What is the secret of Russian smile?

A broad smile is the hallmark of the Americans. In the West, it is considered a sign of good manners, but in Russia, the "American smile" is considered strained and does not reflect the true intentions of a person. There are certain reasons for this. Russians, compared to Americans and even Europeans, really rarely smile.

In the USA, countries of Western Europe and even in East Asia, a smile is considered as a manifestation of elementary politeness and is purely instrumental in nature. If a person does not smile at the first person he meets, then he demonstrates impoliteness and bad manners. Therefore, a smile is an indispensable component of American business etiquette, without a smile it is difficult to imagine the work of service or trade personnel. Psychologists say that the American tight smile is nothing more than a consequence of internal tension. If a person smiles insincerely and stiffly, it means that he is nervous, fears some kind of threat.

There is another aspect of the “American smile” - to some extent, it is a reflection of the material well-being of a person, since having healthy and well-groomed teeth is an expensive pleasure. If an American smiles, it means that he is not ashamed to show his snow-white teeth, which means he has health and financial resources.

In Russia, everything is different. Here, even sellers in stores and waiters in restaurants do not smile without good reason. The politeness of a Russian person is not expressed in a smile on duty. He can communicate very attentively, but this does not mean that he will smile. If a service worker suddenly smiled at a visitor, then in the vast majority of cases this means that the latter somehow deserved location - he joked, said something pleasant, turned out to be an old acquaintance. After all, in Russia there was always a special attitude to a smile.

In the view of a Russian person, a smile always means a special, friendly attitude to the person you are talking to. It is no coincidence that the expression "give a smile" exists in Russian. The girl smiled - the first step towards dating. Your work colleague smiles at you - you evoke positive emotions in him, he treats you well. A smile in Russia is always full of meaning, unlike the United States, where it is on duty and does not mean anything.

When foreigners come to Russia, they consider such a national trait of Russians to be a manifestation of their gloom and hostility. But this is not at all true. A friendly smile in Russia needs to be earned and not everyone can count on it. Russian people feel great falsehood, and therefore do not trust the snow-white smiles of Americans.
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  1. Primoos Offline Primoos
    Primoos 26 June 2018 21: 05
    If you often show your good teeth for any reason and without it, you can easily lose these teeth. To grin, show teeth like jerk pin. Dos? Actually, if a man does it, then in most cases it is a threat, a challenge. Unless of course he is a homosexual. Not everyone needs a smile, and not always. A sincere smile cannot be tied to a face on a rope.
    1. gladcu2 Offline gladcu2
      gladcu2 (gladcu2) 27 June 2018 23: 05
      At the expense of teeth, the author got excited.

      I recalled a joke. He had one flaw, he was bald. But there was dignity, a mouthful of golden teeth.

      If a sales manager smiles at you, wait for the catch.
      Capitalism is false.

      A scoops why smuggle? We already understand each other half a word. After all, we have a systemic education. Even boring ...