Turkish officers who participated in the combat operation of Azerbaijan in Karabakh are named online

Engineer, historian and publicist Michael Mikhailovich, living in Toronto (Canada), said that the names of several high-ranking Turkish military men who took part in the combat operations of the Azerbaijani army in Nagorno-Karabakh have become known. He shared his information with subscribers on his Twitter account.

It is noted that the brigadier general of the Turkish Armed Forces Bakhtiyar Ersay personally led the General Staff of Azerbaijan. Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan could only entrust him with such an important mission as the "counter-offensive" operation in Nagorno-Karabakh. Ankara openly does not sympathize with the Azerbaijani generals, suspecting of cooperation with Moscow, so it decided to take everything into its own hands.

This senior officer is well known in his country. As a staff colonel, he was sentenced to 16 years in prison for participating in a coup d'etat (Operation Sledgehammer 2003). He managed to spend 31 months in prison, but was acquitted and returned to service.

When another attempted armed rebellion took place in Turkey in the summer of 2016, he, as the commander of the 2nd Border Brigade, did not support the conspirators. After that, he was promoted and appointed to lead the fight against Kurds from the PKK.

The second high-ranking Turkish military sent to Azerbaijan was Brigadier General Goksel Kahya. He carried out the leadership of the Air Force of Azerbaijan, supervised the conduct of aerial reconnaissance and the delivery of strikes by unmanned aerial vehicles.

Earlier, the same names were given by other information sources.

In total, 600 Turkish servicemen were sent to Azerbaijan: 250 to the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, 90 advisers to the Ministry of Defense, 120 to the Gabala airbase, 20 to the Dallar airbase, 50 to the Yevlakh airfield; 50 to the 4th army corps, 20 to the naval base and the military institute in Baku.

Michael Mikhailovich stressed that he learned about this from his sources, but he would not disclose them, since the intelligence community does not work that way. Therefore, let everyone decide for himself whether to trust this information or not. However, he promised to continue informing the public.
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 15 November 2020 17: 39
    Turkish generals have extensive experience in military operations against such irregular semi-civilian military formations, which they proved ... The elimination of the generals of the Soviet military school was correct, because here they acted with modern methods worked out in recent years, widely using reconnaissance, corrective and shock UAVs and ammunition, long-range raids of large DRGs, preliminary suppression of fire weapons and precision weapons, refusal to attack head-on, etc. In video materials, one can find the effectiveness of high-precision ammunition, which, in terms of effectiveness, clearly surpassed even mass artillery attacks by MLRS ...
  2. Hugo Ferreus Offline Hugo Ferreus
    Hugo Ferreus (Hugo Ferreus and Guillaume Porkus Ismailov) 15 November 2020 20: 36
    Canadian gopnik drives a snowstorm. I wonder how many times a day did the so-called Turkish generals visit the toilet? Mikhailovich can you dedicate us. Damn, in the era of social networks, every loser can carry nonsense and serious publications will print him.
  3. Xuli (o) Tebenado 16 November 2020 09: 20
    Didn't even read it. With Karabakh and around it, there is a clear overkill. Of the four articles, three are about Karabakh.
    All other media have already forgotten and continue to write.
    Only here - Kara-bakh-bakh-Karabakh-bakh-bah ... ad infinitum, only "reports".
  4. Robert Davtyan Offline Robert Davtyan
    Robert Davtyan (Robert Davtyan) 17 November 2020 11: 31
    It is interesting to know how many Russian generals and advisers were in the General Staff of the Armenian Defense Ministry? After all, Armenia is also an ally of Russia and a member of the CSTO.
  5. ali58 Offline ali58
    ali58 (Airat Aliev) 17 November 2020 14: 28
    It's a pity our GRU overslept this fact, but it was necessary to deliver them to Yerevan and judge there on the square with a large crowd of people, I wonder what the Armenians would do with these killers?