News from the madhouse. Notes of the forced involved

Less than a year is left before the next presidential election in Ukraine. The parties applying for this post have already lined up for production, rattling weapons (who has what). The funny thing is that none of the pretending parties still knows the exact date of the election - either March 31, 2019, or in June-July (the discrepancies are caused by the inaccuracy of the date from which the presidential term in the Presidential Election Law begins). It’s already clear that there will be no early elections and that external players will prefer not to interfere, but let the situation drift — not to touch this dunghill so that you don’t mess around yourself, what kind of humos will come out of it, that’s how it will be (and from the pile of crap, you yourself You see, diamonds do not appear). It's time to evaluate the disposition and make a preliminary forecast.

The most offensive that we have is among the citizens of Ukraine, with all the seeming richness of choice, there is essentially no choice. I don’t want to choose between shit varieties, but there are no other options. The 5-year term of the clique of Poroshenko and others like him ended with the fact that the entire left opposition was cleaned and cornered, only centrist, right-centrist and frankly right-wing nationalist forces remained. Between them the struggle for access to a fairly shallow trough will go.

Among this variety, pseudo-political only Yulia Tymoshenko, who risks finally finally realizing her long-held obsessive dream of the presidency, and the downed pilot, the lame duck, the Director of the Chocolate Factory, for whom the second term is perhaps the only way to preserve her actual, and not political life, look obvious heavyweights ( moreover, even he understands that this attempt will be futile).

The remaining politicians applying for this post relate either to middleweights, or to lightweights, or, in general, to spoilers-gaskets that perform purely technical function. The latter include a singer, and quite good enough, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and television clown Vladimir Zelensky. The first is the Soros project, designed to support a shaky national idea by throwing forces into the big politics that have not yet been messed up with it. The second is the cub Beni Kolomoisky, thrown under the armored train Vakarchuk in order to discredit and profane the very idea of ​​the president from the people. Moreover, a year before the election, Zelensky almost buried his opponent, taking away his votes, both in the West and in the East, especially without pretending to anything (well, which clown president is not even funny!).

I will not consider frankly right-wing forces here - they are hopelessly not passing (Biletsky is the commander of the Azov battalion, leader of the National Corps party, Tyagnibok is the leader of Freedom, Kiva is the leader of the Socialist Party, etc. Similar characters who dream about Ukraine from Xiang to the Don). The only one who can claim at least something is the former Minister of Defense (under President Yushchenko), iron colonel Anatoly Gritsenko, the chairman of the Civic Position party - he is a clear middleweight, who relies on the radical democratic wing of the American establishment (Gritsenko, the course of training held in 1993-94 at the United States Air Force Academy, where it was actually recruited, pays them reciprocity and loyalty). Frank Russophobe (probably paid). If you get into the 2nd round, you can really compete for the presidency with Yulia Vladimirovna.

Lightweights, such as the leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashka, better known for his unconventional sexual orientation and political omnivorousness, and other party liners, such as Our Land and Vidrodzhennya (Renaissance), which can also nominate their candidates , I will not consider it here, I will focus only on the centrist “Opposition Bloc”, going to the polls at once with several columns, which clearly reduces its chances of success due to the erosion of its electorate between several candidates at once. I can’t say that Boyko, Novinsky, Vilkul, Rabinovich, Muraev, Dobkin, Shufrich do not understand this. This means that there is an agreement by one of them with the forces that I attributed above to the heavyweights of Ukrainian politics for possible preferences in the future. All these characters have a difficult political past, (they were members of the ruling party of Yanukovych - PR), and having nominated a single candidate, they could really claim to enter the second round and even win in it. But alone, they have zero chances to get there. It’s a pity, because I personally connected with the figures of Boyko and Muraev my miserable hopes for at least some positive outcome of our hopeless enterprise.

If you notice, there are no candidates from the ruling Popular Front party among the list of candidates. This is due to the fact that this party is a phantom, its support tends to zero asymptotically, its leaders Yatsenyuk, Avakov and Turchinov have such an anti-rating that it’s not that there’s nothing to presidency to meddle with, but it’s dangerous to go outside. These individuals survive in politics solely due to a balance of interests with the other ruling party of the BPP (Petro Poroshenko Bloc), which supposedly holds the majority in the Rada with it (although everyone knows that the majority has long been gone). Avakov and Turchinov have no ambitions to become president, Yatsenyuk has, but who will let him go there. Their interest lies in a slightly different plane - in economic, maintain access to the trough and guaranteed personal integrity (jurisdiction before the law). And this is possible under another president (in certain circumstances, which are discussed below).

The outcome of the upcoming elections is actually a foregone conclusion. And all parties involved in them understand this very well. For them, even now it does not matter who in the end wins, it is important to throw off the hated Confectioner. And this task brought together almost all the oligarchic groups and clans that were not included in the BPP. A year before the expected election, the figure of the Director of the Chocolate Factory had already acquired such toxicity that only a very lazy person had time to not spit on it and not wipe his feet on it. There are fewer optimists ready to bet on Pyotr Alekseevich in the presidential race. Even among his inner circle, defectors have already been noticed secretly or explicitly visiting the reception room of Yulia Vladimirovna in order to personally fix her reverence and ask her to take them into account in her will. And the farther into the forest and the closer the elections, there will be more and more such rats until this phenomenon becomes widespread and the rats flee from the sinking ship in a crowd. None of the companions of the current president are going to go to the mass grave with him. There are no suicides there! Such is the destiny of all the rulers of Independence, starting with Khmelnitsky and Mazepa. The betrayal gene is in their blood. To betray in time is not to betray, but to foresee. The mentality, alas, is associated with poor heredity and negative natural and political selection.

Therefore, I put on Tymoshenko how this candidacy is not disgusting to me. I do not expect anything good from her victory. Can only some adjustment of Russian-Ukrainian relations, which fell already below the plinth. And that is only on the political plane, since in the economic and trade we have already passed the point of no return. Alas and ah! There is no turning back. Damn this Maidan! The only trouble is that Yulia Vladimirovna has no power component. There is no real power on which it can rely. And here the figure of the gray Cardinal Avakov with his battalion “Azov” and other marginals in the service of law in balaclavas and without, who can continue his political future, having concluded a separate agreement with the Gas Princess, pops up (and by and large it doesn’t have a choice) as the Candy Eater didn’t have it).

For further narration, some lyrical digression will have to be done in a slightly different direction. Do not be surprised - you will understand everything at the end. I have long been confused by the assessment of the situation in Independent in the Russian media. I’m already silent about the Ukrainian media - they all blow the same tune about Russian aggression and the European choice of Ukrainians, stupidly working out their boss money and not wanting to be the next object of the SBU development, as Kremlin agents (what happened to Oles Buzina, and Kirill Vyshinsky, I hope you know). But the formation of a certain narrative in the minds and minds of Russians through the Russian media I cannot attribute to low analysis and the inability to draw the right conclusions from a certain sequence of events, of which we are all witnesses and even participants (some even beyond their will). Therefore, I come to the conclusion that this is the conscious formation of a certain picture, with the aim of leading the Russians to certain conclusions about the inevitability of Russia's subsequent steps in this direction. I venture to suggest that in the Kremlin back in 2014, a course was taken towards a complete reboot and zeroing of the project called Ukraine. Nobody is going to pull it on their shoulders now, to feed the impoverished brothers and pay their debts, too, so the Russian Federation is doing everything to ensure that the project itself dies due to its complete non-viability.

I draw similar conclusions from the psychosis of debilitation and fascization injected through pro-government Russian media, where the bastard maydaunas in balaclava and the heroes of the ATO have almost seized power or will take over there in the near future. If I do not completely agree with the conclusion about debilitation, then the opaque fascists I have observed with Nazi symbols and without, popping up like a devil from a snuffbox, with the wave of someone's mysterious interested hand to intimidate the plebs and wringing the property that has not yet been wrung out, and disappear just as quickly again, they didn’t deserve such an honorary title from where they came from. They have to learn and study before Rem's stormtroopers. Everything that happens is more like a poorly staged performance, where decorative fascists are used for extras by two unfortunate directors pursuing their own selfish goals.

One director is Petro Poroshenko, the other is Arsen Avakov. Petro Poroshenko over the 4 years created an autocratic regime here, usurping virtually all the rights that Yanukovych’s criminal gang never dreamed of. And everything would be fine if it were not for the damned Arsen Avakov, who did not want to lie under him, but on the contrary, showed his independence and power self-sufficiency in every way. For a second, under the arms of the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are nearly 300 thousand bayonets that you want, if you don’t want, but are forced to carry out his orders. But this didn’t seem enough to him, and for delicate errands (to intimidate the crowd), the Azov battalion was created from frank Nazi thugs, even armed with light armored vehicles, and throughout the country, the Azov voluntary assistants institution from among the debilitating youth called “ National Corps ”(later transformed into a party), reinforced by a power wing under the guise of“ People’s squads ”(a prototype of Rem's stormtroopers).

Poroshenko was able to oppose this only to the small National Guard, transformed from the Internal Troops, and the SBU apparatus, which is personally subordinate to him. From this moment, the confrontation begins along the lines of the Ministry of Internal Affairs-SBU. The latter also does not sit still and creates from juvenile fascists its own quick-reaction detachment to carry out dirty things - S-14 (which does not even hide from whose hands it feeds). We have a twin center - Poroshenko-Avakov, specially created by the founding fathers of the New European Anti-Russian Ukraine project, headquartered in Langley (who did not understand, this is one very respected organization, Virginia, USA, involved in many similar projects) . The sleep of reason, as you know, gives birth to monsters, as a result, a mutant appeared, a kind of two-headed hydra - when one head makes sure that the other does not gobble up (stole) more of it. A dual center, designed to balance the balance of interests within the country and allowing you to adjust fine-tuning from the outside by pressing a button with puppeteers from across the ocean. Now tell me, will Pindos refuse Avakov’s services under the new president? You may not answer - I already know the answer in advance.

Yulia Tymoshenko doesn’t even have a choice. If she wants to stay longer than a month, she needs to go to separate agreements with Avakov. She does not have her own power vertical and due to dampness she will not appear. Therefore, we will rot for a long time. And this is the final diagnosis. Sad and joyless for us here. There are no special hopes for Russia, it is in no hurry and will intervene only if the situation gets out of control and threatens it personally. Therefore, a narrative is formed in the minds of the Russians, explaining to them that this already cut off chunk and abscess should break through itself, no surgical intervention is required. At least, not at the expense of the Russian Federation, someone should pay for the services of a surgeon. And why not be the one who started it all? Putin’s words are especially hypocritical against this background, that Ukrainians themselves must solve their problems. I have only one question - HOW ?! Any event requires money. Who will pay for the solution of such problems? Putin does not give the impression of a man who believes in the spontaneous movement of the masses. If the stars are lit, then someone needs it. The fact that the Kremlin does not need it, I already understood.

So that after reading the reader does not have a feeling of my resentment in the Russian Federation, I will illustrate my words with the words of a recognized expert in the Ukrainian issue - Rostislav Ishchenko. Do not believe me, maybe Ishchenko then believe. Listen from 30 min 24 sec:

Ishchenko talks about his impressions of the Maidan in Kiev and who then stood behind him. This is a completely new look at what has happened. And I completely agree with him on this issue. At least in Kharkov, where I live, the Maidan followed the same pattern - more precisely, it did not exist at all.

If some of you have the completely erroneous impression that the Maidan was due to a conspiracy of oligarchs dissatisfied with the rule of Yanukovych, or out of the wicked will of the Pindos, who thus wanted to overshadow Putin's life, then I should disappoint you. That wasn’t!

How do you imagine the collusion of the oligarchs against Janek? Gathered in a blat-hut to groan for life and decide the fate of Ukraine? Not! There was no conspiracy at all. And there was an elementary palace coup that someone Levochkin tried to carry out, who believed that he deserved more than just the post of head of the Presidential Administration, and his accomplice Firtash, who invested in the EU and the CU, categorically did not suit him. They messed up “beat one children” with an online broadcast on Inter, which they owned. And then external players intervened - first the EU, and then the Pindos, who at the end of all threw, having carried out an interception of control. Then the domino effect began - more and more new players connected and the situation got out of everyone's control. First, Putin climbed into the Crimea and broke the high Pindos. Then the shooter climbed into the Donbass and broke the buzz of Putin. Then the Pindos forced Petya to climb into the Donbass too and break the buzz and Strelka, and Putin, who was subsequently forced to take control there and take the situation to the stage of a frozen conflict, which periodically breaks out there thanks to the efforts of local wreckers who quickly realized that only this smoldering conflict and can explain to the plebs his unenviable and all-deteriorating position. As a result, mayo te, scho maya ...

As a result of the Maidan, Ukraine turned into a madhouse, in which psychos seized power. At the same time, the violently madmen escaped to the streets and, armed with machine guns, roamed there, periodically shooting, and the quietly insane ones closed and barricaded themselves in the Verkhovna Rada and instead of pills pass laws that violent lunatics try to force everyone else to comply with under the threat of weapons.

After 4,5 years, nothing has changed ... We are expecting a planned rotation of psychos. Until the light of day, they risk surviving "not only everything ..." (I quote one of the leaders of the losers revolution, a fiery tribune who can’t connect the two words as a result of an injury received in the ring. Now he is working as the mayor of Kiev).

This is the current disposition and my forecast for the near future. Sorry if anyone didn’t like it.
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  1. Vasya Svoyakov Offline
    Vasya Svoyakov (Vasiliy ) 30 June 2018 08: 57
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    Yes, all of us, by and large, are ruled by psychos! I once communicated with one politician of the provincial scale. At first, a smart man thought, he says everything correctly, in the case. But it was just an image, a picture, so to speak. In life, he turned out to be an absolutely ordinary person, without a hint of intelligence, with a narrow vision of the world, with primitive needs and without moral boundaries ... Most of them are in power, starting from local ones and above - the majority !!!