Iran deploys air defenses in anticipation of a possible US and Israeli strike

Fearing missile attacks from the US and Israel, Tehran is increasing the protection of its nuclear facilities. According to the Iranian authorities, outgoing US President Donald Trump, with the assistance of Israeli partners, may initiate an attack on Iran's enriched uranium-producing enterprises, in connection with which Tehran is strengthening air defense systems around its strategically important facilities. This was reported by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Qabas.

The protection of Iran's nuclear facilities is entrusted to the IRGC's radar systems and anti-aircraft installations. To repel possible missile strikes, all the country's air defense forces are involved. A long-range air defense system Bavar-373 and an anti-aircraft missile system "Kub" are located near the uranium enrichment plant in Fordow. In the province of Isfahan, where a large uranium enrichment center at Natanzey is located, air defense facilities have also been seriously strengthened.

Meanwhile, on Monday December 21, an American Ohio class submarine USS Georgia (SSGN 729) entered the Persian Gulf, as well as a pair of Ticonderoga class missile cruisers, USS Port Royal (CG 73) and USS Philippine Sea (CG 58). According to media reports in the Middle East, an Israeli attack submarine of the Dolphin class is also sent to the area.

According to a number of experts, at the beginning of next year, the military forces of the United States and Israel may take measures to neutralize Iranian air defenses, after which they can launch a series of powerful missile attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 25 December 2020 14: 15
    Iran has no nuclear weapons. And I can’t even imagine what could keep the United States and Israel from attacking Iran? No matter how good Iran is, it cannot withstand a massive blow. During the Soviet era, Brezhnev only had a word to say that he would not allow war on the borders of the union. And can you imagine, they took his word for it !!
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 25 December 2020 14: 27
      During the Soviet era, Brezhnev only had a word to say that he would not allow war on the borders of the union. And can you imagine, they took his word for it !!

      Yes, there were times, sometimes even Brezhnev did not need to say anything, it was enough to "hint" an official with a significantly lower rank.

      And during my second meeting with the sheikh, I used an unlawful trick. An order came from the Center "to take all possible measures to release the Soviet employees."
      And I, seemingly having received carte blanche, told my bearded interlocutor: the great power showed maximum patience, but everything could come to an end. And what if, during some practice firing, a missile from one of the well-armed countries suddenly deviates from the given trajectory and falls into an unexpected place? For example, the city of Qom, which is considered even in Iran as a center of worship. It was from there that the spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini led Iran, and not only it. The reminder of a possible, albeit unintentional and purely accidental, missile hit on his residence made an impression. Fadlallah thought hard. I felt that we were squeezing out the kidnappers. He said to the Sheikh, it was around October 28: so that nothing unpredictable happens, let us hope together that by our holiday on November 7 the hostages will be free. We do not intend to wait any longer. He tensed, and then replied that he also hoped for the help of Allah in our labors. When we left, the assistant of my interlocutor whispered: "Nobody ever spoke to the sheikh ..." So, it was time to talk that way. The hostages were released two days later.
  2. Semyon Semyonov_2 (Semyon Semyonov) 26 December 2020 14: 20
    Well, well, apply. I will not say about America, but Israel, as a state, will cease to exist after the return of Iran.)) Apply it, rather!