London suggested that in which case Putin will leave the presidency

Every authoritarian leader wants to guarantee himself a lifetime in power, or to ensure a safe transition to everyday life with appropriate protection. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has ruled the country for 21 years, is likely to be able to implement either of the two options, suggests the London-based Financial Times.

After the Russian parliament approved the law on the immunity of the country's former presidents, there was talk that Putin intends to leave the post of head of state ahead of schedule. However, before that, a law was passed allowing Putin to remain in power for another 12 years after 2024, which some have already forgotten about. Thus, the Russian leader, in which case, can use any of them.

According to political scientist Tatyana Stanova, there is no connection between the new law and Putin's pension plans.

What we can say for sure is that he (Putin - ed.) Is doing everything so that we do not understand when he will retire

- specified Stanovaya.

Putin often prefers to hedge himself with double decisions. He can assign two officials or a couple of departments to carry out the same task. This ensures that they will be busy competing with each other and not conspiring against him.

Most experts are still inclined to the version that Putin's use of the second law is more likely than the first. However, some experts believe that Putin will decide to stay in power until 2036. He is well aware that his successor can at any time just as “elegantly” rewrite legislation, including the Constitution, to suit himself and deprive the predecessor of privileges.

He (Putin - ed.) Could have found a successor earlier. He can do it now. But he's not sure if it won't be a mistake

- explained Stanovaya

The President of Russia will decide to leave his post only when he has several successor candidates in his hands, in which he is confident, the newspaper concluded.
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 24 November 2020 15: 35
    I don’t want to croak, but that probable opponents do not raise a howl about false Putin is alarming, but in terms of physiognomic and anatomical properties, we are presented with completely different personalities under the guise of V.V. Putin, even at the first comparison there is no portrait similarity ... Putin of extremely different personalities, and this has been going on since 2010 ... Perhaps this period will go down in history. as a "false Putin" (we have in history both false Dmitry and other Pugachevs) ...
    1. Mikhail Petrov Offline Mikhail Petrov
      Mikhail Petrov (Mikhail Petrov) 24 November 2020 17: 11
      Retired FSB Colonel Gennady Gudkov: Putin's health condition deteriorated sharply back in 2019

      “Well, objectively, we can see that he stopped appearing in public, began to speak worse, stopped falling into public expectations. His interviews are curtailed, because he speaks complete nonsense and, on the whole, his adequacy has decreased, ”Gudkov said on the Newsader YouTube channel.

      Fall 2020 was marked by a high-profile discussion about the possible health problems that Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly faced. Moreover, within the framework of the same topic, the question was raised that the head of the Russian state has to accelerate the process of the transition of power and prepare his resignation before the end of his presidential term, for this very reason. The first to make such a statement was the well-known Russian political scientist Valery Solovey, who at first hinted at “personal circumstances of force majeure,” allegedly forcing Vladimir Vladimirovich to leave post number one already in 2021, and then directly declared his illness. The topic was also picked up by the former KGB intelligence officer, Putin's classmate Yuri Shvets. Oppositional political scientist Andrei Piontkovsky did not stand aside either. It got to the point that even the Western media got involved in the process. For example, the British press recently wrote that "Putin will resign in 2021 due to suspicions of Parkinson's disease." Such widespread publicity, albeit with the use of unconfirmed information, forced even representatives of the Kremlin to respond to talks about the president's health. The head of Putin's press service Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the publications of the Western press, for example, said that "the Russian leader is cheerful, full of energy and is not going to resign." After that, the discussion around the health of the Russian president subsided a little. However, not for long, now the retired FSB colonel Gennady Gudkov made a statement about the illness of the head of state.
      1. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
        DeGreen 25 November 2020 08: 06
        Doctor Aibolit said about Mikhail Petrov - the brain is 100% damaged. A quick death is possible
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    2. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
      DeGreen 25 November 2020 08: 08
      Citizen Tuzakov, read less ukropress and liberal latrine-times
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 25 November 2020 13: 54
        Turn on your own brains, otherwise not only personal problems await ... Your nickname is overseas, it doesn’t belong to the Russian, so the rest is not Russian, this explains your statements ...
        1. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
          DeGreen 26 November 2020 00: 12
          You are not very smart. Citizen Tuzakov. Square D, Green. DiGreen. That was the name of our area of ​​responsibility.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 26 November 2020 14: 13
            Well, write in Russian, do not adapt to someone else's, build everyone for yourself, and in Russian ... Our planes and other equipment are called unsightly names in NATO, so we should call them after ours and let NATO add the F-117 to the name, that the Russians called "ugloutiug" (The name is older, but the moderators do not let it through) ...
        2. isofat Offline isofat
          isofat (isofat) 26 November 2020 00: 16
          Vladimir Tuzakov, DeGreen... Do not swear, every person counts. smile
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 24 November 2020 16: 30
    But he is not sure if this will not be a mistake.

    And there is nothing to collect around mediocrity. Then you won't have to be afraid!
  3. Mikhail Petrov Offline Mikhail Petrov
    Mikhail Petrov (Mikhail Petrov) 24 November 2020 16: 42
    Grandfather is really bad. Doctors call these mental disabilities.
  4. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
    Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 24 November 2020 16: 59
    What a crap. And what else can some stupid camp give out? Is the second most ancient now "politolukh stavovaya" called?
  5. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  6. isofat Offline isofat
    isofat (isofat) 24 November 2020 23: 53
    Queen of Great Britain - Elizabeth II. She ascended the throne on February 6, 1952.
  7. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
    DeGreen 25 November 2020 08: 03
    Who is this Stanovaya?