"Start from scratch": Lukashenko returned to multi-vector and offered Poland friendship

At the opening ceremony of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko spoke in favor of friendship between Belarus and Poland and Lithuania. He suggested that the leaders of these neighboring countries forget the past and start building relations from scratch.

According to Lukashenko, Belarus and Lithuania were once part of the same state and now they can live in good neighborliness, trading in electricity and other goods. To the Poles, the leader of the Republic of Belarus pointed out the inflexibility of the spirit of the Belarusians, who in any case "will not kneel" in front of anyone, and offered Poland friendship.

Our peoples were once in the same state, they lived normally, and they still live normally. Let's work together, we are ready to cooperate openly

- Lukashenka turned to Warsaw.

It is obvious that Lukashenka again returns to policy multi-vector, but now it will be more difficult to implement it - the European Union has announced sanctions against a number of Belarusian officials. Minsk is expected to do something different, namely, important constitutional changes, deepening of the integration of Belarus with Russia, economic transformation and establishment of a productive dialogue with the Belarusian public. Against this background, the restoration of the previous level of relations between Minsk and Warsaw is practically impossible.
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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 9 November 2020 11: 47
    Well, you are our multi-station ... Again, one chair is not enough for you, so you want to sit on four more, they crush you, ignore you, and they wanted to spit on you, and you keep walking along the old rake, that's only when you lived together with Lithuania in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, then you were just slaves there, and you, Belarusians, were not considered people then, but he went there again ... Russia helped him to sit in his chair, and he again toils with foolishness. continues, as before, to shit in the pocket of Russia.
    1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
      steelmaker 9 November 2020 19: 53
      And Lukashenka has someone to take an example from. Why is Putin allowed and Lukashenka not allowed? Russia and Erdogan helped to sit still. You really decide and then how it turns out stupid. So Erdogan can shit, and is that okay for you?
  2. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) 9 November 2020 11: 52
    Lukashenka again puts the cart in front of the horse. First, you need to support the "democratic change of power" in Poland through protests and the coming of "people's leaders" to power, and only then offer cooperation.
  3. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) 9 November 2020 12: 11
    Who would doubt that...
    In relation to Lukashenka, only stubborn "lukafiles" and, for some reason, Putin are mistaken.
    1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
      steelmaker 9 November 2020 19: 58
      And mind you, you compared Putin like that, but for some reason you don’t make such claims to Erdogan?
      1. King3214 Offline King3214
        King3214 (Sergius) 10 November 2020 11: 08
        What does Erdogan have to do with Belarus? Or is it all the same to your head?
  4. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 9 November 2020 12: 57
    Inspired, from the Soviet television series "The meeting place cannot be changed":

    And now Humpback! Humpback, come out!
    and our folk wisdom:

    Only the grave will correct the hunchback!
    And from modern folklore (slightly altered "in the context of a" concrete multi "case" with LAG), in the likeness of farmstead "thinking" and servile behavior:

    You can take your grandfather out of the village, but you can't take the village out of the grandfather!
    The "neolitvinist" former political officer of the frontier post does not know at all about the history of the true, humiliated servant, status of Belarusians in that "one state" (after all, clearly hinting at ON?!) "He wanted, like the Kiev neighbors, the iodine-deficient polished raguli with the Gesheftmakher," w / Bandera "at the head ?! fool

    An observation from my own rural childhood - an annoying chicken (or a cockerel) you throw something (or what kind of fox will jump out of the bushes, the chickens are scared, they throw themselves scatteringly, literally, they fly away, only the feathers fly!) , and a minute later she herself, as if nothing had happened, with an ingratiating gaggle and squinting with a round eye, comes up and climbs again to "look for food" there, very quickly forgetting about what happened to her (to him) "halepa" ..., so, "instantly", they have chicken brains "arranged", or what ?! fool
  5. rotkiv04 Online rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 9 November 2020 13: 34
    The grave will fix the hunchback, but it's not even about him, it's about the Kremlin strategist, who, like Vegetable, presented money to Russians under the guise of a loan
  6. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 9 November 2020 14: 07
    Ha. It turns out that most of the "analytics" were just .... misleading.
    What became clear immediately after the very first articles about the detention of the Wagnerites, (or not the Wagnerians, but the Chopovites, or not the Chopovites, but ...)
  7. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 9 November 2020 15: 31
    "Start from scratch": Lukashenko returned to multi-vector and offered Poland friendship

    - Yes, how long can you write about the same thing ...
    - Personally, I'm just tired of writing that Lo (Lukashenka) just needs to be cleaned ... - and the sooner .. - the better ...
    - I do not want to refer to what I wrote earlier; but you have to .:
    - Moscow again overslept the moment to remove Law from power;
    - Now another policy of concessions and all sorts of preferences for Belarus will begin again ... - Moscow will again begin to appease Law;
    - But Lo today is not the same as it was 1,5-2 months ago ...
    - Today Lo can easily turn to the "new democratic West" for help ...
    - It's just that Lo today is greatly hampered by the electoral confusion in the United States and (not in time) street leapfrog in Poland ...
    - But, as soon as all this is settled, then ... then ... then Lo can easily ask for help from NATO ... - And NATO will send its troops to Belarus ... - And Russia continues to clap its ears and do nothing ... - although now there is still an opportune moment to press Law and bring the Russian contingent into Belarus ... - But, as always ... -Moscow will miss this chance too ...
    1. Natan bruk Offline Natan bruk
      Natan bruk (Nathan Brook) 9 November 2020 15: 55
      You will say the girl too. For the West, the agrofuehrer is not handshakeable completely and irrevocably, and it is absolutely pointless to seek recognition from them.
      1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
        gorenina91 (Irina) 9 November 2020 16: 44
        You will say the girl too. For the West, the agrofuehrer is not handshakeable completely and irrevocably and it is absolutely pointless to seek recognition from them.

        - Ha ... -Not only money does not smell (as is commonly believed ... in "parrots"); but the power does not smell; and the benefit does not smell ...
        - As soon as the West realizes that Lo ... is their "son of a bitch" (as they say among the Americans); then all this yesterday's judgmental disgraced tinsel of Law ... - will simply crumble from him ... like autumn leaves ... - and Law will appear in a "new primordial shining form" ... - No wonder someone S. Tikhanovskaya continues this way " warm "for Luo" democratic place "...
        - And the West will not become sentimental ... - will simply put Law in her place; and NATO troops will be stationed in Belarus ... - And Moscow will only cluck ...: - "How is it ... - Help ... Robbed !!!" ...
        1. Natan bruk Offline Natan bruk
          Natan bruk (Nathan Brook) 10 November 2020 09: 01
          You simply have no idea about the morals of the West in this part. Nothing will help Lukashenka in relations with the West.
          1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
            gorenina91 (Irina) 10 November 2020 09: 13
            You just have no idea about the morals of the West in this part. Nothing will help Lukoshenko in relations with the West.

            - Yes, they will make an innocent "Butterfly-Lo" out of Lukoshenko; which for all these 200 years of Luo's reign did nothing but what ... what ... that suffered from Russia only insults, threats and bullying; and in order to survive ... - I just had to endure all this ... - But now ... finally ... all these torments are over ... - and so on ... and so on ...
            1. Natan bruk Offline Natan bruk
              Natan bruk (Nathan Brook) 10 November 2020 10: 21
              It will never happen. Whatever Lukashenka does, the West will not recognize him in any case. Only his resignation.
              1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Perfectionist Offline Perfectionist
      Perfectionist 9 November 2020 18: 32
      We built this ... NPPs for our own money and also gave out a loan for construction, annually we loan several billions, plus preferences for energy resources and a pipe. This collective farm horse does not understand that OUR economic interests are there. And he drives fuel and lubricants through the Balts so that Russia does not know how much he was hiding. Don't even hope to jump off.
    3. gore Offline gore
      gore (Alexander) 10 November 2020 06: 05
      gorenina91 (Irina), ... I agree ... - with you ... Me too ... this ... this ... this ... also - I belong to Lo ...
      - He ... probably does not smoke ... - what is he talking about ...
  8. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 9 November 2020 20: 05
    And if Lukashenka does not sell electricity, how will he give a loan to Russia? Putin has been shown disrespect so many times and has not only maintained diplomatic relations, but has not even recalled diplomats. Well done! Tricky move.
  9. lahudra Offline lahudra
    lahudra (Nikolay Kondrashkin) 9 November 2020 22: 12
    Bravo, Lukashenko! The ink has not yet dried on the Russian payment system for one and a half billion, but it will cooperate with the Commonwealth from scratch.
  10. Wanderer039 Offline Wanderer039
    Wanderer039 10 November 2020 01: 26
    Leopard change his spots. Luca is so stupid that he is not able to draw correct conclusions