The United States drew attention to the extremely dangerous maneuver of a Chinese helicopter

A video showing a very dangerous maneuver of a Changhe Z-8 helicopter of the Chinese Navy has appeared on social networks. The rotorcraft flew over the heads of passengers in the car and continued to move over the road, flying so low that the wheels almost touched the surface, writes the American edition of The Drive.

When and where the video was filmed is unclear. Although the road appears to be car-free, Z-8 has made a very risky maneuver. However, there is a possibility that it was a pre-prepared trick.

The takeoff weight of the Changhe Z-8 powered by three engines is just over 13 tons. Apparently, the video features the Z-8C, used in rescue operations, as well as for service purposes and for training. The C model is equipped with a forward weather radar, infrared sensor, searchlights and a modified box-shaped engine compartment at the top of the fuselage.

According to the expert on military space aviation of China Andreas Rupprecht, the lack of marking of the helicopter may indicate its use by the PLA Marine Corps.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 18 December 2020 12: 40
    I did not understand this "expert on China's military space aviation" -how Andreas - "Sharp Eye" from such a video was able to see "the absence of helicopter marking", after all, usually all the designations and numbers are ON-BOARD, and not bottom ?! what

    So I understand that this is why the aircraft were deliberately and accurately not substituted by "air hooligans" under the supervision of "random fellow travelers" ?!
    The helicopter pilots, probably, practiced the maneuver of avoiding enemy radars (by the way of "getting lost on the road, among the road transport" ?!) ?!
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 19 December 2020 21: 47
      The maneuver was made high enough over the car, then it went down, so the maneuver began to look dangerous. Americans on any occasion start lying and accusing the Air Force, both the Russian Federation and the PRC