"See you in 4 years." What retreat options does Trump have?

History is being written before our eyes. During the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962, when Soviet missiles suddenly appeared in Cuba, which was separated from the American state of Florida by a strait only 177 km wide, in America, the record for fatalities in car accidents was broken, when thousands of Florida residents suddenly rushed north ...

Now something similar is observed in the northern democratic states of America, from where the most far-sighted Americans have already reached the south, to Florida and other republican states. They already understand that the senile Biden will not give them a quiet life. Either the dark-skinned representatives of the American population will have to lick their shoes, apologizing for 200 years of slavery; whether all my life to be afraid to look at female representatives without fear of being accused of harassment; or to sue his wife, who believes that your son is not a boy, but a girl, and this is still at best, maybe she will think that he is generally neuter.

It should be admitted that the Democrats did not win the White House in the 2020 campaign, but "squeezed out". It was a classic raider seizure of power - manipulation and cheating were combined here with formal adherence to the law. And it all started long before the fall of 2020. Right from the moment of the inauguration of the 45th President, Trump has opened the hunting season. Special services and special prosecutors worked against him, his associates were imprisoned, and he was impeached for any far-fetched reason. And so it went on for all 4 years of his cadence. Trump was strapped hand and foot, any of his steps to the left or to the right was immediately declared to be work for the Kremlin, for China, for Israel, for the Martians (cross out unnecessary). It's strange that he even lived to see his potentially second term and didn't go crazy. And it was not at all in the plans of his opponents that his second term from their terrible dream would come true.

Therefore, when in the first five days after the 2020 elections there was a real danger that a recount with unpredictable consequences could happen in many states, the "progressive world community" immediately joined, breaking stools and chairs, racing with each other rushed to call Democratic Party office congratulate Joe Biden on his victory. And they can be understood, they were so yearned for the former Washington establishment and so tormented with this uncouth bumpkin, who knows how he got into the mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that they were ready to lie down with bones, only so that this Demon Cowboy would not stay there for another one term. Why was a clown from Kiev among the first to fall at the feet of the new / old white gentleman, I do not ask, and I don’t ask why Ms. Merkel and Mr. Macron appeared there, as well as the UN Secretary General and the Pope, but how Narendra Modi, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Nikola Maduro and the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs were among the congratulations, I cannot understand. Policy is a complicated thing. Liberal media around the world immediately spread the news about the elected Democratic President, although the official election results had not even been announced yet. Outside pressure took its toll and soon some Republican congressmen and conservative media (in particular Fox News) began to run over to the side of the Democrats in small groups and one by one.

And the advanced liberal press did not disdain at all outright fakes. Immediately there were reports that the wife of Donald Ibrahimovich Melania Trump was filing for divorce, and his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner urged his beloved father-in-law to admit defeat. Those. They tried in every possible way to turn our Donald Invincible into a lame duck (speaking in English, into Donald Duck), who had to resignedly accept his defeat and quietly hand over the keys to the White House to their chosen one, the senile Joe. But then the scythe found a stone.

One against all

Donald Ibrahimovich, purely in psychotype, does not at all look like a whipping boy. And only naive dreamers from university campuses, taking to the streets with placards "Fired!", Could hope that he would surrender to the will of the winner without a fight. and "TRUMP OUT!" The old senile Joe Biden, who was nominated for the role of the winner by the liberal media, because he was not one of those, having quieted down at his estate in Delaware, swallowing pills, in horror waited for what the Demon Cowboy would do. And this horror was fully justified. By that time, on the conscience of Biden's team, there were already terrifying falsifications in voting in almost all key states, after which he, like our famous Soviet film hero, had only two ways: “Either I take her to the registry office, or she leads me to the prosecutor ! ". Moreover, the name and surname of the prosecutor Biden already knew in advance. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that, while waiting for the response of the Trump team, our would-be schemer broke his leg, playing, as he says, with a dog (I hope, at least not with a guide), rehearsing, probably, an attempt to escape. "Fell, woke up, plaster cast!"

Trump, meanwhile, was at war with windmills, trying to challenge the results of elections in four states in the US Supreme Court. Where he suffered a fiasco, offensive to himself. SCOTUS did not even consider the suit of the Texas attorney general, in which he sided with Trump. It is understandable - between the chaos and the civil war, which could be unleashed by the supporters of Sleeping Joe, who did not accept the defeat of their chosen one, and self-removal from the process and the actual legitimization of violations, the SCOTUS judges chose the last thing that promised at least poor, but peace in their common City on Hill. Even the president cannot fight the US Supreme Court, much less the Texas Attorney General. SCOTUS is not even obliged to explain its decisions, as they decided - it will be so!

After that, Trump had very few options for the further development of events. More precisely, only two. Either admit defeat (while stating that he does not consider Biden to be the winner, but admits that it is better for the country than a direct civil conflict), then hand over the conditional keys to the White House and fly to your estate in Florida, defiantly without shaking hands with a competitor , but promising to return in 4 years. Or go to a tough confrontation using the tactics of the "inverted chess table". And this has never happened in the history of the United States.

The table overturn has three planes, different in content and legal consequences: military coup, civil revolt and American separatism. Each of them did not promise the United States anything good, and for Trump and his family they also cut off the path back to cozy apartments, golf courses and social life. After them either with a shield or on a shield - either victory or emigration.

The first version of a military coup on November 30 was offered to him by the retired three-star General Thomas McInerney, who spoke on a local TV channel with a detailed 60-minute statement in which he tried to justify the need to impose a state of emergency in the United States, or better martial law. The general compared the past elections to a cyber war, requiring an immediate and adequate response from the still incumbent president. Thomas McInerney, referring to the uprising law, called on Trump to suspend the Habeas Corpus criminal law institution, according to which anyone arrested has the right to go to court with a complaint about illegal arrest and detention. In fact, the general called for mass arrests of those guilty of treason and treason, and also justified the need for the widespread replacement of courts by military tribunals. It is not just officials, governors and judges that must be hit, but also the leaders of major media outlets and multinational corporations involved in electoral fraud and terrorist cyberattacks designed to plunge America into chaos.

And such a power option had the right to life. In theory, the president could have applied The Insurrection Act of 1807, which gives him the right to use the Armed Forces inside the country. Trump could already have used it during the African American riots caused by the assassination of George Floyd, but then refrained. Now he could apply it, referring to the clause giving the right to use the army in "a situation that prevents the implementation of laws, as a result of which citizens cannot exercise their constitutional rights." The right to fair and fair elections is just a constitutional right. In other words, the incumbent president could theoretically use the help of the army, especially if Joe Biden's supporters were thrown into the streets en masse.

But the moment for Trump to make such a decision has already missed (he relied too much on SCOTUS, but in vain!). What else does he have? I do not consider the option of secession (withdrawal of states from the United States) as unpromising. For the sake of justice, no one wants to change their usual well-being (a single currency, a single economic space and infrastructure) but it is not clear what. Even the freedom-loving state of Texas. What remains is civil revolt. But Biden's supporters were more capable of it, and this is exactly what SCOTUS feared, and Trump's supporters, although better armed, are extremely inactive, and will crawl out of their burrow only when some antifa or supporters flooded into it BLM, but not before.

Therefore, it is sad for me, but I have to admit that our beloved Donald Ibrahimovich has only one option for the development of the plot. And Putin, who was the last to congratulate the senile Joe on his election victory on December 15, knows him. Now you will recognize it too.

See you in 4 years. Your Trump

Contrary to the long tradition that only the dead were allowed to break, Donald Trump will not meet Joe Biden at the White House and be present at the transfer of power to the new team. To him, as not admitting defeat, this is simply not out of hand. The shift is supposed to be peaceful (some expected almost the outgoing president to shoot back, alas, not this time), but on the very first day of its work, the Democratic administration will receive a call for revenge: having moved to Miami (Florida), Trump will announce his participation in the 2024 elections.

Had all this happened a couple of decades ago, he would have automatically become a "shot down pilot", or in English - Donald Shot Down Flyer. But all of a sudden it turned out that a significant number of Americans are no longer satisfied with an inter-party compromise: they do not trust the Washington elites - and in a conflict with them they are ready to support that very “impossible racist”, especially since he is not racist at all.

The fact that the American elections were rigged, apparently, is no longer a secret to anyone, especially in the United States. And actually two positions are dominant in the USA. The first boils down to the fact that there were falsifications, but they did not significantly affect the outcome (Biden would have won anyway), the second - to the fact that without falsifications, Biden could not have won. The very fact of large-scale falsifications is no longer in doubt. And this is the main thing that Trump has achieved with his desperate struggle in the courts!

Therefore, the Republican voter stays with Trump, as does the new generation of Republican politicians who were brought up under his presidency and who won elections on his rhetoric. In their eyes, he is a victim of injustice, which gives him the moral right to a rematch, to resistance here and now, and to an arbitrarily tough struggle against a democratic administration that has no legitimacy in the eyes of almost half of the country's population. The latest poll in the United States showed that 73% of Republicans still believe the elections were illegitimate. 53 lawsuits filed in the courts of various instances were filed for a reason! Even 30% of Democrats believe that there was something wrong with the elections. These are, of course, absolutely amazing numbers. Both Trump and Republicans will try to exploit these doubts to the fullest in two years, during the by-election to the US Senate in 2022.

In such conditions, Trump will be forgiven for many things that his predecessors would not have forgiven: refusal to participate in Biden's inauguration, and pardon in advance for himself and his entire family, and extravagant impulsive behavior. And instead of retiring, the 45th president will lead a new type of opposition that sees itself free from many of the restrictions that existed before - in "good old America" ​​with a dueling pistol in one hand and a Bill of Rights in other. Now those who have been trying to write them down as dangerous radicals in recent years will really become such a radical, fortunately they have everything they need for this: support, resources, personal resentment and the feeling that lawlessness has been committed against him.

He will begin to cut down the tree of American power without any pity, proving to himself and everyone that he is not a loser and not a loser. And if he manages to maintain the position of a de facto party leader and the "core" of his electorate, this activity of his will change America even more than his first (and perhaps not the last) presidential term.

And to grandfather Biden and grandmother Clinton, who are 4 years old dreaming of seeing Donald Ibrahimovich, whom he hates, “in his coffin with white sneakers,” I can only promise on my own that “he will still catch a cold at your funeral,” and ask to take care of yourself, because “you still to act as the accused in court ”.
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  1. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
    Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 18 December 2020 09: 18
    Since Roosevelt's time, there have been 7 Democratic presidents and 7 Republicans in recent history. Biden is the eighth Democrat. And that, under Kennedy, Clinton, Obama, the Earth went out of orbit? Was the world going crazy? Where, with us? What is this utter panic? And by the way, there are no caravans with settlers in the states from north to south. The author lied.
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 18 December 2020 09: 57
      In fact, the situation has now changed radically. The capitalist model of economic development and society in general has ended. And no one can present another model.
      In the West, the political economy school was destroyed 40-50 years ago. We have a little later, 25 years ago. Therefore, we still have people (and even schools) capable of presenting such a model.
      In the West, they understood this and recruited Kristalina Georgieva to the post of IMF director (at the time of her birth she was given the name of Stalin. Then, for obvious reasons, three more letters were added to the front). Georgieva graduated from the Karl Marx Institute and had experience in the socialist economy. So at least she explained to them what was going on.
      In the West, they realized that there would be no globalism, so now the old rules of irgra are beginning to be broken, but there are no new ones yet. Trump was going to restore production in the United States, invest money there. The Finintern (which is behind Biden) does not care about the United States, they are preparing to preserve their "back-breaking labor" to the maximum. At the same time, we are ready to liquidate the United States in its former form. Judging by the latest events, the United States (or its democratic part) will be surrendered to China.
      The author is absolutely right about resettlement from democratic states. They go to the republican states and Canada. 600 thousand families moved to Florida in a year.
      The author is wrong in his too light assessment of what is happening. In 4 years, Trump will have nowhere to return. If he lives at all.
  2. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 18 December 2020 11: 08
    The author is too light on the situation in the United States. Trump himself says that if the Democrats come to power now, then there will never be normal elections again. Actually, the country, in its former form, will not exist.
    One gets the impression (according to the reviews of people living there) that the country is being cleared for China.
    Trump now has two options: a weak one and a stronger one. The first is the certification of the held on December 14.12.2020, 06.01.2021. electoral vote. It will be on XNUMX. There (under normal circumstances), five states will present an alternative electoral composition. Who will cast their votes for Trump.
    In such a conflict situation, the procedure will go slowly, everything will hang on the Republican majority in the Senate of 2 votes (if the newly elected senators do not have time by this time). Chances are good that 2-3 Republican senators will merge. They will buy or show killer compromising evidence. Finintern has unlimited resources.
    Then there remains the Decree on Foreign Interference in the Elections, signed by Trump back in September 12.09.2018, XNUMX.
    A state of emergency will be declared, military tribunals will be used, arrests will begin. 1937 in the USSR will seem like a triumph of democracy and humanism.
    The army and the police are now a mountain for Trump. So, the probability of this option is far from zero. The only question is whether Trump will decide to send the country into the Civil War.
    There are a lot of different influencing factors, not all of them are known, so it is very difficult to predict something.
    For example, Trump can be given a guarantee that his family, and then he, will be destroyed. This is not incredible.
    The shooting of presidents (and presidential candidates) who encroach on Finintern's prerogatives has long become a national show in the United States. And Trump wants not only to infringe on the rights of Finintern, but to deprive everything "acquired by back-breaking labor" (C). So what else can he count on? How is he better, for example, the Kennedy brothers?
    So, Trump has options, it's not for nothing that he foresaw this situation more than two years ago and prepared a decree.
    The question is whether there is enough determination and willingness to sacrifice. The choice is very difficult.
  3. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 18 December 2020 13: 34
    They already understand that the senile Biden will not give them a quiet life.

    Biden can be ignored. Kamala Harris will actually steer. And Biden will not stay on duty, he will leave "for health reasons." When Kamala seizes power, Hillary Clinton will appear white and fluffy.
    When she was California's attorney general, she turned down a local government's partial amnesty. The Democratic state of Califlrnia, which should just bathe in money, is unable to overcome the problem of traffic congestion and fires.
    California fires in summer are of the same order as snow in winter. But, for many decades, the state has not created a capable fire fighting service. Therefore, prisoners are expelled for this struggle. If the prisoners are released, who will fight the fires.
    Moreover, for a more effective fight against fires, Kamala Harris proposed to fine and imprison parents for up to 1 year, whose children are absent from school.
    At the municipal levels, there were usually sane people who curbed her wildest ideas. What if she climbs onto the tallest stool in the United States?
  4. Ryzzard ewiak Offline Ryzzard ewiak
    Ryzzard ewiak (Ryszard Ewiak) 18 December 2020 14: 47
    So where does this go?
  5. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 18 December 2020 15: 16
    Here is another piece of news:

    Los Angeles Mayor, Democrat Eric Garcetti said he refused to work in the administration of President-elect Joe Biden due to the new coronavirus pandemic. His words are quoted by Reuters.
    According to Garcetti, there was work for him in the administration of the future head of state, but he refused the offer.
    “I need to be here now,” said the head of the city.

    Garcetti co-chaired Biden's campaign and sits on his inaugural committee.

    Looks like he found out something?