Polish Press: How Germans Study World War II

Director of the Berlin Bureau of the Polish Institute. Pilecki Hanna Radzijowska spoke about what textbooks from secondary schools in Germany teach and how Germans study World War II. Writes about this magazine Do Rzeczy.

Radzijowska noted that German history books show young people a one-sided picture.

The history of World War II is actually the Holocaust (20 pages) and ... German resistance against Nazism (13 pages)

She specified.

The textbooks do not even mention the occupation of Poland by the Third Reich, crimes against civilians and the Warsaw Uprising.

The victims of Nazism are listed in the following order: Jews, Sinti (one of the western branches of the Roma), Roma, forced euthanasia (mentally and physically disabled), homosexuals and prisoners of war. Millions of civilian casualties from other nations are not reported

- she added.

Radziyowska was outraged that Germany forgot to mention the "Nazi-Soviet embrace in September 1939" and remembered the existence of Poland only once, when they described reparations and the expulsion of Germans from the transferred territories.

She noticed that the results of such education did not take long. The German press conducted a poll on the 75th anniversary of World War II. It turned out that 30% of young Germans believe that their grandparents were active participants in the resistance movement, while only 2% are sure that their predecessors were supporters of the Third Reich.

Radzijowska believes that we are dealing with the identified effects of long-term historical policy Germany on the relativization of German guilt in World War II (refusal to admit guilt). Berlin started off small, replacing the war-related adjective from German to Nazi. Thus, the national blame was shifted onto the Nazis. Who now remembers who those Nazis were? Now both Poles and representatives of other nations can be called Nazis.

Another generation will pass and in Poland it will be the same - a turn of history by 180 degrees. After the 100th anniversary of World War II, we find that 30% of Poles killed Jews (and Germans from the resistance movement), and 2% were victims of the Nazis, sums up the Polish publication.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 20 December 2020 13: 10
    Here already

    pot calls the kettle black!
    Pani Radziyovska slyly "forgets" about the old, officially formalized by Pilsudski and Hitler back on January 26, 1934, very close and mutually beneficial Nazi-Polish embraces and the German-Polish joint beginning of World War II in Europe - the attack on Czechoslovakia in September 1938! This is not to mention the plans of the Polish leader Rydz-Smigla "comrades" for a joint attack with the Germans on the USSR, which were prevented only by the exorbitant "arrogant appetites" of the hyperaggressive "European hyenas" themselves, who had plans for a Polish "campaign to Berlin"!

    With Radziyovskaya's assumption that only 30% of Poles participated in the genocide of the non-Polish population by the Nazis, and the Judenfrei disagree!
    The widely known massacre by the Poles of their fellow Jews in Jedwabno, and of their fellow Germans in Bromberg and Schulitz, speaks of a wider scale of participation of the Polish population in ethnic cleansing in Poland!
    After all, the "Jewish pogroms" that continued after the end of WWII and the expulsion-extermination of Polish residents of non-Polish nationality, the vaunted post-war "Polish mono-ethnicity of the population" testify to the fact that the majority of Poles took part in this ?! what
    So not only today's Germans, but also Poles with a truthful coverage of recent history have egregious Problems! negative
    1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
      Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 20 December 2020 16: 22
      Quote: pishchak
      So not only today's Germans, but also Poles with a truthful coverage of recent history have egregious Problems!

      Almost all countries, including Russia, have such problems with truthful coverage of recent history.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. goncharov.62 Offline goncharov.62
    goncharov.62 (Andrei) 20 December 2020 14: 01
    Poor, innocent Poland! "Soft, white, but fluffy"! What do you teach your children yourself? If you want to know the truth, come to Russia. She heals everyone ...
  3. sharp-lad Offline sharp-lad
    sharp-lad (Oleg) 20 December 2020 17: 25
    What to want from pshek once again rewriting world history for themselves. Yes, and the Germans are good, they are again preparing to grab.
  4. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 20 December 2020 21: 04
    The Poles could have seen how trains are being driven to the platforms of Auschwitz and its departments. Let them not be surprised and respectfully watch that the exiting and calf carriages are met by soldiers in Confederate uniforms and with rifles. And the Germans take from them, already at the gates of the camps.
    1. argo44 Offline argo44
      argo44 (mac) 21 December 2020 20: 34
      Many Poles risked their lives to save Jewish families - only in the territory of the German General Government (before the war of the Second Polish Republic) the country of death was sent to help Jews.
  5. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 20 December 2020 21: 13
    Poland signed a treaty with Hitler before the USSR, if my memory serves me, it was in 1934. Poland, together with Hitler, occupied Czechoslovakia, Tesch region. So do not open your mouth to Poland! By the way, the first concentration camps in Europe were built by Poland and the Russians were kept in them. Your Pelsudski fascist!
    1. argo44 Offline argo44
      argo44 (mac) 21 December 2020 20: 35
      Pilsudski is a German agent - the same as Lenin, and no one knows who else ...
  6. gore Offline gore
    gore (Alexander) 21 December 2020 06: 47
    Hitler was defeated by four dogs and a tankman ...
  7. argo44 Offline argo44
    argo44 (mac) 21 December 2020 20: 32
    The Germans invented and introduced in the West the deceptive and slanderous term "Polish concentration camps", where a geographical fact was conveyed to the people, suggesting that the Poles built these camps - since the end of the war, the Germans very carefully and in many ways bleached themselves and tried to endure the odium for unleashing wars with poles
  8. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 22 December 2020 10: 39
    And for some reason I'm not surprised.
    There are concepts of objective and subjective. Each country sees the history of that war in its own way. In the same way, each person who has gone through that war remembers it differently. Another thing is that teaching someone with "your memory" is not a very decent occupation.