Three scenarios for the development of the situation during the US elections

Immediately after the presidential elections, on the night of November 3 to 4, 2020, three scenarios are possible in political life of the USA. Rick Klein, a political commentator for ABC TV, shared his thoughts on the likely scenarios of what is happening in the United States.

According to the first and most peaceful scenario, as a result of the elections, one of the contenders for the highest post in the state will gain the 270 out of 538 electoral college votes needed to win, while the other admits his defeat. Such an election outcome is the most desirable, but has the least chance of implementation - Donald Trump previously said that in the event of his defeat, he is ready to dispute the campaign results for a long time.

According to the second scenario of the possible course of events, the release of the election results may be delayed by several days - many voters will vote by mail, and some "hesitant" states may be late to release information about the vote count. According to Klein, this is the most likely scenario after the elections.

According to the third scenario, called by some analysts "infernal", both candidates will fiercely fight for the election results, engaging in careful and lengthy calculations of data for different cities, counties and states. The case in this case can reach the US Supreme Court. Who will eventually occupy the White House may become known only after a few weeks.
  • Photos used: Ted Eytan / CC BY 4.0
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  1. Dear sofa expert. 2 November 2020 13: 16
    The fourth option (and apparently the most realistic one) - One of the candidates (most likely Trump) will initially get much more than 270 votes (say 285), plus a delay in the results from the second option. But the preliminary victory will be visible immediately.
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 2 November 2020 13: 55
    Both candidates represent different groups of big business and neither of them is interested in destabilizing the situation in the country.
    They can argue among themselves - they spent a lot of money on the election campaign of their candidates, and history is silent about the lost profits of the group of big business behind the losing candidate.
    Therefore, any option from Rick Klein is possible.
    The main result of this election campaign is the unprecedented stratification of society, which after the elections will be smoothed out the faster the higher the rates of economic growth.
    The usual growth rate of about 3% clearly does not satisfy the interests of big capital, which today is forced to defend world domination and therefore pursues a policy of imposing strong-willed decisions on the European protectorate and thus causes a murmur in the EU, unleashed a sanctions war against China, the growth rate of which is twice as high as year will be about 6%.
    The PRC's proposal for "peaceful, mutually beneficial coexistence" is rejected outright, because this means the actual recognition of equality, and this affects the entire world economy and forces the PRC to reorient itself to the domestic market, potentially exceeding the total US and EU markets combined, as well as to technological independence. which further infuriates the United States.
  3. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 2 November 2020 14: 10
    And no one is considering ameromaidan?