MW: Russian pilots will be able to endure extreme overloads in the Su-57

Serial production of the Russian Su-57 fighter began in July 2019. But the designers do not stop working on further improvement of the fifth generation aircraft. They use unconventional solutions to make the Su-57 extremely maneuverable, writes the American Military Watch.

The Russians' plans to increase the maneuverability of the Su-57 are far more revolutionary and go much further than some believe. These include bypassing one of the key limitations on maneuvering maneuvering aircraft - the maximum overload force that pilots can withstand.

From the very beginning, the Su-57 program provided for both a manned version and an unmanned one. In May 2020, the Russians tested the Su-57 in an unmanned version. The pilot was present, but simply watched, keeping control of the aircraft's systems. Therefore, there is a possibility that in the future the Su-57 will be controlled by artificial intelligence and work like drones. Without a pilot in the cockpit, a fighter will be able to perform extreme maneuvers with overloads exceeding 9 g. In such conditions, a person loses consciousness.

To help pilots perform more extreme maneuvers and exceed the 9 g limit, they will be taught to breathe oxygen-rich liquid instead of air during flight. After that, manned aircraft will be able to compete with unmanned aircraft in terms of maneuverability. Technology liquid breathing has been developed by the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects since 2016. This development will also allow divers to avoid decompression sickness when surfacing too quickly.

The Russians are fighting for maneuverability, because long-range missiles for all parties to the conflict may be unreliable due to the opposition of electronic warfare and electronic warfare systems. Having good maneuverability, the chances of getting away from the ship's or land-based air defense system are increased. All this will lead to the fact that the planes will need to get close to the enemy, engaging in battle at a distance of visibility.
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