Russia separates from the USA in space

The conditional border between Russia and the United States of America can also cross in space. Roscosmos decided to make the ISS Russian segment completely independent from the American.

The International Space Station began to be built in 1998. Its first module was the Russian Zarya. Today it consists of many modules from different countries participating in the project. The United States has seven of them, which form the largest national segment. The Russian Federation is in second place with five modules. At the same time, the segments are not completely autonomous; disconnection will cause problems in the life support system, energy supply and communication. However, such a need may arise in the future.

The lifetime of the ISS is designed until 2024. If necessary, it can be extended until at least 2028. But it is possible that Washington could unilaterally withdraw from this international project. It is known that the United States invests heavily in an extremely promising project for the near-moon visited orbital station and invites the chosen ones to participate in it. In this case, the Russian segment will need complete independence from the “American partners”. The head of Roscosmos, Igor Komarov, said that in order to gain autonomy on the ISS of Russia, it would be necessary to bring out three additional modules by 2021.

Today, the ISS includes: Zarya, Zvezda, Pirs, Dawn and Search. It was assumed that at the orbital station there will be multi-purpose laboratory, nodal and scientific-energy modules. The multifunctional laboratory module "Science" is designed for a whole range of scientific research, as well as for docking with transport ships. After “Science”, the nodal module “Berth” was to appear on the ISS. The scientific and energy module was supposed to increase the possibilities for conducting scientific experiments and provide a reliable source of electricity in orbit. The budget for modernization of the domestic segment was estimated at 10 billion rubles.

However, due to constant malfunctions in the Nauka module, its launch dates were constantly shifting. It has now become known that the Russian segment will be separated from the general life support system of the ISS without adding new modules. It is speculated that this may be due to the new savings program, which was launched due to a reduction in the budget of the Russian Space Agency. ”
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  1. Victor March 47 Offline Victor March 47
    Victor March 47 (Victor March 47) 28 June 2018 23: 42
    The separation of Russian modules (as I understood the meaning of the section) will destroy the ISS completely and completely. Due to the fact that we are there, the base and foundation of the station. Being at the center of the masses, it is only with the help of our segment that you can manage the station — correct the orbit, make crew changes, and be a constant watchman and rescuer in case of emergency leaving the station.
  2. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 18 July 2018 12: 05
    They will not join the hell - geniuses damn !!!