The union state of Russia and Armenia may become a long-awaited "turning point"

All those who, not so long ago, let off sarcastic taunts about the "geopolitical fiasco of Russia in the Caucasus", life presents one unpleasant surprise after another. No, no one even doubts that the original idea of ​​certain forces was exactly this - inflicting a crushing and humiliating defeat on Armenia, “knock” our country out of the region, proving its “failure” both militarily and politically. But everything turned out a little differently, but to be honest - exactly the opposite.

Today Yerevan is ready for rapprochement with Moscow as never before. How close can such a rapprochement be and what can it bring to both countries?

Why does Armenia need it?

A complete, in fact, military defeat, solely thanks to the intervention of Moscow, which did not result in a final catastrophe in the form of a complete occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh by the Azerbaijani troops and their exit already to the Armenian borders, made many in Yerevan think. As expected, the first reactions to defeat were pain and anger, frustration and resentment. Despite the fact that some tried to channel these feelings into an anti-Russian channel, “throwing into the masses” maxims that “the Russians had betrayed”, the real culprits of the incident were named rather quickly. Moreover, as local policyAnd, for the most part, ordinary people showed unanimity, rare for such cases, pointing to the same persons - the current Prime Minister of the country Nikol Pashinyan and his entourage. Official Yerevan had to make enormous efforts to prevent the spontaneous protests from erupting into a full-scale classic "riot", which would certainly be as senseless as it is merciless.

By the way, Moscow's position played a significant role here, where they made it clear that such excesses were categorically not supported. Pashinyan, despite the popular impulse of his compatriots, managed to stay in power for a while, but now everyone understands that the departure of the leader who lost the Karabakh war is only a matter of time. The opposition does not even want to listen to its proposals for early elections, planned after "wide consultations" for next year - the immediate resignation of the former "Maidan" leader of power remains on its part demand number 1. At the same time, it is of great interest to our country that one of the main things that his opponents blame Pashinyan is "the cooling of relations with Russia."

In fact, representatives of almost all political forces that have unitedly rallied now in order to change Armenia agree on one thing - its further development, and, in fact, existence without the closest cooperation with our country will not only be problematic, but rather , impossible. It doesn't take a genius to realize the obvious - only Russian peacekeepers in Artsakh are holding back Baku and Ankara from continuing the war. However, the term of their mandate is set at 5 years, and the Azerbaijani and Turkish leaders are already broadcasting with might and main about the upcoming conquests, calling almost the entire territory of Armenia their "ancestral lands". That is why, for example, the leader of the Enlightened Armenia party, Edmon Marukyan, recently called for the creation of a second Russian military base in the country, in the Syunik region. According to the politician, in the current conditions, after the loss of the "Karabakh security belt", it is necessary to protect against the Azerbaijani threat.

However, another political force, the Alliance party, went much further in its proposals. In the opinion of its head Tigran Urikhanyan, in the current situation it should be not just about deepening cooperation with Russia, but about creating a Union State with it. The politician emphasizes that in no case is it about the "absorption" of Armenia by our country, but only about "the creation of an interstate union with maximum mutual integration." The representatives of the Alliance see the basis for this as already existing structures, such as the CSTO and the EAEU. At the same time, the main goal for Armenian politicians is "to create joint military units, at least - border forces" and "to protect the borders of Armenia and Artsakh with the participation of the Russian Armed Forces." Quite expected.

Why is it Russia?

It must be admitted that after many ambiguous moments (including rather unpleasant ones) that took place in the process of creating the Union State with Belarus, such a formulation itself causes, at least, caution. “What, again hassle, endless promises and promises, and subsequently - incessant extortionate claims? No, thank you ... ”- it is not surprising if the proposal of the Armenian side will cause just such a reaction. Let me argue that the situations with Minsk and Yerevan are completely incomparable. It was Alexander Lukashenko who at one time could afford to “pump rights”, demand endless preferences and benefits, and threaten the Kremlin to “block transit”, “turn the country to the West” and the like. Those who come after Pashinyan's complete inevitable displacement to power in Yerevan will not have such opportunities. Friendship with Moscow for any Armenian leader will be a matter of life and death for his entire country - exactly as long as Azerbaijan and Turkey are flexing their muscles near its borders. That is, always. So such moments in this case are most likely excluded.

Yes, economic the benefit from such an alliance, frankly speaking, is not visible - the trade turnover with Armenia is today only 0.3% in the structure of our foreign trade. However, in the current situation, we are talking about something completely different. If Russia right now, using the fruits of its own diplomatic victory of November 9, 2020, does not begin to strengthen its positions in the Caucasus in the most decisive and comprehensive way, it may happen that they will be completely lost very soon. At the present stage, Armenia is practically the only country in the region with which it is possible not only to create a strong military-political alliance, but also simply to have good-neighborly relations.

Taking into account completely hostile Georgia and Azerbaijan, which is completely and completely under the influence of Ankara, there is simply no other way out for us. Rather, they don't leave it to us. The statements made by Aliyev and Erdogan at the "victory parade" held not so long ago in Baku, bearing in themselves quite specific territorial claims to neighboring states, alas, should not be taken as traditional boast for the eastern rulers. They really think so, and, what is much more dangerous, they firmly intend to follow the path of implementing their own expansionist plans, completely disregarding others. Delirious either by the revival of the Ottoman Port, or by the creation of the Great Turan, the newly-minted "sultan" instead of talking about "one people of two countries", having gained full control over Azerbaijan, today is already talking about five countries "with one people." If Recep Erdogan is not stopped in the Caucasus, this will have to be done when he ignites the flames of war in Turkestan, over which the ominous shadow of Ankara now hangs. Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan ...

The Turks' appetites are not just great - they are huge. One of the areas in which Erdogan has recently sharply intensified his efforts is the creation of a new military-political bloc in the Central Asian and Caucasian regions - a kind of "Turkic NATO" headed by Turkey, of course. What can we oppose to such an alliance, if these ideas, God forbid, come true? CSTO in its current form? Don't even try. New alliances are needed like air, and while proposals for their creation are heard not from Moscow, but from Yerevan, it is perhaps worth taking advantage of such a unique opportunity. The second one may not be introduced ...

By the way, why shouldn't such an association become, at least, triple, including Russia, Belarus and Armenia? To begin with ... In Minsk, the level of negotiability has just significantly increased, so why not act with this factor in mind? In the end, how much talk has been and continues to be that the collapse of the USSR was "the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century," that Russia should, like in the old days, start "collecting land" - solely by the free will of the peoples inhabiting them .. So here it is - the case! Yes, of course, taking Armenia under its protection and complete patronage (let's call a spade a spade), as it has been in all centuries, imposes a number of obligations on Russia and puts it in front of certain risks. But here it is - either a world power, or a "regional state". With the prospect of a "world" section. The third way in the style: "our hut is on the edge" does not exist in reality. And it never existed. Clashes with Turkey, if it continues to follow the current imperial-revanchist course (and it will most likely be so), our country cannot avoid in any case - why deceive ourselves? The question is whether someone will be on our side when we have to confront Ankara and its allies.

And, by the way, with regard to Armenia, there will be others who want it very quickly - in the event that Moscow repels it. As it became known recently from the French media, the local president Emmanuel Macron, during a meeting with representatives of the local Armenian diaspora, rather harshly criticized Nikol Pashinyan for the fact that he “did not ask for support and advice” during the Karabakh crisis. One should not assume that the USA, European states, France, in particular, do not have their own interests in the Caucasus and specifically in Armenia. As it is. And by some strange coincidence, they all go completely against the interests of Russia.

Pro-Western Armenia, which will be forced to sever relations with our country, and then gradually “feed” Aliyev and Erdogan after Nagorno-Karabakh, conducting political bargaining with them, is definitely not needed by either the people living in it or our country. Over the years of its own indecision, Russia has received more than enough "non-brothers" and enemies on its own borders. It's high time to end this. The union of Moscow and Yerevan may well become a long-awaited "turning point" here.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 28 December 2020 09: 56
    If Putin were a statesman, and not a "huckster", Armenia, Ukraine, Transnistria, Georgia would have long been a part of Russia or loyal for sure. It is more difficult with Belarus, the economies are different. So let Putin start with Armenia, re-create the Empire. Chubasit. Shows that something can do for the benefit of Russia. And if you add Armenia as Chechnya, so that she "milked" Russia - nafig need.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 28 December 2020 10: 07
    The union state of Russia and Armenia may become a long-awaited "turning point"

    The only question. Why do we need this? request We are not satisfied with Belarus, whose economy is fully dated to Russia. Or do we have a lot of money, there's nowhere to go? We do not have enough money for pensions, everyone is thinking how else to cut it. There is poverty in the country.
    1. Rashid116 Offline Rashid116
      Rashid116 (Rashid) 29 December 2020 18: 17
      I agree with you, I will support you with a quote

      Whoa, again?
  3. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 28 December 2020 10: 51
    Personally, I don't need this from the word "absolutely". We have few Armenians in our city, or what?
    Now, if within the framework of the union state they could be sent back, to build a bright future at home, then yes.
    But they are on the contrary, everyone will trample here, to the relatives who have already settled here.
    How long will Mar Baghdasaryan be?
    I hope it will be put to a referendum. For the Union State with Belarus, I would vote "FOR".
    And as for Armenia - sorry, "against". This is not to mention the economy, purely personal.
  4. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 28 December 2020 11: 26
    Are we not fed up with these "brotherhoods" yet? Russia is a huge country in terms of territory, we cannot give a sense to our lands and our people, everywhere desolation and devastation, unemployment and poverty, there is neither the means nor the strength to equip all this, and even our power is "not by rank" thieves, so we get a complete mess and hopelessness, except, of course, the Moscow principality, which, with its wealth, probably overshadowed the principality of Monaco ... Vaughn Father, he was just allowed after the Minsk Maidan, and he is already turning up his nose again, they say, now I myself have a mustache, and again we will feed him, and we are also thinking of putting Armenia with explosive Karabakh on Russia's neck, which, sooner or later, will burst into flames so that it does not seem a little, because it is de facto, Azerbaijani territory.
  5. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 28 December 2020 11: 33
    How many of these "may become" have already been here !!!
    2 weekly, minimum.
    And they all turned out to be zilch.

    And that in Armenia, Russia won all, everyone - they write on half of the sites ...
  6. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 28 December 2020 12: 03
    The position of the author in relation to Azerbaijan completely contradicts reality.
    When you talk about Russia's political victory in the South Caucasus, one should not forget whose blood this victory was won. Azerbaijan ensured the presence of Russia in the South Caucasus with the lives of its soldiers. Without this war, would this article appear?
    And by the way, Russian peacekeepers are on the territory of Azerbaijan. If you remember the words of President V. Putin, then "these are Azerbaijani lands." The interests of Russia and Azerbaijan coincided and therefore this situation arose.
    Well, the fact that Azerbaijan fell under the influence of Turkey, I am already tired of saying that this is fundamentally wrong.
    And further. Azerbaijan has no territorial claims to Armenia. What I. Aliyev said refers to history. The Armenian state was established in 1918 on the Azerbaijani lands. There was a request from Armenia to transfer Yerevan to it and the Azerbaijani government in 1918 agreed to this. But this does not mean that now Azerbayadzhan claims these lands.
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 28 December 2020 13: 28
      Azerbaijan ensured the presence of Russia in the South Caucasus with the lives of its soldiers.

      And Russia asked Azerbaijan about it? If you do not feel sorry for thousands of your children, then we feel sorry for ours. Now both Turks and Armenians and Azerbaijanis will die under fire. Bad for everyone. But if everything is left to chance, first they will cut out the Armenians and occupy Armenia, then, slowly, the Turks will swallow Azerbaijan. And this is good if on the sly. And then the faith is different, more precisely, a sect. But in the end, Russia would have to fight Turkey. And in place of Armenia and Azerbaijan, there would be scorched earth.

      The Armenian state was created in the Azerbaijani lands in 1918

      Don't make people laugh. The Azerbaijani state appeared in 1918. Thanks to Soviet Russia. Which "thank you" will never wait from anyone, some claims.
      In fact: 3 independent states were proclaimed in Transcaucasia: the Georgian Democratic Republic, the Republic of Armenia and the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (mainly on the lands of the Baku and Elizavetpol provinces, the Zakatala district of the Russian Empire).That's all.
      Armenians have a long history of statehood.
      This is not my invention.

      And it might not have turned out that way. During the second Greek-Turkish war of 1920-22. the Greeks reached Ankara. And, if not for the help of Soviet Russia, Turkey might not stay at all. And even then there would be no question of any Azerbaijan. A small stub of the territory of local Tatars of the Baku province would remain in the USSR. And Armenia would become a sickly state in the Transcaucasus. The word "Azerbaijan" would not exist in nature.
      Why Lenin needed it - I have no idea. Maybe he decided that a strong Armenia would be a bigger problem? Maybe. But it is high time for Azerbaijanis and Turks to realize that the existence of their independent states is a chain of accidents directed by Lenin in a certain direction. And get rid of megalomania.
      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 28 December 2020 13: 54
        Azerbaijan needed it first of all. And Russia too. I told you - the interests coincided.
        About the fact that Armenians would be cut out this old Armenian cliché, which does not correspond to the truth. There have never been such plans.
        About the history. Yes, Azerbaijan emerged in 1918. As well as Armenia by the way. References to antiquity are of no practical use. If statehood was lost fifteen hundred years ago (or even more), what kind of statehood are you talking about?
        There are documents and letters from 1918. Where the Armenians asked to transfer the Yerevan region to them, because they do not have a capital. And the Azerbaijani delegation agreed. I. Aliyev spoke about this.
        For the umpteenth time it has been written about the Russian provinces. They became Russian in 1828 on the site of the Azerbaijani khanates, that is, only 90 years old. By the standards of history, nothing at all.

        This is all history. See reality. The Russian Empire collapsed in 1917. The Soviet state collapsed in 1991. The disintegration of states is always associated with the loss of territories. For at least 30 years they have been independent states. Whether you like it or not.
        As a result of the war, Armenia will still not be able to live without Russia. Azerbaijan has no territorial claims to either Armenia or Georgia. On the contrary, it offers joint economic development. It's up to Armenia.

        A month or two ago, they expressed sympathy to me about the loss of Azerbaijan's sovereignty. Everything is exactly the opposite. Armenia may lose its sovereignty or remain on friendly terms with Azerbaijan and Turkey.
        1. Dmitry Petrovich (Dmitry Petrovich) 28 December 2020 14: 30
          Yes, Azerbaijan arose in 1918. As well as Armenia by the way. References to antiquity are of no practical use.

          Tell the Turks about this with their claims to Cyprus, where Ankara points to the Cyprus Convention of June 4, 1878, where the island of Cyprus is defined as part of the Ottoman Empire. Make no illusions, the world has changed since the moment the US + NATO began bombing Yugoslavia, without any regard for the so-called "international law". By their actions, they reset it and since then one right has been in effect - the right of the strong.
          1. Bakht Offline Bakht
            Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 28 December 2020 14: 33
            How did the Cyprus crisis begin?
            The world is constantly changing. I constantly hear statements that "international law" (you put it in quotes) does not exist. This is a misconception. It is often violated, but as long as it operates, the peace persists. And an appeal to the "right of the strong" leads to wars.
            1. Dmitry Petrovich (Dmitry Petrovich) 28 December 2020 14: 36
              And what does the Cyprus crisis have to do with it? I pointed out to you that you think that references to antiquity are useless - this is not the case, many countries use this to their advantage if they have enough POWER.
              International law restricts only weak states, a strong state such as the United States spits on it all the time and nothing, everyone wipes off and claps their hands.
              1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 28 December 2020 14: 40
                You wrote about Cyprus. The cause of the crisis is the expansion of Greece. As for the treaties concluded in the 19th century, two World Wars have passed and there is no longer the Ottoman Empire or a bunch of others. And I did not write about "ancient statehood" either. I urge you to look at real history. The states of the South Caucasus exist de jure and de facto. And their boundaries were defined when they were created. From this I urge to proceed.
        2. boriz Offline boriz
          boriz (boriz) 28 December 2020 14: 40
          God forbid that I wanted the former USSR to come together again.
          But I would like everyone to sit at home and build a bright future for themselves. I do not like it when the Armenians who were driving the Russians out of Armenia immediately, without a break, flooded to Russia for permanent residence and began to try to turn Kaluga into Tashirgrad (there was such a story).
          Someone has the same associations with Azerbaijanis. Everyone comes and starts teaching us how we should live. As in the USSR, the Russians were the most oppressed people, and now this epic continues.
          Build a paradise on earth and come to visit, we will be glad.

          There are documents and letters from 1918. Where the Armenians asked to transfer the Yerevan region to them, because they do not have a capital.

          The Armenians wrote letters to you because there were problems in the Russian state. Two years later, the Russian state returned.

          As well as Armenia by the way. References to antiquity are of no practical use.

          Why are you convincing me? I said that this is the opinion of England and France. And argue with them.

          This is all history.

          It seems so to you. You have double standards. 90 years, in your opinion, is not enough. Is 28 years old, is that a lot?

          Armenia may lose its sovereignty or remain on friendly terms with Azerbaijan and Turkey.

          It will retain its sovereignty only in good relations with Russia. Simply because Russia does not need Armenia as such. Russia needs order in the Caucasus. A completely independent Armenia will not have friendly relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan. Look carefully at what was said in Baku at the parade. It was said aloud, to the camera and microphone.
          You (states) cannot be trusted. The mentality, however. Each individual can be a wonderful person. In large quantities - do not turn your back. It is useless to persuade me. I served as an officer in the Soviet construction battalion for two years. I've seen enough.
          I saw experiments in creating mouths along ethnic lines. In Solntsevo, one of our units had a company of Azerbaijanis and Uzbeks. How it ended - it is necessary to tell separately and not here.
          1. Bakht Offline Bakht
            Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 28 December 2020 14: 44
            You're in a mess (sorry). We are also in favor of everyone building their own state within their own borders. So there is no need to talk about any expansion in Armenia. 90 years is very short for history. 30 years is even more so three times less. But if no one creates provinces on our lands, then this period may increase.
            If Armenia does not build NORMAL relations with its neighbors, then it is doomed. I didn't say that.
          2. Marciz Offline Marciz
            Marciz (Stas) 2 January 2021 01: 05
            I also gave my two years to VCO !!!!!))))))
    2. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 28 December 2020 14: 06
      Political geography is a very muddy and slippery matter, when several newly formed independent states claim at once for some piece of territory ... The ancestors of Armenians appeared on earth as early as 2,5 BC, and the Azerbaijani ethnos appeared after 2 years BC - so it is said in Wikipedia, and there is so much mixed in ethnic and geographic terms that it is incomprehensible to the mind, and now everyone who is not lazy claims everything and everyone, in accordance with their new status and the power of their armies, regardless of any historical documents, and so it was from time immemorial, so to understand today's nonsense of the state "residence" is a very ungrateful, and often bloody task ...

      Quote: Bakht
      But this does not mean that Azerbaijan now claims these lands.

      But you perfectly understand, Bakhtiyar, that if another national leader of Azerbaijan is replaced, a more radical one, everything there can again follow a bloody scenario, but only more terrible.
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 28 December 2020 14: 16
        The ancestors of the Armenians appeared on this land about 6 years ago.
        This is clearly seen in genetic studies. Jews, Arabs and Armenians have the Semitic haplogroup J2. Moreover, the division is very well traced. Radically, once and for all (unlike Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians). So, the separation of Jews and Arabs J2 happened 4 years ago. And the separation of Armenians and future Arabs / Jews - 000 years ago. Divided and never mixed again.
        1. Bakht Offline Bakht
          Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 28 December 2020 18: 19
          So what? What does this have to do with the current state of affairs? This is interesting only to geneticists. No more...
          Actually, according to other sources, the first proto-Armenians appeared in Asia Minor from the Balkan Peninsula 2500 years ago. No practical value this abstract knowledge does not have.
      2. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 28 December 2020 14: 17
        The most correct description is given in the book Sumbat-zadeh "Azerbaijan - the formation of the people". Regarding the "Armenian question" I am guided by the American scientist McCartney "On the history of the Armenian question". Concerning the phrase of I. Aliyev, I give a link. Copies of letters can also be found

        On June 19, 1918, the Armenian government moved from Tiflis to its new capital. Later, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan Khoisky also mentioned the reasons for the concession of Irevan to Armenia in a dispatch dated July 31, 1918 to the head of the Azerbaijani delegation at the talks in Istanbul, Rasulzade: Armenians will make claims to Karabakh, then refuse to cede Erivan to them "

        Regarding the bloody scenario. For some reason, you think that only the Turks slaughtered the Armenians. In 1914-1920, the Armenians massacred one and a half million Muslims. Armenia is practically the only country in the world with a mono-ethnic population. Where have the Muslims gone, all are modestly silent.
        History is history. At present, Azerbaijan is proposing economic cooperation with Armenia. What will happen next is unknown. It was reported today that the Armenians in Karabakh attacked an Azerbaijani patrol. One killed. The Armenian group (6 people) was destroyed. Who is going to cut who?
    3. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 28 December 2020 18: 15
      Azerbaijan ensured the presence of Russia in the South Caucasus with the lives of its soldiers.

      Well, not only their own, the Armenian side is also not without losses. By the way, what about the downed helicopter? Is there an investigation?
  7. About Armenia - so and so, but the Artsakhs are our people! Exclusively ours! They need to put up a peacekeeping base in order to separate them from the Azeris!
  8. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 28 December 2020 20: 25
    Someone scolds Armenians, some Azerbaijanis. Who will be to blame in the end?
    Of course, we Russians ...
  9. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
    Ulysses (Alexey) 28 December 2020 22: 47
    I don't share the general excitement.
    Pashinyan is actually still in power and even cheerfully declares that the unrest has been suppressed, "the coup has failed."
    There is no practical sense in talking about any serious rapprochement under the current leadership of Armenia.
    As far as I know, there were "Karabakh" supporters for the union with Russia.
    The rest of the "allies" are still, read carefully the programs of these parties.

    Bright Armenia or Enlightened Armenia (Armenian Լուսավոր Հայաստան) is a political party founded on December 12, 2015.
    The leader of the party, Edmon Marukyan, stands for strict observance of the rule of law and an increase in the level of cooperation with the European Union, up to Armenia's accession to the EU. And also for Armenia's withdrawal from the CSTO and the EAEU.
  10. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
    DeGreen 29 December 2020 08: 04
    Why do we need so many swindlers and swindlers from Armenia in Russia?
  11. Perfectionist Offline Perfectionist
    Perfectionist 29 December 2020 08: 32
    Let another prostitute into your house? And turn it into a brothel?
  12. bubasa Offline bubasa
    bubasa (Konstantin) 29 December 2020 14: 48
    Nope guys, you go .. with brotherhood, alliance, etc. alliances are built on a mutually beneficial basis, and most importantly, Armenia has not paid for the Russophobia of its utyrs, so they themselves will be executed and their heads along the roads ... then we'll talk ... but for now, with a forest ... with a forest
  13. Evgeny Chizhov Offline Evgeny Chizhov
    Evgeny Chizhov (Evgeny Chizhov) 30 December 2020 23: 50
    The leader of the party, Edmon Marukyan, in December 2018 advocated strict observance of the rule of law and an increase in the level of cooperation with the European Union, up to Armenia's accession to the EU. And also for Armenia's withdrawal from the CSTO and the EAEU.

    Well, since such people want to unite with Russia, then of course we need to make a union state. At the same time, to issue the latest weapons to the Armenian military, they just drove out everyone who studied at the schools of the USSR and the Russian Federation and replaced those who studied in NATO countries and participated in NATO military "peacekeeping" operations since 2003 in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. The most reliable allies, just to give such people the latest weapons.
    1. Levon Ghazaryan Offline Levon Ghazaryan
      Levon Ghazaryan (Levon Ghazaryan) 31 December 2020 23: 43
      Quote: Evgeny Chizhov
      ... kicked out everyone who studied in the schools of the USSR and the Russian Federation and replaced those who studied in NATO countries and participated in military "peacekeeping" NATO operations ...

      This is not true. Who exactly was kicked out?

      Another thing is that practice has shown that the army leadership did not properly
      prepared for war. It's time to kick him out, regardless of where he studied. We need new commanders.
  14. yaskrn skrnlshu Offline yaskrn skrnlshu
    yaskrn skrnlshu (yaskrn skrnlshu) 31 December 2020 15: 27
    Such a cow .. we do not need ..
  15. Levon Ghazaryan Offline Levon Ghazaryan
    Levon Ghazaryan (Levon Ghazaryan) 31 December 2020 18: 07
    The statement allegedly signed by the traitor Pashinyan is incompetent and does not give rise to any state obligations.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) 31 December 2020 21: 10
    The Kremlin does not respect the Slavs at all !!! Again he starts putting all these outskirts on the Russian neck !!!
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. Levon Ghazaryan Offline Levon Ghazaryan
    Levon Ghazaryan (Levon Ghazaryan) 31 December 2020 23: 39
    The initiative for a union state with Russia cannot be used as a pretext for denying Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) as part of Armenia.
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 2 January 2021 01: 30
      Well, it was necessary to fight for Artsakh, and not sit out in Armenia and Russia.
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. Peter rybak Offline Peter rybak
    Peter rybak (Patrol) 1 January 2021 16: 51
    Lord, what nonsense!

    They scare with plates, they say, mean, they fly, then your dogs bark, then the ruins say
  23. Rashid116 Offline Rashid116
    Rashid116 (Rashid) 2 January 2021 08: 59
    I read everything, both the article and the comments. In general, people expressed themselves unequivocally, with which I completely agree. I suggest that the author give out a machine gun and throw it to these peak ones, let him settle it))) Or does he want us to send our sons there, fight for geopolitics, and would try to make ends meet? Everything, good, fought. I myself, and I know a bunch of people who will not go to fight for Muscovy and will not give up their sons, don't give a damn for that. Something like this.
    1. Rashid116 Offline Rashid116
      Rashid116 (Rashid) 2 January 2021 09: 27
      And I will add more. People, you yourself are responsible for the fact that here "these" are like dirt. Do not buy anything from them, they are here because of the money. Yes, I understand perfectly well that our local hucksters will immediately break the price, they don't know how to build a business, stupid, lazy and mean. Do it yourself, take responsibility and risk. The country needs to be updated. You understand perfectly well that not the current politicians (on whom there is nowhere to put brands), not businessmen (the same), they will not change anything, they are satisfied with everything. So, a little morophet will be brought in to be led once again, our narrow-minded fellow citizens.
  24. Vlad Sinizin Offline Vlad Sinizin
    Vlad Sinizin (Vlad Sinizin) 2 January 2021 10: 53
    This will be a "hit" for Russia.
  25. Sergey Demin_2 Offline Sergey Demin_2
    Sergey Demin_2 (Sergey Dyomin) 2 January 2021 11: 33
    In Minsk, the level of negotiability has just increased significantly

    What???? Just exactly the opposite, Luca sang songs about multi-vector again.
  26. Gregor Offline Gregor
    Gregor (Gregor) 2 January 2021 13: 10
    After 30 years of betrayal and independence, it became clear to all Fraternal Peoples of Russia that only the unification of the Peoples into one strong Empire can save them from deadly nationalism and transformation into ethnographic material! This is necessary not for the sake of "philistine happiness" so to speak, but for the survival of peoples and future generations. Consider this as Russia's national idea or mission.
  27. Yuri Kharitonov Offline Yuri Kharitonov
    Yuri Kharitonov (Yuri Kharitonov) 2 January 2021 16: 53
    Armenia's heart, if any, lives in Paris. If she enters the union state, it will be politically funny. The main thing is not to give Armenia the opportunity to milk Russia.
  28. Vladimir Khrebtov (Vladimir Khrebtov) 6 January 2021 14: 46
    If for Armenia the presence of Russia on a permanent basis in their country is a matter of life and death, then instead of 2 American biological laboratories there should be Russian military bases. The American diplomatic mission in Armenia employs about 2,5 thousand people. This is the second state embassy after the Germans, but Armenia has a population of 3 million. Purely from a military point, we cannot leave there, as it is not regrettable. Want a permanent contract? Recognize Crimea, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, otherwise you have no faith.