"Then it will be too late". Russia should not postpone the war with NATO

In order to avoid accusations of aggressiveness and bloodthirstiness, I will immediately make a reservation: we are not talking (for now, at least) about the immediate defeat of enemy armies, updating the inscriptions on the Reichstag, dividing the occupation zones, and so on. It's just that NATO itself has been fighting with us for a long time already, and in our primordial territories. And we all, for the most part, just observe and seem to be preparing for something even worse. We are re-equipping the army at an accelerated pace, developing infrastructure, raising science and the economyclenching our teeth, we do not succumb to various provocations, convincing ourselves that we are still weak for a decisive fight.

All this has already happened in our history. In 1941. We also prepared, strengthened, trained, did not succumb to provocations, and re-armed at a record pace, but on June 22, in some strange way, the enemy still managed to catch us by surprise. Yes, so "out of hand" that they immediately lost ¾ of the entire European part of the country and almost the entire cadre army that was there.

We are constantly taught that it is necessary to remember our great Victory and the results of the Second World War. It is right. But one should not forget about the mistakes made then and the terrible defeats received. They also influenced history, and we also need to draw appropriate conclusions from them.

Just one small symptom indicating a serious illness

Not very noticed abroad, unexpected or political, or a spy scandal erupted the other day in the Czech Republic, one of the member countries of NATO and the European Union. Let not the most powerful and influential, but quite a "average", and therefore indicative.

The country's president, Milos Zeman, known for his straightforwardness, suddenly "unexpectedly" asked his own counterintelligence service for the names of Russian spies known to her on Czech territory. As it was reported in the media (the first, in particular, was the official news portal of the Czech state television and radio broadcasting "Radiojournal" 30.11.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX), the head of state asked the Czech BIS (Bezpečnostní a Informační služba - security and information service) to provide details of the "live" operations carried out and / or recently conducted by the Czech special services against their "counterparts "From the Russian Federation, as well as the names of real Russian agents on the territory of the country, about whose presence this very Czech counterintelligence constantly speaks, without giving any particular specifics.

But all this was initially connected not with a certain sharp activation of the Russian special services in the Czech Republic, as at first glance it might seem to the uninitiated public in Europe itself and beyond, but with the next introduction of the chief of local counterintelligence to the rank of general. The point, apparently, is simply that the head of the Czech BIS, Colonel Michal Koudelka, has already corny "got" the quite sober-minded Czech president with his absolutely groundless anti-Russian and anti-Chinese statements, which have recently increasingly complicated both international political and economic relations of the Czech Republic.

How to (not) become a general

We must start, apparently, with the fact that Koudelka is a kind of record holder - already five times he was nominated for the rank of general, which, in principle, corresponds to his position, but five times President Zeman rejected this submission. This has never happened in the history of the country. Michal Koudelka was appointed to his last position on July 27, 2016 on the recommendation of the Czech Parliament, which is actually in charge of such personnel decisions. Then the appointment is approved by the government appointed by the same parliament, and the president, in fact, is formally only obliged to sign the document. That is, Milos Zeman had no choice here, but with the ranks everything is different - only the president of the country can make a Czech officer a general and only by his own decision.

The first time the chief of the Czech counter-espionage was supposed to become a general back in May 2018, but Zeman then did not sign the order due to the first pan-European scandal with Novichok and, as a result, the subsequent expulsion of three employees of the Russian embassy from the Czech Republic. Zeman then, according to informed sources, was literally enraged, since he considered the work of the special services on this topic unprofessional and tendentiously fabricated to please some "third party". What kind of "third party" is this, we all, of course, understand. Then Koudelka was promoted to general in October 2018, in May 2019, in October of the same year, and the last time in October 2020, and again unsuccessfully. The president of the country, probably, could not express his attitude towards this individual and his “achievements” more harshly and intelligibly for those around him.

Who is Colonel Koudelka?

Michal Koudelka was born in 1965 and graduated in 1989 from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Prague Technical University (ČVUT). He served in the army in 1991, that is, after receiving higher education and disappearing from the political map of the world of Socialist Czechoslovakia. Koudelka got into counterintelligence in April 1992. Twice during his service he underwent training in the notorious British Mi-6 (the second time even in the course of “leadership in conducting special operations”), also under the NATO line he did a long-term internship in the intelligence department of Canada, in March 2019 at the headquarters -the CIA headquarters was awarded the American Prize and the George Tennett Medal for foreign employees of the department and persons actively helping the US intelligence services abroad. He is fluent in Russian and English. That is, what kind of character this is, by whom and for what purpose, it is quite clear. But the trouble is that Koudelka, apparently, wanted to please his western curators so badly that he overdid it. Moreover, directly to the detriment of their own state, and this damage is definitely considerable. So big that even the president of the country himself could not ignore it.

If you listen to or read the periodic open abstracts issued by the organization under the leadership of still Colonel Koudelka, it turns out that Europe in general and the Czech Republic in particular simply have no other important problems, except for the pervasive ramified networks of Russian intelligence and the detrimental influence on the democratic processes there, again Russian propaganda, plus, as it were, in the background, Chinese industrial espionage infiltrated everywhere through Chinese gadgets and even consumer electronics. Moreover, Koudelka, without a shadow of a doubt, even records Czechs-reenactors as Russian spies, that is, those citizens who, as a hobby, participate in events of military history clubs in Soviet or Russian military uniforms, not excluding tsarist ones.

Apparently, for a positive attitude towards enemy attributes and symbols. The same people, for example, in the form of the Waffen-SS, bother him much less. Also, the chief of the Czech counterintelligence is very upset by the fact of teaching modern history in Czech schools in a "too pro-Soviet" way. This, they say, morally corrupts the younger generation. From the point of view of Koudelka, again, there is nothing more “morally corrupting” for young people in modern Europe - there is almost widespread brainwashing by LGBT propaganda, loss of family values, massive infiltration of terrorism through the window of “multiculturalism and tolerance”, actual legalization of drugs and prostitution in the EU , the Internet, in which everything is freely available - from pornography to schemes for making explosives at home, etc. etc. These are all, apparently, trifles in comparison with the "wrong" teaching of the history of the Second World War ...

Although from the "pro-Soviet" in the school curriculum, there was probably only the very fact of the USSR's participation in the war and the fact that half of Europe, including the capital of Germany and the Czech Republic itself, was occupied by Soviet troops. They occupied, I emphasize, they did not release, this is exactly the interpretation in Czech schools now, but Colonel Koudelka, apparently, does not like it either. Yes, they also have not yet corrected the position that it was Hitler's Third Reich who unleashed the war and attacked the USSR, and not vice versa. But this, apparently, is already a matter of time ...

Where are the Russian spies?

But back to today. It would seem, what happened? Well, the president of the Czech Republic, who, by the way, according to the country's constitution is also the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, asked his own counterintelligence to provide certain information, just directly related to the state of affairs in the state entrusted to him. As you know, open and closed reporting and information briefings for presidents or commanders are carried out by almost all intelligence services in the world - this is a standard practice. Especially considering that they, these same special services, are engaged in their activities with state funds and are obliged to report for their use for the good of the country. But in the Czech Republic, the local so-called "intelligence community" suddenly got angry: This is unacceptable! What does this Zeman allow himself? How can you interfere with the activities of the special services? This will disrupt many operations! Will reveal classified agents! Such information can nullify all efforts to fight the enemy, and even give the enemy some "trump cards" against the EU and NATO! And then endlessly in a similar style ...

A sober reader in this place, apparently, will be very surprised - and who, if not his own Supreme Commander-in-Chief, in this case, is all this information accumulated by the special services intended? For yourself for internal use? Or the already mentioned "third parties"? Who, then, does the whole system work for, whose interests it protects and to whom is it accountable, even if the president of his own country, as they say, “does not order”? Then who is the "decree"? Or is it just that all these stories about the mass of infiltrated Russian agents are outright nonsense and lies? And the Czech BIS actually does nothing and throws huge taxpayers' money down the drain? And Koudelka is afraid that this is what will come to light, and he will be left without a position and the longed-for general's rank?

It seems even more senseless one of the main excuses why counterintelligence does not want to provide the president with classified information: it turns out that many members of the presidential office, including the press secretary and translators, do not have the right to access classified information, since they have not passed certain levels of checks on this the same organization under the command of Colonel Michal Koudelka. Nonsense? Yes, to say the least ... But just for this one "nonsense" Koudelk himself should not only not be made a general, but generally expelled to the devil's grandmother from service with deprivation of rank and content. Certain untrustworthy people at the very top of the country's leadership are a complete failure and counterintelligence's failure to fulfill its own direct functions and responsibilities. But for some reason no one takes any such actions and does not even ask such questions.

Maybe the Czech "committeemen" have so much work to catch Russian spies and local "pro-Russian" military reenactors that since March 2013 (which is how long Milos Zeman is the president of the Czech Republic) they have not found time for the office of the head of state? This, theoretically, should be clear just from this very report, which the Czech president demands from his own special services, and they refuse to provide him with all their might. It is extremely interesting where this marasmic vicious circle will finally end and what will we learn about the activity of Russian agents, or, conversely, about its absence. Interestingly, so far no one is accusing Russia of anything - even somehow strange and unexpected.

Considering that lately, for such accusations against our country, no one in the West has even bothered to look for some at least plausible evidence, we can assume the following: they have lied and played so much that any next step can work as a rake, on who jumped with a running start. At least for the Czech counterintelligence service and its leader. Milos Zeman himself, seeing an unexpected reaction, continues to insist even harder on providing him with the requested data. Under the current conditions, the only logical and completely customary way out of the situation for Colonel Koudelka would, apparently, be the announcement of the Czech president himself as Moscow's agent. Western curators would probably appreciate this - Eastern European leaders, who have their own opinions on various issues, often differing from the “party line” of the EU nomenclature, have long been there as a “bone in the throat”. We will look forward to the outcome.

Nevertheless, some conclusions should be obvious to us already now.

General diagnosis based on a single symptom

General Michal Koudelka, who has failed five times, at his post in one of the economically, technologically and industrially well-developed states of Europe - this is no exception today, this is the norm. Unfortunately for the EU and NATO, it should be fortunate for us if such facts are used in time and correctly. The European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance, of course, will not collapse on their own in the very near future. But against the backdrop of a protracted economic recession, exacerbated by a pandemic, and a migration crisis, complicated by an increase in crime and outbursts of natural terrorism itself, Europe is rapidly "righting" in its political aspirations. This is a spontaneous and already known mechanism of self-defense of the population. Something similar and for quite similar reasons happened about a hundred years ago - in the chaos of the 20s of the XX century. How it ended in the 30s and where it led the same Europe to the mid 40s, we all also remember. We remember, but "they" somehow seem to have forgotten already. Otherwise, the German Defense Minister, Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer, would not have publicly declared the need to talk with the Russian Federation "from a position of strength." It is clear that modern Russia is not due to the power of the USSR, but also the FRG now, in terms of its power capabilities, excuse me, is not even a shadow of the Third Reich, which was West Germany back in the very late 80s - early 90s.

Based on the above, I believe that Russia, for the sake of solving its geopolitical tasks and problems, does not need to wait for "better" times, which, most likely, will not come. And we have a lot of these tasks and problems: Ukraine, Belarus, Transnistria, and indeed the entire former USSR, the Arctic, oil and gas, foreign bases for our Armed Forces and the Navy, etc., etc. A lot of everything. And you need to decide quickly and tough. I personally think it's just right now. The United States, choosing Biden, avoided a civil war or at least full-scale unrest, but the deepest crisis in the country's history of mistrust of the authorities has not disappeared. For now, at least. And in Europe, again, for the time being, the intelligence services of states are commanded by citizens like Michal Koudelka, the armies of ladies like Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, and all this vaudeville is run by politicians like Ursula von der Leyen (who, being the previous Minister of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany, is destroyed all the remnants of the former German military power) - all these are people with self-esteem inflated to heaven, but at the same time clearly intellectually limited, nationally notorious, and also absolutely incapable of any independent decisions and actions. And this, I repeat, is the norm in today's Europe, not the exception. Such an opponent is much better than an intelligent, calculating and independent one, but with the same complexes. Fighting narcissistic idiots, of course, is not easy - you never know what to expect from them. But with really smart and independent enemies, such as the same Mueller in the special services, von Manstein or Schörner in the army, and Speer or Hitler in the leadership, it will definitely be more difficult. We also remember.

No need, in short, to waste time. And then it will be too late, it will only be more difficult to fight, but you will still have to return the lost position and territory again. Remembering the Victory, let us not repeat the bitter mistakes that led to defeats. Seize chances by ignoring incoming information. And also keep in mind that war is not always something that is waged openly with the help of tanks, aircraft or missiles. You can fight in another way, although one does not exclude the other. It was so then, it will be about the same now.
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  1. Dmitry Donskoy Offline Dmitry Donskoy
    Dmitry Donskoy (Dmitry Donskoy) 2 December 2020 07: 47
    War is not necessary. There is no one to fight
  2. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 2 December 2020 08: 40
    Good article
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 2 December 2020 08: 50
    Before starting a war, it is necessary to return the lands of the USSR by 1985 - when the process of destruction by foreign agents of influence was launched in the country - from within. It is necessary to publicly analyze the mistakes of the then leadership and at least publicly condemn those responsible. And then Stalin was quickly condemned at the XX Congress of the CPSU, but the subsequent renegades are still afraid to publicly condemn. Why doesn't the Communist Party of the Russian Federation make a similar report on those who destroyed the USSR?
    1. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
      Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 2 December 2020 09: 00
      maybe because siu himself did not crawl out of the mattress embassy? Should he condemn himself as one of the destroyers of the USSR?
    2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 11: 08
      Before starting a war, you need to return the lands of the USSR by 1985

      - absolutely agree, just not

      Before starting a war

      - it is already underway, and the enemy is in these very territories. Do you think they will leave if they ask well and culturally?
    3. Alexander Markov (Alexander Markov) 26 December 2020 10: 17
      So I think the author and speaks about it. Without looking back at anyone, put Ukraine in its place, returning 8 regions given to it by the Bolsheviks. Make a corridor to Transnistria and admit it to Russia. Conduct active work in Moldova on reunification, squeezing out the Romanians from there. Tough to restore order in the Caucasus by accepting South Ossetia and Abkhazia as part of Russia. Bring order to Karabakh by punishing Azerbaijan, who betrayed us because of the Turks. Conduct a referendum in Armenia on reunification with Russia and finally Unite with Belarus. It's time to collect squandered land and deal with the 5th column inside Russia, stop humiliating yourself. It's time to talk and defend your interests from a position of strength, and not to tell lies at every step about the might of our army.
  5. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 2 December 2020 09: 40
    Yes, some people really want blood. Alien. About their own they somehow - no, no.

    The author describes the general intrigues of politics and services in the Czech Republic, but the conclusion:
    We should attack NATO ourselves. (“Then it will be too late.” Russia should not postpone the war with NATO).
    Hurt yourself.

    Some have just fought in the "we can repeat" style. And they immediately hanged all the dogs on them.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 11: 24
      It's strange. You, Serge, and with a strong difference in our views, the understanding of the meaning of the texts was usually deeper ... request
    2. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
      Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 3 December 2020 20: 44
      Yes, some people really want blood. Alien. About their own they somehow - no, no.

      yes, here not some, but almost everyone ... and they think that, lying on the sofas, everyone else will kill everyone for them, and at least they would have henna ... that's because of these and all the troubles
  6. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 2 December 2020 09: 49
    What a horror. The author, based on the biography of a Czech colonel, deduced the need for a war with NATO. Nonsense.
    No, I understand, the author suffers from suicidal inclinations, but why drag the country along?
    And for one thing, the author is not bad at getting the story, then he would have known that there were two confrontations along the line of "West" Russia, this is the Crimean War and the Cold War. Russia lost both of these confrontations. The author wants to repeat?
    1. Ivan Semenov Offline Ivan Semenov
      Ivan Semenov (Ivan Semenov) 2 December 2020 10: 46
      Quote: Oleg Rambover
      The author, based on the biography of a Czech colonel, deduced the need for a war with NATO. Nonsense.

      Nonsense is that from this article you have drawn such conclusions. The article is about something completely different. About the situation in the modern world, about the need to remember your mistakes, and not just about victories. About the filthiness and treachery of Western politicians, who have always been and have not gone anywhere. About the possibly fatal fallacy of Leopold the cat's policy.
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 11: 19
        Thanks. I am glad that there is still really someone to write for ... hi
      2. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
        Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 2 December 2020 11: 31
        I have been hearing this song about the decaying west all my life with a short break in the 90s. And I know from history that the Slavophiles began to drink it down 180 years ago. During this time, Russia has gone through a failed state twice, and the West is rotting.

        Quote: Ivan Semyonov
        The article is about something else entirely.

        Have you read the title of the article? I understand the article is long, there are many letters, but at the end there is a conclusion, you probably did not get to it.
    2. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
      Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 10 December 2020 10: 40
      Lost Russia by accepting Crimea by universal suffrage of its citizens? There will always be a cold war because there will be Russia with its riches and its own opinion. And you will sell the country only for bowing to Uncle Sam, or rather only for the fact that you will be allowed to bow to Uncle Sam. And I think that the author is right in some ways, that it is necessary to answer both the Americans and the Germans now and harshly, so that they understand that they will not be there if they even begin preparations for military operations. And to be silent and frighten your people, as you do, will only lead quickly to a new war.
      1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
        Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 10 December 2020 20: 11
        The future will show whether Russia has lost or not by accepting Crimea.

        Quote: Anchonsha
        There will always be a cold war because there will be Russia with its riches and its own opinion.

        The opinion of the Russian Federation is interesting to the world in direct proportion to the size of its economy, and our rulers themselves run to sell natural resources for modest bucks to the west for distillation with Arabs and Africans.

        Quote: Anchonsha
        And you will sell the country only for bowing to Uncle Sam, or rather, only for the fact that you will be allowed to bow to Uncle Sam.

        Where do you get this nonsense from?

        Quote: Anchonsha
        And I think that the author is right in some ways, that it is necessary to answer both the Americans and the Germans now and harshly, so that they understand that they will not be there if they even begin preparations for military operations.

        Another soldier was found. Will you go to the trenches yourself? Are you ready to pay with your life and your loved ones for your wet dreams?

        Quote: Anchonsha
        And to be silent and frighten your people, as you do, will only lead quickly to a new war.

        That is, the dreams of a respected author to destroy Europe does not lead to war, but my humble remarks that a response will surely arrive (not to mention who will give Russia money for greatness in exchange for natural resources) leads? You are strange.
        In short. If you are less than 50 years old, you will still see how Russia will again be "good" friends with the United States.
  7. argo44 Offline argo44
    argo44 (mac) 2 December 2020 10: 15
    In Poland, the same thing - the special services provide access to classified information to deputies and officials. State within a state.

    Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is not a rival. It's just a puppet in the theater. The real enemy is very dangerous, persistent, methodical, energetic, calculating, ruthless and cruel, and his actions are carefully hidden from the public. The method of habits is very dangerous and at the same time almost invisible, because it is based on the change of generations. i recommend - werwolfcompl.blogspo t.com
  8. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 2 December 2020 10: 18
    such a "bad luck" that they immediately lost ¾ of the entire European part of the country and almost the entire cadre army that was there.

    But this author is in vain. There was obvious betrayal. And Pavlov was not just shot. Is Stalin also to blame for the current betrayal? Or our stool who started to ruin our army, patriot? How many military schools have been closed? And did the patriots arrange the 90s for us? The author correctly identified the topic, but the article is rotten. He does not disclose, let alone name specific culprits in our time. Who should be hit? For your seven, business, property? For whom was the article written? Or does the author want to convince me that in the 90s Russia did not lose its territory with its Russian population? In general, the article does not match the title.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 11: 17
      There was clear betrayal

      - if you're talking about 1941, then there was no betrayal. It was different - the plans were different.
      And about the article, it is greatly simplified: the point is that we must now at least try to return what we lost with the collapse of the Union, while the surrounding situation still allows, and our capabilities already allow. Otherwise, while we continue to prepare, the enemy will grow wiser, dig in in the occupied territories, and then all this will only become more difficult.
      1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
        steelmaker 2 December 2020 14: 51
        and our capabilities already allow.

        Therefore, the tanks are 20 km away. they stopped from Tbilisi and gave Ukraine to the Americans to be torn apart, and we do not recognize Donbass! To return your own you need to be of a different orientation.
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 18: 11
          It’s not a matter of opportunity, but determination. Tanks would have reached Tbilisi for sure in the 8th year. They were stopped by order, but not opportunities were not allowed.
          And Donbass is the same. This is a bad policy.
          It's just that we either need to fight, or think about the SP-2 we won't finish the construction, then the nuclear power plant in Turkey, then if SWIFT is not closed, etc.
          If they want, they will block everything and nothing will be completed. And no one would fight seriously anyway, neither for Ukraine, nor for Belarus, nor for Central Asia, etc.
          I do not remember who said, but it is very correct:

          He who, between war and shame, chooses shame, in the end receives both shame and war.
  9. Gennady1959 Offline Gennady1959
    Gennady1959 (Gennady) 2 December 2020 11: 11
    The author's reasoning is quite logical. But I missed one point that Russia is run by a corrupt elite. A significant part of the so-called. "elites" (deputies, ministers, governors, etc.) are thieves with 2-3 foreign citizenships.
    • Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak has a residence permit (residence permit) in Switzerland
    • Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets has a residence permit in Italy
    • Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov has permanent residence in Spain
    • Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin has a residence permit in Bulgaria
    • Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Georgy Kalamanov has a UK residence permit
    • Deputy Minister of Economic Development Azerbaijani Talibov has a residence permit in France
    • Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Lavrov has permanent residence in Italy
    • Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Murad Kerimov has a permanent residence in France and a residence permit in Cyprus
    • Deputy Minister of Culture Nikolay Ovsienko has a residence permit in Bulgaria
    Any conflict with the West for them is a huge risk of losing billions of dollars in deposits, real estate abroad. In addition, many of the wife's mistresses have majors living abroad. If Putin comes up with the idea of ​​a military conflict with NATO, his inner circle will strangle Putin in the outhouse.
    And Putin will not have such an idea. He doesn't care about Russia and the Russians. He is focused on protecting the thieves-oligarchs on the most effective plundering of Russia. In one word, the Lame Duck is a dull old man.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 11: 35
      Stalin solved such issues by "cleansing". True, as history has shown, far from all the "German, British, Japanese, etc. spies" who were imprisoned in camps or destroyed at that time were really such. The portal indicated by you, the information of which you are referring to, does not cause much confidence in me personally ...
      1. meandr51 Offline meandr51
        meandr51 (Andrei) 2 December 2020 11: 52
        Conversely, not all traitors were cleaned out. However, even now in the camps there are not those who should ...
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 12: 06
          I agree. True, the overwhelming majority are sitting, after all, those who should. It is clear that there are mistakes, deliberate or not, but without this there is no way and nowhere ... Therefore, many are not sitting yet, and some are sitting for nothing or not ...
  10. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 2 December 2020 11: 11
    "Then it will be too late". Russia should not postpone the war with NATO

    We will fight with little blood on the territory of the enemy, or - how to die young!
  11. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 2 December 2020 11: 16
    Something you, Alexey, did not bring us something, like about an elder in the garden, and a Kiev uncle ... And there will be a war, or rather not a war, but a war, although it is already going on somewhere, but only they need war on a larger scale, and not like in the former Karabakh enclave, and this is possible only in Ukraine with the LPNR, for which Russia will immediately fit in, or, God forbid, in Belarus, which we will not leave aside, and if you look more closely at that, what is happening in the world now, then a decent conflict in the near future is simply inevitable.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 11: 37
      Correctly. And the only way this conflict can be delayed or even reduced to nothing is at least to deprive the enemy of a foothold in the form of the captured territory of the former USSR.
      Stalin, by the way, in 1939 and 1940 also tried to do the same thing ... But he did not finish it. Then they paid with the whole country ...
      1. Valentine Offline Valentine
        Valentine (Valentin) 2 December 2020 12: 03
        So again we have to say - there is no Prophet in his own country.
  12. meandr51 Offline meandr51
    meandr51 (Andrei) 2 December 2020 11: 50
    With little blood, a mighty blow. The main thing is not to stop at the English Channel. The British had no tanks left. But first the communist must be elected president, and then bourgeois democracy must be eliminated. You can do it in a week.
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 2 December 2020 12: 01
      With such enthusiasm, Andrei, you should be closer to Sergei Kozhugetovich, perhaps you would not need Lavrov with your "concerns."
      1. meandr51 Offline meandr51
        meandr51 (Andrei) 2 December 2020 12: 02
        I'm afraid no one knows the new heroes of the new USSR yet. Like no one, except the security department, knew Lenin at the beginning of 1917. And I personally have nothing to lose at all, I still don't have much time left to live ...
    2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 12: 13
      Nobody said anything about the English Channel and foreign lands. His would be returned.

      But first the communist must be elected president, and then bourgeois democracy must be eliminated. You can do it in a week.

      - here you have a deep contradiction: if you eliminate bourgeois democracy, then you will not be able to elect anyone as president. feel
      The communists are no longer the same.
      Unfortunately, we will not manage this in a week.
      ... but it is high time to eliminate the so-called democracy - it still does not work anywhere, even where it was invented and where it was exported from all over the world ... Everything has its own lifespan, and democracy too.
      1. Valentine Offline Valentine
        Valentine (Valentin) 2 December 2020 12: 51
        Quote: Pyshenkov
        The communists are no longer the same.

        Previously, a communist is spirit, will, and dedication to the Motherland and its national ideals, but now, unfortunately, "communists" make money, and "communists" make money.
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 13: 05
          That's it ... Only this "before" was a long time ago. True, there were always and everywhere people who joined any party - even a fascist one, even a communist one - for the sake of their own comfortable life in this or that situation, and not for an idea. But when, sooner or later, there are more such "party members" than ideological ones, both the idea itself and the system built by it die. This is how the USSR died. Roughly the same is happening now with Western democracy.
          Therefore, until they are reforged into something more rigid and viable, we have no time to waste ...
          1. Ivan Semenov Offline Ivan Semenov
            Ivan Semenov (Ivan Semenov) 2 December 2020 16: 01
            Quote: Pyshenkov
            joined any party - even a fascist one, even a communist one - for the sake of their own comfortable life in a given situation, and not for an idea.

            I agree. I think the CPSU's strategic mistake was the pursuit of mass character. Anyone could join the ranks, from a misunderstanding with the eyes to an avid careerist and a disguised enemy. This public discredited the party's cause in every possible way, and in the 90s they promptly changed their clothes and, with the same pioneer enthusiasm, began to stigmatize the communists for what they themselves were doing.
            1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
              Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 18: 17
              Yes, and it was not even those who entered the party to get an education or travel good business trips that changed, but the leaders, leaders, those who taught us all wisdom from the stands. Now they are the main democrats and capitalists. Therefore, democracy is such a penny. They believe in all this in the same way as in the triumph of world communism ...
          2. Valentine Offline Valentine
            Valentine (Valentin) 2 December 2020 16: 08
            Well, Alexey, that is the will of God and our "guarantor", if he rolls up his sleeves, and if not, then "our armored train" -Russia will fly into the abyss from the "siding".
            1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
              Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 December 2020 18: 22
              ... that's what I would not want.
              Iosif Vissarionovich then stopped in Poland, Bessarabia and the Baltic states, and it was necessary, apparently, to move on immediately. The Wehrmacht then was not at all the same as near Moscow and on the banks of the Volga.
              No need to repeat. And then again later and only "with the last bit of strength, for the Motherland, under the tank with the last grenade, chest on the embrasure," etc. Do we need it? Maybe it's easier for someone to go straight to the mordas, so that they and their curators calm down again for about twenty years?
  13. Vladimir Novikov_2 (Vladimir Novikov) 2 December 2020 18: 36
    author, you yourself then go to fight? For whom to fight for Putin and for his friends whom he enriched by robbing the rest of the population and defeating their rights? Let them fight for their riches, but they don't give a damn to me, they took everything from me, robbed and defeated me in rights. So go ahead, author, fight if you can.
    1. art573 Offline art573
      art573 (Artyom Vladimirovich Yarovikov) 3 December 2020 01: 39
      the author imagines that the oligarchs, their assistants, a bunch of private business owners, shareholders, etc. will run to fight. They also have something to lose ... But ordinary people can, as in Belarus, turn on the contrary. There is nothing, and Minister of Finance Siluanov only declares: I have no money and will not have money for the citizens of Russia! Only to support big capital (otherwise their yachts are weak with palaces).
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 December 2020 11: 08
        Oligarchs and their assistants do not fight anywhere and never, in any country in the world.

        The fact that there is no money for anyone and for anything is also declared by any finance minister of any state first of all and in response to everything. This is their job. If everyone is allowed everything at once, then the truth is not enough for anything.

        So that in Belarus "ordinary people turn something somewhere" somehow imperceptibly - firstly, ordinary people continue to go to work in the overwhelming majority, as well as serve in the army and power structures of the state, and secondly, that - so far, nothing really has turned anywhere ...
  14. KYYC Offline KYYC
    KYYC (OXOTHuK) 2 December 2020 21: 28
    The first wave of mobilization will last 10 days maximum.

    my advice to the author - first defeat China, then Turkey, then the USA.

    Do you want to be the hegemon around the world with gay parades? Come on, press the red button.
  15. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) 2 December 2020 22: 25
    This whole opus could be contained in one paragraph, the writer poured water about nothing ...
  16. Praskovya Offline Praskovya
    Praskovya (Praskovya) 2 December 2020 23: 18
    Just now I read the comments ENNADY1959. The little man is right. As long as our officials have families, property that money is over the hill, we cannot be conquered. We sell everything ourselves.
  17. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
    Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 2 December 2020 23: 24
    Why is it bad to burn in a nuclear fire or slowly boil under nuclear radiation the population of active and quasi-members of NATO countries? They are our enemies, even though they say that they want peace, friendship and chewing gum, but for more than a century they have chosen over and over again those or become those who want our blood and do everything for our genocide. So why feel sorry for them? Why this fake world?

    To make a giant microwave oven out of Europe by nuclear strikes and cook several hundred million Norwegians, French, Germans, Poles, British, Bulgarians, Swedes, Dutch, and so on. Is this not a way out of the onset of a future land war? And then let the blacks and Arabs populate this land and finish off the survivors. On the other hand, we will never have enemy divisions on the border again. Well, will the World love us or not, do not care, they already hate us just like that. So at least we deserve this hatred.

    The Europeans are scum anyway, they stooped to beat up our disabled Paralympians; they have been pouring dirt on our country for decades on any far-fetched or inflated reason; it was they who sparked the civil wars along our borders. They have done a lot, a lot of bad things to us, so much that their elimination will not bring any great sadness.

    Was it not their hands that created a living hell in Africa and the Middle East? Was it not their hands that the lives of Arabs and Africans cost less than a pack of cigarettes? For them we are the same Africans and Arabs, no matter what we do or no matter how we isolate ourselves, they always proclaim us an evil that must be destroyed. I'm tired of it. It is time for these evils to become and to lower the value of the life of Europeans to the African level.
    1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
      Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 3 December 2020 00: 40
      Quote: Kuramori Reika
      Why is it bad to burn in a nuclear fire or slowly boil under nuclear radiation the population of active and quasi-members of NATO countries?

      In addition to the obvious that killing is bad, no less obvious, you yourself will burn out in a nuclear fire or slowly cook under nuclear radiation. Mutual Destruction Guaranteed? Are you ready to pay with your life and the lives of your loved ones?
      1. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
        Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 3 December 2020 16: 07
        Of the Europeans, only Britain and France have nuclear weapons, and even then in relatively small numbers. Britain's nuclear weapons on submarines are also rubbish. It is enough to modify the missile defense systems and start burning them first, and the fact that they have time to launch will be blamed on Poland and Norway.
        1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
          Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 3 December 2020 17: 00
          Are you sure the US won't join? Are you ready to take the risk?

          Quote: Kuramori Reika
          It is enough to modify the missile defense system

          Just? Just to modify the missile defense system? Can you handle it in a week?
          To date, there is no guaranteed missile defense system.
          So I don’t understand, you are not ready to die with your loved ones for your dreams?
    2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 December 2020 11: 23
      Radically so, to put it mildly. Mind you, even Stalin was not going to do anything like that. It was he who said that the people of Germany and the Hitler regime are not the same thing. And in general, this is a slippery topic of the regime / people, in Europe, in Ukraine or in Belarus, for example, or in the same USA. To destroy nations for the sake of destroying state systems is, by the way, a purely Western tactic, not ours. I hope that it will remain so, because this is just one of those values ​​that we can offer the world. This is also to the question about the ideology of Russia, where are we going, etc.
      And if we do what you propose with Europe, then we will definitely not be able to stay away from this "fire" - it's like setting fire to a neighbor's apartment in a wooden house. If we are to destroy completely, so it is necessary to shoot across the ocean immediately. If everything works out, then Europe itself will shut up and surrender again and immediately, it will not even blink. Like the rest of the world. And if it doesn't work out, then everything will burn out to hell ... But we, of course, will cease to exist heroically and go to heaven, and they will simply die ... wink
  18. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 3 December 2020 03: 10
    The author carries nonsense in this sheet. Militarily impotent NATO is on its way, annihilating itself. The EU is also rapidly degrading in all respects. In fact, there is very little left for them, the alliance and the EU, the author is greatly mistaken. The only thing we can agree with under the article is that it is important for Russia right now to knock out the teeth of any provocateur of the West of its choice. Or presumptuous mongrels from small, or whoever is larger, including the United States (this is even better). Precisely, revealingly and crushingly, using Russia's total military superiority at the moment. Everything! Everyone will understand everything - there will be no more jokes, then - in an adult way. It is a pity that the Russian top management does not understand this. Or pretends not to understand. It is no longer possible to delay and express concern. Until ..
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 December 2020 11: 26
      And what, in fact, is "nonsense" if you just repeated what was written in the article in slightly different words and with the same conclusion ???
      1. cooper Offline cooper
        cooper (Alexander) 21 February 2021 08: 42
        And you will learn to delve into the essence of what has been written and then you will easily understand everything.
  19. KYYC Offline KYYC
    KYYC (OXOTHuK) 3 December 2020 03: 36
    our pensions were taken away. forbidden to work, and now put on boots and go to war ???))) oh, how well everything was planned))
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 December 2020 11: 35
      ... pensions seem to be paid, no one forbids those who want and know how to work, and pensioners - you, that is, those who seem to have taken away their pensions, no one calls into the army. And if you are not a pensioner, do not write that someone took something away from you ... Because this is also a lie - as it was, it remains, also with indexing. Go either to work or to the same army - to earn a happy old age.
  20. Georgian Offline Georgian
    Georgian (VALERY BYKOV) 3 December 2020 05: 59
    Now we need to start the war ourselves, otherwise it will. The loop tightens and will not be in our favor ...
  21. andyru1 Offline andyru1
    andyru1 (Andrew ) 3 December 2020 08: 08
    And what is the trend, in terms of current Newspeak? Is each subsequent one at the appropriate post (for us) smarter and more dangerous than the previous one? Question. Of course, there is no reason to lull yourself to sleep. But maybe it's worth a while and wait until such "experts" gain critical mass? Beyond the puddle, the glorious Psaki has already stood ready to anneal. Agree, this cannot but inspire some optimism!
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 December 2020 12: 16
      The trend is that now there is discord and collapse in the leadership of the enemy, there are no worthy leaders. But it is not at all a fact that this will continue. The fact that now is the result of the collapse of the USSR - they relaxed there completely, so they got to this point. But considering the enemy stupid and underestimating it is a huge mistake - seeing that we have gathered our thoughts again, they will definitely do the same.
      And people like Psaki do not decide anything - this is a screen, just to mislead the enemy - they say, these are the dullards in power in America ... And this is not at all true. And, as it turns out, they have no power in their hands at all by those who officially declare this ...
  22. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) 3 December 2020 08: 14
    The author is, of course, free to count and have his own opinion. By the way, Nazi Germany also believed that delaying the start of the Second World War was not justified, since by 1943 its opponents would complete rearmament and thus deprive them of their advantage.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 December 2020 11: 38
      Absolutely correct. Therefore, she attacked the USSR, herself at that moment was far from being in her best shape, that is, not in the way they would like. We, too, should not wait until we are deprived of our advantages ...
  23. Viktor Hanelis Bogatishev (Viktor Hanelis Bogatishev) 3 December 2020 14: 22
    It almost openly calls for a war with the already crumbling West, gnawing inside itself, but the common enemy will definitely consolidate it and give moral superiority as a victim of aggression and, thus, it will definitely doom us to defeat, since we do not attack the first and the CREATOR always on our side - the experience of all previous wars with the foe CONSTANTLY confirms this! NEXT: Well, why is the German Defense Minister behaving so impudently? but EVERYTHING IS SIMPLE. which flag is flying over us today - Vlasov's, and who was Vlasov - a traitor in the service of the German Hitler, according to their logic, they won today, we ourselves hide the Mausoleum behind this symbol of slavery, and by the way, OUR Soviet Red Army threw defeated banners to the Lenin Mausoleum and the standards of the German Nazis and the flag of his henchman-traitor-punisher General Vlasov - today you can still find DOCUMENTAL FILES on the vastness of the World Wide Web, with painted frames, where the Vlasov flag is clearly visible, thrown at the feet of Stalin, like a syomvola and the leader of the Soviet People, then there are us!
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 December 2020 12: 33
      With some you can agree, with some not. In general, it is correct. And the fact that THEY are still confident of their victory is also correct. When they wake up completely, it will be worse ...
      I disagree with the flag and Vlasov. Vlasov has nothing to do with it, and he and his people in reality served the Germans very so-so. They were mainly concerned with self-preservation, not fighting communism or serving the Nazis. This is ours, again, he has such a glory, made by the propaganda of the USSR and the Russian Federation. They themselves, in the West, do not remember much about it (except for the Czechs, who were the only ones who actually encountered the Vlasovites, and even in a positive way for themselves). And the flag is Russian, historical and historically covered with the glory of our ancestors, Vlasov only used it, and for a very short time and, in general, it was not even legal. Moreover, for some reason, the sea Andreevsky was adopted as the official designation of the ROA, not even the official royal tricolor.
      Although, personally, I like the USSR flag more, especially the Navy. He was very handsome.
      I don't know if it was necessary to adopt the symbolism of the state that died. It could have been something new or revised old - like a hymn or stars on military vehicles. And the predominance of all eras would have been preserved, and would not have caused associations like this one in you ...
  24. konkinalexandrgeorgievitch (Alexander Georgievich Konkin) 3 December 2020 16: 32
    Respect to the author, it’s bad that he didn’t add ... The very behavior of Russia provokes "kicks, slaps and cuffs", even from those states that are on the map of the World, you have to look with a magnifying glass. Only the lazy one, has not yet "wiped his feet" on Russia.
  25. Alexey Tekutov Offline Alexey Tekutov
    Alexey Tekutov (Alexey Tekutov) 4 December 2020 00: 14
    War should always be postponed, whenever possible. How confident Stalin was in the victory of the USSR in Hitler's Germany, but he pulled it to the last. And it's hard to judge him. Good or bad. The Germans believed in the blitzkrieg and he did not want to disappoint them in this ... now NATO is confident in the blitzkrieg. And they also do not need to be nervous ... let them be sure.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 8 December 2020 14: 25
      ... but maybe it's better to "disappoint" them on time and do without what happened to us from 1941 to 1943? The hole in the population and in the economy is still felt. And the Russian Federation is not the USSR, it is not a fact that it will stand as well ...
  26. The comment was deleted.
  27. nbv Offline nbv
    nbv 4 December 2020 07: 56
    From the text it became clear that the author does not understand the essence of the division of power and the algorithm of the function of a normal state. Ochevisno he is a shabby low-level court propagandist.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 December 2020 11: 44
      separation of powers and algorithm of functions of a normal state

      - the author does not understand exactly. He hardly understood what you were trying to write. laughing Maybe you, my friend, should first read the Primer, and then take care of more serious things? And then about

      low level

      - very funny looks in this form laughing
      1. nbv Offline nbv
        nbv 6 December 2020 04: 22
        The message is understandable. I have no complaints speaks Russian correctly. Even on my keyboard I don't have all the characters from the Russian alphabet.
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 7 December 2020 00: 22
          ... I don’t know what’s wrong with your keyboard, but I know for sure - you understand the meaning of the article in exactly the same way as you write. This is the first thing. And the second - well, you don't have a normal keyboard, you don't know the language - so don't write to the discussion. This is, at least, disrespect for the interlocutors and readers. It's like he went out to sing at a concert, but instead he hiccupped loudly, farted and coughed for a long time ... and then he was surprised at the lack of applause ... Not serious.
          I hope your knowledge of Russian is enough for you to understand this ...
          1. nbv Offline nbv
            nbv 7 December 2020 04: 55
            A toast do you think that only Russians can be read and make comments in this forum ?! If you think that I am Russian who speaks poorly of my own language, this is a compliment for me because I am not Russian at all and this is not my native language. I have the honor.
            1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
              Pishenkov (Alexey) 7 December 2020 10: 23
              DO NOT HAVE. No honor, no knowledge of the Russian language, no brains. As you write, so it is written and you understand.
              Comments in the forum can be made by someone who knows how to communicate. The fact that you are not Russian and so it is clear, do not flatter yourself. There are no Russians who can speak their language this way (of those who can write). I hope you speak your native language better. And I don't have to answer anymore.
              If you want to talk to someone, go scribble something on the fence, maybe they will understand better there ...
              1. nbv Offline nbv
                nbv 7 December 2020 11: 19
                I will write and comment on everything and wherever I want. And the empty admin will do everything that is necessary if I do something against the rules. And it is immediately visible from the fence started and slogans where there is no comment is your element. I have the honor.
                1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
                  Pishenkov (Alexey) 7 December 2020 13: 29
                  ... yes, write what you want. Nobody can forbid you to do this. just do not expect that someone will take this nonsense seriously.
                  And as for

                  the author does not understand the essence of the separation of powers and the algorithm of the function of a normal state

                  - I don't know where you live and what your native language is, but in the so-called democracies, and the author perfectly understands this, everything, including intelligence, the separation of powers and functions of the state, has long been working against the laws of common reason, at least.
                  Fortunately. And fortunately, people like you are trying to protect everything, and especially in this way.
                  So this whole system will definitely not be long.
                  If you and others like you think that you can communicate with Russians and Russia in THAT SO, in THAT "Russian language", they will still, they say, understand, so then do not be surprised that no one wants to listen or understand you. And it won't.
                  And the expression "I have the honor" is not for you, it is for the Russians. You don't have it.

                  PS But put cons without mistakes. Congratulations! tongue
                  1. nbv Offline nbv
                    nbv 7 December 2020 17: 47
                    Of course I put it - this is not some special philosophy.
                    You give me so much time to explain that no one will pay attention to me. hi The comments below your article show how serious they are about you and your position. "I have the honor" is not only a Russian phrase, and you do not have copyright to it. So HONOR and goodbye.
                    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
                      Pishenkov (Alexey) 8 December 2020 14: 19
                      “I have the honor” is not only a Russian phrase, and you do not have copyright on it.

                      You don't need any rights to this. Nobody can give them to anyone. They do not exist and cannot be. You are not able to understand this either!
                      Everything that is not fixed on a piece of paper or has not been paid for by pieces of paper does not exist for you. All your values ​​are paper or virtual, there are no others. This is your level. I've met a lot of them.
                      And honor is what is in the blood, in the soul and in the heart. In sound mind, in the end.
                      Does this "nbv", ugh, God forgive me !, has any of this? No, where? As well as the one who invented it and hides under it. Just another anonymous coward. What kind of honor is that ???
  28. Handle Offline Handle
    Handle (Alexey) 4 December 2020 08: 57
    NATO is like that wife ...

    While I was washing in the bathroom
    Blissful, nirvana,
    The wife asked something
    Answered something
    I quarreled with myself,
    And then she burst into tears!
    I came out of the bathroom
    Already divorced!
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 December 2020 11: 47
      Cool. The difference is that they are trying to lock us in this bathroom, turn off the lights and water, and then block the air supply. And after our death, shrink the whole inheritance.
      So just don't count on "divorce". The plans are not at all the same. No.
  29. Artyom Perfect Offline Artyom Perfect
    Artyom Perfect (Artyom Perfect) 5 December 2020 10: 21
    You are a provocateur, alarmist and instigator. Russia has the necessary and sufficient number of factors deterring external aggression.
  30. The comment was deleted.
  31. Terry18 Offline Terry18
    Terry18 5 December 2020 19: 14
    Well, the "patriots" keep writing about the aggressive NATO bloc. And here one, who modestly did not identify himself, directly calls for starting a war with NATO, including the United States. He himself probably expects to stay alive while doing this? Putin tells us all the time about Russia's peace-loving policy, about non-interference in the affairs of other countries. He lies?
  32. volk.bosiy Offline volk.bosiy
    volk.bosiy (Volk Bosiy) 6 December 2020 20: 23
    on the one hand, the author is right in something ... on the other hand, we are simply not ready for sudden movements ... we just need a more active policy ... the West is waiting, maybe it should be provoked to take some rash steps so that they "would open up "...
  33. Valery Prokhorov (Valery Prokhorov) 8 December 2020 09: 15
    Judging by the title, the author suggests attacking first?
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 9 December 2020 10: 40
      ... we have been attacked for a long time, if you did not understand this both from the article and from the situation around. It is necessary to attack anyone. We need to build those who deserve this for a long time - our closest neighbors, our former republics. No NATO will fight for them. Get lost. And we will restore the territorial and strategic balance in Europe so that we do not crawl to our borders. This is not an attack at all, but pure self-defense.
      The next target is Eastern Europe. It is more difficult with this, but it is also still possible, in a hybrid way. It is full of new contradictions and an old audience that does not agree with the new principles. Especially now, with a pandemic and a complete crisis, everyone sharply appreciated the emerging "pluses" of the Western system of life, and also compared them with what they had quite recently, looking to the East. The population really began to think. And all this is the adult population, still, for the most part, those who remember the "socialist camp" ...
      And if you return everything to the 1989 state, then all Western aggressiveness will immediately stop for another twenty years ...
  34. bb Offline bb
    bb (mmm) 8 December 2020 09: 51
    in a future war, there will be no winner to defeat NATO, any war will mean the end of the whole world, no one will be the winner ... As for the alleged war on the periphery, if Russia is not able to keep even its allies ready to flee to NATO, what kind of hybrid war can be talked about
  35. uss.y8 Offline uss.y8
    uss.y8 (Vladimir US) 9 December 2020 00: 46
    There is no way out - you need to fight.
  36. inflow Offline inflow
    inflow (vvl) 9 December 2020 14: 14
    I didn't read the article, I liked the title. I agree with those who believe that the destroyer should have been sunk. Not sunk, tomorrow there will be anyone, anything. Russia does not answer, everything is possible.
  37. The comment was deleted.
  38. Ekaterina V. Offline Ekaterina V.
    Ekaterina V. (Ekaterina Vyatkina) 9 December 2020 16: 04
    We need to build a Creative Society

  39. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 12 December 2020 02: 19
    If a fight cannot be avoided, hit first. - The law of a street fight.
  40. Varoga Offline Varoga
    Varoga (Igor) 16 December 2020 04: 13
    To permanently put an end to “for whom you will go to fight, etc. etc. ... ”will you go yourself and who are the“ bloodsuckers ”you need to introduce one more amendments to the laws and the constitution - people who have completed active military service, who participated in hostilities, etc., have the primary right to be deputies of local authorities and the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and also at all levels of the country's administrative apparatus and departments of the services of the Russian Federation, and in many cases, appoint only such people. Divide civil rights, into full for those who have served and ordinary for the rest - without the right to be nominated to many administrative structures and services of the state. Make the terms of valid (urgent - voluntary) service from 4 to 5 years. And no "fantasy", given the time, such a need has already ripened.
  41. Varoga Offline Varoga
    Varoga (Igor) 16 December 2020 06: 25
    Don't like my comment? I AM AN ORDINARY - AN ORDINARY CITIZEN OF RUSSIA! And I think so, which is what I write about!
    And I didn't have time to add this:
    Many nouveau riches from the now formed “elite” imagine themselves to be new “nobles”, and so the nobles were all servicemen and were obliged to go to war for the fatherland and the people in the forefront. As for women, among women, almost the lion's share of corrupt officials and bribe-takers, and they, too, in our time will not interfere with service - if you want to be an official, a high-ranking official - serve! Motherhood is not a hindrance - now many women, especially those striving for power, especially before the age of 30, and even after, do not want to have children or more than one child. For a woman not striving for power, this law will not be important. It is a fact! I repeat once again, if you want to be an official, serve!
    I think many sane people will support this.
  42. Mstislav Offline Mstislav
    Mstislav (Mstislav) 26 December 2020 11: 57
    If a military campaign against the United States is adopted, then it is better to hit Yellowstone with weapons similar to those used on the Daman Peninsula, detonate status 6 and use global suppression of communications satellites. But unfortunately, there is still not enough funds and spiritual enthusiasm to aggressively promote counter-offensive activity, to use the movement of radiation between satellites of such a tirade m2
  43. associate professor_2 (Srul Solomonovich) 28 December 2020 20: 44
    The chief said: do you smell the fight? Hit first! Waiting for faq ???