Americans will do everything to keep the Russian MS-21 on the ground

The Trump administration, which is either leaving or not, has dealt a powerful sanctions blow against 89 Chinese defense companies. At the same time, 28 Russian enterprises, noticed in cooperation with the PRC, also "flew in". Everyone got it: the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and Roskosmos, and Rosatom, and the civil aircraft industry. Now it is not clear, in particular, when the promising MC-21 airliner will be launched into series and will fly.

I would like to remind you that we warned about the upcoming problems for aircraft manufacturers back in ARTICLES dated October 1, 2020. The unique market situation and gigantic problems faced by two of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, give Russia a rare chance to return and occupy, albeit a small, but its own niche with the MS-21 airliner. This narrow-body medium-range aircraft is quite competitive with American and European counterparts. The bottleneck of this project, like the Superjet, was the close international cooperation in their creation.

Both liners have a high percentage of imported components. Dependence on substandard French aircraft engines has already played a cruel joke on the Superjet, which is forced to stand idle, waiting for the delivery of parts for repair, instead of flying. The use of imported composite materials in the design of the MS-21 wings also threw this medium-haul liner far back after the US imposed sanctions on its sale to Russia. We seem to have coped with setting up the production of analogs of composite materials, but the story, alas, does not end there. Both MS-21 and Superjet remain critically dependent on foreign electronic systems and mechanical components. The United States hit this weak spot.

In early October, the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vasily Shpak, complained that foreign manufacturers of aircraft components had warned about the impossibility of continuing to fulfill their obligations to Russia. At that time, the United Aircraft Corporation found a temporary solution by purchasing in bulk for the future in bulk the maximum number of components and assemblies. It is quite obvious that it is impossible to revive the civil aircraft industry using the purchased stocks, therefore import substitution is necessary. And now with this additional difficulties will arise.

The new US sanctions target, in particular, a group of enterprises operating in the aircraft construction sector: manufacturers of aircraft engines and other components, as well as helicopters. Among them, for example, Aviazapchast JSC and Elekon Plant JSC. The latter specializes in the development of radio and electronic products that are used in the aviation and space industries. Note that the United States began to aim at everything that is high-tech that still remains in our country: space, nuclear energy, the military-industrial complex, aircraft construction.

I would like to mention space separately. As we said earlier, the share of foreign electronic components in Russian space is 20%, and in the defense industry - all 40%. These are the natural consequences of the vicious economic policy under the slogan "we will buy everything we need abroad for petrodollars." Now you have to pay dearly for this. But will the right conclusions be drawn? You can, of course, take a simple path and jump on the same rake a second time by starting to buy electronic components in China, but, by the way, our Chinese friends immediately raised the prices for their products. Nothing personal just business.
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  1. passing by Offline passing by
    passing by (passing by) 27 November 2020 13: 39
    not so bad as in this leaflet .... and conclusions are drawn and solutions are outlined.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 29 November 2020 13: 09
      You are a joker, no worse than Zadorny, we hear this spell every year after the next failures for almost 12 years:

      conclusions are made and solutions are outlined.

      According to statistics, since 2000, for the first 8 years, the development of the Russian Federation is at least 10% per year, and then for the next 12 years, the development of the Russian Federation is 1% per year, or rather stagnation. Why,? the answer must be sought in the management of the state ... Therefore, such results, and not only with the MS-21 ...
      1. passing by Offline passing by
        passing by (passing by) 29 November 2020 13: 12
        read below, the savior of Banderlog. they have the whole country of such "experts" as you. there is development for everyone to envy laughing
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 27 November 2020 14: 00
    We had a Buran. So we had everything: composite materials, electronics, mechanics and engines. And what prevented Putin and Co. from removing and getting these enterprises in 20 years? I know that any question and problem will be solved when they are posed edge-on! Maybe it can't, is it the way the questions are posed, and the problems are solved that way? But the problem for the authorities is that if you put the question bluntly, then you will have to invest money not in American securities and the US national debt, but to create your own enterprises, mechanical engineering, electronics. And who will allow Putin to do this !? Therefore, we will not have civilian aircraft. And if it does, it will be in single copies.
    1. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) 27 November 2020 14: 06
      Domestic electronics problems

      The nomenclature of foreign electronic components used in domestic radio-electronic equipment is thousands of items. The Russian market was built primarily on foreign microcircuits. Not so long ago, foreign chips were used even in Russian bank cards, in connection with which a state order was made for the creation of the Mir payment system based on Russian-made chips.

      For several years, active work to reduce the number of foreign components has been carried out in the electronics of weapons and space systems, and a significant part of import substitution in spacecraft by Roskosmos has already been carried out. More than 80% of the EEE in spacecraft today is already an EEE of Russian design.

      In the defense industry, import substitution has long been "at the forefront." Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin believes that 25 years ago Russia began to lose its ability to produce large integrated circuits. "Today in world exports we occupy 1% and we provide ourselves with microelectronic products that are created in the Russian Federation by 41%, even for our own needs. The situation is complicated. Now there are only two companies in the world that produce the entire range of full-cycle microelectronic machines - Japanese and American ", - said the Prime Minister.

      The reason for the collapse of this industry was the transfer of enterprises to private hands in the 1990s and the departure of the state from this sphere, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said earlier. He stressed that serial microelectronic production has not yet been created in Russia. There have been problems in this industry since Soviet times, although at the turn of the 1970s and 80s the country was the second largest producer of microelectronics in the world, and in the early 1990s it supplied China. Russia needs to strengthen its position in this area and the state is ready to allocate huge funds. Investments in the amount of 2024 billion rubles will be allocated to the development of microelectronics until 266, and according to the leading defense corporation, at least 798 billion rubles will be required to modernize this industry in this period of time.

      Russia was preparing to ban foreign radio electronic products

      The termination of supplies from abroad was also announced at the International Forum "Microelectronics-2020", which was held from September 28 to October 3 in Crimea. Vasily Shpak, director of the radio-electronic industry department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said that "in fact, without the announcement of sanctions", the supply of radio-electronic systems by foreign partners will be stopped. He expressed the opinion that Russia needs to ensure its full independence in the field of microelectronics, if it is not done now, then in 10-15 years it will be too late. "There will be imports throughout the infrastructure and there will be no opportunity to change or change," Vasily Shpak said, calling the problem "a matter of security and sovereignty."

      Last month, the Rostec Group of Companies developed a roadmap outlining two priority areas for the development of microelectronics. The first is the development and production of chips with topological norms of 65 (55) nm, 28 nm, 14 nm. Since 2015, iPhones have used 14 nm, and more modern models have already used 7 nm. The second is the creation of memory chips for solid-state drives in 96 layers and a 25-30 nm process technology. The plan is called "New generations of microelectronics and the creation of an electronic component base" and it is coordinated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy.

      In general, the Russian Federation was preparing for a situation that would lead to the restriction of the use of foreign components, and earlier in the staff of Yuri Borisov said: “We are, in fact, moving to stricter regulation in the form of bans on the purchase of foreign analogues. ways to support the Russian manufacturer - both in the field of radio electronics and in other industries. "

      This year, the Russian Federation adopted the Strategy for the Development of the Electronic Industry until 2030. The goal of the strategy is to create a competitive industry based on the development of scientific, technical and personnel potential, optimization and technical re-equipment of production facilities, the creation and development of new industrial technologies, as well as improving the regulatory framework to meet the needs for modern electronic products. The document presupposes the development of domestic production of electronic components, the progress of domestic technologies and industries based on import substitution programs, the creation of "silicon factories" and a wide range of products. In particular, the task was set to increase the output of electronics by 2030 times by 2,5, and to increase exports by 2,7 times.

      In May 2020, on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts, a draft government decree "On the establishment of a ban on the admission of radio-electronic products originating from foreign states for the purpose of procurement for state and municipal needs" was published. The ban was imposed on radio-electronic products "originating from foreign states (with the exception of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union) for the purpose of making purchases for state and municipal needs according to the list according to the appendix." The explanatory note to the project indicated that the state purchase of foreign radio-electronic products would be allowed if no similar goods were produced in Russia. "Until November 1, I hope, a government decree will be adopted prohibiting the purchase of imports in the presence of a domestic analogue in the Russian register," said Vasily Shpak.

      Vladimir Putin lowered taxes to strengthen the radio-electronic industry. From 2021, insurance premium rates will decrease from 14% to 7,6%, and income tax rates - from 20% to 3%. On the website of the Ministry of Finance, it was announced: "Preferences on insurance premiums and income tax will be established for organizations engaged in the design and development of electronic component base and electronic (radio-electronic) products and included in the corresponding register. It will be maintained by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia."
      1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
        steelmaker 27 November 2020 14: 24
        Need to provide ...
        You need to finance ..
        It is necessary to highlight ....
        I need to appoint ...
        Need to create ...
        And further:
        Building a competitive industry ...
        Building human resources ...
        Optimization creation ...
        Creation of technical re-equipment ...
        Creation of new industrial technologies ...
        Improving the legal framework ...
        And this is all from your text! And so for 20 years in a row!
        1. passing by Offline passing by
          passing by (passing by) 27 November 2020 14: 26
          Need to fold your paws and spit viciously? "we have done" read ... what has been done for 20 years in a row. and create and finance! Composites have been replaced with Russian ones and the electronics will be replaced.
          1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
            steelmaker 27 November 2020 19: 37
            I read your comments and did not understand anything. You must list what has been done. And if you have nothing to say, then do not splash saliva! When they replace it, then you will scream with joy in 2030. Do not dishonor yourself and do not dishonor your Putin !!
        2. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
          Marzhecki (Sergei) 28 November 2020 07: 47
          Quote: steel maker
          And this is all from your text! And so for 20 years in a row!

          "It is necessary" and "necessary" are the main words in the addresses of the GDP ... for 20 years already ...
        3. orange Offline orange
          orange (ororpore) 28 November 2020 11: 38
          Even replacing the 100 hp piston motor. from the Canadian snowmobile for the UAV "Orion" is postponed for 3 years. what then can we say about import substitution of more complex units. The creation of new production facilities from scratch to replace those destroyed in the 2030s will require much more funds. They recently announced that they expect to build 50 MS-21 units by XNUMX. This is funny! But it was under Putin that they destroyed factories in the mid-XNUMXs.
  3. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 27 November 2020 14: 56
    Those who planned the failed decisions approved by the "genius" of Chemezov should be brought to justice. And the rest would not hurt that Lawrence would follow. They steal more than they do business. Otherwise the plane would have been flying long ago. And then these managers do not really need an airplane for Russia. They all fly personal.
  4. Mikhail Petrov Offline Mikhail Petrov
    Mikhail Petrov (Mikhail Petrov) 27 November 2020 15: 24
    The United States is preparing new sanctions against Russia. The main blow will fall on the civil aircraft industry. The sanctions list includes more than ten civil aviation enterprises, including manufacturers of helicopters and aircraft engines, developers and suppliers of aviation materials and air traffic management systems.
    Earlier this year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade admitted that foreign suppliers of components were refusing to cooperate with Russian projects.
  5. it is they show-off bending - we will live without doodles!
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Ben latin Offline Ben latin
    Ben latin (Valentine Latin) 29 November 2020 12: 46
    ... everything is clear, one thing is not clear - why for the shoals of officials (who, without a doubt), at the very beginning, earned their "compensation" on the conclusion of unprofitable contracts with foreign suppliers of electronic components, mechanical components and systems should once again pay off the usual Russians? ...
  8. Don36 Offline Don36
    Don36 (Don36) 29 November 2020 17: 25
    It is high time for the Russian Federation to impose retaliatory sanctions against the United States by cutting off supplies of titanium, palladium and rare earth materials to the United States. In addition, the Russian Federation will do without the products of the American auto and aircraft industry, primarily on domestic flights. The Russian Federation needs to prohibit the import of American cars, motorcycles and airplanes into the Russian Federation, American companies such as McDonald's, HolidayIn and the like should be deprived of their licenses to operate in the Russian Federation.