Trump lost the election, but achieved the main thing

All of you probably already know that Trump lost the 2020 presidential race, losing the chair in the Oval Office of the White House in an unequal struggle to his rival, who has been demonstrating clear signs of senile dementia throughout the campaign, in places turning into dementia, to a known corrupt official and bribe-taker. behind which there is a criminal train from his last work as vice-president in the Obama administration to 78-year-old Joe Biden. Today we will talk about why this happened, and why the struggle for the vacant seat was unequal for the current president, who, it would seem, had all the leverage to win? But, alas, not this time!

We are all smart in hindsight. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the Democrats, after losing the 2016 election campaign, did not take into account their old mistakes when the upstart Trump, whom they survived from the media space, raped them in the most brutal way on the Internet, earning all their advantage points there. which he then melted into popular votes, causing the maddened grandmother Clinton to thrash hysterically when she realized that her train on wooden wheels was hopelessly behind the imposter cowboy's magnetic levitation hyperloop.

Therefore, this time the "donkeys" (namely, this animal is the symbol of the Democratic Party), pushing their main "donkey" Biden in front of them as a battering ram, went to storm the Capitol and the White House, which had been held by the Republican "elephants" for the last 4 years. thoroughly prepared. Having covered the main "elephant" Trump from all sides with brushwood and blackmailing a lighted match in the form of the movement of antifa and BLM, they caulked all the windows and doors of his fortress, depriving him of access to the information space, and introducing into his immediate environment a couple of Trojan horses from the former "donkeys "And having bought a dozen unstable elephant comrades-in-arms, sat down to wait for the intractable Trump to throw out the white flag. At the same time, no one initially played in the noble knights of the Round Table in the camp of “donkeys” - applicants, but immediately began to use marked decks, and bribery of officials, and distortion, and intimidation. Because for the "donkeys" it was the last and decisive battle, and they could not survive one more term of the Deranged Cowboy (some "donkeys" in the literal sense of the word). And realizing that in a fair fight nothing shines for them, they immediately switched to forgery and blackmail.

And since it was a double-edged sword, and if mishandled, the recoil could torture, especially in the legal country, by which the Shining City on the Hill positions itself all over the world, the main task of our conspirators was to deprive Trump of maneuver, isolating him from the media and his constituents. There were no problems with the mass media, historically sucked by the "donkeys". All these CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, all sorts of "Time", "Newsweek", "Yu.S. News and World Report ”,“ New York Times ”,“ Washington Post ”,“ USA Today ”,“ The Wall Street Journal ”, not counting“ Associated Press ”and“ United Press International ”, all of them without money, for The idea was worked for the "donkeys", for 4 years they regularly watering the main "elephant", which has settled in the White House, with mud. The last to fall under the "donkeys" was Fox News, which had previously been neutral, which was a big disappointment for Donald Ibrahimovic. But the Internet remained, where in the last election campaign, Trump skillfully and beat Grandma Clinton. This time the "donkeys" took it into account as well. They didn't bother with the software that Trump used in 2016, but why? They stupidly blocked the cowboy's social networks and installed filters on information they did not want, no matter who it came from, since all these Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other Google people sympathized with them, they did not even have to outbid or intimidate.

For those who have forgotten, I will remind you of what Trump did in 2016. He then first used technology targeted advertising and search engine optimization in the election campaign, and, having spent only $ 15 million on it, wiped his nose to all his opponents! The program, which is a proprietary development and know-how of Cambridge Analytics, through paid testing, adsorbed “big dates” (large amounts of information) from social networks (in particular from Facebook), point-wise classifying the audience by place of residence, political preferences, gender, age , skin color, nationality, even from the movies that the user watches and the pet food he prefers for his pets, and through neuro-linguistic programming influenced their decision-making during the election campaign in the interests of their client. Used for this and teaser advertising, and contextual, and targeting, and retargeting, up to address e-mail distribution to selected databases. In short, digital marketing (digital marketing) specialists worked. Moreover, everything was within the limits of the current US legislation! Facebook subsequently could only be accused of leaking personal data of its users, but it was not possible to present claims to the "analysts" themselves - they acted in the interests of the Customer.

Then, if you remember, they also tried to accuse Russia of interfering in the American elections. But the investigation initiated by the Congress then led the fighters against Russia, to their great surprise, not at all Russian hackers, but ... English ones hiding under the name "Cambridge Analytics" (google who is hiding behind this name - you will really be stunned!), There are half Russian Jews, but ... with English passports. Mark Zuckerberg himself, the owner of Facebook, like a schoolboy, was then forced to testify in Congress, as it so happened that some Englishmen used Facebook settings and its database to optimize the search for potential voters for their Customers, including not only Trump. Hillary Clinton, too, then could have been among them, but out of her stupidity she refused the offered services (she was so sure of her victory that she did not consider it necessary to shoot money at that too). How it ended for her, you remember! Madame did not even understand why she lost, hopelessly behind the train of technological progress. Her armored train with wooden square wheels drove off to a dead end, and Trump became the 45th president of America, cleverly bypassing the pro-globalist media conspiracy against him.

Against scrap no reception

But this time his opponents took into account their mistakes made 4 years ago. How they hobbled him on the Internet, I have already described in general terms above, and now I would like to talk about those illegal tricks that they used against him directly at the polling stations. If you remember, the Texas Attorney General, filing a lawsuit with the US Supreme Court, tried to challenge the election results in four states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan), arguing that their violations neutralized the choice of voters in his state. There he emphasized the violation by these states of the election procedure, but I’ll show you what he did not say in his lawsuit. I will demonstrate the violations themselves in each of the above states. Believe me, things were happening there hitherto unseen for law-abiding America.


In Michigan, where Trump was leading by a decent margin on the evening of November 3, at 04:07 am ET, a strange event happened - the number of voters for Biden immediately increased by 138 thousand people at once, which allowed Sleeping Joe not only catch up with your counterpart, but also bypass him at the last moment. In the normal course of events, this would be impossible: candidates are gaining votes at the same time. Tell me, fool, if it's not stuffing, then what is it?

Against the background of such impudent falsification, an extra zero, added to Biden's indicators and discovered by Trump's supporters in Shivassi district of the same state, already looked like child's play. Well, just think, they made a mistake 10 times - there were 15 371 votes for Biden, now - 153 710, who doesn't happen to? The error, of course, was found and corrected, but the residue remained.

As a result, Biden won in Michigan, beating Trump by 140 thousand votes or 2,7% (50,6% against 47,9%), having won back a solid 9% advantage of Trump along the way. At the same time, only in the capital of the state of Detroit, 4788 double registrations, 32 extra voters and 519 “dead souls” (one of whom was born in 2503) were found.


The same picture was observed in Wisconsin - at 06:30 a.m. ET, there was a massive ballot-box (guess whose favor ?!) and Trump, who was leading before that with a 4,1% lead, suddenly lost to Sleeping Joe at the finish flag unhappy 0,7% (20 thousand votes). Under one piquant circumstance - in Milwaukee (this is the largest city in the state), 60 thousand more ballots were received by mail than were sent to the addressees, and half of them did not have a fold line (as they traveled in this form by mail, without being folded in an envelope, no one knows ?!). Miracles, and more!


According to sworn testimony, more than 2 criminals voted there illegally, more than 10 voters who died before the elections, and more than 15 who left the state, not counting 66 voters under the age of 18.

The 40 thousand people who changed the electoral district without informing the electoral commission could not even be paid attention, if we do not take into account the fact that the gap between Georgia's leading Biden and Trump was only 12 votes ... That's a mythical 700% lead by which Sleepy Joe beat Furious Cowboy with a 0,1% difference at the finish line.

How the Democrats managed to achieve this can be understood if you watch an epic video filmed by a surveillance camera in Fulton County, which includes the capital of Atlanta. Where, under the pretext of a broken pipe (which in fact turned out to be untrue), all the observers were expelled from the site en masse, after which the members of the commission, not paying attention to the included surveillance camera, began to pull out from under the tables boxes and suitcases with prepared ballots, and without even throwing them in the ballot boxes (and why, in fact? All their people, and so it is clear who these ballots are for!), they immediately began to enter them into the database, dropping the results obtained on a USB flash drive at the end. You will laugh, but the state Supreme Court refused to even consider this video as evidence of fraud. If this happened in Ukraine, I would not even be surprised, but as for law-abiding America, this is too much!


There, Republican observers were not allowed into the polling stations, or they were kept at a distance of at least 50 meters from the ballots. To identify unwanted observers, Republicans were given special badges marked with a marker. In fact, Conservatives could not watch the vote count at all. During the counting, 47 (!) Flash drives with data on voter votes were lost. Each of them can have several thousand votes. As the practice of Georgia showed, where several such flash drives were found during the recount, all the “disappearing” memory cards with voices turned out to be pro-Trump ones for some reason. For some reason, this does not surprise me at all.

The most shocking fact announced during the investigation: during the calculations, some absolutely incredible result was recorded. After election night, a huge pile of ballots was found that had not been counted in advance. Of the 600 new votes, 570 were for Biden, and only 3200 were for Trump. If we translate this into percentages, then the Democrat's leadership on these ballots reaches 99,5% - almost like Kim Jong-un's and steeper than in Cuba - with their one-party systems.

The vote by mail raised even more questions. According to the Republicans (which are confirmed by official resources of the Pennsylvania government), on the eve of the elections, 1,8 million ballots were requested and 2,5 million were received back. Democrats deny this, claiming 3 million requests, and insist that there was a mistake. But somehow it's hard to believe in it. Just think, they sent 1,8 million ballots to vote by mail, and received back 2,5 million. At the same time, the Democrats themselves claim that only their voters voted by mail. Where did the 700 thousand extra votes come from, with 99,5% for Biden, no one knows. Now it is clear to you where the legs of the Sleeping Joe victory come from ?!

The almost complete absence of “rejected” ballots also strained. In all previous elections, the number of incorrectly filled in mail ballots averaged about 3%. If the statistics remained normal this year, Biden would have lost 120 thousand votes - and the state would have lost.

And I’m not saying anything about the dead in 1850, 1900, 1910, who for some reason rose from the grave with an exclusive desire to cast their votes for their dear Sleeping Joe. In fact, Joe Biden became president of the dead. Just like pictures of the apocalypse: HellRaisers. About 100-year-old briskers born in 1920 I am already silent, they just went to give their votes to their "peer friend" Joseph.

Common violations in all respondent states

The Heritage Foundation lists the following types of electoral fraud: illegal use of absentee ballots (for example, getting them under the guise of a real voter and voting without his knowledge), voting by people who do not have the right to do so (for example, deprived of the right to vote for committing serious crimes or non-US citizens), voting under the guise of another person, multiple voting, bribery of voters, registration as a voter under a false name or at an address that does not correspond to the real one, falsification of the final voting protocols as a member of the election commission and illegal "assistance" to voters, that is, coercion or cheating to get them to vote for a particular candidate.

All of these arguments are very strong blows to the legitimacy of Biden's victory. Democrats are trying to convince the public that this is all insignificant, and in general, as Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Tom Wolfe said, "The train has already left." However, 126 Republican lawmakers in the US House of Representatives and 18 attorneys general, who supported the suit of the Attorney General of Texas, strongly disagree with him.

But the Supreme Court of the United States quickly dealt with all the disagreements, stupidly rejecting the suit of the Attorney General of Texas, but Biden's team had to deal with those who disagree among ordinary voters. And she did an excellent job with the task. Half of the voters did not even know about the violations that took place. And those who found out received this information from the angle that the Democrats needed, they say, all this is the intrigues of an insane Cowboy who does not want to free the Oval Office, resists with all his might, coming up with claims from scratch, which do not have time to be rejected by the State Supreme Courts and the Supreme Court. USA (53 of the 49 claims filed remained unsatisfied!). How they managed to achieve this, I will tell you next time.


In conclusion, I will quote the words of the expert, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council Andrei Kortunov:

There is a feeling that the entire campaign to review the election results in court was held only on Trump. The rest of the republican policy for the most part, they took a rather restrained position. These elections did not become a failure for the party. Control over the Senate has been maintained, positions in the House of Representatives have improved, and elections have shown that half of the country still supports the party. And too many Republicans dislike Trump to fight for him to the end.

The expert did not rule out that if Trump now loses (and this is already a medical fact!), Then in 4 years he will again play a leading role in the elections.

Modern history has long forgotten cases when an ex-president who lost the election went for re-election, but Trump, if not for his age, could well have done it. Especially considering the level of his support in the country. Even if it is not him, then, quite possibly, one of his closest associates

- summed up Kortunov.

On my own behalf, I will only add that by his selfless struggle in the courts for the integrity of the elections, Trump achieved the main thing - he questioned the legitimacy of Biden's election and retained the place of the unconditional leader of the Republican Party, and with him the moral right to run for the next term. As a by-product of the 2020 election campaign, seeds of doubt about the fairness and transparency of elections were sown in American society, shaking one of the cornerstone myths of the Castle on the Hill. And this factor already has a long-term effect. It will only get worse! It remains only to wish our beloved Donald Ibrahimovich health and success in all his endeavors.
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  1. bb Offline bb
    bb (mmm) 21 December 2020 09: 11
    not convinced ... A lot of cliches and nothing (emptiness) ... I am personally glad that Biden won over this madman, but the fact that everyone knew in advance that Biden's supporters would vote by mail, that's the result, it came to Trump very late that the only chance challenge it all oppose the mail vote
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 21 December 2020 09: 19
      then count the cons, I just listed the facts, everyone draws conclusions himself!
      1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
        Just a cat (Bayun) 21 December 2020 09: 49
        Trump did not just throw a seed ... Parties in the United States are not only political views. These are not only different classes, but also different races. Shoots will be stormy and unpredictable.
  2. Cheburashk Offline Cheburashk
    Cheburashk (Vladimir) 21 December 2020 09: 51
    Quote: ьь
    not convinced ... A lot of cliches and nothing (emptiness) ... I am personally glad that Biden won over this madman, but the fact that everyone knew in advance that Biden's supporters would vote by mail, that's the result, it came to Trump very late that the only chance challenge it all oppose the mail vote

    This Trump is crazy, are you serious ???? Biden is a puppet, whatever you say, and someone's hand is still in the ass. I personally don't give a damn about who won there and so on. But have you ever seen so what were the violations ??? Like in one state, the dead voted and the turnout was 841 percent. As for me, it would be better if they killed each other, I just lost the popcorn in vain!
  3. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 21 December 2020 10: 18
    Biden's legitimacy affects few people, except for the sponsors who spent on his election campaign and their servants - political fighters of the agitation industry and jurisprudence, and world attention is due to the role and influence of the United States on the whole world.
    In unprepared soil, seeds can be sown as many times as you like - there will be no seedlings, because they appear only under favorable conditions - five signs of a revolutionary situation that took place in the Russian Empire at the beginning and the USSR at the end of the XX century.
    Democracy of any class society is reduced to a “fight” between the leading groups of big business, when slaves are given the right to choose a yoke around their necks, and this is the essence of the US “democracy”.
  4. Ryzzard ewiak Offline Ryzzard ewiak
    Ryzzard ewiak (Ryszard Ewiak) 21 December 2020 10: 29
    This election damages the reputation of the United States and hastens Russia's return.
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 21 December 2020 10: 40
      Those with military bases abroad end up like the Roman Empire. So there will be no military bases in California and Alaska. The story with a base in the Khazars (Kiev) for Russia always ends badly.
  5. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
    Indifferent 21 December 2020 10: 44
    The main conclusion from these elections, which the author mentioned in passing, was that the United States discredited itself on the world stage as a beacon of democracy and law. Now any "democrat" can poke his nose into the American elections and he will have nothing to answer. Just as the idea of ​​communism was discredited in 1990, so is now the idea of ​​American exceptionalism (such as Democracy, Liberty, and Independence).
  6. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 21 December 2020 11: 38
    You all probably already know that Trump lost the 2020 presidential race, losing the chair in the Oval Office of the White House to his rival in an unequal struggle, ...

    I don't know yet. Did Trump admit it?
  7. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 21 December 2020 11: 45
    USA discredited itself on the world stage

    Discrediting has consequences, but what are the consequences of the past elections for the United States and the World?
    None !!!
    There were no even image losses for the Democratic Party - as they voted for it, they will vote for it, and congratulations to Biden, and in his person and the US Democratic Party, were sent by all states of any importance in the world, including China and the Russian Federation.
  8. Yuri Nemov Offline Yuri Nemov
    Yuri Nemov (Yuri Nemov) 21 December 2020 12: 05
    It doesn't matter who is the president of Yankistan, the main thing is that the whole world has clearly seen the corruption and venality of their political system and the complete absence of democracy. What right do they now have to condemn others for these same sins?
    1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
      Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 21 December 2020 12: 51
      the whole world clearly saw the corruption and venality of their political system and the complete absence of democracy

      1. Corruption and venality exist everywhere always and at all levels of any social system, state structure and management system.
      2. The whole world saw the triumph of democracy in the fact that disagreements are resolved in the existing legal field, and not by force of the opposing sides.
      3. The fundamental issue in democracy - the power of the people, which cannot exist in a class society, when, according to UN Secretary General Anton Guterres, half of all the wealth of the Earth belongs to the 26 richest people, and the overwhelming majority of the population lives in conditions of growing inequality - what kind of power of the people can to be in such conditions?
      1. Seaman_2 Offline Seaman_2
        Seaman_2 (White Sea) 23 December 2020 07: 47
        1. Yes
        2. Is it no longer a forceful method to expel observers from one side from polling stations by force?
        3. We see what full democracy leads to. On the example of the most demacratic countries of the West. The more democracy in the country, the more homosexuals and lesbians, drug addicts and legal prostitution, the stronger juvenile justice ... The only plus for us is the weaker the armed forces of these democracies.
        1. Uneven Offline Uneven
          Uneven (X) 24 December 2020 16: 02
          1) No. For example, this was not the case in the USSR.
          2) Are you talking about "elections" in the Russian Federation? This is really practiced here.
          3) a) Where did you see "complete democracy"?
          b) Do you think the US Army is weak?
          1. Seaman_2 Offline Seaman_2
            Seaman_2 (White Sea) 26 December 2020 10: 06
            1. It was. And wider, wherever else. Let me remind you that in the USSR even a housing office mechanic was a civil servant. And the locksmith did not even change the gasket without three rubles. "Gifts" to doctors, teachers .... all this was understood by itself. And the traffic police are generally silent. Bribes to traffic cops are all over the place. Delivery of sessions - they themselves threw off both money and "for a bottle of the teacher." Tickets to theaters, circus, train or plane (especially in July-August to the south) either by pull or by surcharge. Trade !!!! Remind Sokolov's case ??? The Mosmebeltorg case was put on hold. Vegetable bases !!!! The positions of directors of stores and vegetable (and other) bases were appointed only after the purchase of this position. In the evening, to get to the restaurant, you had to bribe the doorman. Or have a crust. And in the "fraternal Soviet republics" of Transcaucasia and Central Asia, even the posts of secretaries of city party committees were sold quite normally. Even the first secretaries. Not to mention the positions of the chairmen of the city executive committees and their deputies.
            And you say that there was no corruption in the USSR ??? You did not live in the USSR !!!!!
            2. I mean the numerous videos from the United States in which the police forcefully expel Republican observers from the polling stations.
            3. For you, the United States is a model of democracy.
            4. It is possible that the US military is a blown bubble. In normal business, this army has not been seen since Vietnam.
  9. sd000016 Offline sd000016
    sd000016 (Alexander) 21 December 2020 12: 17
    It's too early for the author to sing the waste to Trump, he may still remain president for a second term. Watch the internet.
    1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
      Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 21 December 2020 13: 16
      It was not the author who sang the departure to Trump, but the leaders of states who congratulated Biden on his victory.
    2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 21 December 2020 23: 23
      Believe me, I know, even more than! after December 14, after the Electoral College vote, Trump has practically no chance of staying for a second term! alas and ah, I was for him, although Sleepy Joe is also not fatal for us, there will even be a profit in the form of SP-2 and START-III
      in the last text on this topic I will dot the I, it will be released one of these days
  10. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 21 December 2020 13: 22
    Both are worse (c)
  11. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 22 December 2020 05: 20
    Everything is clear with the US elections, but it is completely unclear:
    1) with marked decks or cards (the deck is a piece of a tree trunk, meat is also chopped on it. Why did the democrats sprinkle and use them?);
    2) what is a "medical fact"? (you don't have to talk about symptoms and syndromes)
    3) what is a "cornerstone system-forming (!) Myth"?
  12. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 22 December 2020 06: 44
    Madame did not even understand why she lost, hopelessly behind the train of technological progress. Her armored train with wooden square wheels drove off to a dead end

    The head is completely blown away by such a picture. I just want to ask the author about the prohibited drugs.

    clear signs of senile dementia, sometimes turning into dementia

    Is this a tautology? Or I'm wrong?
    1. Elen_msk Offline Elen_msk
      Elen_msk (Elena Belyakova) 23 December 2020 23: 41
      You are wrong! Dementia is not limited to old age - due to brain damage, such as trauma. So, the author is right!)
      1. Uneven Offline Uneven
        Uneven (X) 24 December 2020 16: 04
        The inhabitant of the Kremlin is nevertheless closer to us. And what is the reason?
      2. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
        Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 14 January 2021 18: 18
        Dementia is dementia. It doesn't matter what caused it. Or it is caused.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  13. Peter Rusin Offline Peter Rusin
    Peter Rusin (Peter Rusin) 22 December 2020 10: 04
    Everything is in the article! I disagree only with Trump's patronymic, not Ibrahimovich, but IVANOVICH !!
    1. vlki5elev Offline vlki5elev
      vlki5elev (Vladimir Kiselyov) 24 December 2020 06: 27
      this is a hint of Ostap Bender
  14. vlki5elev Offline vlki5elev
    vlki5elev (Vladimir Kiselyov) 24 December 2020 06: 23
    in Wikipedia, it's time to make changes, "democracy is the rule of the people, the crowd" to "democracy is the rule of a handful of parasites." And this is not only about America
  15. Nadezhda Pavlova (Nadezhda Pavlova) 25 December 2020 16: 28
    I don’t know who wrote, but I, a fool, read. Indeed - blah blah blah. And for me - neither Trump, nor Biden, no one else in this America suits us. As the saying goes, horseradish radish is not sweeter. We would not see them or hear them at all, as in Soviet times. Let them sit quietly like mice.