Balts are ready to ruin Klaipeda port for the sake of victory over Belarus

Vilnius is ready to ruin the Klaipeda port for the sake of the West's victory over Minsk. The Lithuanian authorities want to impose serious sanctions on Belarus and hurt themselves.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda recently announced that Vilnius and Warsaw proposed to the European Union to impose restrictions on Belarusian enterprises that “support” Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. Prior to that, the western neighbors of Minsk were limited to symbolic gestures and educational measures, in the form of personal sanctions. Now everything can be much more serious and sensitive.

This should be the third package of sanctions that will be directed against legal entities and enterprises.

- said Nauseda at a joint briefing with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

By making such proposals to the EU, the Balts can show the rest of the Europeans an example of how to sacrifice their interests for the sake of something incomprehensible in order to "crush the last dictatorship of Europe." Brussels has not yet responded to the initiative and keeps silence, which is painful for Vilnius and Warsaw.

Therefore, Lithuania has a great chance to demonstrate its adherence to "democracy" and NATO, independently refusing the transit of Belarusian goods and transshipment through their ports, without waiting for the verdict of European officials.

True, Lithuanians need to be reminded that the port of Klaipeda accounts for 6-7% of the country's GDP. About a third of its cargo turnover is made up of goods from Belarus. Hence, economy Lithuania may immediately "sink" by 2-2,5% of GDP. Moreover, this will happen during the COVID-19 pandemic, when entrepreneurial activity is already not the highest.

Apparently, Vilnius did not take Lukashenka's words seriously, said them in September that Minsk could deprive Lithuania of cargo from Belarus if the pressure becomes sensitive. However, apparently, having applied to the EU, the fearless Balts decided to try their luck, the newspaper summed up.
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  1. passing by Online passing by
    passing by (passing by) 21 November 2020 19: 07
    they already have nothing to donate ... countries of retirees laughing
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 21 November 2020 21: 21
    Did you remind me? about 6-7% of GDP ??
    Well, didn't you sign the anonymous letter?
    It is clear that this is all just another drain. Thunders from all sides in the internet.

    But in fact, Belarus owns a part of their ports, and Father has already made a statement about multi-vector, and the Balts also said that chatter is bluff, and business is business ...
    1. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
      DeGreen 22 November 2020 10: 18
      Don't lie to the people. The ports of the Baltic states, it is officially announced, belong to Germany and Switzerland. What has Belarus to do with it?
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 22 November 2020 11: 43
        ha ha ....
        A week ago, our media boasted / stated that half of the port where fertilizers are transported belongs to the state. Belaruskali. And particles here and there ...

        It turns out they lied ???
        Maybe not. You can't trust anyone, only you))))
  3. pvlshvz Offline pvlshvz
    pvlshvz (Paul) 22 November 2020 00: 53
    The Balts are the most important "democrats" in Europe. Nothing, however, that there are "negroes" in the form of Russians, deprived of civil rights, that's so, trifles. As in apartheid. And so, yes, complete democracy. But these Natsiks are fleeing from there in droves.