What does Russia risk in case of losing the "battle for history"

A number of events have been held in our country recently. They can be safely called steps towards the consolidation of the healthy forces of Russian society to counter one of the modern threats, which, alas, not everyone in our Fatherland sees and understands. That, nevertheless, does not diminish the urgency and urgency of the problem.

In this case, we are talking about the attempts made in the West today to revise the main events of the twentieth century, first of all - the Second World War and the Great Patriotic War, which for some time now have begun to acquire not just a massive, but, we can safely say, a systemic character. Those who believe that this issue does not concern them in any way, and that the possible consequences of the implementation of the plans of our Western “friends” cannot specifically affect their lives, are mistaken in the most profound way.

The historical "revision" initiated today, which in scale exceeds even what was accomplished in this area in the bad memory of the "perestroika" years, pursues very specific goals and is aimed at achieving absolutely unambiguous results not of a scientific, but of a geopolitical nature. At gunpoint not only and not so much our past, but the present and future. Having lost this fight, Russia will not only lose memory and pride, it will lose everything.

A few questions that will shock you

When did World War II start? I am sure that every more or less literate person will immediately give out a memorable date for everyone: September 1, 1939. Well, the answer is accepted ... However, let me ask one more question: why, in fact, is this date firmly hammered into history, like a “weaving” nail into an oak board? Yes, on that day Nazi Germany attacked Poland. But was this the first manifestation of aggression by the Third Reich? No. Was it then that the boot of a Wehrmacht soldier first crossed the border of a foreign sovereign state? Again, in no case! Before that, as we remember, there was the introduction of troops into the demilitarized Rhineland, the "Anschluss" of Austria, in the end, the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia by the Nazis, after which the Czech Republic was simply occupied by Germany, and Slovakia was turned into its own appendage. And did the conflict that began at that time have a worldwide spread?

Nothing of the kind - Britain and France announced their entry into the war with Germany on September 3 (and they did not conduct real military actions against it for much longer), the United States and Japan on September 5 generally declared their neutrality in the ongoing conflict in Europe ... So why the countdown WWII is being fought on September 1, 1939? But because it is more convenient and profitable for the West. The local "chroniclers" consider the attack on Poland to be the starting point of the world carnage solely because it was preceded by the conclusion of the Non-Aggression Pact between Berlin and Moscow, which they call the "Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact". For many years, Western historians (and politicians) the idea was promoted that this treaty allegedly "opened the way for Hitler's aggressive plans." Again, some time after the invasion of the Wehrmacht, the Red Army entered the territory of the already defunct Polish state, returning the territories that were villainously captured by Warsaw in the 20s and pushing back to the West the "line of contact" with the future enemy. They are also trying to blame us for this.

Thus, in the "world community", at first gradually and slowly, and nowadays - already quite openly, attempts are being made to completely equalize the actions of the Third Reich and the USSR. One of the reasons for this is the desire to “hide in the shadows” the true culprits and initiators of the Second World War, who should be sought not only in Berlin, but also in Paris and London. It is for this reason that the real date of the beginning of this most large-scale and destructive conflict in the history of mankind is being masked in the most diligent way. During the conference “Falsification of the history of World War II abroad” held recently in Moscow, one of its participants, candidate of historical sciences, leading researcher of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Oleg Nemensky, stated directly that September 1, 1939 was a “purely political and anti-Russian, imposed on us by the West ”. In fact, the historian believes, the "start" of the Second World War should be considered if not October 1938 (the capture of the Sudetenland by Germany), then at the latest, March 15, 1939 - the day when the Czech Republic was occupied by the Wehrmacht. However, in this case, it will automatically be necessary to admit that Hitler was "untied" not by the notorious "Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact", but by the deal concluded on September 30, 1938 between him, the British Prime Minister Chamberlain and the heads of government of France and Italy - Daladier and Mussolini. Representatives of the USSR were not even close at this shameful deal, which later received the name of the "Munich Agreement". Our country was just ready to defend Czechoslovakia with arms in hand - however, it was threatened with an all-European war. And this threat came from Paris and London.

Yes, yes - Britain and France were ready to start a war not with the Third Reich, but with the Soviet Union, directly declaring to the Czechs that if they accepted help from Moscow, a "crusade against the Bolsheviks" would begin. Haven't you guessed yet what my next question will be? Well, yes - who were our allies in World War II? After the above, do you still count among those English and French? And what about the fact that already in 1940, during the Winter War of the USSR with Finland, Hitler's ally, they planned to bomb the Soviet Union and land on its territory (in particular, in the area of ​​the Baku oil fields). This is despite the fact that with the Third Reich both of these countries were in an official state of war since last year, but not with the USSR. The same Poland, incessantly groaning and screaming today about its role of “victim”, which was tormented by “dictatorial regimes”, itself in the 30s of the last century was a semi-fascist dictatorship with predatory aspirations. In any case, the Czech Republic was slashed together with the Germans by the Poles, not the Russians. And in 1939 Warsaw resolutely and repeatedly refused any military assistance Moscow offered it.

So why should we continue to follow the lead of a clearly hostile interpretation of historical events in which it was our people who not only played a decisive role, but also suffered the most losses? Should we continue to listen to the speculations of Western "researchers" who are making more and more efforts to equate the Nazis and the "Stalinist regime" (in fact, destroyed Nazism), between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union? By the way, the proposal of the same Nemensky to postpone the start of World War II at the level of the State Duma's decision is not at all such a bad idea. In the end, did this organ move the date of its end from 1 to 3 September 1945?

Make the winners the culprit

And here it would be quite possible to say that our “friends” from the “world community” trying to find more and more reasons for accusations and “forcing repentance” of Russia, can count and measure as they please. The main thing is not to climb with your crooked yardstick to us. But, alas, it doesn't work ... They climb. In order to understand for what purpose the creation of a fake "history" of the Second World War, which has just now reached its peak, so to speak, was carried out for decades, one should remember its consequences. Such a major international organization as the UN was created precisely by countries that bore the proud status of “victors of Nazism”. France, by the way, was included among those on the initiative and insistence of Stalin. It could well have been among the collaborating countries, and quite deservedly ...

However, I digress. All the confusion with the "reappraisal", "rethinking" of the events of the 30s of the last century and attempts to highlight the alleged "collusion" between the USSR and Germany, are not at all academic, but purely practical interest. After all, if we assume that the USSR is "not so much a winner", but, on the contrary, almost one of the instigators of that war, then Russia, as its legal successor, has no place at all in the UN, but, at least, in its Security Council as a permanent member. Well, and only further - you understand. The task is to reduce our country to the position of the same Germany, for decades repenting, apologizing, paying all kinds of compensation and bearing the eternal stigma of the homeland of Nazism. All attempts to slander the Soviet Union, the Communist Party, Stalin and his associates are aimed precisely at achieving it.

Alas, it should be admitted that we ourselves have largely contributed to the now absolutely abnormal situation. At first, for the sake of the ephemeral "friendship of peoples", the complicity of the Nazis, which was often carried out on a massive scale by residents and "governments" not only of the countries of the "socialist community", but also of some former Soviet republics, was tightly hushed up. All of them were generously included in the “victims of the Nazi occupation” and “the victorious peoples”. And in vain - because now these very "victims" will rot the monuments to their real liberators. Then, to please the "Western partners", we renounced the glorious Stalinist past, and with it - and from most of our own Victory, instead, we began to extol all sorts of "Overlords" and other, frankly, extremely insignificant on the scale of the war, operations of our "allies" ... They let on their screens a movie business like Private Ryan, or even worse.

About the domestic cinema with its "penal battalions" and the host of sadistic specialists, I will not say anything at all. We allowed any liberal public to scoff at the saint, to question the great feat and spit on the names of the heroes. They endured the ravings of Rezun and many of his followers, lived to the point of shame, which our grandfathers and great-grandfathers - the winners, probably would not have endured. The West calmed down and became convinced that from now on it is possible to slowly and systematically bring the matter to the end - just a little bit more, and the descendants of those who gave their lives in the fields of the Great Patriotic War will themselves begin to destroy their monuments and curse their names as it happens now in Ukraine and in the Baltics. However, something went wrong - Russia came to her senses and did not let her take away almost the last thing that remained - Memory and Pride. And now the offensive in the "historical war" has begun with renewed vigor.

What do we do with this? Anyway, do not endure! Do not be silent, do not limit yourself to empty words. The country's leadership, first of all, needs to decide. To paraphrase a well-known saying, either shoot St. George's ribbon, or ... Or stop repeating the mantras about "Stalinist repressions" and "communist horrors" after Western and their own liberals, clearly realizing that this opens up the widest scope for speculation and falsification. Stop, in the end, hanging with rags on the Victory Day the Lenin Mausoleum - since it was from this place that the great Stalin escorted our soldiers to battle on November 7, 1941, and hosted the greatest parade in the history of our Fatherland on June 24, 1945. Stop apologizing, fawning and fussing in front of the "allies" who, pardon their rudeness, turn up their snouts from invitations to the Victory Day in the country to which they, in fact, owe it. To admit, finally, that if the great Soviet people had allies in the Great Patriotic War, then only in quotation marks and with a big question mark. The Chinese were more likely our allies, and not the Anglo-Saxons ... And all those who are now yelling about the "Soviet occupation" and daring to desecrate graves, destroy monuments, question the feat of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, it's time, finally, to teach a lesson like this, so that it was discouraging to never do anything like that.

Czech Republic, Poland, the Baltic States, Ukraine - in all these countries we are dealing not with the "initiative" of individual Russophobes, but with state policy. Well, let the state bear responsibility for it - yes, in full measure! As for the "individual citizens" of these countries, pulling filthy little hands to the soldiers' graves, I am personally very impressed by the initiative of the head of Rossotrudnichestvo Yevgeny Primakov, who announced a monetary award for information about those who defiled monuments to Soviet soldiers in Lithuania. And at the same time he promised to find a "worthy non-governmental organization" in this country, which "will undertake the protection of the military graves of the Red Army soldiers." This is very correct - it's high time!

If now, again, as, alas, it happened more than once, we give up the slack and allow someone to reshape history, then we will thereby turn from the descendants of the Winners into someone who is not clear. A country inhabited and ruled by someone who knows who will never become a world power. We will simply be pushed to the sidelines - first of history, and then of today. And they won't leave us a future at all. What is now required from Russia, its leaders and all citizens without exception is unshakable firmness and consistency in defending their positions. You just need to remember the great in their simplicity words: “Our cause is just! Victory will be ours!"
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  1. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
    DeGreen 28 November 2020 09: 52
    The first step is to plant people like Nevzorov, Bykov and other bilzho. Those who claim that the fascists were pink and fluffy
    1. Taras on Parnassus (Taras on Parnassus) 28 November 2020 10: 10
      Amused, the photo is provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation or is it all from the archives of the RSFSR? and then from the archives of the USSR Ministry of Defense?
      Oh! I forgot, before the Russian Federation on planet Earth, nothing grew and did not move ...
      1. passing by Offline passing by
        passing by (passing by) 28 November 2020 11: 10
        how did it not move? dill have been stirring in someone else's ... ever since the creation of the world. keep your club showdowns between lovers of lace panties and chintz. we'll figure it out without you.
      2. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
        DeGreen 28 November 2020 16: 45
        taras. Take care of yourself. Do not overstrain, in the landlord Poland.
        1. Taras on Parnassus (Taras on Parnassus) 28 November 2020 17: 47
          For reference, Russia did not take part in the Second World War, especially in the Great Patriotic War, from the word `` at all ''.
          Learn history ...
          1. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
            DeGreen 28 November 2020 18: 22
            Taras ..... well, according to the list. I did not write a word about the Russian Federation. Open your eyes.
      3. Valentine Offline Valentine
        Valentine (Valentin) 28 November 2020 20: 39
        You will excuse him, he just wanted to say not "plant", but to hang. Again, your pack of dogs is going, as in October 1938, during the capture of Czechoslovakia, and surrounds Russia from all sides, only what will you "feast on" on our land , because before you cross the threshold of our border, you will all turn into nuclear ashes and green glass, both you and your masters, we are not given anything else, and the fate of your American Indians is familiar to us.
        1. Natan bruk Offline Natan bruk
          Natan bruk (Nathan Brook) 29 November 2020 01: 58
          Who needs you? To conquer you, and then feed 146 million rogues? This will not be paid for by any resources. You are simply feared, as they fear a low-sighted gopnik with a grenade.
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  2. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
    Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 28 November 2020 11: 20
    30 September 1939 years

    - 1938
  3. Mikhail Petrov Offline Mikhail Petrov
    Mikhail Petrov (Mikhail Petrov) 28 November 2020 13: 01
    The majority of French and German citizens rightly believe that the key role in the liberation of European countries from fascism belongs to the American troops, according to the results of a study by the British agency ICM Research, carried out within the framework of the Sputnik.Onsions project.
    In the UK, only 16% agree. Nearly half (46%) of those surveyed in the UK believe that the British army played a key role in those battles.

    Overall, recognition of the US Army's merits was the most popular outcome - 43% of all respondents in the UK, France and Germany think so.
    The respondents were offered a choice of five answers to the question about their role in victory (the army of Britain, the USSR, the United States, "others" and the option "I find it difficult to answer"): only 13% of the respondents "gave" the Soviet army a key role in the liberation of Europe.
    1. George W. Bush - medium (George Bush - average) 28 November 2020 16: 40
      This is a cheap lie.
  4. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 28 November 2020 13: 10
    Is the Russian Federation really such a weak state that some historical disputes about the events of almost a century ago, about which the majority of citizens of both the Russian Federation and the "West" have a very vague idea, can affect the country's position in the world today? Are all the achievements of our country only in the past?

    To admit, finally, that if the great Soviet people had allies in the Great Patriotic War, then only in quotation marks and with a big question mark. The Chinese, it was more likely our allies, and not the Anglo-Saxons

    The author is not good at rewriting history.

    What is now required from Russia, its leaders and all citizens without exception is unshakable firmness and consistency in defending their positions.

    I, as a citizen of the Russian Federation, unshakably firmly and consistently defend my position that Stalin was a bloody dictator, under whose rule the country lost almost more from war, hunger and repression than in its entire previous history combined.
    And that there is no justification for repression, I agree with our president.

    1. Mikhail Petrov Offline Mikhail Petrov
      Mikhail Petrov (Mikhail Petrov) 28 November 2020 13: 39
      Quote: Oleg Rambover
      Are all the achievements of our country only in the past?

      Exactly. And the achievements, if you dig deeper, are very dubious or stolen, except perhaps for ballet.
      The same space developments of the USSR are to a large extent the merit of the exported German rocket scientists from the Helmut Grettrup group, whose developments are still used in Russia.
  5. Xuli (o) Tebenado 28 November 2020 16: 09

    The German-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and the Border is an agreement between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union of September 28, 1939, signed after the invasion of Poland by the armies of Germany and the USSR by the German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop and the USSR People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs Molotov.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. George W. Bush - medium (George Bush - average) 28 November 2020 16: 51
      Well, what do you want to say by that?

      Poland - Hitler-Piłsudski Pact, 1934!
      - Anglo-German declaration and Franco-German declaration, both included a non-aggression pact: 1938!
      - Lithuania - Treaty between the Republic of Lithuania and the German Reich: March 1939
      - Latvia - Non-aggression pact between Germany and Latvia: June 1939
      - Estonia - Non-aggression pact between Germany and Estonia June 1939

      In 1934-1936 they were going to conclude a multilateral "Eastern Pact" between the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany.
      In 1940 Hitler made pacts with Italy and Japan.
      Pacts in those days (when Germany left the conference on disarmament and the League of Nations in October 1933 - a common occurrence. For example, the Franco-Soviet Mutual Assistance Pact of 1935.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Xuli (o) Tebenado 29 November 2020 09: 37
        I don’t want to say anything.
        1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 29 November 2020 18: 23
          In 1939, Stalin's USSR and Hitler's Germany signed 2 (two) agreements:
          "Non-Aggression Pact" in August, "On Friendship and Borders" in September.
          Have you heard of this, "scientist"?
  6. George W. Bush - medium (George Bush - average) 28 November 2020 16: 44
    Call me to the Bundestag.

    I do not feel sorry for the dead German soldiers,
    That they wanted to raze Stalingrad to the ground,
    These Hans and Fritzes lying in the grave,
    Because they bombed my land.

    I don’t feel sorry for the shiny, arrogant and sweaty,
    Intoxicated with blood, brainless animals.
    And for the brushwood that was thrown into the flames of the fire,
    They were overtaken by quite a fair punishment.
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  7. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
    DeGreen 28 November 2020 18: 20
    Mikhail Petrov is a provocateur. From Estonia. Check out his site Russkoe Pole. There he is servile to the Third Reich and the United States.
    1. Mikhail Petrov Offline Mikhail Petrov
      Mikhail Petrov (Mikhail Petrov) 28 November 2020 18: 35
      Nice man, Estonians have basically forgotten the Russian language)
      And the Russian-speaking "non-citizens" oppressed by Estonians have no reason to retreat from the line of "United Russia" and its leaders. On the contrary, they are all there for Russia, for the Russian language and for reunification in the Customs Union with Kyrgyzstan-Armenia, instead of the damned EU and NATO, as reported on TV.
  8. argo44 Offline argo44
    argo44 (mac) 28 November 2020 18: 23
    Just as Lenin was a German agent in Russia, Pilsudski was a German agent in Poland. And each of them had their own sieve and their own agency capabilities ...

    The goal of the Second World War was to restore complete control over Poland, and then - from its territory - an attack on the USSR.

    These goals were pursued by the sieve that ruled the West.

    It was attended by: Germany as a border area with Poland, the so-called. The allies are secretly controlled by the raid, which financed Germany with war loans and eased the political situation.

    After the war - several guilty Germans were executed, denazification was not carried out, the Nazis were returned to the German state administration in the 1950s, ZVUK - the capture of Prussia by Poland, the German part of Silesia and Pomerania (similar to Kaliningrad and the entire region) East - that is, they reduced the country, making it more attractive to eat in the future - and all under the patronage of the allies. It was the Allies who sent the Germans to Poland and compensated them by increasing their economy after the war.

    Germany did not pay compensation to Poland for the attack.

    And here's the curiosity - Stalin reconstructed the old border of the German emperor on the eastern border of Poland, and the Soviet troops were stationed in Poland until 1992 - until the 5th German column and Gestapo agents in the UB, then the SB and then overthrew the Polish communists and came to power. in 1989.

    Stalin restored spheres of influence in accordance with the Molotov-Ribbentropp Pact, despite the fact that Germany lost the war ...

    Does anyone know why?
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  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Eskimo Offline Eskimo
    Eskimo (Gera) 20 December 2020 11: 39
    Germans are back.