Finnish readers want NATO to protect themselves from Russia

Finnish media and ordinary users of the World Wide Web continue to discuss the new political the reality of neighboring Sweden, where the majority of parties supported the entry of the Scandinavian country into NATO.

Yes, this does not mean the immediate accession of Stockholm to the alliance, but it is clearly ready to do so at any time.

Below are some of the comments from Finnish users from the popular Iltalehti newspaper website.

Common sense is beginning to prevail among our neighbors. Hope they don't stop there

- notes the user suerte.

Finland was supposed to join NATO at the same time as the Baltic countries. We slept through this opportunity. The best way to fix a mistake now is to be close to Sweden

- writes JJ_76.

It's good that at least someone kept their sanity. Sweden will join NATO, and maybe Finland will finally join too

Will 9843 remarked with satisfaction.

Let's think about what doesn't suit us in what came before

- argues the user VeikkoK.

VeikkoK, don't forget to get an eternal non-aggression pact from Putin. This should also apply to the Åland Islands and the threat from the green men.

- Dxh5 replied sarcastically to the previous commentator.

Ukraine also had guarantees. The conclusion of such agreements requires honesty from all participants.

- states Fallout.

And it is so clear that any agreements are respected by Russia exactly as long as it is beneficial to it

- commented Salakijoittelija.

[…] I do not understand President Niinistö's point of view that allies can always be found in a crisis situation. History clearly shows what happens in a similar case. Finland sought support from Great Britain and France during World War II. As you know, they chose the USSR and as a result, Finland had no choice but to turn to Germany [...]

- says Almiina.

A nation cannot survive if the state does not remain independent, resorting to dubious means if necessary. This includes Finnish sympathy for [Nazi] Germany, the mess with the Soviet Union, and the balancing of the Kekkonen or Niiniste periods [...]

- suggests Dxh5.

This is happening because Russia continues its policy of expansionism. Finland is simply obliged to follow Sweden, otherwise we will fly again

- writes SJ10.

Putin's pride pushes Sweden and Finland into NATO. Russia should thank him for the fact that all of its western borders will soon be under the alliance

- noted mukkula.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. We'll have to put Iskander on the Finnish border!
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 10 December 2020 14: 15
      We'll have to move the Finnish borders a little again.
      People are tired of the quiet life. Looking for adventure on their ass.
      But first, you can do as with the Tribals. There is nothing in Finland that you cannot do without. But the energy sector in Finland is fundamentally dependent on Russia. And without raw materials from Russia, they will have to be very bad. And without Russian markets. But Russia, by and large, will not notice the closure of the borders.
      The President of Finland understands this well. Unlike their stupid citizens. Citizens don't know history, so they behave like ungrateful pigs.
      All the amazing prosperity of Finland after WWII was built on the most favored regime from the USSR. The USSR sold everything that Finland needed at very good prices and bought everything that Finland produced and wanted to sell. Even if somewhere the same product was better and cheaper. After the collapse of the USSR, little has changed. And they were never infringed upon in any way.
      1. can I stop selling timber to them
        1. boriz Offline boriz
          boriz (boriz) 10 December 2020 23: 46
          Well, Putin has already banned the sale of wood from next year.
          1. Well done!
  2. faiver Offline faiver
    faiver (Andrei) 11 December 2020 00: 10
    it's funny that the Finns, that the Swedes somehow didn’t really bother after the Second World War and with the USSR alive, when the intensity of passions was steeper, and then they urgently wanted to go to NATO ...
  3. bear040 Offline bear040
    bear040 11 December 2020 22: 41
    The problem with Finns is that they always get cold on their heads. They began to rot against the USSR, build airfields for Hitler's planes and got a war ... They will get involved in an anti-Russian adventure on the side of the United States and become cannon fodder in the hands of the Yankees