Poles explain why Biden will be more convenient for Moscow than Trump

The Russian elite believes that the election results will have minimal impact on policies Washington in relation to Moscow, but the election of Joe Biden may have its advantages: such a conclusion is contained in a new analyst at the Warsaw Center for Eastern Studies (OSW).

It is noted that the growing likelihood of Joe Biden's victory in the elections prompted the Kremlin to declare its readiness for dialogue with the new administration. President Vladimir Putin, expressing regret at the "harsh anti-Russian rhetoric" of the Democratic Party candidate, indicated that the basis for establishing contacts could be a common orientation towards leftist values, which are dear to him as a former "ideological member" of the Communist Party.

Putin also reminded the left wing of the Democratic Party that he is continuing the Soviet tradition of fighting racism. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, as stated in the text, even undertook to deny that Donald Trump's candidacy is "nicer" to the Kremlin.

In the text of the Polish study, the opinion is expressed that Moscow intervened in the current elections in the United States, but it is doing this much more carefully and delicately than before.

The main reason for the more subtle and restrained approach of both the Kremlin itself and the Russian elite in general to the US elections was deep disappointment with the Trump presidency, on which Moscow had initially pinned great hopes. However, in reality, bilateral relations only worsened.

Of course, in Moscow, Biden is considered a typical representative of the liberal American establishment. Therefore, his policies are expected to be based on "a fundamental conflict of values ​​between authoritarian Russia and the West."

For this reason, the Polish study notes, on the one hand, he will turn out to be a partner less comfortable for the Kremlin than Trump, because “he will not be afraid to publicly criticize Russia and its president for retreating from democracy and non-observance of human rights.” In addition, Biden will become more active in supporting the democratization processes in the post-Soviet states.

On the other hand, Biden’s presidency will benefit from his willingness to participate in arms control negotiations, including START III, as well as his desire to return to a nuclear deal with Iran. Moscow also admits that Biden is a politician who is more predictable and cautious by nature.

If you carefully look at the statements of the Democratic candidate and read the statements of people from his entourage, then [...] we can conclude that in fact Washington's policy will [...] be more moderate and aimed at at least partial normalization of relations between the two countries.

- noted in the text.
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  2. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 7 November 2020 09: 07
    The absolute association of Poles with the imperishable work of Ilf and Petrov:

    - Read about the conference on disarmament? - one piqué vest turned to another piqué vest. - Speech by Earl Bernstorf.
    - Bernstorf is the head! - the asked vest answered in such a tone, as if he was convinced of it on the basis of long-term acquaintance with the count. “Have you read what Snowden made at a meeting of voters in Birmingham, this stronghold of the Conservatives?”
    - Well, what to talk about ... Snowden is a goal! Listen, Valiadis, ”he addressed the third old man in Panama. “What do you say about Snowden?”
    “I will tell you frankly,” answered the panama, “do not put a finger in Snowden's mouth.” I personally would not put my finger.
    And, in no way embarrassed that Snowden would not have allowed Valiadis to put a finger into his mouth for anything, the old man continued:

    1. cooper Offline cooper
      cooper (Alexander) 7 November 2020 09: 27
      Some experts have confidence - the real author of these imperishable masterpieces is M.A. Bulgakov ..
      1. beeper Offline beeper
        beeper 7 November 2020 11: 25
        Quote: Cooper
        Some experts have confidence - the real author of these imperishable masterpieces is M.A. Bulgakov ..

        hi So recently, in my opinion on the tuning fork, they substantiated that it was allegedly Valentin Kataev, his idea and the initial "synopsis" ?! winked
        Which was later significantly developed by "literary blacks" Ilf and Petrov (by no means a stranger to the writer Kataev, see pseudonyms) and grew into their completely independent work, which became a landmark for the Soviet reading public and intelligentsia. yes
        So that our near-literary dialogue is not considered 100% "flood", I will also express myself on the topic of the article:
        Judging by the "reports from the streets" of Warsaw, the Poles themselves are very "unfavorable" with "democracy" and "human rights" - the Polish authorities and their propagandists - "analytic journalists" are quite concerned with the expression "whose cow would moan" - if pay attention to their own "shoals", and they are about the alleged "hand of Moscow" in the "Polish Maidan" (as well as about the mythical "Russian interference in the American elections", which is completely unsubstantiated, crude anti-Russian fabrication fool ) "undertake to" reason "! wassat
        This feeble-minded Yarik Kachinsky and all his Russophobic-Belarusian-phobic gop-company "their own lard on the tinsel" flew in, like an arrow in the face - "rubber fatigue" from an "overworked" torn off stretched hooligan slingshot!
        "Recoil" from the "shot" in an attempt at a cheeky and rabid campaign of "Maidan" destabilization of neighboring Belarus!
        How would not the Warsaw "drakes" roll their "Maidan hills" ?! wink
        As in my opinion, neither Biden, nor Trump, nothing good for Moscow (the Kremlin and Russia as a whole) will change, so "drinking champagne" is not worth it (I hope that a servile standing up with applause before the arrival an American official, the Russian Duma has already become clear and understandable ??!)!
        And to be honest, all these "predictions" and "hopes" about which "evil" or "good" "master" of the Fascington White House will be "elected" for the next presidential cadence, by and large, does not change anything in the essence of the confrontation The United States and Russia (even taking into account that the Russian "elitists" keep their "back-breaking work" in the "bins" of the local hucksters and are Western-dependent, are under complete American control, mental and physical - after all, "greed kills"!)! Since the insidious shadow "deep state" in the colonial US controls the "striped dolls" -American presidents, not they! request
    2. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 7 November 2020 12: 22
      Especially about Snowden sounds relevant ...
  3. Dear sofa expert. 7 November 2020 10: 00
    For this reason, the Polish study notes, on the one hand, he will turn out to be a partner less comfortable for the Kremlin than Trump, because “he will not be afraid to publicly criticize Russia and its president for retreating from democracy and non-observance of human rights.”

    Oh, who would say?)

    And the Poles themselves are not afraid that Biden and them "will not be afraid to publicly criticize" for deviating from the principles of democracy, with their new judicial reform?
  4. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 7 November 2020 10: 37
    Convenient, not convenient ..... There is a difference which elder of the Capitoline sits in the oral office?
    By the way, he is not the president yet, and the elections turned out to be funny laughing With merry-go-rounds, dead souls, stuffing, turnout of 120%. Everything we love. yes
    YouTube considers this to be unacceptable content and almost hits the hands that would not be watched lol

  5. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 7 November 2020 12: 26
    There is some truth.
    The Democrats screwed up badly in the elections, so the Russian Federation should not rush to recognize Biden in case of his "victory." In general, it will be great if Putin also comes to an agreement with Xi.
    For recognizing Biden as president, you can shake a lot of things out of him.
  6. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 7 November 2020 13: 16
    Yes, neither one nor the other will be convenient for the Russian Federation. For the Russian Federation, the civil war in the United States would be useful, which would force the United States to abandon the imperial ambitions and the ambitions of the World Gendarme.