Why did the West talk about the impending World War III

Recently, representatives of the military departments of several NATO countries at once began to make rather ominous predictions about a sharp increase in the likelihood that a new world war could break out on the planet in the near future.

So far, this kind of "prediction" is rather general and vague, but the very fact of their appearance is alarming, and from different sources. Why did our most probable enemy suddenly become so concerned about this issue and what could mean a corresponding information campaign that is gaining momentum?

World threatened by coronavirus and superpowers

To begin, perhaps, should be with the fact that revelations such as those that we will discuss below, just like that, without any meaning and purpose, do not become the property of general publicity. Not the kind of military people to chat without reason, especially about things, let's say, not of the most pleasant nature. In their vocabulary, this kind of chatter has a well-defined name: "the spread of panic." In wartime, they can be punished for this, and severely. In peaceful, however, they will not praise either. Nevertheless, not so long ago, an analytical report prepared by service specialists was suddenly presented to the judgment of the general public, even among the army units that stand out for their increased thirst for secrecy - the military intelligence of the Czech Republic. The most interesting point in this document is the statement that the Third World War is not just literally on the threshold, but is already in full swing! Staying at the same time, as the Czech intelligence officers claim, "in its first stage." What kind of stage is this?

On it, according to analysts, the parties to the conflict, firstly, "shape the ideology and worldview" of future participants in the battles for world domination by "manipulating public consciousness", and, secondly, "seek and test technological tools with which it would be possible to manage the global conflict ”at further stages of its development. With this, I confess, it is not entirely clear - we are talking either about the development of new weapons systems, or about some even more global technologies. The United States, Russia and China are named in the report as states whose rivalry, in fact, is the reason that mankind is steadily moving towards universal conflict. A completely predictable statement, alas, corresponding to the truth, while, however, not covering the entirety of the picture.

By the way, one of the signs that our planet is already in a far from peaceful state, the authors of the report (it seems to me, not without reason) consider the almost complete leveling of the role of international law as a tool for resolving conflicts. And also the almost total refusal of countries competing in certain spheres from peaceful dialogue as a way of resolving contradictions between them. Tellingly, the report cited above was prepared back in 2019, but for some reason they decided to publish it only now. It's time? Incidentally, the conclusions of the Czech "knights of the cloak and dagger" are very consonant with the recent speech of Nick Carter, a full general of the British Armed Forces, who heads their Chiefs of Staff Committee.

This high-ranking military man, in an interview with one of the TV channels, also stated that he sees an increasing risk of unleashing a new world war. According to the general, the main "driving force" here is the deepest economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. He warns that under current conditions the ongoing local conflicts have, as never before, a greater tendency to rapid escalation and growth, first to regional, and then to global scales. Carter believes that “unconscious leaders” can allow “so many people and weapons to be drawn into hostilities” that they get out of control and go far beyond their original boundaries. Moreover, the British general draws direct parallels between the current situation and the problems that, he says, led to the First and then the Second World Wars in the twentieth century. And it is worth dwelling on this statement of his separately.

A food war or a vaccine war?

Nick Carter says two of the largest and bloodiest military conflicts in human history were caused by "escalation that led to miscalculations." Quite a free interpretation, and this is to put it mildly. It is unlikely that a military leader of this level is unfamiliar with more detailed and reliable versions regarding the true reasons for both total confrontations that swept the planet, in which his country was directly involved. Britain, if we face the truth, was, in fact, the initiator of the worldwide massacres, during which it hoped to solve its own problems and satisfy imperial ambitions. In the first case, it was about breaking the growing economic power of Germany, in the second case, the Anglo-Saxons, by the hands of the Germans and their allies, sought to destroy the Soviet Union. Yes, everything did not go according to plan and had to fight the Nazis on our own ... Perhaps Carter means precisely these "miscalculations"? Be that as it may, but to an extremely small number of those who in Britain have a normal attitude towards our country, this general can not be attributed in any case.

I remember that not so long ago, the same Carter called "Russia's claims to the role of a global power" nothing else but "self-confidence." He accused her of "subversion and murder" and claimed that she "leads political war "against the West in order to" break its will. " Now, as we can see, he has already started talking about a global armed conflict. What is it for? Some experts are inclined to believe that the point here is a banal desire, having caught up with more fear, to defend the rather large budget of its own department, which recently the tight-fisted British Ministry of Finance is eager to sequester pretty much, emphasizing the unforeseen costs caused by Brexit and the pandemic. Perhaps it is, but only partially.

The problem is that humanity today has really come to the brink of total military confrontation closer than it was in many previous decades. The International Food Organization (FAO), a member of the United Nations Organization, says that at least 16 countries in all four parts of the world - from Afghanistan and Lebanon to Venezuela and Haiti - are already on the verge of acute general hunger. A particularly difficult situation is developing in the Black Continent, which traditionally suffers from this scourge - in Africa, starvation threatens many people in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Somalia and a number of other states. Such a large-scale exacerbation of the food problem may well cause not only outbreaks of violence in all regions affected by it, but also give rise to a migration cataclysm of a truly planetary scale - millions of people will pour into Europe, not in search of a better life, but simply for a piece of bread. Can we hope that the situation will improve? Rather, the opposite is true.

The so-called "developed countries" themselves would not be hurt by someone's saving intervention. The pandemic seems to be "entering a new circle" and no matter how it becomes more terrible than the previous one ... Yesterday, on November 12, a record number of deaths from coronavirus were recorded in the world - more than 10 thousand people in one day. In total, since the arrival of this disease in our world, it has taken the lives of almost 1 million 300 thousand people, more than 52 million have been infected. According to a statement made yesterday by the representative of the World Health Organization Sumiya Swaminathan, it is realistic to stop the pandemic only if at least 19% of the world's population is vaccinated against COVID-70. Most likely, an effective and most effective vaccine against this disease in the very near future will become the No. 1 value in our world. The question is from whose hands humanity will receive it.

A country that will be able to stop the onset of the coronavirus, first of all, on its own territory, and then offer a means to save the rest, will receive enormous, incomparable geopolitical advantages, and will open up truly unlimited prospects. It just so happened that the main contenders for the role of an anti-coronavirus panacea today are Russian and American drugs. Already now, intrigues are woven around this issue and far from clean "games" are being conducted. What can happen next? Anything! No matter how the forecast of the head of the British General Staff really comes true - after all, the "Western World", facing the real prospect of a radical reformatting of the entire geopolitical "alignment" on the planet, may well take the most extreme measures in an attempt to restore the status quo. In the same Great Britain, for example, they consider the very fact of resolving the crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh without any participation of both "international organizations" and leading Western powers as a deep insult. The local media quite openly declare about "the powerlessness of Western civilization in front of authoritarian countries that seek their way by force of arms", and subsequently "freely share the trophies." I mean, as you might guess, there is Turkey and, first of all, Russia, which, without any crowded "summits" and other negotiation formats with the participation of "developed" countries, managed to stop the war in the Caucasus only by the power of its own authority and the authority of its strength.

The talks about the Third World War, being waged in the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, should alert us in and of themselves, and even in the context of the current extremely explosive situation in the world, all the more so. Yes, India, China and other states are also talking about the danger of continuing the ongoing conflicts almost all over the planet and the high likelihood of new ones. However, these countries do not consider Russia as the main potential enemy, do not try to make it a symbol of "world evil" and "total threat". Military leaders and intelligence officers of NATO countries are a completely different matter. Their attempts to gradually inspire both their own fellow citizens and the entire world community with the idea of ​​the inevitability of a new global conflict, in no case should be ignored, but should, perhaps, be taken with the utmost seriousness.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 13 November 2020 10: 08
    1 world war destroyed 4 empires and led to the emergence of the USSR and the Comintern.
    World War 2 liberated many colonies and led to the creation of the CMEA and non-aligned countries.
    What can World War III promise the world if the position of the socialists in the Democratic Party is strengthening in the United States? Let us recall the works of Lenin on the causes and consequences of World War I ...
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 13 November 2020 12: 52
      Quote: Bulanov
      1 world war destroyed 4 empires and led to the emergence of the USSR and the Comintern.
      World War 2 liberated many colonies and led to the creation of the CMEA and non-aligned countries.
      What can promise the world 3 world war, if the position of socialists in the Democratic Party is strengthening in the USA? Let us recall the works of Lenin on the causes and consequences of World War I ...

      hi Promises neo-colonialism! request
      In addition, I suppose, according to a set of signs, that British revenge-seekers are sleeping and seeing Great Britain as the winner in the Third World War, so that she can again become "the ruler of the seas (and numerous colonies)" and the dominant "superpower" ?! winked
      Against the background of the next Great Depression, the Naglo-Saxon neo-colonialists dream of their salvation in the abrupt, uncontrolled growth of the ugly plundering of the richest subsoil, raw materials and resources belonging to the Russian Federation, which, nevertheless, is to some extent hindered by "common people" by the current "intractable" Russian bourgeois authorities !
      Alas, the USA and Great Britain calculated everything correctly and determined their main goal - after all, after the seizure of Russian territory, China will not be afraid of them!
      Yes, the Chinese themselves are ready to comprehensively cooperate with the Naglo-Saxons, but they "put forward" their own conditions, "blackmailing" a probable alliance with the Russian Federation (but with its defeat in WW III, they will have nothing to cover up and the PRC will agree to any neo-colonial conditions of the "world hegemons" !)

      P.S. And yet, the so-called "world epidemic" (is it a "pandemic", like an "epidemic", on the basis of which "statistics" the "epidemic thresholds" were calculated, because, as you know,

      there are lies, blatant lies and statistics

      when all the dead, including those who have died, from old age and their own, are also aggravated by organized and spontaneous "coronabesies" - "self-isolation" and "coronapic" failure to provide timely medical care, chronic diseases, С "coronavirus", recorded in chokh, how the dead were FROM "coronavirus" ???) coronavirus "seems to me overly inflated and artificially" far-fetched ", on a par with those who were promoted to the" great and terrible ", (but never" fired "as their" promoters "intended! ) allegedly "world epidemics": "Ebola virus", "avian" and "swine" "flu", "SARS", ... ets
      Somehow about the "deadly HIV epidemic", in which the pharmaceutical firms and other medical leaders "warmed their hands a lot" in time (selfishly taking advantage of the fears of the inhabitants frightened "to death" ?! by the way, explicit and implicit, intimidation with "deadly diseases and impending sudden death" is practically a win-win, manipulative technique from the "arsenal" of ancient priests and all kinds, patented and non-patented, fortune-tellers and cheaters from medicine! wassat ) have we already "forgotten" ?! winked
      So, and finally, the "shot" cartoon with the "world epidemic (no matter what!)" Can also be considered one of the "technologies" for preparing the Third World War, alas !!! request
  2. Cheburashk Offline Cheburashk
    Cheburashk (Vladimir) 13 November 2020 12: 16
    The West has always solved its economic problems and others always with the help of wars. When this happens and the question is not yes or no, the question is WHEN, it will lead at least to the creation of new alliances or blocs. Economic they (blocs) will be either military, political it does not matter. Will be revised or altered the whole economic system, at least the system of the present world. In short, everything will be built or created anew! This is my personal opinion (I have not read Lenin laughing )
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 13 November 2020 13: 22
      The slogan of the Marxists - the slogan of the revolutionary social democracy

      The war has undoubtedly given rise to the most drastic crisis and exacerbated the misery of the masses incredibly. The reactionary nature of this war, the shameless lies of the bourgeoisie of all countries, which cover up their predatory goals with "national" ideology, all this on the basis of an objectively revolutionary situation inevitably creates revolutionary sentiments among the masses.
      It is our duty to help us understand these moods, deepen and shape them. This task is correctly expressed only by the slogan of converting the imperialist war into a civil war, and any consistent class struggle during a war, any seriously pursued tactics of "mass action" will inevitably lead to this.

      IN AND. Lenin
  3. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 13 November 2020 12: 39
    Today, the first third of the 21st century is already passing, the world is changing leaders, and the old empires have grown decrepit and turned into outsiders - England, France ... But they do not want to leave the positions of leaders, they cling in all ways and may throw out more than one under their curtain. "calico", so they threaten with all the horrors ... Here it is possible to alter: "decrepit and helpless lions roar, and the caravan goes on." ...
  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 13 November 2020 14: 11
    Why did the West talk about the impending World War III

    1. Stagnation of the economy, and military orders, in the words of the former head of the Fed - Bernanke Ben, have a strong impact on the economy. The escalation of the US arms race provokes a response from the Russian Federation and the PRC, and the accumulation of a critical mass can lead to war.
    2. The use of tactical nuclear weapons, artillery shells, for example, can provoke a full-scale exchange of nuclear strikes between India and Pakistan, for example, or in the event of aggression by Ukraine, Georgia, Poland or Lithuania with the support of NATO against the Russian Federation. Almost all neighboring states have territorial claims to the Russian Federation, even the United States (the state of Alaska does not recognize Wrangel Island as the territory of the Russian Federation).
    3. Aggression, which cannot be resisted by other means than a nuclear retaliatory strike. For example, the aggression of the United States and South Korea against the DPRK, Iran or Turkey against Israel - Israel will make another raid on their facilities in a neighboring state, and they will take and answer as appropriate to such provocations.
    Anything can be a pretext for war, and above all the political and economic contradictions of the ruling classes. At the same time, a war with an equal rival is capable of inflicting unacceptable losses on the aggressor and understanding this serves as the best guarantee of the impossibility of a world war, but does not exclude local and regional ones.
  5. Peter rybak Offline Peter rybak
    Peter rybak (Patrol) 13 November 2020 20: 24
    By the way, today Putin decided to put into effect a secret plan for the defense of Russia.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. kot711 Offline kot711
    kot711 (vov) 14 November 2020 13: 37
    We eat capitalism with a full spoon. When contradictions arise, the only way out is war.
    1. Barmaley_2 Offline Barmaley_2
      Barmaley_2 (Barmaley) 20 November 2020 01: 10
      not this time. Those warriors were DIFFERENT and more than one technology center. And now there is only one - the United States. All other competitors are destroyed. This time the war will not solve anything and new markets for goods and services due to the destruction of competing technology centers will not We need a new model of development, but no one has it. Not yet.
  8. ser.rudov2016 Offline ser.rudov2016
    ser.rudov2016 (Sergey Rudov) 17 November 2020 19: 49
    Brad Sea of ​​Cable. With modern weapons, world war is not possible. No one needs a radioactive desert in place of their state. All these predictions for the electorate in order to maintain the desired level of patriotism.
    1. Dimon Dimonov Offline Dimon Dimonov
      Dimon Dimonov (Dimon Dimonov) 19 November 2020 16: 16
      Yes, there is no longer a smell of desert ... but the ball will crack like a nut and the sun will not see our Earth ... 10 years and the living will envy the dead ...
  9. Dimon Dimonov Offline Dimon Dimonov
    Dimon Dimonov (Dimon Dimonov) 19 November 2020 16: 14
    I hope the Poseidons managed to lay along the thane ...
  10. Barmaley_2 Offline Barmaley_2
    Barmaley_2 (Barmaley) 20 November 2020 01: 08
    I can console all the displaced people. The current crisis is a crisis of falling capital efficiency. A new world war does not solve this problem and the falling demand of the population will not raise the war in any way. From a word at all. And on the contrary, it can greatly decrease. And due to the fact that , for example, in Mozambique (which absolutely everyone does not give a damn about five times in a row) there is not enough food and everyone is bursting with it in France, does not mean that France will declare war on Mozambique because of this. There will be local conflicts on the periphery of capitalism, but no more. So sleep well!
    1. kot711 Offline kot711
      kot711 (vov) 20 November 2020 12: 26
      There will be local conflicts in the periphery of capitalism, but no more. ,,
      Is the Russian Federation, in its current form, not a periphery?
      1. Barmaley_2 Offline Barmaley_2
        Barmaley_2 (Barmaley) 20 November 2020 13: 02
        the periphery. China believes that it is his, and the United States that it. But due to the presence of Yao with her, only local conflicts are possible with it, which, however, we have been observing for a long time.
        1. kot711 Offline kot711
          kot711 (vov) 21 November 2020 13: 04
          But due to the presence of yao

          Somehow it did not help the USSR very much. And this despite the fact that bureaucrats did not have villa accounts in the West, and now many have, so if they take it seriously, they will sell it in giblets.
          1. Barmaley_2 Offline Barmaley_2
            Barmaley_2 (Barmaley) 21 November 2020 13: 26
            and what with the already nuclear USSR was a large-scale war? Remind me, pliz, what kind. I then forgot something.
            1. kot711 Offline kot711
              kot711 (vov) 22 November 2020 11: 29
              Have you completely lost the thread? You argue that nuclear weapons will prevent a war against Russia. I wrote, did nuclear weapons help when the Union was destroyed? We draw the thread further, will this weapon help when bureaucrats with deputies have accounts, real estate, families in hostile countries? They will be offered - will you lose everything that you have with us or will you pass the laws we need? What do you think they will do?
              1. Barmaley_2 Offline Barmaley_2
                Barmaley_2 (Barmaley) 22 November 2020 14: 12
                Yes, it’s not clear what you lost. I wrote quite specifically about a certain type of database, like the military one from the article. And you spend anything, but without me further. And the reason for the collapse of the USSR was clearly not a poisonous war for sure!
  11. Knight Offline Knight
    Knight (Vladimir) 28 November 2020 21: 42
    I'm tired of waiting for this war, I don't care, I want a war, I'm not afraid of death.
    "Let the storm break out soon!"
  12. Garri Hakobyan_2 (Garry Hakobyan) 1 December 2020 18: 28
    It's just that the leading countries have been waging a cold, economic, cybernetic and info war for decades, and in the meantime they were preparing for a global nuclear war, training in small countries of the third world ... that there simply cannot be a big war, especially since demons are in power in the world, moreover, dead souls or crazy ones, which are essentially the same thing! And they turned away from God long ago, those. progress towards drying up souls has led ...
  13. pvlshvz Offline pvlshvz
    pvlshvz (Paul) 5 December 2020 16: 12
    I remember when, during the Great Patriotic War, the antibiotic penicillin was accidentally discovered, they categorically refused to transfer the technology of its production to the USSR. This would save the lives of millions of Soviet soldiers. These are the soyuznichki - nits.
  14. ser.rudov2016 Offline ser.rudov2016
    ser.rudov2016 (Sergey Rudov) 7 December 2020 14: 15
    Why did the West start talking about the impending World War 3?

    Because they have already exhausted all the reasons for justifying their spending on weapons. According to the rules in force in the West, in order to allocate funds from the budget to arms corporations, they must justify the need for these spending. This is becoming more and more difficult to do, so you have to invent something new. and reached the scarecrow of world war. Any sane person now understands that if rivals have nuclear weapons, world war becomes meaningless. No one needs a radioactive desert in the place of his state. Now there is a struggle for markets for their goods, but in this struggle there is no places of use of weapons on a global scale.
  15. Praskovya Offline Praskovya
    Praskovya (Praskovya) 7 December 2020 22: 22
    What leads to World Wars?
    The power crisis of large states.
    Take a look around.
  16. Handle Offline Handle
    Handle (Alexey) 9 December 2020 11: 57
    It's European fun - once in a hundred years to get together and get luli from Russia together!
  17. Ekaterina V. Offline Ekaterina V.
    Ekaterina V. (Ekaterina Vyatkina) 9 December 2020 15: 54
    We urgently need to build a Creative Society!
  18. Ekaterina V. Offline Ekaterina V.
    Ekaterina V. (Ekaterina Vyatkina) 9 December 2020 15: 56
    Will our children have a future? ...

  19. ser.rudov2016 Offline ser.rudov2016
    ser.rudov2016 (Sergey Rudov) 15 December 2020 15: 40
    All these forecasts are designed for naive, poorly educated "patriots" who trustingly put their ears out for a telepaw, both in the West and in the East. With modern weaponry levels, World War III is in principle impossible. Neither side wants to see a radioactive desert in its place. The fight is for the markets for their goods, not the territories. And in this fight, completely different methods are used than they were used 3 years ago.