Humiliation by Navalny: it's time for Moscow to respond to accusations of poisoning a blogger

The fact that in recent days the scandal with the "poisoning" of blogger Alexei Navalny, which initially looked like a bad joke, has played with new bright colors, gives rise to a lot of thought.

For example, to be amazed at the degree of absurdity and shamelessness our Western "friends" are capable of reaching in their attempts to denigrate Russia at any cost and create a new "evil empire" out of it. And also - to reflect on what specific goal is pursued by the increasingly wretched and ridiculous innuendo addressed to our country. Well, and, in the end, ask the question: how long will Moscow tolerate this humiliation and how long can it “endure”?

So much the worse for the facts ...

It is useless to debate with the authors of yet another "stunning investigation" - Bellingcat, The Insider and Der Spiegel, which this time "for greater solidity" has also joined CNN. One of the fundamental truths of psychiatry is the position that any person with serious disabilities who tells others incredibly delusional things can be very convincing. This happens because all the constructions of his sick mind are logical and justified. Everything, except for the very first, initial ... It is in it that the grain of madness lies, and the rest is the particulars that should not be misleading. Approximately the same is happening with Western and domestic “investigators” who have lost their minds on the basis of “Russian poisoners” and “Putin's atrocities”. Based on the initially insane theory, they heap mountains of "facts" and evidence "on it in the form of a multitude of surnames, addresses, geolocations, supposedly" reinforced concrete "(though completely unverifiable by the audience to whom this is all addressed) data from some "Bases" ...

In the same place where their cheating "revelations" come into sharp contradiction with the elementary realities of life, where listeners and interlocutors begin to ask "childish" questions to which, in fact, there is nothing to answer, they immediately assume an offended posture: "How do we know? ! " Well, yes - "I am an artist, as I see it." The facts do not fit into the version? So much the worse for the facts! And those who stubbornly try to cling to them ... There are so many screaming, completely ridiculous inconsistencies and absurd moments in the "investigation materials" that one listing of them will "pull" a whole article. Well, since it comes to that, here are a few of the most egregious.

Why "the most deadly military war agent in the world" "Novichok" did not kill Navalny either with two or three attempts? Why did the "poisoners" allow things with traces of poison to be taken out of the room in Tomsk, which later turned into "irrefutable evidence"? Why did the authorities of our country allow the “poisoned” to be taken to Germany (if, following the delusional theory, they were well aware that the fact of the use of poison would be revealed there)? Why are the citizens listed in the "investigation", declared by its authors "staff members of the special services" and "aces of chemical warfare", behave like, excuse me, helpless idiots? Why are they poking around, knocking around, darting from side to side, leaving behind many traces and, most importantly, failing to fulfill the task of elimination assigned to them?

Do you know, by the way, how Roman Dobrokhotov, editor-in-chief of The Insider, answered this very question in a recent interview? "There can be no effective special services in Russia because it does not even have a normal car industry ..." And you propose to argue with THIS ?! But we did not even touch on the main questions: why was it necessary to eliminate Navalny at all, and why it was necessary to do it without fail with the help of the “Novichok” turned into a bogey by the West, if there are many other, much more reliable and reliable ways to get rid of a person? Please, the only acceptable counterargument in this case is Dmitry Peskov's biting bullshit. In the West, some media outlets are now gloating about the "silence of the Kremlin in response to the accusations." They say that they even "canceled several press conferences." Well, first of all, it is far from certain that it was precisely because of the new round of the scandal with Navalny. But even so, they did the right thing, you know. Why create extra conditions for information provocations, which, there is no doubt, will follow more than once?

Goals are clear, deadlines are set

Why did it "explode" right now? The reasons are so obvious that it's not even interesting. First of all, the desire to turn the traditional big press conference of Vladimir Putin, scheduled for December 17, into a field for the provocations I have mentioned. Indeed, why give the domestic leader the opportunity to talk about overcoming the coronavirus pandemic (much more successful than in most Western countries), developing a vaccine against this disease (which our country was one of the first in the world to implement), and the like? Let's reduce everything to Novichok and Navalny! Not the least role, by the way, in choosing the moment for the publication of the "investigation" was played by the desire of the forces behind them to spoil the professional holiday, December 20, for the FSB officers. Yes, Western colleagues have begun to sink to completely disgusting things ... By the way, the main proof that the entire "journalistic investigation", in fact, is nothing more than another episode of Bellingcat and the company’s work at quite certain “offices” , was published not by TASS, but by The New York Times. In the publication of this particular edition (with reference to a certain "high-ranking officer of the German special services") it is quite openly stated that "representatives of the American CIA and British intelligence services passed on to their German colleagues information about the poisoning, including about the identities of FSB officers who participated in the operation. ". Moreover, this happened almost at the moment when the landing gear of the plane with the "oppositionist" touched German soil.

Agree, such a turn makes a big difference. In fact, fundamentally. This is an admission that the journalists did not calculate any "secret poisoners" (of course, they could not). The CIA and MI-6 simply "leaked" them the corresponding list of names, and the task of the "investigators" was only to "adjust the problem to the answer" and create a more or less acceptable fictional frame. A fool would have done it.

Naturally, on New Year's Eve the nerves of our president, to spoil him and his colleagues with "Chekist's Day" are tasks, so to speak, of a tactical level, and nothing more. At the strategic level, everything is much larger. The new burst of slanderous activity in the "poisoning of Navalny", in fact, gave an absolutely clear and unambiguous start to the process of preparing a "color revolution" in Russia. To tell the truth, nobody even tries to hide this. The same Dobrokhotov absolutely openly declares: the purpose of the launched information attack is not the "sanctions-shamings of the West" (literal quote), but a "tough reaction" on the part of "mentally healthy inhabitants", which must certainly result in something during the elections ... Here it is - the cornerstone!

To understand the essence of the issue, let us turn again to open publications in the leading American media. The Washington Post writes very specifically that the parliamentary elections in Russia, to be held on September 19, 2021, "will become a foreign policy test for the West, and, above all, the United States." What, in fact, are we talking about? What do they care about our elections? WP explains this point with disarming simplicity - it turns out that the results of the will of the Russians will certainly be "falsified by the will of Putin." And he immediately reminds that "in recent years, in the countries neighboring Russia - from Serbia to Georgia and Ukraine, it was precisely the falsification of ballots that led to mass protests." Here it is, so how ... Now we know for sure - the first "Maidan" in our country, tentatively, was appointed by Washington on September 20, 2021. What is Navalny's role here? Yes, it is more than obvious - taking into account the fact that the publication I cite mentions the call of this figure “not to recognize the results of the parliamentary elections” if “opposition deputies” do not win. But they won't win!

Having made absurd accusations against Russian President Vladimir Putin, announcing him as the initiator and customer of his own "poisonings", Alexei Navalny crossed a very specific line. He, of course, sees himself now as Caesar, who has crossed the Rubicon and is moving towards triumph. The grief "oppositionist" imagines himself to be the future "banner of protest" and the leader of the "revolution". At the same time, he does not understand that due to the specific specifics of the hype created around him, the West is much more interesting and beneficial to the dead than to the living. By agreeing to play the role assigned to him, the “fighter against corruption” will no longer be able to get out of the role of “victim” defined for him and, most likely, he will have to play it out, pardon the “black” pun, to the end ... However, these are the problems of Mr. Navalny and his family.

For us, the question of what Russia should do in the face of the newly emerging bacchanalia of accusations and slander remains relevant. Write it off to bullshit and not react at all? The option is tempting, but hardly feasible. Too serious forces in the game, too ambitious goals are set and resources are used. They won't. It is clear that making excuses and trying to prove the absurdity of slander is completely useless. Thank God, even though the Kremlin seems to have understood this.

Most likely, the domestic leadership should act mainly in two main directions - on the one hand, prepare to resist the most serious (most likely, the most ambitious) attempt to destabilize the internal political situation in Russia, arrange a “color revolution” in our house according to all the rules. On the other hand, it is necessary, in the end, to develop and begin to apply an effective and, as far as possible, the most tough complex of retaliatory actions against any structures, individuals and even entire states that organize and support such Russophobic demarches. Without this - nothing. Otherwise, the theater of the absurd with "poisoning" and the like will continue indefinitely.
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  1. LozmanPozman Offline LozmanPozman
    LozmanPozman (Lozman Pozman) 16 December 2020 12: 03
    The Naglo-Saxons went crazy with impunity, it's a fact ...
  2. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
    Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 16 December 2020 12: 13
    Poisoning consequences:

  3. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 16 December 2020 12: 27
    1. The more monstrous the lie, the more willingly the crowd will believe in it.
    2. Give me the media, and I will make a herd of pigs out of any people. (I. Goebbels)

    Goebbels committed suicide out of fear of the Russians. But his ideas live on and flourish.
  4. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) 16 December 2020 12: 45
    There remains one more proven move - the recognition of the republics of Little Russia with their annexation following the results of a referendum, as a result of an increase in the ratings of the current government. In a word, the Crimean scenario, and then all the speeches of the "liberals" with calls for the alienation of territories, will lead them not to a rally, but to a zone.
  5. Denis Arkhipov Offline Denis Arkhipov
    Denis Arkhipov (Denis Arkhipov) 16 December 2020 12: 49
    An article to order, but I really thought "The Reporter" is objective
    1. updidi Offline updidi
      updidi (Alexander Kazakov) 16 December 2020 23: 42
      Well, of course, a custom article is laughing
      Look here also, and logically correct conclusions are cited as arguments. This is the signature of the propagandists from the Kremlin. The text was clearly written at gunpoint by an FSB officer. A ha ha: D
    2. Yurets Offline Yurets
      Yurets (Yuri) 17 December 2020 07: 12
      Here you are - just to order !!!
  6. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
    ODRAP (Alexey) 16 December 2020 12: 52
    Well, Der Spiegel and CNN, this is serious. Far from Komsomolskaya Pravda.
    1. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
      Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 16 December 2020 13: 11
      CNN and Spiegel are twinned with the columnist and censor.
      Same trash heaps.
      1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
        ODRAP (Alexey) 16 December 2020 18: 23
        A Komsomol member is a beacon of truth in the hand of nightingale droppings.
        Let me remind you that the cost of shienen is many times higher than the cost of rashatudey.
        1. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
          Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 16 December 2020 18: 52
          The Komsomol member turned yellow back in the 90s.
          But even so, they are not as stubborn as your censors and American fake news.
          As for the cost, there were always a lot of bubbles behind the puddle. As an example from the recent past, let me remind Lehman Brothers. And now, the same tesla, epl, etc.
          1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
            ODRAP (Alexey) 16 December 2020 19: 24
            Well, Rashatudey and her daughters are yellow initially. True, now they have rapidly darkened to brown, and they are whining ...
            However, you can sacredly believe Sokha and National Interest. They are often cited as an example, what's here, what's on Topvar ... Which means their high reliability and unbiasedness.
            By the way, about the cost. For all my dislike for bubbles, you can get a lot of crumpled green pieces of paper, or even yellow circles, for them. Or, even stew and cartridges. feel
            For the aborted brainchild of a Simonyansha, you can only get it on the scoreboard.
            1. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
              Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 16 December 2020 19: 36
              He started with a Komsomol member, graduated from RT. I gathered everyone, I threw it to everyone.)
              And that's how it is with you. Do not love, but if they give money for this, especially American ones, you will kiss passionately.
              1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
                ODRAP (Alexey) 16 December 2020 19: 54
                Who do we have it?
                By the way, I started with Der Spiegel and Shienen.
                It's a normal comparison, simonyan and shienen. belay
            2. 123 Offline 123
              123 (123) 17 December 2020 02: 25
              Well, Rashatudey and her daughters are yellow initially. True, now they have rapidly darkened to brown, and they are whining ...

              Do you want to say that you are the same with them now?

              By the way, about the cost. For all my dislike for bubbles, you can get a lot of crumpled green pieces of paper, or even yellow circles, for them. Or, even stew and cartridges.

              How times have changed laughing are barrels of jam and baskets of cookies not enough for the new generation?

              For the aborted brainchild of a Simonyansha, you can only get it on the scoreboard.

              This is yes yes For such words, you can easily grab winked
        2. Yurets Offline Yurets
          Yurets (Yuri) 17 December 2020 07: 15
          Trump quite objectively gave all this shienen and other mass media disinformation a worthy assessment - fake !!!
          1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
            ODRAP (Alexey) 17 December 2020 14: 09
            And they re-elected him ... in revenge. laughing
  7. antibi0tikk Offline antibi0tikk
    antibi0tikk (Sergei) 16 December 2020 14: 02
    will have to play it out, pardon the "black" pun, to the end ...

    And I liked it! Alexander, there is nothing to apologize for. It's high time for such creatures to make a separate cemetery in the swamp. Yes, even pin up with an aspen stake so that they do not float.
  8. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 16 December 2020 14: 05
    Why is Chubais in power here? And why is Gorbachev being paid an increased pension? And for what merits did the EBN center build? And why there are a lot of them. This is why this independent power will close in 5 minutes. And who will allow Putin to do this? We have been wiping for 20 years and we will definitely wipe ourselves by 2036 !!
    1. The comment was deleted.
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        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Yurets Offline Yurets
      Yurets (Yuri) 17 December 2020 07: 17
      Listen, you can ask a bunch of "why"
      1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
        steelmaker 17 December 2020 14: 02
        Well, ask! Shine with education, and I'll answer you. What questions can you ask me in defense of Chubais and Gorbachev?
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. 123 Offline 123
          123 (123) 17 December 2020 18: 28
          Well, ask! Shine with education, and I'll answer you. What questions can you ask me in defense of Chubais and Gorbachev?

          Do you have any answers in defense of Gorbachev and Chubais? laughing Are you prepared? Here you are what belay , and all pretend to be a critic feel
          May I try?
          How and who admitted Gorbachev to the highest post in the state?
          Why, seeing where things were going, did no one interfere with him?
          Do you think it is possible to destroy the country alone?
          For what reasons did Democratic Russia win the elections in Leningrad in 1990?
          What party were Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Chubais in?
          Don't you think that the soil for the collapse of the country has matured and rotted in this very "fish head"?
          And if so, did you criticize them as zealously during the Soviet era?
  9. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 16 December 2020 14: 42
    Navalny is a product of the Kremlin. Agent provocateur following the example of priest Gapon. Through him, compromising evidence was leaked by various groups, both in the government and in big business. But he became proud and became a triple agent - they needed money very much. And he is not superstitious, he took from everyone. For a long time our government forgave him all violations of the law, protected him from harsh court decisions. We got it in full. And now they keep quiet, they are afraid. A snout into the cannon and themselves.
  10. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 16 December 2020 16: 33
    I see no reason to answer ridiculous accusations. If Novalny and Olibasov drink MOLE instead of juice, drunk, then this is not a problem of the Russian Federation!
    1. updidi Offline updidi
      updidi (Alexander Kazakov) 16 December 2020 23: 46
      This whole story with Alibasov is most likely just for the sake of PR
      1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
        Sapsan136 (Alexander) 17 December 2020 12: 02
        Yes that Novalny, that Alibasov, the stories are similar and the meaning is the same. Although the story of a scumbag who drank himself to death and drinks MOLE instead of juice, PR is very dubious
        1. updidi Offline updidi
          updidi (Alexander Kazakov) 17 December 2020 13: 42
          Well, they have their own atmosphere there. All the more, Alibasov was shocking even among all this party called "Russian show business"
  11. Egor 7b7 Offline Egor 7b7
    Egor 7b7 16 December 2020 16: 35
    Whoever does not spit in the face of a bald coward, but he wipes himself off and wipes himself off. This is called a flexible political system.
  12. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 16 December 2020 18: 04
    The main thing is not to use someone else again, such as sports nutrition sellers. Or is it too late?

    Since there was a coma, but there were no reasons.
  13. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 16 December 2020 18: 21
    And for what ... this Navalny surrendered to us, as well as Khodorkovsky, Kasparov, Kasyanov and other libero-emigrants, we have both Magnitsky's list and the "occupation" of Crimea for the next millennium, and they have nothing to do there, over the hill , as soon as these lists are replenished with more and more new sanctions ... But Navalny seems to be a peasant, then he is unattractive, and how much stench from him all over the world.
  14. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 16 December 2020 20: 40
    Navalny is a swindler, there is nowhere to put a sample. His place in prison since the time of the scam with KirovLes.
    It is unacceptable for those under investigation and under a subscription to travel abroad, and by allowing this to go abroad, Vladimir Putin himself violated the law - for all alone.
  15. General Black Offline General Black
    General Black (Gennady) 16 December 2020 20: 40
    Why did the “deadliest military OV” in the world, “Novichok,” never kill Navalny either with two or three attempts?

    Because the good pig is all good!
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Putnik_16 Offline Putnik_16
    Putnik_16 (Victor) 17 December 2020 21: 05
    Putin is insolently openly spreading rot and he cannot answer plainly ...
  18. Albert Offline Albert
    Albert (Albert) 23 December 2020 09: 30
    Who needs him, this clown ...