In China, a bomber with a large analogue of the Russian "Dagger" was again lit up

At the disposal of the American edition of The Drive, pictures of the Chinese aircraft-carrier H-6N, again carrying a large-sized rocket under the fuselage, have appeared. Similar took place at the end of last month. At that time, journalists suggested that the plane was armed with a DF-ZF hypersonic missile or an aeroballistic analogue of the Russian "Dagger" - a new CH-AS-X-13 missile, which Beijing tested two years ago.

Based on visual analysis, the payload under the aircraft is in the order of 12 meters, or about a third of the length of the H-6N. The nose, which strongly resembles a hypersonic rig, has visible fins and a flattened nose. Be that as it may, the front of these weapons is very different from the warhead of a traditional ballistic missile, even a maneuverable type - for example, the Chinese DF-21D medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM), which is believed to have anti-ship capabilities.

It is likely that this footage, like the past, was filmed in the area of ​​Neixiang Air Base, where the 106th Air Force Brigade of the People's Liberation Army of China is stationed. This combat unit may be involved in the implementation of Beijing's strategy to create a nuclear deterrence triad. All this increases the likelihood that the missile suspended under the bomber may be part of the PRC's nuclear potential, as well as an analogue of the 9-A-7660 "Dagger" hypersonic missile system of the Russian Federation.

The combination of the air-refueling H-6N with a hypersonic air-launched ballistic missile equipped with a nuclear warhead could significantly increase the PLA's combat capabilities.
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  1. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 6 November 2020 23: 00
    It's a shame to fly on such antiques already. Like an advanced power.
    1. Sergey Sfiedu Offline Sergey Sfiedu
      Sergey Sfiedu (Sergey Sfyedu) 7 November 2020 05: 39
      B-52 and Tu-95 laughed together. The rocket doesn't care which side to start from. And the Chinese modernized the original board well.
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 7 November 2020 11: 53
        Don't you really understand? Well, first of all, the original Tu 16 is a bit older anyway. It went into series production in 1953, and Tu 95 and B-52 - in 1955.
        Secondly, such a layout was considered unsuccessful and quickly abandoned it, trying to comply with the "clean wing" principle on large aircraft. And the engines were removed back, freeing up space on the center section and in the middle (and inside) of the fuselage for a wide range of combat loads. A friend of mine in the 1970s served as an urgent in the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet, just in the service of Tu 16. He said that along the entire length of the fuselage inside, it was possible to simultaneously reach the sides with both hands.
        Third, this plane is just small. Tu 22M3 is not considered a "strategist" in our country, but its normal takeoff weight is almost 2 times higher than Tu 16. Accordingly, 112 kg and 000 kg.
        With all due respect to the veteran, now this plane is just about nothing. He got lost between front-line bombers and long-range, moreover, strategists.
        Fourthly, (and most importantly), both in the USA and in the USSR, this topic has been continuously developing further. You know as well as I do how many other aircraft of this (and larger) class have appeared over the past time.
        Even taking into account the problems of the Chinese with the engine building, something could be done with the same engines by changing the layout. Just for the development of the school of design and production of large bombers. Money for this could be found in China.
        1. GRF Offline GRF
          GRF 8 November 2020 10: 17
          so they still have empty seats for airplanes, there are Chinese, so while it is flying, it will fly, and in order not to land quickly, it will be armed with something long-range.

          The third number of the Forbes magazine list once again surprised everyone with its asceticism
          Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post news website, visited Warren Buffett and posted a photo of the legendary investor in his office on her Facebook page.

          One of the richest people on the planet has a very modest working environment. For example, in a wooden shelf by the door, Warren Buffett is still holding a CRT TV to watch the news. “Neither BlackBerry, iPhone, nor laptop ... just an ordinary non-flat TV with CNBC on,” reads the caption under the photo.

          Only the "rich" are scattered about "unnecessary" ...

          Now many "experts" are fighting in numbers - he has 100500 aircraft, and this one has fewer, and what kind of aircraft they are - what's the difference if the "overexcited" opponents won't sleep.