Some of the electoral votes were taken from Biden. Now the victory is not so obvious

As of the morning of November 7, 2020, the results of the expression of the will of the Americans in the election of the head of state in the United States have not yet been summed up. Some states cannot count the ballot papers in any way. Leading American media, which simply cannot be suspected of sympathizing with Republican Donald Trump, took away some of the electoral votes from Democrat Joe Biden. His victory was now less obvious to them.

News platforms CNN, The New York Times, NBC and ABC have reduced the number of electors for presidential candidate Biden from 264 to 253 in their interactive tables, which reflect the results of the vote. Moreover, the pro-Trump television channel Fox News did not change anything. Under US law, a presidential candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win.

The explanation of the behavior of the "democratic" media is quite simple. They rushed to count in favor of Biden, Arizona, which has 11 electors. However, in this region, 90% of ballots have been processed so far and the gap between candidates is minimal. Now Biden has 49,9% of the vote there, and Trump has 48,6%.

It should be noted that earlier Arizona was considered a Republican state. Its residents were delighted with the start of construction of the "Trump Wall" on the border with Mexico. But in recent years, many people have moved to Arizona from neighboring California, where their work has become worse. Most of them are used to voting for Democrats for years.

Exactly the same situation arose in the state of Nevada (6 electors). Now 87% of the ballots are counted there, Biden has 49,8%, and Trump has 48% of the vote.

Votes not counted until the end of Georgia (16 electors), North Carolina (15 electors), Pennsylvania (20 electors) and Iowa (6 electors). The process was stopped there when 99% of the ballots were processed. Moreover, in Iowa, it is unlikely that something will change, there are 53,2% for Trump, for Biden - 45%.
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  1. toni dghone Offline toni dghone
    toni dghone (toni dghone) 7 November 2020 21: 31
    Everyone voted for Biden's cemetery, Trump will put things in order and legally put all the points who is the boss ... then bunks and Canaries. After all, the Pensioner does not declare that he won because he understands that with this statement he will not leave himself room for maneuver from criminal prosecution
  2. shonsu Offline shonsu
    shonsu (Shonsu) 8 November 2020 02: 12
    Yes, a plague on both their houses. Don't give a damn about them and their states.
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 8 November 2020 09: 54
    Some of the electoral votes were taken from Biden. Now the victory is not so obvious

    -Yes, why is everyone so obstinate ... -who will become president ...
    - The main thing is that how the democrats in the USA can act ... - how brazenly and cleverly they act ... - And this is how they act in their own states ... - One can only assume ... - how brazen and cruel these same democrats will treat a "foreign" Russia hated by them ... - At this point they will not spare anyone ...
    - And Trump ... - is also good ... - so to lose from scratch, having such an advantage and such a carte blanche ... - He puffed out his cheeks ... - but what's the point ... - Who needs it now this childish babble with "incorrect counting and other machinations" ... - just this Trump turned out to be a loser ... - This proves once again that the policy of softness and slobbering does not lead to anything good ... - And this does not apply USA only; but also Russia in the first place ...
    1. Yasha Makhno Offline Yasha Makhno
      Yasha Makhno (Yasha Makhno) 9 November 2020 07: 38
      Well, I do not know cleverly, but impudently yes. And so impudence is the second happiness.
    2. Danila46 Offline Danila46
      Danila46 (Daniel) 9 November 2020 18: 26
      the main thing in Russia is the only and not repeatable president, without drooling and other secretions, for all times! ...........
      He is, irreplaceable!
  4. nbv Offline nbv
    nbv 8 November 2020 14: 05
    The Democratic Party in Shchyaty is the equivalent of the Socialist Party in Europe. I do not like Levich's ideas. I wanted a Republican president, but not this Trump clown either.
  5. Peter Rusin Offline Peter Rusin
    Peter Rusin (Peter Rusin) 8 November 2020 16: 50
    It will be cool if Trump wins! How will he win back against all those who have already congratulated Biden in advance, including NATO !!
  6. Peter rybak Offline Peter rybak
    Peter rybak (Patrol) 14 November 2020 19: 56
    Both are of solid age. Will they live to see the results?