China already has a military advantage over the United States in three areas

The Pentagon has released another annual 200-page report on China's military strength, showing Beijing's advantages over Washington in three areas: shipbuilding, land-based missiles, and air defense.

According to the report, apart from the short-range ATACMS ballistic missiles used by the US military, the US does not possess weapons similar to the Chinese. The Americans are also unable to counter Chinese ballistic and cruise missiles.

A particular threat to US forces in the Asia-Pacific region is the DF-26 medium-range ballistic missile (pictured above), capable of striking US Navy aircraft carrier strike groups at a range of 4000 kilometers.

The PLA's missile power is also represented by the world's first hypersonic operational-tactical complex, the DF-17, shown by Beijing last year. The effective range of the missile is still unknown, but its operational use is another powerful deterrent for the US Navy.

The next cause for concern for the Americans is the DF-10 / 10A cruise missiles, which guarantee the protection of the adjacent seas of the PRC from strike groups of aircraft carriers and other warships.

The document of the American military department also includes information about China's powerful air defense system. However, apart from the obvious data on Beijing's acquisition of Russian S-400 and S-300, no additional details have been reported about this ground-based air defense network. According to experts, the PLA has a more diverse arsenal of defense systems compared to the US armed forces, including new air defense systems and long-range and high-frequency radars.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 28 December 2020 18: 28
    Beijing's advantages over Washington in three areas: shipbuilding, ground-based missiles, and air defense

    The military advantage of the PRC is controversial even along the short line of the islands - Japan-South Korea-Taiwan-Philippines-Strait of Malacca, which blocks the PRC's free access to the world.
    The US ship-aircraft and rocket-building and IT industries have enormous potential, to which the potential of their allies - Canada, the EU, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Israel and others - must be added.
    The missile potential is considered in terms of the totality of quantity, quality, purpose, deployment and basing - land, sea, air, laser and other weapons in space, capable of suppressing / disrupting all existing types of communications and control systems.
    The US strategic missile defense system from three positional areas in the Alaska-Europe-Hawaii triangle, not to mention the early warning system, total control of the Internet, an analogue of the Soviet-Russian “dead hand”, a space group, forward bases scattered around the world, a huge and a diverse arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.