"Murders by the President": the West has organized a new conspiracy against Lukashenka

Obviously, completely disappointed in the ability of its protégés to successfully complete the “color revolution” started in Belarus last fall, the West is switching to new forms and methods of influencing the local president, who turned out to be unshakable. Before our eyes, a campaign is being launched to "unwind" the accusations addressed to Alexander Lukashenko of "committing the murders of his own political opponents ".

The aim is undoubtedly not just to discredit a leader who has turned out to be too tough for the "Maidan" and their puppeteers, but also to create "legal grounds" for removing him from power - if necessary, and through external intervention. Why are the next "revelations" of Lukashenka absurd and give a mile away as an open "phony"? What does the current Ukrainian government have to do with the staged performance? How is everything that is happening connected with Russia and its interests? Let's try to figure it out.

A script from a "treasured folder"?

The scandal, which we will discuss below, began with the publication in the Brussels edition of EUObserver of a recording of a "terribly secret" conversation with someone who is not clear with whom. True, at the same time, the senior lieutenant of the Belarusian police (seemingly even a former special forces soldier) Igor Makar, who handed over this "sensational material" to journalists, claims that the voice of the former head of the country's KGB Vadim Zaitsev sounds on the recording, which he discusses openly with his interlocutor - how would it be harder yes it is more terrible to "pinch" all the enemies of the "dad".

At the same time, the strongest feeling of "deja vu" does not arise exclusively from those people who, in principle, are not familiar with the political vicissitudes of Ukraine twenty years ago, or have forgotten their main events and personalities. Yes, this is one-to-one “heroic Major Melnichenko” who miraculously obtained “authentic records” on which the now living ex-president of the “nezalezhnoy” Leonid Kuchma in the same way (and even in the same frankly obscene terms!) Discussed the savage plans to destroy their own political opponents. The conversation was conducted with the then head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yuri Kravchenko (now, alas, the deceased). Honestly, gentlemen, it seems that the employees of certain Western "offices" have one and only, for all occasions, already worn out and worn out treasured folder with scripts to holes and oil stains. Here is a direct representation of them, as if seen with my own eyes: № 1 - "Murder of an opposition journalist"; No. 2 - “Liquidation of an opposition politician”; No. 3 - "Falsification of elections". Well, and so on.

These "developments" are used in the countries of the "post-Soviet space" (however, not only in them alone), over and over again, virtually unchanged. I'm not ready to say why this is happening - whether because of the squalor of the authors' imagination, or because of their most common laziness, or, perhaps, proceeding from the principle "the best is the enemy of the good." In Ukraine, the "Melnichenko tapes" worked wonderfully, plunging the country into political "turbulence" for years and ultimately opening the way for the first "Maidan". Now an absolutely similar scheme is being launched for Belarus. On the record I mentioned at the very beginning of the recording, someone whose voice supposedly resembles Zaitsev's voice, swearing through the word ... is crucified in front of the fighters of the Belarusian "Alpha" about the fact that they will have to "drown someone somewhere, somewhere shoot ”, but only in such a way that“ no one would think about the KGB ”! And ... Cherry on the cake - he adds soulfully that “Lukashenka expects these operations from them”! No, gentlemen, this is not Hollywood already - this is something from a series of "creativity" of the mentally ill. The chairman of the country's KGB, sculpting THIS in plain text to his own special forces is not even a fantasy. Just a madman's delirium. There is no need to talk about what kind of goose Igor Makar is.

It remains only to admit that among the people in uniform there are periodically scoundrels who put their own selfish interests and ambitions of sick pride above the officer's honor and oath. He is not the first, not he, alas, the last. However, to believe such subjects at least in anything is not to respect yourself. At this point, in principle, the "analysis" of an extremely unappetizing-looking new-made "sensation" could have been completed, but we will still delve into the "factual" in order to finally explain its "reliability" with a specific example.

Kiev takes revenge on Minsk in its "corporate style" - vile and stupid

Among the cannibalistic "revelations of the head of the KGB," a special place is occupied by his proposals on the liquidation of journalist Pavel Sheremet, who was actually killed later. But this native of Belarus, who had left his homeland long ago, found his death in the Ukraine - and, which is typical, at the hands of the local "national-patriots", and not in any way of Zaitsev's subordinates. However, such an official version of Kiev existed exactly until the moment when EUObserver published its "sensation". Now it has changed - and in strict accordance with the insinuations emanating from Brussels. True, the Ukrainian police claim that they began to develop a “Belarusian version” since December last year, allegedly having received relevant information from the Foreign Intelligence Service. But who will believe the Ukrainian police ?! They lie, how they breathe ...

The most interesting thing is that all the same law enforcers of the "nezalezhnoy", who today are trying with a clever air to broadcast something about "the possible involvement of Lukashenka" two years ago, cheerfully reported on the disclosure of the murder of Sheremet! At the same time, of course, there was no smell of any Belarusian KGB there. But the participation of the Ukrainian SBU was traced quite clearly. The direct perpetrators of the murder of the journalist (Pavel Sheremet, let me remind you, was blown up in a car on July 20, 2016) were three representatives of one of the most vile "tribes" generated by the "Maidan" and the civil war that broke out after it - "ATO volunteers". This disgusting public, feeding the punitive atrocities in the Donbass, with might and main carried weapons, explosives and many other things, like drugs, to the “peaceful” regions of the country. At the same time, they earned both real money (very large) and a high social status in the reasonably damaged Ukrainian “society”.

At the same time, the absolute majority of such subjects, as well as all Ukrainian “national-patriots”, had curators and “supervisors” from the SBU. It was the “ears” of this “office” that emerged in the case of Sheremet's murder almost from the first days of the investigation. Now its employees have a real chance to extricate themselves from the dirty history, blaming everything on “the intrigues of the Belarusian special services”. For the official Kiev, the delusional inventions that are now being exaggerated, by the way, are also an excellent opportunity to "take revenge" on Minsk for all the well-grounded reproaches that have been heard from there lately for interfering in the internal affairs of Belarus and training militants for the local "Maidan". Yes, "revenge" looks petty, mean and downright stupid - but such are the "avengers" and there is nothing you can do about it. At the same time, as usual, in such cases "behind the scenes" a whole series of serious questions remain, objective answers to which do not leave one from attempts to "fasten" Belarus to the Sheremet case. What exactly is it about?

First of all, the conversation allegedly recorded by Makar is dated 2012. Sheremet was blown up in 2016. What have you been waiting for for 4 years? In addition, at the time of the commission of this crime, Zaitsev was no longer the head of the KGB of Belarus - he left his post all the same in 2012, and after him three more leaders were replaced in the department. Moreover, by the time of his death, Sheremet had absolutely nothing to do with Belarus! He had Russian citizenship, he lived in Kiev and was deeply engrossed in local topics and “showdowns”. Why would anyone want to blow him up Lukashenko, who at that moment was Ukraine's “best friend”? Yes, it was at this time that Minsk received a lot of benefits from cooperation with Kiev, both material and political, becoming a "negotiating platform" and "bridge for reconciliation" not only between Kiev and Moscow, but also between Russia and the West. In this situation, carrying out a terrorist attack against a long-forgotten journalist in his country in the capital of the "non-profit" in this situation was not just illogical, but would smell like schizophrenia.

All this is quite obvious. For everyone, however, except for those who are behind the scandal now inflated by the Western media. Representatives of EUObserver claim that they have "submitted the record for examination to a serious organization." Want to know which one? The craft, made by an unknown person, was "studied" under the leadership of Catalina Grigoras, director of the National Center for Media Forensic Science at the University of Colorado in the United States. So it was shining, so shining ... However, even the American lady had the conscience to admit that for the procedure of “biometric recognition” of the speaker's personality, the sound on the provided recording was “too low quality”. That is, someone is talking to someone about something ...

Further in the conclusion of Grigoras, one can clearly see the desperate struggle of professional ethics and the desire to fulfill the task clearly set by someone "from above". Now she declares "no traces of audio manipulation", then suddenly openly points out that "the recording was edited at least once." The most important thing is that the so-called "digital signature" was carefully removed from there, which makes it absolutely impossible to identify the source of these audio materials. Generally speaking, after this, any attempts to consider the recorded, it is not known when, by whom and where swearing with a politically criminal connotation should be stopped. Material of such "quality" cannot be accepted as evidence in principle.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the topic of “terrible crimes of the Lukashenka regime” in the West will henceforth be intensely roused at all conceivable and inconceivable levels. It remains to be seen when the crooks from Bellingcat and other "whistleblowers" subordinate to the CIA and MI6, who are now terribly busy "researching the poisonings committed by the FSB", will join. There is no doubt that in the very near future the accusations against Lukashenka will smoothly merge into the muddy stream, which today consists of the "Skripals case", "Navalny's poisoning" and other such nonsense. From Alexander Grigorievich they will begin to mold a "bloodthirsty dictator" who, of course, must be removed "in the interests of all progressive humanity." Frankly speaking, one thing is surprising - the West's misunderstanding of the simple fact that Belarus-2021 is not Yugoslavia-1999 and not Libya-2011. And to do with Lukashenka the same thing that with Milosevic or Gaddafi will not be possible, first of all, due to the fact that today Russia will not allow anything of the kind.
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  1. Ivan Semenov Offline Ivan Semenov
    Ivan Semenov (Ivan Semenov) 6 January 2021 11: 47
    I fully agree with the definition of "disgusting ATO volunteers and a badly damaged Ukrainian society."
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  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 6 January 2021 16: 14
    Yeah. The dude ran away, a long time ago, the guys were killed even earlier, and the conspiracy is only now ...

    The brakes.
  3. Bart Offline Bart
    Bart (Bart) 8 January 2021 07: 42
    The mouthpiece of Western democracy is like a pack of yeast in a village outhouse.
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