"Russians are powerless": Romanians argued about nuclear war against Russia

Readers of the Romanian portal G4Media.ro commented on a post about the recent American exercises in this Eastern European country. During them, the MLRS HIMARS were involved, which, it is alleged, are capable of threatening Crimea.

Comments of some users are presented to your attention:

Now I feel much safer when the Americans have beaten the Russians already in our country [...]

- notes Asistat.

Why don't you mention in the article that Romania also bought HIMARS systems for itself. As many as 54 pieces. So when they are brought here, the Russians will only have to proceed in impotent anger.

- writes the user stan.

USA defends Romania [as a country], not just one state

- assures the user with the nickname Vladimir Putin e un gunoi.

The Black Sea will soon be an "American lake"

-Someone Jay believes.

Well, there was nothing the Russians could do in Nagorno-Karabakh against Turkish and Israeli drones. Moreover, they are powerless in the face of the new American of technologies... Russians simply lie, misinform and spread hatred. And it's all. Otherwise, they failed. Russia lost the former Soviet republics (Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, etc.). Having yielded to a sphere of influence, it will eventually be dismembered, especially from the Chinese direction. This is what you get when you build a corrupt oligarchic state like Putin did

- "predicts" the reader Florin.

When will you realize that the heat of tension is not at all in Romania's interests? In the event of a war between Russia and the United States, God forbid, Europe up to London will be a wasteland. Do you really think that all this feces sold by Americans will save us? You are very naive. Such a war is a disaster for the old continent, and our country of slaves will be among the first

- replies to the previous speaker Ionut.

You're just talking nonsense! In the event of a nuclear war, Romania will be able to restore its population, partially returning the diaspora from Italy, Spain, France, USA, Argentina, etc. But Russia is not capable of this. A nuclear war would represent the final destruction of the Soviet Union (disguised as the "Russian Federation"). Putin's atomic threats are like the chatter of a madman in a mental hospital threatening to detonate a nuclear bomb

- in turn, the reader Rahan5 answers the user Ionut.

How easy is American warfare? A cross between a first person shooter and a category B action movie, where the main character is invulnerable in a rain of bullets. A boyish fantasy funded by billions of dollars. What could go wrong?

- writes Television.
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  1. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
    Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 2 December 2020 08: 39
    If anything, do not bring, Lord, these gypsies will not be left alive. What they did to the Russians in Pridnestrovie .... this has no name and there should not be a statute of limitations for punishment for such scoundrels.
  2. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 2 December 2020 08: 48
    Why did they reprint this Romanian dermo? stop
    1. meandr51 Offline meandr51
      meandr51 (Andrei) 3 December 2020 12: 02
      to know what to do with them.
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 2 December 2020 08: 59
    Having yielded to a sphere of influence, it will eventually be dismembered, especially from the Chinese direction.

    - In the event of a campaign from the Chinese direction, the Russians will merge with the Chinese Communist Party and help it decisively defeat the NATO imperialists, so that the Dawn of Communism flourishes over the whole world! Chairman Mao has long dreamed of this. - Something like this.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 2 December 2020 10: 38
    Country of not frightened idiots!
  6. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 2 December 2020 11: 25
    Is this a branch of the Ukrainian "Censor No" in Romania?
  7. LeftPers Offline LeftPers
    LeftPers (Anton) 2 December 2020 15: 25
    I'm surprised that this gypsy herd can also write. How much the Americans shit in their heads.
  8. Lechi B. Offline Lechi B.
    Lechi B. (Treat Bashirov) 3 December 2020 12: 22
    Whatever the outcome of a nuclear war, countries such as Romania will be wiped off the face of the earth, and the Russian Federation with its vast territory will continue to exist.
  9. Stalin Offline Stalin
    Stalin (Sergey Shevtsov) 3 December 2020 18: 18
    It's time to start trials of Romanians and tests of nuclear weapons
  10. Vasily Trofimchenko (Vasily Trofimchenko) 3 December 2020 18: 56
    ... - Are other countries besides Russia safe for you?
    - In large settlements, the Apostolic Trail has already disappeared, and where it is not yet, those countries are small. There are many Orthodox Churches in Russia. They lead to Heavenly Jerusalem, and in Him is the Gate to enter Paradise. To our delight, Russia itself has long been absent from these Temples. It is separated from them by “red demons”, which Lucifer planted in power a hundred years ago, and they still rage in the country and reproduce themselves. However, I repeat, Russia is still strong by Russian ascetics, despite the fact that most of the hierarchs of the Church of Christ are mired in luxury and teaches Russians to become slaves of thieves and boors endowed with power, who are flesh of the flesh of the prince of Darkness - Lucifer and to whom Jerusalem is given to Israel where is his residence. And so, as soon as the Russians cease to be God's novices, but become slaves of this power in the temple, that is, the slaves of Lucifer, we will destroy the treasury, and extinguish the Lamp of God's grace, and the Russians themselves will dissolve in heresy. And Jerusalem of Israel will not receive the Grace of God, and neither on that day nor forever and ever! The living will mourn for the Russians, but it will be too late! And soon the demons will carry the fire of Zoroaster across Holy Russia and their demonic games in winter will spend in it and then the remnants of Russia will perish. Twelve years after the merrymaking, she is released, unless the grace of God unfolds to the Light and does not enter the bosom of the Church of Christ. Then we will set the whole World on fire and drown in human blood.

    From the story: "Our path is thorny back to God" on Proza.ru.
  11. Wanderer039 Offline Wanderer039
    Wanderer039 3 December 2020 21: 21
    Romanians never differed in intelligence, but this one, who said that someone would go from Argentina to live in Romanian (Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima), is completely ill
  12. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 4 December 2020 04: 10
    You're just talking nonsense! In the event of a nuclear war, Romania will be able to restore its population, partially returning the diaspora from Italy, Spain, France, USA, Argentina, etc.

    This is a clinic! Or a primary school student who has just started pointing his finger at pictures of textbooks ...
  13. Machete Offline Machete
    Machete 4 December 2020 10: 17
    Brainless gypsy. The brains are completely washed out. Like local Ukrainians. They don't want to think and have nothing to do.
    54 installations will save from hundreds of missiles and other weapons ... Hmm ...
  14. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 5 December 2020 19: 02
    Very funny. I look forward to a discussion of these Roma on the problems of fighting Russia in the Arctic. The topic for them is burning and they are the largest specialists in this matter.
  15. Dmitry Donskoy Offline Dmitry Donskoy
    Dmitry Donskoy (Dmitry Donskoy) 6 December 2020 09: 18
    It is what it is. The power of the country, economy and prosperity. And then there is poverty and a nuclear bomb.