The Russian army intervened in the war in the CAR over uranium

A photo from the Central African Republic appeared on the Web, in which two multipurpose Mi-8 helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces appear. Before that, the Ministry of Defense sent 300 military personnel to the CAR. This indicates that Russia is embroiled in yet another war.

It should be noted that according to the monitoring resources, on December 24, 2020, the above helicopters were delivered to the capital of the CAR Bangui An-124 of the Russian Aerospace Forces (district 82035). Information about the rotorcraft appeared immediately, but their type was unknown.

At present, another civil war is in full swing in the CAR. Rebels from the Coalition of Patriots for Change, led by former President François Bozizet, are fighting the country's government. He led the CAR until 2013, winning the previous civil war in 2001-2003. Recently, the country's Constitutional Court banned him from running in the presidential elections and a confrontation began.

Earlier, Aleksandr Zdanevich, a senior lecturer at the Department of African Studies at St. Petersburg State University, told the Dozhd TV channel that the inhabitants of the Central African Republic mainly survive on agriculture. Until 2013, the CAR exported diamonds and gold. But after a significant part of the deposits, mines and mines came under the control of the rebels, the export of these types of products came under an international embargo. But the CAR has more interesting energy raw materials.

The most important thing in the CAR is uranium. And gold and everything else is already like the cherry on the cake. Everyone strives for the CAR precisely because of the uranium deposits. The French are showing interest, we have some projects there in an embryonic state, but still there are

- summed up Zdanevich.
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  1. oderih Offline oderih
    oderih (Alex) 26 December 2020 12: 14
    Russia is simply present there. So that the cannibals do not gnaw each other. By the way, our peacekeepers have been there for a long time
  2. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior 26 December 2020 18: 14
    Let them give OUR uranium, these monkeys DO NOT NEED it.
  3. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 27 December 2020 11: 07
    CAR is a sovereign state and has the right to receive military equipment wherever it wants. And there is no equipment without instructors.
  4. Uneven Offline Uneven
    Uneven (X) 27 December 2020 12: 56
    In the CAR, by all indications, the "alternate airfield" of the Russian administration is being set up. Everything that is acquired by back-breaking labor is transported. In connection with the intensification of the local opposition, it was necessary to urgently strengthen the protection of Russian facilities.
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 27 December 2020 18: 45
      From Ukraine, of course, you know better ...
  5. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 27 December 2020 23: 13
    Well, yes, the situation with uranium in Russia is not very good. Most of the deposits of the USSR remained in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.
    I have to buy in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Australia. And also Rosatom has an inconspicuous "daughter" - the Canadian company Uranium One. This structure owns uranium deposits in Kazakhstan, Namibia, Tanzania, Australia, Canada and even in the United States itself.
    Plus, there is an unspoken cartel of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan for the extraction of uranium. And the Russian Federation has not a subordinate, but an equal position there. Since the Russian Federation has in-situ leaching technology. No need to dig a mine. He pumped a chemical solution into the well, then pumped it out. And chemically isolated uranium from the solution.
    For example, the United States has almost no access to uranium. Including the fact that in the bowels of the United States.
    So why should CAR uranium pass us by? We are the best at this. Enough dough for the locals, for the African-Americans and for us.
    1. Uneven Offline Uneven
      Uneven (X) 28 December 2020 09: 04
      The uranium potential of the CAR is negligible. And the prices for uranium oxide-oxide do not provide sufficient profitability. There are much more uranium reserves in Tanzania or Botswana. And the logistics are much easier with them. But due to low prices, even there - stagnation. Reference:

      In the 1960s, a bauxite deposit with deposits of uranium ore was discovered by the French Atomic Energy Commission in the vicinity of Bakuum (CAR). The ore reserve is estimated at about 20 tons. In August 000, Areva Group signed a five-year contract for 2008 million euros (27 billion CFA francs) for the development of a uranium deposit in Baku. Since 18, Areva refused to renew the contract due to insecurity and, as announced later, a global decline in uranium interest.

      Why exactly the CAR? In this godforsaken and plundered by the previous colonialists, a kindred to the Russian corrupt dictatorial regime, which rests only on bayonets, therefore it is extremely dependent on external players. In addition, the Kremlin Russians entertain themselves with illusions that if something happens, it will be difficult to reach them and their wealth stolen from Russia in the CAR. purely geographically, these are African wilds ...