It could be worse: What luckily didn't happen in 2020

If we talk about the relatively recent years, we will have to admit: hardly any of them, at the end, "received" at least a tenth of those negative epithets that are ending today in 2020. “Nightmare”, “terrible”, “murderous”, “the worst in history” ... Even the ever-memorable crisis of 2008 was not seen off with such words. All this is so - let's be frank: this year has brought trials, losses and disappointment to almost all people on Earth. And for some it even became the last ...

Nevertheless, let's try to show a certain amount of objectivity and admit: a lot of things that happened in 2020 and which we recall with shudder today did not happen according to the worst possible scenario. Consolation, over, is weak, but on the eve of the upcoming New Year, perhaps you should not focus solely on the negative. Parting with a definitely not the best year of our life, it is better to rejoice. At least that it wasn't even worse. Let's talk about the events that we, fortunately, managed to avoid:

1. A truly deadly pandemic

The fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a severe blow to our world, mercilessly tearing out more than one and a half million human lives from it and chaining tens of millions to beds and hospital beds for more or less a long time, no one, of course, argues. Fortunately, however, the coronavirus turned out to be far from the most deadly disease known to mankind today. There is no comparison with those who almost killed all of our ancestors and did not interrupt the development of civilization on Earth with smallpox and plague, but even with the "Spanish" flu, from which we are separated by "only" a hundred years. Then the number of deaths was many times greater. “Modern medicine has improved a lot,” you say? Certainly. However, along with it, something else has improved. Namely - the ability of the average person to quickly move around the planet. Consequently, the rate of spread of any infectious disease has increased in comparison with the beginning of the twentieth century, when airplanes were still exotic, incredibly.

The good news is that, despite the fact that there have been dozens (although some medical scientists say about a hundred) mutations, the malicious virus has not "reborn" into something much more dangerous. I really want to believe that nothing like this will happen in the future. At the same time, by the way, for the inhabitants of Russia, in general, the events of the pandemic did not turn out in the worst way. Today there is something to compare with and with whom, so let's be objective, regardless of our own sympathies and antipathies to the authorities - its representatives managed to reduce possible troubles to a minimum. The prompt (even before the registration of the first cases of the disease) the creation of an operational headquarters to combat it, the rapid and hard closure of borders, and other similar measures also played a role. The Russian leadership acted quickly and decisively, which brought its positive results. Another variant? Well, take a look at the US - the statistics are publicly available. And, by the way, the domestic vaccine against COVID-19 is not without reason called "Sputnik" - after all, this is the first drug of its kind registered in the world. It turns out that everything is not so bad with science and medicine?

2. Civil war in the United States and their disintegration

This is where some might be surprised. Perhaps, you may not even agree with me and express your indignation. "Yes, let them be there ... Tired of their sanctions and other dirty tricks!" I agree, tired. However, the beginning of a full-scale civil war in the United States, the collapse of the statehood there, the plunge of this country into final chaos, at least in the short term, would not bring anything good to anyone in this world. Quite the opposite is true. Yes, in a society “pumped up” to the brim with hatred, despair and, in addition, firearms, violence would surely first sweep over the cities and regions of the United States itself. However, we should not forget that this country, after all, possesses one of the most impressive arsenals of nuclear weapons in the world. In whose hands could control of such a person end up? After all, it is not necessary to get access to the presidential "nuclear suitcase" to launch ballistic missiles - in order to arrange the Apocalypse, even if the local volume of an "outdated" atomic bomb (and even more so - several) is enough for the eyes. No, better let them sort it out among themselves!

The fact that among Americans there are plenty of people with an unbalanced psyche who consider an explosion in a crowded place a normal way of "self-expression" was shown by the latest events in Nashville, which took place literally on Christmas there, December 25. It would be better, of course, that this did not happen at all, but if they indulge in such things, let them do it at home and on the most limited scale. Regarding the undesirability of a sudden and total collapse of the United States, there is another point that concerns not military, but through and through peaceful matters. What do you think would lead to the instant disappearance from the world map of a state whose currency is reserve and universal for almost the entire global economics? We will not talk now about whether this is good or bad - but it is so. You can strive for de-dollarization as much as you like, but the sudden transformation of the dollars that overwhelm our world into a pile of worthless cut paper would bring down everything in it - finance, trade, the economy as such. And, as a result, it would lead to the destruction of many states other than the United States. Honestly, in this version we would all meet the current New Year on the wreckage of our familiar universe. No, it's better without it!

3. Victory of the "Maidan" in Belarus

Today, it is practically obvious that an attempt to arrange another "color revolution" in Minsk is doomed to failure. Nevertheless, the previous absolutely similar event in Ukraine in 2014, alas, was more than successful. This is not about the reasons, but about the fact that the success of the Belarusian “Maidan” would “backfire” on Russia in the most painful and unpleasant way. Our country would not only be deprived of the last, in fact, a real strategic ally (and located in the most important - the Western direction), but would simply find itself in an extremely hostile environment from all sides. The ring of "non-brothers" around us would be closed, and, relying on the acquired "bridgeheads", the West would inevitably accelerate its offensive against Moscow, as has already happened in our history more than once. The loss of the Belarusian market, transit (the same Druzhba oil pipeline), the failure to repay the considerable loan funds that our country has invested in the Belarusian economy for years - all this would cause truly colossal damage. The most important military facilities of our Armed Forces located on Belarusian territory would be lost, and their grouping in Kaliningrad, which is of key strategic importance in the Western direction, would finally find itself in the position of a besieged fortress.

However, financial losses, perhaps, would have faded before a geopolitical defeat - money can still be somehow tried to return or compensate for, but it would definitely be complete, final and irrevocable. The confrontation in Belarus really, as many initially estimated it, became “Stalingrad” in the battle for the “post-Soviet space”, which has been waged between the West and Russia since a certain moment. Its encirclement by extremely hostile countries, into which the former republics of the USSR are turning one after another, will become the final stage of another phase of the plan to destroy our country as an independent and sovereign state. Further "work" will go on the dismemberment of the Russian territory itself, where "specialists of the appropriate profile" will try to ignite the fire of a new civil war. Fortunately, Belarus has held out, and hopefully will continue to hold out.

4. Complete defeat of Armenia

The second hardest blow that Russia could receive in the "post-Soviet space" would undoubtedly be the complete defeat of Armenia in the military conflict that it waged with Azerbaijan and Turkey over Nagorno-Karabakh. Yes, Yerevan suffered a grave and shameful military defeat, the NKR lost a huge part of its already small territory, however ... Everything could turn out much, much more sad. This is most convincingly evidenced by the statements of the Azerbaijani and Turkish presidents, who, during the parade in Baku, began to pour out territorial claims against neighboring countries and specifically stated that almost 90% of the current territory of Armenia, it turns out, is "primordial Azerbaijani lands." If not for Moscow's intervention, and diplomatic rather than military intervention, who knows - would the Azerbaijani army have stopped in its offensive after the capture of Shusha and Stepanakert, which in the existing military-strategic situation were already completely inevitable? And what then? The entry of our country into the war in accordance with its obligations within the framework of the CSTO would inevitably lead to completely similar actions on the part of Ankara. That would be our New Year in the trenches ...

Russia's refusal to support Yerevan in a situation where its sovereign territory would be under attack would have led to no less grave consequences, albeit of a different kind. The loss (as in the Belarusian case) of the military base in the Caucasus is still half the trouble. Our country would have to completely abandon hopes of any influence in this region, and Turkey would immediately take its place. The most dangerous thing is that the expansion of the “descendants of the Janissaries” would not have ended there - and very soon we would have to meet the militants controlled by Ankara already on our own southern borders. And there, you see, not only irregular bandit formations, but also the Turkish army, reinforced by "volunteers" from various states of the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia, from which Recep Erdogan and similar adherents of neo-Ottomanism today are trying to put together a new empire. An unpleasant prospect, isn't it? I am very glad that our "friends" were not allowed to realize it.

Much more can be added to this list: the war with Iran that has not yet been started by the United States, the averted man-made disasters and terrorist attacks, and, after all, those things that we simply do not know about. They just didn't happen, and thank God! In any case, the fact that we are now preparing for the holiday already means that this year was not so bad for you and me.

To all readers of "Reporter" - happiness, health, luck and love in the New Year! And let it be better than the previous one.
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  1. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 2 January 2021 08: 37
    The fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a severe blow to our world, mercilessly tearing out more than one and a half million human lives from it and chaining tens of millions to beds and hospital beds for more or less a long time, no one, of course, argues.

    Humanity discovered coronaviruses in 1965. Since then, about 1200 species have been studied. I can assume that they appear on Earth every day. And every day someone dies from diseases complicated by these viruses.
    My late father died in 1982 from viral pneumonia. I guess it was "he is the most-coronavirus." But none of this fact suited the global hysteria.
    Even if we take the figure of one and a half million deaths from covid-19, then this is 0.002% (two thousandths of a percent) of the total world population of 7.5 billion people. At the same time, there is very often evidence that many other diseases are "driven" under Covid-19. For example, the "king of cheesecakes" B.Yu. Aleksandrov died of oncology, but in some places it was reported that he died of covid. And a strange thing! It is not clear where the usual seasonal flu, which was almost certainly labeled as covid-19, "fled" last year.
    Humanity itself "shot in the foot", following the lead of the unclean WHO, pharmaceutical companies producing masks-gloves-drugs-vaccines, various online stores, courier delivery services, which became fabulously rich during the period of skillfully heated mass psychosis.
    PS I myself was ill with covid-19 in early May. The "cosmonaut" doctor came, listened with a tube, took a smear, prescribed two types of pills, wrote the diagnosis: "ARVI". I drank the pills for 7-10 days, and at the end of May another "cosmonaut" flew in, took a second smear, which turned out to be negative, and said that I had been ill with a "deadly" covid.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 2 January 2021 10: 51
    A random set of invented facts.
    You can also add the extinction of Ukraine from the corona, tuberculosis, Chernobyl, cold snap, promised by the media, which did not happen.
    And that no "neo-Chelyabinsk meteor" hit the Russian Federation in 2020. That's really lucky. (in 2019, off the coast of the Far East, a meteor exploded at 6 Hiroshima)