SBU Colonel explained why Putin will no longer talk to Zelensky

Moscow will no longer communicate with Kiev in Donbas, and Russian leader Vladimir Putin will talk about this with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Oleg Starikov, an expert in the field of defense and security, a reserve colonel of the SBU, said this on the air of the talk show "VAZHLIVE" of the TV channel "Nash".

According to the expert, over the year since the Normandy Four summit in Paris, Zelensky has lost not only the trust of the residents of his country, but also the hopes of the Russian side for a normal dialogue and mutual understanding.

Zelensky in December of that year (2019 - ed.) Signed a memorandum in Paris, on which the entire policy... Now the pressure on Ukraine will only grow

- he noted.

He believes that Moscow will not discuss issues with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. And this will continue until people from the Ukrainian side appear in the TCG in Minsk, with whom Russia can talk. Whom Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will look at "as an empty space." For example, the former First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Chaly or the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs Konstantin Grishchenko.

The logic of the Kremlin, its towers, is that they will talk to those they consider equal to themselves. Putin won't talk to Zelensky. I explain that when Zelensky had a 73% rating, he talked to him. Now Zelensky has less than 30%. Until Ukraine nominates negotiators with whom they will be ready to communicate, there will be no movement on the "Minsk Agreements"

- Explained the expert.

Starikov is sure that Russia is demonstrating its readiness for dialogues and compromises by all available means.

Moscow seems to be saying: Show the one who will come, with whom we will agree, we will sit for a day, two, three. But if we sign, you will comply. Not that he signed and left, and tomorrow everything changed

- the expert specified.

Starikov stressed that Ukrainian officials who are currently working in the field of defense, security or are engaged in foreign policy activities are not in their places, and this is still very putting it mildly.
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  1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
    ODRAP (Alexey) 15 December 2020 14: 12
    The ex-colonel knows for politics ...
    But, he is deeply wrong. Zelenskiy will not be allowed because he must go through a 14-day quarantine to be allowed into the bunker. And the bunker, either in Sochi, or in Barvikha, is unclear ...
    Seriously, the GDP is simply nothing to talk about. The requirement to introduce into the TCG plenipotentiary representatives of the unrecognized Coal Switzerland is not being met a little. Even at the UN, they did not listen, they swept it under the rug.
    The requirement to introduce decent people is ridiculous. Two ex-presidents, how much higher? And Medvedchuk will definitely not be allowed in ...
    1. LozmanPozman Offline LozmanPozman
      LozmanPozman (Lozman Pozman) 16 December 2020 12: 00
      If you don't know about the bunker, why should people hang their noodles on their fish soup?
      1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
        ODRAP (Alexey) 16 December 2020 19: 27
        I take it off my ears.
        At, some firmly believe that the Father of the Nation works in the suburbs, but his plane to St. Petersburg took off from the south ...
        1. Ivan Ivanov_22 Offline Ivan Ivanov_22
          Ivan Ivanov_22 (ivan ivanov) 16 December 2020 20: 16
          you care where he lives
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 15 December 2020 15: 11
    A clever man, he says everything correctly, this Colonel Starikov (later I will find and listen to his speech in full.Reminded me of his famous Russian namesake Nikolai Starikov yes , and, also adequately thinking, observant and intelligent, unknown major of the KGB-SBU, my fellow traveler in the compartment of the Kiev train, in the early 1990s, even during the "ukroprezik" Kuchma, noticed that smart, critically thinking people in the "committee", in Soviet times and before the "orange maidan" -2004, there was always an "increased percentage", more than in the army and the police ?!)! good
    The Colonel correctly described the "platoon-company level" of thinking of the "supreme maydauns"! yes
    Indeed, the "platoon-company" is the ultimate "level (obviously insurmountable by them!)" For the "maidan ascended" temporary workers, all sorts of headless "Zelensky-kuleb" and other "giblets-tymoshenko"! request
    It is a pity that the studio punks interfered with listening, did not allow to speak, interrupted Oleg Starikov with her stupidity!
    Opposite him sat in a blue suit - "Zhenya", he, too, according to his remarks and face, like "in memory", with intelligence ?!
    And the rest, collected in that television studio, including the red-haired presenter, "by the eyes and facial expressions" (not to mention the "habits" and "remarks"), to put it mildly, "do not give the impression of adequate and intelligent people"! negative IMHO

    PS "The percentage of trust" allegedly "Poroshenko's verdict" and his stray "servants on the announcement" in our Ukrainian South-East has long fallen much lower than the "officially recognized", and even those our general last year "73%", for the most part, were NOT behind Kolomoytsev's clown - "mudezykanta" with the ever-guilty, wry grinning, "muzzle of the face", and "against" "in the edge of the witch-doctor" Bloody Giblets with his anti-popular "tomosyatina" - "armovira" (with his "w / Bandera" Maidanobanda " spravzhnyh ukrayintsiv "already" got "in Ukraine all, both supporters of the Maidan coup, and its opponents, Galician exception, this is the joy of any" Svidomo "Russophobic bastard at" feeding the authorities "?!)! negative
  3. ibn.shamai Offline ibn.shamai
    ibn.shamai (Vanya and the bear.) 15 December 2020 15: 32
    And why should Putin talk to him if Zeleboba and the rest of his gang are not masters on their (conditionally) land?
  4. Valery Valeriev Offline Valery Valeriev
    Valery Valeriev (Valery Valeriev) 15 December 2020 20: 17
    The special officer is right about something, but this is not easy for Zhmerynsky cattle. People's courts await them in the literal sense of the word, and the sentences will also be appropriate, but not at all the same as after the war for the valiant police service. Then the old man Stalin still slightly covered them. Who will cover them today? That's right, nobody. Therefore, even a voluntary return of what was stolen by Ukrainian marauders in Donbass will not save them. Where will they get the organs they have cut from the population? The choice will be a small gallows or cremated (alive), as they arrived in the Donetsk region.
  5. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 15 December 2020 20: 20
    It is necessary to disrespect yourself in order to meet with this clown !?
  6. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 15 December 2020 23: 55
    Partly Starikov is right. But only in part.
    In an interview with Gordon, the former head of Zelenskiy's office, Bogdan, clearly said that Zelenskiy had dumped Putin. Bogdan mentioned a document of 12 or 13 points adopted in Paris a year ago (which he himself did not see, but which was mentioned by many people known to him, who are closer connected with foreign policy). The terms of exchange were agreed there: we are for you, you are for us. Something that Bogdan mentions, in particular, 3 billion by the decision of the Stockholm court (they could not have paid). This coincides in time with the conclusion of, to put it mildly, a dubious (from the point of view of the interests of the Russian Federation) gas transit agreement. Apparently, this agreement was one of the points of exchange. Putin, as usual, fulfilled his obligations. But Zelensky, in the words of Bogdan, threw Putin. As a result, Putin did not look very good in front of the people of the Russian Federation. And Putin will not forget it. Apparently there were some serious advances on the part of Ukraine in the Donbass. But Zelenskiy could not do anything, substituting both Russia and Putin personally. He received certain political dividends before the electorate (although they did not last long), but did not fulfill his obligations.
    That is, he has established himself not only as a political clown, but also as a scammer. Who will talk to him?
    That is, it’s not a matter of negotiators, but of Zelensky’s personality. Therefore, in Ukraine, there is already talk about Razumkov as Zelensky's successor.
    Only after all, Putin will demand that his successor fulfill the agreements.
  7. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 16 December 2020 09: 13
    In the well-known old anecdote, Comrade Stalin, before deciding on another "Stalinist strike", always consulted with Colonel Brezhnev. Probably now, before making another decision on Ukraine, VVP consults with a retired colonel from the SBU. bully
  8. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
    Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 16 December 2020 13: 51
    He believes that Moscow will not discuss issues with the Foreign Minister ... until people from the Ukrainian side appear in the TCG in Minsk .... Whom Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will look at "as an empty place."

    what nonsense? what empty space?