American expert: Russia is good in Syria, but will lose the war with NATO

Russia's actions in Syria have come under scrutiny in a new report presented by the American think tank Foreign Policy Research Institute. It was written by retired US Army Colonel Robert E. Hamilton.

The author notes that the military intervention of the Russian Federation in this Middle East conflict has become a turning point for both the Kremlin and the world as a whole. For for the first time in post-Soviet history, she used force somewhere outside the former USSR.

The military expert emphasizes the limitations of Russia's goals, although it saved the power of President Bashar al-Assad by preventing his fall.

[RF] has shown little desire to support Assad in regaining control over the entire territory of Syria. Russia also has neither the means nor the desire to rebuild the country after the end of the war.

- believes Mr. Hamilton.

Since the original military plans collapsed, barely touching reality, Moscow, as the study notes, "has shown impressive adaptability and flexibility." The author describes in detail the stages of Russian activity in Syria, which, as he believes, eventually made it possible to achieve many of the goals set.

The author also inherited the "Russian propaganda" that accompanied the campaign. The expert notes that it is “multi-layered; fast, continuous and [...] does not contain any connection to reality. "

Analyzing the very military activity of the Russian Federation in Syria, the retired American officer emphasizes some features. In particular, the relatively low number of combat aircraft and helicopters deployed simultaneously. Such a small number demanded a high intensity from the machines involved, which they basically coped with without showing any noticeable technical problems.

The task of the navy was reduced mainly in supply, as well as in cruise missile strikes against particularly important targets.

The author notes that the Russian authorities may well arrange a protracted conflict of low intensity. This is the exact opposite of the Western concept, which seeks to achieve a final victory over the enemy.

According to the American researcher, any fears that the Russian Federation might invade any NATO country are groundless, since any major war can end only with the victory of the alliance and the defeat of Russia. Moreover, Moscow is clearly not seeking to challenge directly.

Nevertheless, in the peripheral regions, which include the Eastern Mediterranean, the Russian Federation may well compete with the West. This is also the reason why Russia came to Syria, where it demonstrates noticeable success.
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  1. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
    Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 25 December 2020 09: 03
    - I would like to hear what the head of the transport department will tell us about this ...
    1. Warrior Offline Warrior
      Warrior 26 December 2020 18: 20
      NATO will not fight Russia, because the Europeans are cowardly jackals ...
  2. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 25 December 2020 09: 09
    the Russian authorities may well be satisfied with a protracted conflict of low intensity. it just the opposite Western concept, which seeks to achieve the final victory over the enemy.

    This alternate reality colonel:
    Afghan: since 2001 (age 19)
    Libya: since 2011 (9 years)
    Syria: since 2014 (6 years)
    Well, all kinds of "scarecrows" are constantly around the world.
    1. updidi Offline updidi
      updidi (Alexander Kazakov) 25 December 2020 09: 29
      They forgot about Iraq.
      From 2003 to 2010 there were intense hostilities. Plus, they've been bearded since 2014.
      And the expert is purely American, of course.
      The United States is sowing "eternal, good, light" all over the world, and all the rest are no-one at best
    2. Evgeny Popov Offline Evgeny Popov
      Evgeny Popov (Evgeny Popov) 25 December 2020 19: 31
      They also forgot Vietnam. The main "success" of the star-studded warriors.
  3. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 25 December 2020 09: 12
    This "expert" at least would not hurt to ask McKenna how he sat in the pit after the war with the Russians in Vietnam.
  4. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 25 December 2020 09: 44
    Any major war with NATO will end with one large mushroom cloud over planet Earth.
  5. bric555 Offline bric555
    bric555 (Val san) 25 December 2020 09: 47
    Russia is good in Syria, but will lose the war with NATO, and win with the SCO
  6. Tektor Offline Tektor
    Tektor (Tektor) 25 December 2020 12: 00
    Unsupported claims are just stupid.
  7. We are their hydrogen! Hydrogen!
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 25 December 2020 17: 54
      And also with helium, which the Russian Federation is going to carry around the world in "canisters" (c) ...)))
      1. hydrogen first!
        A propos! In a thermonuclear explosion, it is hydrogen that forms helium, so everything is clean!
        1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 6 January 2021 20: 06
          Mes respects ...)))
  8. meandr51 Offline meandr51
    meandr51 (Andrei) 25 December 2020 18: 25
    NATO has lost the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, it is terribly afraid of the "unpredictable" Kim, but it will definitely win in Russia!
    1. Evgeny Popov Offline Evgeny Popov
      Evgeny Popov (Evgeny Popov) 25 December 2020 19: 41
      Yeah, they have a club of "specialists" in Russia there, headed by mediocrity who has not won a single war.
    2. Warrior Offline Warrior
      Warrior 26 December 2020 18: 18
      Ha ha ha ... freaky americans ..
  9. oderih Online oderih
    oderih (Alex) 26 December 2020 12: 03
    Cheto did not understand. And where are the successes of the cheeky iks? I think it's hysterical. "Russians are fighting successfully with a small number of aircraft." Disgrace
  10. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 26 December 2020 15: 28
    Russia also has neither the means nor the desire to rebuild the country after the end of the war.

    - Russia could well apply the "Marshall Plan" on Syria. There will be enough power and a printing press. And then you can also across Ukraine from Wed. Asia to do this.
  11. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior 26 December 2020 18: 17
    This American is FOOLED or what?
    Our missiles, even without nuclear warheads, will instantly DESTROY the US - this is a global EVIL.
    And NATO without the US is NOTHING.
  12. Sasha Vasiliev Offline Sasha Vasiliev
    Sasha Vasiliev (Sasha Vasiliev) 27 December 2020 05: 49
    Uncle Fuhrer also believed that the USSR is like the whole of Europe, the result is known, they sang Katyusha on the ruins of the Reichstag, it was RUSSIANS
  13. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 30 December 2020 05: 19
    Fucking expert. Apparently that is why he was dismissed.