Fraud in the US elections: why it happened and what will happen next

"My name is Biden and I am Joe Biden's husband ...". This is not nonsense, you are not mistaken, these are the words of the 46th President of America. These are the people who can become the head of the most influential state in the world as early as January 20, 2021, after the official end of the term of the current president.

Against the background of 78-year-old Biden, who is falling into dementia, who can hardly remember the name of his opponent and is suitable only for advertising sleeping pills, 74-year-old Donald Trump looks cheerful, who, as the face of an advertising campaign, could well interest even well-known contraceptive manufacturers. Sleeping Joe vs. Donald Invincible, who will win?

Expert Opinions

Experts were divided. To my surprise, I discovered that Russian experts, experts on North America, who had recently given quite objective assessments, began to drown for Biden. Boris Mezhuev, for example, is an American political scientist and a leading researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences. What made him reformer, I don't know, but it's sickening to listen to how he bleats in a hoarse voice that Trump is tired of everyone in the United States and that COVID is to blame for all his troubles. His colleague Veronica Krasheninnikova, with that at least everything is clear, she has been sucking at the Democrats from a young age, she has never been seen in sympathy for Trump, she also echoes him, only from the standpoint that Joe Biden is the best choice for the Russian Federation. Yeah, remember his job as vice president. The best choice for Ukraine, apparently, madam, in the heat of the moment, forgot who she was working for.

Therefore, for an objective assessment, the most valuable for us is the opinion of independent experts, who are not in any way tied to a conflict of interests, who cannot be suspected of sympathizing with one of the parties. And here is what the leading Ukrainian thinks about the elections in the USA and the counting of votes political expert and political strategist Dmitry Dzhangirov, who himself ate more than one dog during the election campaigns in Ukraine (you can listen entirely, if the time is a pity - then from 11:00 min). He believes that the resulting gap in key states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and North Carolina), where Trump was in the lead as of November 4 evening, honestly win back on the remaining unaccounted base impossible (the most important thing I overeat). This is said by a political strategist who has more than one election campaign behind him! You can trust him.

I would advise you to listen to his opinion for two reasons. First, this is a Ukrainian expert, he absolutely does not care who wins as a result, it will not be reflected in any way from the word "absolutely", therefore he is absolutely impartial. And secondly, he is one of the best Ukrainian political strategists and analysts, an expert on many issues, who broke a solid "box office" back in the election campaign of Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump in 2016, having written a book about her, which became a bestseller - who else but he , devoted to all the subtleties of the American electoral process? By the way, 4 years ago, even before the elections, he predicted Trump's victory. And if now he authoritatively declares that Trump has won, it is impossible to win back such a gap in key states on the remaining unaccounted electoral base without falsifications, then it is so. Trump won. I'll see you in court. In the Supreme. Where Trump has six votes against Biden's three. As they say in Trump's homeland: "The one who shoots last laughs well."

And I would like to ask you to pay attention to two more points. First, the date the video was released. Evening Moscow time on November 4. At that moment everything became clear. And not only to Dzhangirov, but also to Biden (after which he got down to business and the results in the disputed states crawled up). And the second point for whom "black and colored America" ​​voted for - it turns out that she voted for the racist Trump. As are the representatives of the gay communities (I'm shocked). Draw conclusions! Who's going to protect Sleepy Joe, I don't know.

Zavisalovo. Bifurcation point

At the moment, both contenders for the post are declaring their victory. But in a number of states, the counting of votes has not yet been completed, which creates fertile ground for various manipulations. As of the morning of November 7, five states were suspended - Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada and Arizona. In Pennsylvania, Biden succeeded almost impossible - in a day after Dzhangirov's forecast, he ate a 36% advantage of Trump by 14% of the remaining unverified ballots and is already leading, ahead of the latter by 0,3% (2% of ballots left to count). In Georgia, too, it was not without a miracle, where Biden at 7% base no less fabulously eliminated the 2,6% gap, and is already ahead of poor Trump by the mythical 0,1% (1% of ballots remained uncounted). For you to understand my malice, I cite the example of North Carolina, where, on the same comparative base of 7%, Biden did not manage to win back some unfortunate 1,4% of Trump's advantage votes. The question is why? Really could not throw in? It remains to count 1% of the ballots and your victory in the North. Caroline Trump, it seems, will not miss it. How he missed Michigan (there, at 33% base, he lost 9% advantage and in the end lost 2,7% to Biden) and Wisconsin (where he could not defend his 10% advantage at 4,1% base, and Biden beat him at the finish line) for the unfortunate 0,7%).

Of the frozen states, only Nevada and Arizona remained, where the counting of votes was suspended due to identified violations, guess in whose favor they were. In both states, Biden is still leading, but the gap remains minimal (1,8% in Nevada with 87% of ballots processed, and 0,9% in Arizona at 90% base). I don’t know about Arizona, but it will be difficult for Nevada Biden to keep it, because voting by mail is prohibited there, and after eliminating violations, Trump more than halved the gap.

Why it happened and what will happen next

For the first time in many years, the voting results were not announced the next day.

The delay in the publication of the results of the current presidential elections is not least due to the large number of voters by mail - about a million people. Thus, a group of election observers went to court, because about 300 thousand votes cast remotely in 12 postal districts were missing - they were simply lost. The Postal Service noted that they have no way of checking every site. Thus, some of the ballots that did not arrive on time may not be taken into account when counting votes.

- reports the Associated Press.

The world will not know the name of the winner of the presidential race in the United States soon - apparently, the outcome of this campaign will be decided in the courts, which will be the worst post-election scenario of all possible

- this opinion was expressed by the President of the Politics Foundation and the head of the Russian State Duma Committee on Education and Science Vyacheslav Nikonov in an interview "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

According to Nikonov, the "falling superpower" is doomed to internal confrontation under any owner of the White House, and it is not so important who wins the elections. Moreover, the result of the voters' will is not yet clear - most likely, everything will be decided in the courts, where Donald Trump's supporters have an advantage.

In turn, the director of the Foundation for the Study of the United States. Franklin Roosevelt at Moscow State University, Yuri Rogulev clarified that the American Constitution does not provide for a procedure for canceling elections, holding an additional vote, a second round, and the like. However, he does not exclude the possibility that in some states they may recount the votes. But in the country as a whole, no one will do this.

I do not know if Sleepy Joe won as a result of obvious falsifications, but it is a fact that Donald Trump did not lose and will never accept defeat. So, we are on the verge of a big nix.

According to Anatoly Wasserman, the further development of events is likely to be forceful and even bloody in any scenario, in case of Donald Trump's victory, that in case of Joe Biden's victory. Both candidates have already implicitly stated that they are not going to admit defeat in the presidential race. There have never been such precedents in US history. According to Wasserman, in the event of a full-scale military conflict between supporters of the Democrats and supporters of the Republicans, the forces of the latter will ultimately prevail, because basically, according to the expert, this part of the population owns weapons in America.

Wasserman - Captain Obvious, he did not reveal any America to us. Donald Trump is absolutely not the kind of person who will allow some Blind, sorry, Sleepy Joe to steal the victory from him. And his supporters will certainly not allow it. The forces of the opposing sides are approximately equal, but the Trumpists are much better armed. In the southern states, there are three trunks for one adult. And as old man Al Capone rightly remarked: "A kind word and a seven-shot Colt sound much more convincing than just a kind word." And, as I said, the one who shoots last laughs well. How did the implacable fighter against the covid Joe Biden armed his supporters? Seems like gauze bandages and rubber gloves. Not even funny. I want to see this battle!

Summary: The war is not lost while at least one lawyer is alive

See how the opposing sides behave. Trump is expressiveness itself, demands justice and is eager to fight. Biden is the very calmness and pacification, right, why worry when the deck is loaded, guys, let's wait until the end of the vote count, everything will be tip-top. I think he knows something.

Let's summarize. The war is not over yet. Moreover, it has not even started yet. There is still time until December 14, 2020, when the state electors will have to make their choice. And by the way, it is not yet a fact that they will vote the way their states voted (there have already been precedents in the history of the United States!). Therefore, up to this point, none of the applicants for a seat in the White House can consider themselves to be neither a winner nor a loser.

For me personally, everything is clear. Trump had to win, and he won. This is a medical fact! He won the electoral race (look at the map of America, it is split in half). The fact that the stuffing took place in three states is also a fact, but already mathematical, this does not happen, all independent experts are talking about this. In three states - Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, Trump was in the lead with a solid handicap, and then suddenly bam - and 148 thousand votes for Biden, and not a single one for Trump, the curve gave a jump, look at the picture, it doesn't happen! Or it happens, but only when there is a ballot stuffing.

Trump rightly demands a recount. And it will be produced in all states where the gap between applicants is less than 1%. For whom is this a sign of weakness? Before taking up arms, we must try all the methods - first, our heroes will meet in court. While in court of each of the disputed states. After them in the Supreme, where Trump has six votes to three for Blind Joe. In my opinion, it is too early for Biden to celebrate victory. Lawyers are involved. And Trump has every chance to prove his case in court. This is America! No one has yet succeeded in squeezing power there because of the lawlessness. Especially when all the moves have been recorded (screenshots, as you know, do not light up and the cache remembers everything!).

Well, my friends, I hope you stocked up on popcorn? An epic battle awaits us - the brilliant Donald the Invincible versus the decrepit Sleepy Joe falling into dementia. I bet on Trump!
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 9 November 2020 13: 51
    In Ukraine, the third round was also not provided for by the Constitution, but it was held. So in the United States, in order to avoid a Civil War, it is necessary to hold a second round of elections.
    1. Yuri Nemov Offline Yuri Nemov
      Yuri Nemov (Yuri Nemov) 11 November 2020 12: 35
      No need, let them fight. Too many wars the United States has brought to the world, let them sip from the cup that they offered to others. Otherwise they will not understand.
  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 9 November 2020 13: 56
    I bet on both. Who wins is not so important, the main thing is that the process itself would be vigorous.
    I watch with interest the number of signatures under the petition to recount votes or cancel the election results smile
    Almost 2 million signatures per day, at least Trump is not the only one who thinks that the elections failed. Good luck to both of them, may the survivor win. drinks
    1. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) 9 November 2020 16: 21
      goes to the fact that only cockroaches will survive there.
  3. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 9 November 2020 19: 15
    Any election is not so much a confrontation between candidates, for whom power = money, but a struggle between sponsors standing behind them, whose interests they represent.
    Objectively, it is possible to make forecasts only by knowing the alignment of forces of the groupings of big business behind them and the financial ins and outs of the process, and outsiders are not allowed into such matters to a cannon shot.
    Therefore, a systematic approach is required, and for this purpose in the Russian Federation and not only in the Russian Federation, there are research institutes of the USA and Canada, other structures whose employees monitor all existing types of media, analyze statistical materials, generalize and issue a forecast that is approximately 50% erroneous.
    The elections themselves are a show for voters, and the subtleties of the electoral process are for lawyers and political scientists, whose forecasts are not much different from guessing on coffee grounds and other options.
    Such fortune-tellers - like mosquitoes by the river in the summer, someone - someone - someday - will guess what, and this is the authority of the “expert” and the accompanying material component.

    Donald Trump did not lose and will never accept his defeat, this is a fact. So, we are on the verge of a big nix.

    In addition to the many different means of monitoring the electoral process, there are mathematical models of validation that unambiguously speak of stuffing. How Trump understands them is unknown, but relying on elementary logic is trying to resist. If he continues to resist, he may break off his horns, as has happened more than once in US history.
    There will be no naughty, because this naughty will hit the pockets of all big business groups behind both Trump and Biden, and therefore their interests coincide and they will not allow any naughty.
  4. Su-27 Offline Su-27
    Su-27 (Su-27) 10 November 2020 23: 37
    Russian planes destroyed the Americans in the antanf in Syria in the summer of 2016 !!!!