The alleged appearance of the "Zircon" rocket published on the Web

An alleged appearance of the Russian Zircon missile against the background of the Admiral Gorshkov frigate has been published on the Internet. The corresponding image appeared on Twitter SLEEP.

The last test launch of this hypersonic missile was carried out on December 11 from the waters of the White Sea towards the village of Chizha in the Arkhangelsk region. The rocket that flew 350 km successfully reached its target. The speed of movement of the "Zircon" exceeded 8 Mach numbers. The Russian defense department recognized the next tests of this missile as successful.

The December exercise was the first launch of the Zircon on a land-based facility and the third from a ship. Rocket launches from Admiral Gorshkov at sea targets were also held in October and November 2020 and were also recognized as successful.

The Zircon is the world's first sea-launched hypersonic cruise missile. Its speed can reach Mach 8-9, the flight range is about a thousand kilometers.

After state tests of "Zircon" next year, the missile will be put into service with surface ships and submarines of the Russian Navy.
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  1. Winnie Offline Winnie
    Winnie (Winnie) 6 January 2021 02: 09
    # rzhunimagu laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing
    Again the lop-eared noodles were thrown.
  2. Alexey Sergeev Offline Alexey Sergeev
    Alexey Sergeev (Alexey Sergeev) 6 January 2021 09: 22
    From the photo, we can say that this rocket does NOT have a scramjet engine (there is no characteristic square air intake from the bottom to the front).
    As it sounded in one of the information leaks, it is highly likely a modernized Yakhont / Bramos, with greater speed and altitude.
    1. shinobi Offline shinobi
      shinobi (Yuri) 2 February 2021 01: 33
      And why did you decide that the square is an absolute according to the scramjet engine? Look at the data on the Cold project, for the same SR-71.
      1. Alexey Sergeev Offline Alexey Sergeev
        Alexey Sergeev (Alexey Sergeev) 3 February 2021 16: 40
        In comparison with the X-51, "Cold" is more like a craft of a circle of modelers, honestly.
        We did not have tests similar to the X-51.
        SR-71 - had a hybrid SPVRD, there are other speeds.
        For scramjet engines (5-7 + M), it is necessary to significantly slow down the incoming air flow, hence the "square" air intake at the bottom.
        Zircon's models had exactly this configuration.
        (I assumed before that this was some kind of disinformation)

        1. shinobi Offline shinobi
          shinobi (Yuri) 6 February 2021 05: 13
          You are a little confused, in our scramjet engines a slightly different principle is implemented. There the highlight is not in braking the air flow to an acceptable combustion speed, there are a lot of problems with the removal of excess heat and the appearance of shock fronts in the intake, but in the compression of the flow itself. Then the excess heat is used for self-sustaining combustion of the fuel mixture. How this is done I will not say, I don’t know. This is a big state secret.
          1. Alexey Sergeev Offline Alexey Sergeev
            Alexey Sergeev (Alexey Sergeev) 6 February 2021 11: 18
            That is, there is no "square" air intake? Then why did the layouts look like this:

            The second question: if the flow is not slowed down, but compressed, does its speed increase even more? But then the engine will "choke" from excess air. After all, it is needed not the more, the better, but a certain amountrequest
            Can you give a link to information about "compression"?
            1. shinobi Offline shinobi
              shinobi (Yuri) 9 February 2021 06: 24
              Layouts, they are only layouts. Desiccation in its pure form. The HPWRD (any model) reaches a stable operating mode at heights of more than 20 km, respectively, no flooding occurs. When the flow is compressed, natural braking occurs due to density jumps (those same shock waves) and Here our craftsmen somehow learned to use them. I won't give you any links. The internet was carefully cleaned. The old ones do not work, there is no new information. And what is curious, the new rotary detonation engines are somehow tied to the gpvrd. Everything about them was also carefully cleaned. will resist and find ancient articles-reflections on these topics, but no more. No specifics.
              1. Alexey Sergeev Offline Alexey Sergeev
                Alexey Sergeev (Alexey Sergeev) 9 February 2021 08: 33
                The gpvrd (any model) reaches a stable operating mode at altitudes of more than 20 km, so there is no flooding.

                Let me remind you that the X-51 did not fly 10 km either.

                When the flow is compressed, natural braking occurs due to density jumps

                And in the end, all the same braking.

                Deza in its pure form.

                Surprisingly similar to the actual flying X-51.
                Listen, you can agree on the existence of "UFO technologies" (just very classified).
                The development of aircraft engines goes on as usual, and radical breakthroughs are not taking place on the nearby sides.
                Another thing is that the Cold test program looks frivolous, incomplete, against the background of the same X-51. (Only as a kind of initial phase).
                In my understanding, the appearance of Zircon should have been preceded by a program similar to the X-51, and the product as a result would have been comparable in size to the X-32 / Dagger and, accordingly, would have only an air / ground launch. (Well, or from PU "Granites" of Peter the Great)
                1. shinobi Offline shinobi
                  shinobi (Yuri) 10 February 2021 06: 03
                  Stream compression has long been successfully used in aircraft jet engines, there is nothing particularly secret there. The devil is hidden in the little things. UFOs say? It depends on what you mean by this term. If this is an experimental apparatus out of categories and not cataloged, this is one thing. If aliens and other crap , this is to the psychiatrists. Or look in the nearby bushes, whether there is a young talent (or not very young) hiding there with a radio remote control from his plate. YouTube is full of videos.
                  PS: I will not deny the UFO phenomenon, I myself once observed in the sky something quite technological, completely unlike anything from aviation. But the secret technologies of aliens, this is for doctors.