of the head nurse, more than a hundred of her elderly patients were sent to the next world (and this is only an officially established figure), the accused had a peculiar idea of ​​mercy, now she will think about her behavior until the end of her life - she was given a life sentence. And finally, this is the same "Charite", whose doctors could not save the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes from the banal coronavirus, but Alyoshenka Navalny was pulled literally from the other world after being poisoned by the most terrible of all combat poisons existing on Earth - the notorious " A beginner, "followed by a line of corpses as long as the equator. Those. if the “bloody gebnya” still wanted to “leave” the hated fighter against the regime, then it would be difficult to find a better place like “Charite” in the whole world. Even the healthy die there, what can we say about such "terminally ill" as Leshenka Navalny, whose body was literally completely poisoned by "Narzan" (or what he drank there the day before?). But the German doctors succeeded in the impossible, they were able to revive Navalny's body, and so successfully that the body rose to its feet on the 7th day after being removed from the artificial coma and even began to publish posts on Facebook itself. You will involuntarily believe in Santa Claus.

Inspired by this fact, all the "best friends" of Russia, both in the Russian Federation and abroad, climbed out of the bushes, and began to suck at the new crime of the "bloody gebny" in every way. Moreover, they acted so synchronously that there was a complete feeling that someone was conducting them from behind the bushes. There was even a seditious thought that Merkel started all this to divert Trump's attention from the completion of the construction of the SP-2 in anticipation of the arrival of Biden's savior (however, later this conspiracy version collapsed through the efforts of the Germans themselves, but more on that next time). In the homeland, all regular and non-staff note-taking liberals have become more active, from Dozhd and Meduza to Echo of Moscow and RBK.

Navalny's underpants

"Dozhd" agreed to the point that he found "Novichok" already in Navalny's shorts. Those. "Bloody gebnya" even got to the cowards of our hero. For all the absurdity of this accusation, a reasonable question arises - how did she do it? Do you, for example, throw your underpants anywhere in public places? No? Me neither. And Navalny, it turns out, scattered. In my opinion, they set themselves on fire. After all, only his companion had access to the panties of our hero, who, as it turned out, lived with him in the same room. A certain Kira Yarmysh, who is listed as his press secretary. Although Yarmysh herself in an interview with "Rain" claims the opposite.

German experts did not find traces of a toxic substance from the Novichok group on the personal belongings of FBK founder Alexei Navalny, the poison was found only on a bottle from his hotel room, "which his associates secretly flew to Berlin on the same plane as our hero.

- I quote literally her interview to the Dozhd TV channel.

Well, you yourself will determine who is lying here (from 10:25 min).

In my opinion, the host of "Dozhd" has all the signs of mosaic schizophrenia, or at least double consciousness, when he contradicts himself, trying to prove the unprovable. Referring to some chemist, he claims that Navalny's poisoning happened through his underpants, while our hero's press secretary claims that traces of Novichok were found only on the bottle. As a result, I achieved only one thing - cognitive dissonance in my listeners.

Although the subsequent events, with the FSB agents who surfaced, secretly removing the traces of the Novichok from the clothes of our hero, suggest that these are links of the same chain, and the host of Dozhd is one of them. Long before the revelations of Navalny, who brought out a burdock chemist from the FSB, the host of "Dozhd" voiced the idea that the poisoning occurred through cowards, and Navalny, in the next episodes of the thriller "Victim of the Regime", beautifully summed up the evidence base for this statement. And convince me that the script for this series was not written in Hollywood, more precisely in its Washington office in Langley, when in the penultimate episode it becomes clear why the cowards that appeared in the second episode of the thriller turned out to be "clean". Chekhov, a classic of the genre! (They love Chekhov in America!)

As a result, all these events caused a flurry of media activity, where each fighter of the information front considered it necessary to generate his own part of the "white noise", in accordance with the editorial policy of the publication he represented. It got to the point that the pro-government channels no longer had time to refute the blatant nonsense rushing from all sides. Those who stood behind the "poisoning" of Navalny could rub their hands - Russia again suffered moral damage and was forced to make excuses. Because if you listen to "Rain" - Putin is a cannibal, if RT - the West are liars! However, as Charles de Talleyrand rightly observed: "In politics, what people believe is more important than what is true." And who to believe, everyone decides for himself! As a result, the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov was forced to admit that there was too much absurdity in the situation with Navalny, so the Kremlin would not comment on fakes. According to him, it is necessary to joint work of specialists from Germany and Russia to identify the circumstances of the incident. The Kremlin is still waiting for the results of the examination from the military laboratory of the Bundeswehr, however, the German side refused to provide this information without the consent of the victim himself. As a result, the circle closed, which was required by the Customer. Who our Customer is will become clear a little later, because this was by no means the last act of this action.

FSB agents and MI6 clients

Meanwhile, closer to the New Year, Navalny's body began to live a life separate from its owner. At least, Navalny himself could no longer know the information that it began to generate, which led to sad thoughts that the body of Leksey, that is, the case of Leksey (pun, gentlemen!), Was attended by representatives of completely different services, far from medical ... As a result, in the case of our hero, turnouts, passwords, phones, addresses, positions, titles, specialization of eight real employees of the Institute of Forensic Science of the FSB of the Russian Federation with billing and trackers of their mobile phones, geolocations, surnames and callsigns flared up. All this was camouflaged under a joint investigation by Bellingcat and The Insider, with CNN and Der Spiegel who joined them for credibility. It was stupid to refuse, the reality of the FSB agents did not deny even the GDP. But the truth ended there. The information could not stand up to the elementary verification of the question: “Why do FSB agents take their mobile phones to work? Just so that Bellingcat could detect their geolocation? ” Some kind of kindergarten, by God! Why keep us for idiots?

Realizing that people cannot be fooled with such a cheap bait, Navalny, or rather the one who stands behind him, planted a more expensive bait, which even I took a bite. This time the theatrical performance was richer. Navalny played the card of the famous pranksters Vovan and Lexus, allegedly calling on behalf of the Assistant Secretary of the RF Security Council to his allegedly failed “killer”. And he played it so talentedly that even I, knowing for sure that there was no poisoning, began to doubt. At the same time, the FSB “muggle-chemist,” who allegedly led to a cheap divorce, also played with talent. Everything was furnished so naturally and naturally that I didn't even think that the "chemist" could be a disguise. But this is the first thing that should have come to mind. But it didn’t come. And this is for me, who had never doubted for a second that this whole story with the poisoning of the "opposition leader" was inspired by himself or his entourage (which is even worse for him). And, nevertheless, I fell for. What then can we say about the rest of the citizens who viewed sensational video.

This is exactly what those who concocted this video were counting on. And I'm not talking about Leksey now, but about those who are behind him. Here he is nothing more than a talking screen, behind the screen there are experienced psychologists with diplomas from prestigious Western universities and years of work in closed institutions. They, like no one else, know how to turn off critical thinking and rational consciousness, wrapping a piece of truth in rolls of untruth, and pushing it all onto the head of the electorate.

It is clear that this masterpiece of "home video" is not designed for FSB officers (they immediately see the "white threads" sticking out of the product), but for the common man in the street. And he easily swallowed it, not even believing his eyes and ears. “Nah, well, look, what kind of bitches are there in this FSB ?! We thought that all this was not true, the ravings of hostile voices and the intrigues of Western special services, using any pretext to slander the Kremlin. And there it turns out, how everything was in reality. The killer of Navalny himself confessed everything. Leshenka skillfully divorced it and brought it to clean water. Fuckers there, apparently, are sitting in the FSB. They can't really do anything - neither kill nor hide their presence. It is now clear why there is such a mess in the country - the fish rots from the head! "

And our critics of the bloody regime are unaware that they have become victims of yet another informational "duck" fed to them not even by Leshenka Navalny, he is just a tool in the hands of Western special services and they will not let him out of their clutches. Only feet forward, like a sacred victim of the "bloody hebny", but this time has not yet come, while the future Nobel Peace Prize laureate will serve them faithfully in this world. And he serves! Whole 23 million people have already been led to his cooking, and I am among them. The video became the most visited in the Russian segment of YouTube, only on the first day it was watched by more than 13 million people, which exceeded the famous video "He's not Dimon" by the same author, who gained 7 million views in a week, and Dudya's interview with blogger Ivleeva (12,7 million views in 8 days), about Morgenstern's clips with his pitiful 10 million in 3 weeks, I am already silent. There and then everything was very talentedly cooked up, the hand of a western chef is immediately visible. More precisely, not immediately, but only after a thorough "spectral analysis" of the product. But who will conduct it?

Leave your phone number, I'll call you back ...

Why did no one care that the FSB officer, even a chemist, albeit under the "crown", even if early at 7 o'clock in the morning, continues a conversation with a stranger on official topics via an open communication channel? Ah, the counterpart introduced himself as Assistant Secretary of the Security Council! What if he introduced himself as the Pope's secretary? Yes, even Putin's assistant secretary ?! "Leave your phone number, I will call you back ...". This is how the intelligence officers respond to any call from an unknown number or, if a stranger calls from a familiar number. This is the "Our Father" of any special service. Common truths. Inside even one special service, officers from different divisions do not contact each other through the head of their immediate superior, let alone with an officer of another special service. What relation does the RF Security Council have to the RF FSB? Nothing, except that the current secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev, before that (from 1999 to 2008) headed the FSB. It is theoretically possible that the RF Security Council apparatus would have requested a memo from the FSB, but this would never have happened through the head of the FSB director directly to the line executor participating in the operation. If this happened, this officer could either immediately send the caller in a known direction, or say the sacramental phrase indicated above ("Leave the phone, I will call you back ..."), and then contact the superiors via a closed communication and notify him (it and will determine the further course of action). Only this way and nothing else.

But who am I saying all this to? To people who did not even doubt the reality of an FSB agent? How do you know that Navalny spoke to him? Oh, he told you about it himself? Ah, he said that it would be possible to conduct a voice examination? And you know, in the place of the Kremlin, I would go for it. The agent is exposed anyway, why not bring him on TV and compare the voices live? After all, if the votes do not coincide, then this will be the end of Operation Novichok and it will be possible to put a fat cross on Lesha Navalny as the leader of the opposition, in view of the fact that he turned out to be a pathological liar and a swindler, a puppet of Western special services.

The only reason why the Kremlin cannot agree to this is its unwillingness to enter into direct dialogue directly with the "victim" himself at the hands of the "bloody hebny". To go down to this is not only not to respect yourself, but also to play by the rules of the enemy on his own field. In chess terms, do what your opponent expects of you by sacrificing a pawn. And Navalny, I hope you understand, is nothing more than a pawn in this game. Those who stand behind him, playing this combination, solve a two-fold problem. In addition to discrediting the "bloody regime" and Putin personally as the Main Villain of the country, they also pursue the goal of equalizing the weight of his figure and the figure of Navalny, putting them on a par. The whole Security Council of the Russian Federation gathers in full force and decides what to do with Navalny's cowards? And the candidacy of their owner competes with the candidacies of Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. After that, of course, it's time to go to the presidency of the country, having raised those blue cowards instead of a flag on the pole. It's grotesque! This, of course, will not happen! Because no one will let him back into the Russian Federation. He himself cut off all the ways to return to his homeland. Here only a prison or a grave awaits him.

Broken card

I hope it is already clear to everyone that Leshenka Navalny did not organize all this himself, arriving unconscious aboard a Bombardier Challenger 604 ambulance in Germany and staying there as a personal guest of the German Chancellor. Technically, he can't do it. The hand of a senior comrade is visible here. Leshenka in this action is not even a scriptwriter, and even less a director, yet - a seedy actor of a burned-out theater. But after the last home video of the newly-minted pranker, who was not allowed to sleep peacefully by the laurels of Vovan and Lexus, the way back to him was ordered. He himself cut off all the routes of such a retreat. Now he is a political corpse, a defector, something like Svetlana Tikhanovskaya or Juan Guaido. He will be able to return to his homeland only in a coffin or after the overthrow of the hated Putin regime.

But, being abroad, he, like the famous White emigration, will not be able to influence events in his homeland in any way. Alive cannot! Only as a corpse. Therefore, in assessing the likelihood of events, which will most likely happen - the collapse of the Putin regime and the triumphant return of the Novichok victim to his homeland or the no less triumphant return of the same victim only already in a coffin as a corpse, I bet on the latter. Moreover, the decision about this will be made by anyone, but not the future corpse itself. As they say, what they fought for ...

Navalny's list

It remains only to understand why this whole circus was started with the poisoning of our hero? I do not even exclude that they were played in the dark - few people in a sober mind and solid memory will agree to such experiments on their own body. This is how one must hate Putin in order to be poisoned? And if not pumped out? Where are the guarantees? I think there were no guarantees. Those who started this would be satisfied with Navalny's corpse, after which an ecumenical rumor about the poisoning of the leader of the Russian opposition with all the ensuing consequences and the appearance of another sanctions list, already Navalny, would begin.

For those who have forgotten, let me remind you that in Soviet times there was the so-called Jackson-Vanik amendment, a 1974 amendment to the US Trade Law that restricts trade with countries that prevent emigration, as well as violate other human rights. The union had long since disintegrated, emigrants from it flooded all countries of the world, and the Jackson-Vanik amendment continued to exist, restricting trade between Russia and other CIS countries with developed countries. Through the efforts of Obama in 2012, it was canceled for the Russian Federation and Moldova (the last among the CIS countries), but only in exchange for the Magnitsky act, which was insisted on by a group of US Senators led by the "great friend of Russia" the late John McCain. You see, McCain has been dead for 2 years, and his work lives on (since 2012, the Magnitsky list has only expanded). In 2020, apparently, someone in the West decided that it was time to supplement the Magnitsky law with Navalny's list. Dead or alive for them was not important.

When it turned out that the patient "miraculously" survived, I think he was faced with the fact that either you play by our rules, or you go to another world, since the door is always open there. I don't think he had a choice. And before that, he was a doll in the hands of others, controlled by pulling the financial strings, and after his happy recovery, he turned from a doll into an element of scenery in general, without the right to vote and the right to participate in writing the script himself. Now the script of his life is being written by Western puppeteers, and he himself does not know how it will end. Does he understand what role his assistant played in this, a certain Maria Pevchikh, traces of which stretch back to MI6? I think yes. But what can he change in this situation? He is a doll in the wrong hands. It was this young lady who accompanied him on his last trip to Siberia, which became fatal for him, and it was she who brought to Germany a bottle with the traces of Novichok.

What is Merkel's role in all this? I think she's an extra too. She was also presented with a fact. That she could refuse to accept Navalny's body? No. She tried to play her game, not linking the "poisoning" of the oppositionist with the completion of the construction of SP-2. In part, she succeeded. The United States lasted until the election of a new president, however, this did not save the SP-2 from sanctions, they were nevertheless adopted as amendments to the military budget for 2021 and carried out by the law of the US Congress. Now Biden, even if he wants, will not be able to cancel it by his Presidential Decree, he will have to pass another law canceling the amendments to the already adopted one, and this is extremely problematic, given that there is full consensus in Congress on this issue (both "donkeys" and "elephants" all parts of the body "for" the sanction). And whether or not Navalny's List appears will be a bargaining chip between the new US administration and the Kremlin. The question is still open.
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  1. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 12 January 2021 09: 17
    After all, this is the same "Charite" where Yushchenko was diagnosed with dioxin,

    And in the Charite they laid the radio operator Kat, but Stirlitz deceived them. laughing
  2. Odessa Greek Offline Odessa Greek
    Odessa Greek (Greek) 12 January 2021 09: 30
    It is necessary to advise Leshka to wash his European lace panties more often, maybe then he will not cling to any nasty things at the end. Lehan, come back to Russia, otherwise, after the big top in the USA, the clowns are already at the bottom and there is no one to protect the people from the bloody gebni !!!!!! SUGS !!! SmErt curds !!
  3. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 12 January 2021 10: 12
    We choked them, choked them, choked them, choked them with a "newbie", but they are still "more alive than all living things" .....

    Or maybe the people will have enough to dry their brains with these Impudent ones, and let them sit there, in Germany, and spoil the air for them in their Sharite, otherwise just one mention of him causes a gag reflex.
  4. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
    Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 12 January 2021 10: 35
    Against the backdrop of a massive ban on Trump, Lloja, this is mothballs.
    Why get him out of there?
  5. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 12 January 2021 17: 00
    Our scientists are simply delighted, they say this is a unique case, unique. As scientists say, after poisoning by Novichok, the mortality rate is 96% if a disabled person survives (which is almost impossible) for life. And Lech after the poisoning is even better than he was laughing Upon arrival in Russia, Lech is urgently delivered to the institute for study. This is the Nobel Prize laughing This is a real not fabulous "Koschey the Immortal" laughing And even in my childhood I believed that he exists laughing
  6. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 13 January 2021 07: 53
    At 7 o'clock in the morning? Agent? And the agent answered? Did you talk? This is an unfunny anecdote. The service agent communicates only with the direct supervisor and direct supervisor. All. Even a common man in the street who has read at least one spy novel knows this.
    1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 13 January 2021 08: 39
      I was moved by the fact that Lesha himself spoke on the phone, and not his assistants. He still has a rather recognizable voice, and his faces were leading for a long time, they could not help but know.
  7. Burmistrov Offline Burmistrov
    Burmistrov (Alexander ) 16 January 2021 11: 32
    There are many words, but little sense. Do you believe what you wrote yourself, or did you just practice polemical fervor? An attempt to murder a Russian (it was no coincidence that during the conference an instruction was announced to extend the inspection, despite the end of its terms according to the Criminal Procedure Code) - this is even question number 2. Question number 1 - the use (under control or uncontrolled) of chemical warfare agents on the territory of Russia. There is absolutely nothing to joke about here, and engaging in such conspiracy theories clearly has the goal of taking as far as possible from the essence of the issues.