The task of today's Ukraine is to attack Russia at the cost of its life

Not so long ago, two events took place, the significance and consequences of which were not appreciated by many, both in Kiev and in Moscow. I mean the recent fleeting visit of Volodya Zelensky, first to London, then to Istanbul (a kind of blitzkrieg "galloping across Europe"). Whoever is supposed to, he, of course, understood everything, and where the wind is blowing, and how all this can end for the Russian Federation in the medium term, but ordinary people, in my opinion, are still in the blissful confidence that all threats from this unfunny The clown is fake, he only plays the piano without using his hands. Forgetting that he is not even a piano in this whole concert, he is the notes that will turn over and forget. And not he will play, but them. But let's all the same in order.

MUR will now deal with Zelensky

The visit to the British capital has been preparing for a long time. It was not just that early in the day, Vova decided to give up on the shores of foggy Albion, admire Big Ben and the views of Buckingham Palace, bail with Boris Jones and representatives of the royal family. An official visit to England is a definite breakthrough in Ukrainian diplomacy (this was the result of the work of the new Ukrainian ambassador to London, ex-foreign minister Vadim Prystaiko, who headed the embassy in July this year). Prior to that, Zelensky communicated with the powers that be only as a supplicant (Germany, France, Japan, Canada), at best, as a junior partner (Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey), at worst, as a vassal (USA, NATO, IMF), or did not communicate at all (Russia, China), and here for the first time he was able to talk on equal terms, since Britain had a reciprocal interest in Ukraine. The arrogant Russian jingoistic patriots will exclaim some such interest in this historical misunderstanding by far from the last country in the world. And, as always, they will be wrong.

The fact is that Britain has not yet officially completed its divorce proceedings with the EU, has not formalized its new status and has not enshrined it in law (the official procedure for its release should end with the chime of Big Ben on December 31, 2020). Therefore, it is still de jure not entitled to perform such actions, to conclude agreements on free trade, strategic partnership and political cooperation on its own behalf. But she didn't care about it. London demonstratively signs such agreements with Kiev, designating and fixing its new status, declaring its claims to patronage this geographical misunderstanding, especially against the background of unclear prospects with the determination of the new owner of the White House (what will start there, in America, after November 3, God only knows ).

London, in anticipation of December 31, against the background of protracted negotiations with Brussels on further economic cooperation with the countries of the commonwealth, is demonstratively going all-in. Great Britain has already stated that if Brussels does not agree to its terms, it will build further relations with all countries of the Commonwealth on the basis of WTO norms. And, as an example, he initiales such agreements with countries that are not yet members of the EU. Turkey is the first on this list. The second is Ukraine. London is in a hurry to demonstrate that by leaving the EU, it lost nothing, but on the contrary, its economy only benefited from this.

The UK is now actively seeking its place in the sun in a world outside the EU. She needs to cement her influence, her weight as an international player. Including in the field of security. Ukraine is the country with which British interests fully coincide, because London has never concealed its vital interest in containing Russia.

And that is why this meeting took place. And right now. Also noteworthy is the date - October 7, the birthday of the GDP (symbolic!). On this day, Vova Zelensky had a close conversation with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson, members of the royal family, Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, met with Speaker of the House of Commons of Parliament Lindsay Hoyle, Lord Mayor of the City of London William Russell, and on top of that, visited the London Stock Exchange, where he had a conversation with British investors. As you can see, the schedule was tight, not up to sightseeing. All this ended with the signing of the Ukrainian-British Agreement on Political Cooperation, Free Trade and Strategic Partnership. And a number of other bilateral documents on cooperation in the field of defense and financial support for bilateral projects.

I read the official protocol to you. We are only interested in the last two lines in it. Reread them again. After Zelensky returned to his homeland on November 14, it suddenly surfaced that the list of people our player met on the piano was far from complete. It lacked the name of the new director of SIS / MI6, Richard Moore (who took office just the day before). Who does not know what MI6 is - this is the famous British Foreign Intelligence Service (the secret intelligence service of the British Foreign Office, English Secret Intelligence Service, SIS / Military Intelligence, MI6). And Richard Moore is a career intelligence officer who has been working in foreign intelligence under a diplomatic roof since 1987, having worked over the years in Vietnam, Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia. In Turkey since January 2014 as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, fluent in Turkish, personally acquainted with Recep Erdogan, with whom he has close, friendly relations (he personally supported him during the July 2016 coup attempt by organizing a meeting with Boris Johnson, the acting foreign minister of the UK at that time, where Johnson assured the Sultan that “London will always stand side by side with Ankara,” this is not forgotten!). I’m telling you all this for a reason: the Turkish trace in this whole business will still appear. And it was this secret meeting in the office at 85 Prince Albert Quay that led to the appearance of two lines in the final communique, to which I drew your attention above.

To make it clear what it is about, I'll just quote the protocol:

On October 7, Ukraine's Defense Minister Andriy Taran and Secretary of State for Defense of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Ben Wallace, in the presence of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, signed a Memorandum to strengthen cooperation ... in the military and militarytechnical spheres.

According to which Britain undertakes to re-equip the Ukrainian Navy with modern missile boats of its own design in the amount of 8 pieces, and 6 out of 8 boats will be produced at Ukrainian production facilities with the involvement of British specialists. The boats will be equipped with 8 anti-ship cruise missiles, compatible with NATO standards (later they can be replaced with Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship missiles). These boats should cover all the needs of the Ukrainian Navy for ships of this class in the Black and Azov Seas.

The first two hulls will be manufactured at a British shipyard with the participation of specialists from a Ukrainian manufacturing enterprise (it must be determined by the government); during the manufacturing process, Ukrainians will have to observe and learn from their British colleagues. In the future, all production - from assembling hulls to equipping ships with weapons, will take place in Ukraine, at a shipyard that the government will choose and agree with the British side. The British Export Credit Agency opens a credit line for this project in the amount of 1,25 billion pounds sterling ($ 1,6 billion at the current exchange rate) with a maturity of 10 years. The funds will also go to the construction of port infrastructure for the basing of these ships in Ochakovo and Berdyansk.

If we were in the theater, then after this they usually give: Touche! Shine! The curtain!

In this whole story, two points are most revealing. The first is the contract amount - £ 1,25 billion, with a 10-year grace period. To understand the significance of these funds, this is almost half the cost of the newest English aircraft carrier of Her Royal Majesty's Fleet "Prince of Wales" (HMS "Prince of Wales"), launched in 2019. Given the unsatisfactory state of its own navy, this money for Britain would not be superfluous, but it allocates it for the military needs of Ukraine. What is it for? The British have never suffered from charity. The answer is simple - it's just that this money goes through another department. It was not for nothing that Vova wiped his pants in the office of the MI6 director. You can see the results with your own eyes. For comparison, the United States has allocated a similar amount ($ 1,5 billion) to Ukraine for military needs in all the years since the hydrological revolution, starting in 2014. No, whatever you say, the British have long-range love here. As Gleb Zheglov said: "They have a rookery here!"

And the second point to which you need to pay attention is the localization of the project. Our media has already rushed to tell that the cunning British, allocating this money, actually finance themselves, paying for the construction of these ships by their workers. However, it is not. These cunning Americans, allocating money for military needs for the 404 country, financed themselves, the money did not even leave American jurisdiction, and the non-brothers, receiving outdated weapons, also fell on interest on the loan. The British, on the other hand, are acting nobly: 6 out of 8 missile boats will be built at Ukrainian shipbuilding facilities by local forces with the involvement of British specialists. Localization of the project 75%. Part of the money is provided for the development of the infrastructure of two naval bases for these ships (on the Black Sea in Ochakov and on Azov in Berdyansk), because the Odessa Southern Naval Base of the Ukrainian Navy cannot accept such a number of ships physically. No, whatever you say, the British decided to settle here seriously and for a long time. In the near future, they will definitely not let Ukraine out of their tenacious hands, no matter who has settled in the White House since 2021.

On this, the British part of our master of the comedy genre's voyage has successfully ended. Moore was not afraid to show Zelensky what even his wife did not see (I don’t know if I have the right to tell you about this, but Moore’s wife is blind from birth). But our hero's foreign tour did not end there. Istanbul was waiting for him.

Not a single dirty business has been done without Poland lately. Zelensky turned out to be both a shvets and a reaper, and a player on Duda

But even here it was not without Poland. In some strange way, in the interval between the visits of the main comedian of Ukraine to London (October 7-8) and Istanbul (October 15-16), his meeting with his Polish counterpart, President of the Polish Republic Andrzej Duda, held on October 12 in Kiev at the Mariinsky Palace ... Where Duda once again reaffirmed his support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, expressed interest in interacting with Ukraine within the framework of the platform for the de-occupation of Crimea, and supported its Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

Zelensky, in turn, expressed his ardent desire to join the Polish Three Seas initiative and noted the importance of continuing anti-Russian sanctions:

International pressure and sanctions against the Russian Federation should continue until the complete de-occupation of the territory of Ukraine, including the Crimean peninsula. Our actions on energy security as an important element of European security must remain coordinated. Thank you for the decisive position of all Poland on the Nord Stream 2 project and Gazprom's monopoly on the European market.

And few people paid attention to two lines in small print in the joint communique following the meeting:

Also, within the framework of the visit of the President of Poland to Ukraine, a number of bilateral agreements were signed regarding the development of maritime infrastructure.

Any associations? Somehow everything fits into the suit, don't you? Another person who wants to help Ukraine with the maritime infrastructure. What is it for?

Turkish voyage of Zelensky

After that, on October 15, Vova, with a pure heart, rushed to Istanbul to bow to the Shah and Padishah, that is, the Sultan and Patriarch Bartholomew. I don't know what he talked about with the patriarch, this is a mystery covered in darkness (maybe he traded in parishes in exchange for the kingdom of heaven), but he definitely had something to talk about with the Sultan. He recently had completely unforeseen problems with his Bayractar TB2 attack drones, which were so remarkably lit up in the armed conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, completely burying all hopes of the Armenians for a favorable outcome of their epic confrontation with their neighbors on the globe. And everything seemed to be working out so well in favor of the Sultan and his military ambitions, just as the supplier of motors for his UAV, the famous Canadian company Bombardier Recreational Products, suddenly refused to supply him (they went through her Austrian subsidiary BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG), referring to the use of their engines for military purposes (the Bayraktars were equipped with Rotax 912 internal combustion engines with a 100 hp push-type propeller from the Bombardier). What kind of bad guy is that ?! And then Vova Zelensky appears, all in white, with an offer that cannot be refused. Guess which one? That's right, to solve all the problems of the Sultan in exchange for a small favor.

And I must say that Ukraine is not in vain considered a leading country in engine and motor building. And the Chinese were not in vain trying to buy in the bud its flagship company in this direction, Motor Sich, along with all the workers and equipment (I even keep quiet about the technology). And the Russian Federation also regretted a hundred times when it was left without Ukrainian gas turbine units M7N produced by the Nikolaev State Enterprise NPKG Zorya-Mashproekt, which were standardly equipped with its newest frigates of projects 11356 and 22350, which froze their construction for 5 years. But the already mentioned Zaporizhzhya Motor Sich also produced helicopter engines for Russian Helicopters (there, the Russian Federation simply quickly found a replacement for them, setting up its own production, with ship-based GTEs it was not possible to switch to Russian analogues so quickly, even Putin spoke about this complained).

From the above, it becomes obvious that Ukrainians can easily solve the problem of Turkish UAVs. This is what Volodya Zelensky and Erdogan agreed on in Istanbul. Moreover, they went further and agreed to establish joint production of UAVs already at Ukrainian facilities. The fact that Ukraine can do this, you can not even doubt, not so long ago it was one of the six countries that produce full-cycle aircraft, producing aircraft from a drawing to a finished product. But the launch of joint production is a long matter, so the parties decided to start with the delivery of 48 Bayractar TV2s for the needs of the Ukrainian Air Force. What follows from the joint final communiqué, where this fact is hidden behind a vague wording - "the parties signed a number of bilateral agreements." You know how "Bayraktars" proved themselves in the sky over Karabakh. You can also guess what this threatens the Russian Federation. By the way, the Russian Federation itself is still lagging behind in the production of shock drones, yielding in this matter not only to Israel and the United States, but even to Turkey and China.

The Sultan was also interested in the possibility of supplying for the needs of the Turkish Air Force Ukrainian heavy military transport aircraft An-124 "Ruslan" (they are still equipped with the Russian Aerospace Forces - the 566th VTAP and the 224th Air Force), but, fortunately, their production in 2004 was rolled up, and renewal is a big question, because components for them must come from the aggressor country, which is a priori impossible. Therefore, out of grief, the Sultan even decided to sign up for the completion of the An-225 Mriya aircraft giant, which has been gathering dust in the Antonov hangar since time immemorial (product readiness is 70%), but problems with Russian components risk interfering with his plans. Although money solves a lot, and the sultan can easily get around this obstacle by agreeing with the Russian Federation. Here the Russian Federation itself must decide what harms its strategic interests and what does not.

After hearing parting assurances of the Sultan about his support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine in the context of the Donbass and the Crimean peninsula belonging to it, Volodya Zelensky bowed his head and left for his homeland, carrying in his beak a contract for the joint production of UAVs. Already at home, he learned new revelations from the Sultan that Crimea is an original Turkish land.


From all of the above, only one conclusion can be drawn - we have problems with Ukraine for a long time. Whoever comes to power in the White House, the West will not let her out of its tenacious embrace. If Biden comes, it will only get worse, Trump will remain, it will not be easier either. In the Ukrainian issue, new interests are appearing in the face of Britain and Turkey, each of which has its own interest in Ukraine, but they also have a common connecting link - SIS Director Richard Moore. And even if our beloved Donald Ibrahimovich remains in the Oval Office, this will not ease our fate, because the intelligence officers of the two countries do not need presidents to come to an agreement, especially when it comes to organizations such as the CIA and the ICU. The CIA is a state in a state that lives its own independent life, and the fact that this truth does not require proof can be judged by the results of the 45th President of the United States - all Trump's attempts to establish relations with the Russian Federation crashed against someone's invisible wall, and all his decisions were sabotaged at the lower levels.

Only one thing is clear - the West plays with Ukraine for a long time, no one is in a hurry, the deceased is equipped on the last journey, stuffed with hexogen, preparing for confrontation at all theaters of operations - at sea, on land and in the air, and is used at the right time as a firebreaker against an aircraft-carrying cruiser RF by sending it to the bochin. If anyone does not understand such a term, then you can use the more modern - "shahid-mobile", the meaning does not change from this, the object's task is to torpedo the target at the cost of its life. It does not matter whether the object wants it or not. His opinion and secret desires are not taken into account here. What to do in this situation of the Russian Federation, I will refrain from advice. I'm just stating facts.
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  1. Dimy4 Offline Dimy4
    Dimy4 (Dmitriy) 4 November 2020 10: 18
    What to do in this situation of the Russian Federation, I will refrain from advice

    And what's the point of giving advice, those to whom they are intended will not read anyway, and if they do, they will not use it.
    1. Ivan Semenov Offline Ivan Semenov
      Ivan Semenov (Ivan Semenov) 4 November 2020 17: 50
      Quote: Dimy4
      and if they do, they will not use it.

      But we, the passengers of the shahid-mobile, will at least understand what our "democratic friends" are preparing us for. We are constantly pouring into our ears that the hordes of the aggressor from the east are being ground by our heroes in the OOS. And the "teran" sends more and more hordes.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 4 November 2020 10: 42
    I will refrain from advice.

    Putin has other advisers. But it is written correctly and all examples are justified. The main thing, when it starts, is not to stop as with Georgia. Return all Russian to "home harbor!"
  3. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 4 November 2020 14: 46
    Bravo, dear Author-Vladimir Volkonsky, everything is described correctly! good
    This is also how I see this subversive "situevina" with confidence (or, as he likes to say "insightful" VVP - "neatly" winked ) prepared by the Ukrainian "shahid-mobile"! request
    But in February-March 2014, razaydanny w / Bandera (including with the approval-consent of the ZRadnyh allegedly "anti-Maidan" - Yanukovo-Azarov "regionals" and Simonenko "communists" fool ) "nezalezhna" was lying a powerless valley, in uncertainty - who would pick her up and bind her "for himself" - a distant overseas "hegemonic" -Pinosia or close, just stretch out your hand, "having risen from its knees" Russia ... here it's better than the British Churchill and you can't say "the choice between war and shame" ... request
    Apparently, the power of the Russian bourgeoisie was too frightened by the incendiary, very close to the majority of Russian workers, anti-bourgeois-anti-oligarchic appeals of our Russian Spring-2014, after all, none of them wanted to say goodbye to the unjustly "privatized" public property ...?! yes
    And between themselves the Russian and Ukrainian "privatizers" always "amicably negotiated, hand washes a hand," after all, they keep their "assets" in the same banks in the same overseas hucksters, in the same foreign "resort towns" , on the same "banks", they coexist with "houses" and other "chalets" ?!
    Probably the Kremlin, "at the suggestion" of a close friend (and, as they say, his longtime business partner ?! what ) Maidaner Poroshenko - "envoy" of Russian businessmen in Kiev - Zurabov, hoped that this time they will be able to "come to an agreement" if they help "our Ukrainian partners" - "w / Bandera members" to strangle the Russian Spring ?! winked
    But, despite the "help (even" return "of the most combat-ready military equipment and weapons left by the ukrovoys in Crimea for the armament of the punishers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the uninterrupted supply of fuel for refueling ukrobronethniki, aviation and military transport аinternational тterrorist оspeeches in the Donbass and the South-East of Ukraine) "The Kremlin and all its promaydannye" curtsey-recognition of the legitimacy of the Maidan junta "this time" amicably negotiate "somehow does not work?
    Completely sluggish-smaidanivshis all over his head, ukrobourgeois "puppy-withered rooster", nailed by insidious naglo-Saxons, strives to "peck everyone in the eye" of his Russian-bourgeois "partners" and shamelessly "rolled his lip", hoping for himself to "cheat" Russian resources and territories, speaking with the "white masters" -naglo-Saxons and their pan-European "posipaks (despicable accomplices)" in NATO in the next, now-Fashington, "Drang nach Osten" ??! request
    Eh, tree-winders, if only to know everything in advance !!!
    .... I really hope that this time too, God will not leave our common Russian Fatherland without his Providence, that he will send us a Victorious Leader in a hard time!
    But I don’t forget our Russian folk, “Trust in God, but don’t make a mistake yourself!”, Which I wish to all of us, courageous Unity in the face of adversity!
    Together with Victory over aggressive "common people" and their lackeys!
    1. Elena Ushkova Offline Elena Ushkova
      Elena Ushkova (Elena Ushkova) 5 November 2020 17: 31
      Take Kvachkov as your leader. Abroad will help you.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 4 November 2020 18: 39
    Wah! 2 large ukrosliv per day. Offset.
    However, that for a long time is true.
    That no one will ever sell anything to ukram, the brave media no longer hang up. But what is about to fall apart is still coming ...
  5. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
    DeGreen 4 November 2020 18: 53
    Article about nothing
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2020 19: 01
      read the primer, it's too early for you to read thick books
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Valentine Online Valentine
        Valentine (Valentin) 5 November 2020 13: 46
        And you do not be offended at him, the "fifth column" also wants to screw their rusty seven kopecks into the topic under discussion.
  6. Serge Kuplensky Offline Serge Kuplensky
    Serge Kuplensky (Serge Volkov) 4 November 2020 20: 26
    What to do? These 8 boats should become targets, for each of them 3 surface-to-boat missiles in Crimea. So that the crews of these boats know and understand this perfectly. Ukraine is a brotherly people, for a brother and three missiles are not a pity.
  7. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 4 November 2020 20: 28
    The task of today's Ukraine is to attack Russia at the cost of its life

    Is the article the same nonsense as the title?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 5 November 2020 02: 50
      the original name is "Ukraine - the servant of three masters", I am not responsible for the names here
  8. Valentine Online Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 4 November 2020 20: 33
    We are all giggles, yes hakhanks, we scold about the Ukrainian army, but we ourselves have already begun to understand and admit perfectly well that over the past five years it has turned from the gang of Batko Petro into not the last army in Europe, and after all, back in 2014, Russia could to reach the border of 1939 without any problems, leaving the entire Western Ukraine with its Galicia to be devoured by the Poles, but our rulers simply got cold feet, and now we will wait for a new revival of the Fourth Reich-Ukraine, which, as before Nazi Germany in the war against the USSR, was helped by all Europe, and now it supplies Nenku with all the necessary weapons and military equipment, and the time is not far away when they can invade our land, and here they will be helped by the Galician "Brandenburg-800", which, even by rough estimates, will be about 300 thousand well-armed Bandera men who live in Russia under the guise of all kinds of guest workers and political refugees. I 100% support Vladimir Volkonsky in this article, and .... we just have to wait for the next "June 22". And again, for the umpteenth time, I say, "There is no prophet in his Fatherland."
  9. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 5 November 2020 00: 00
    No one is planning a war. Great, anyway. The maximum is provocation. Pressure is being organized on Russia from all possible directions. Purpose - the Russian Federation should turn to the WB for help in solving problems. And in Karabakh and Ukraine. The WB will be ready to recall its mongrels (Zelensky, Erdogan, Aliyev, remove Pashinyan). The price of the issue - the Russian Federation gives the go-ahead for the inclusion of the WB in the "major league", among the negotiating powers at Yalta-2. They have already persuaded China by organizing the Hong Kong-Maidan, which then quietly merged. Trump initially dumped responsibility on the Russian Federation and China.
    WB among the negotiators at Yalta 2 is useless.
    In any case, there will be no big war. The WB will not aggravate, because, without getting to Yalta 2, it will turn out to be patient and then those who get there will trample on it. Just paying for the problems brought. And those who were the perpetrators of these problems, in any case, will be like a cancer stranded. Will grovel in front of the Russian Federation.
    Zelensky is already clearly asking for impeachment, wants to get out of the line of fire. Erdogan has nowhere to blame, he has a family there, a business, they won't take him to Rostov, especially to the West. Aliyev, if he persists, is also of no use to anyone. Pashinyan is originally a consumable (although MI 6 can warm it up, counting on the next nasty things of Russia in Armenia).
    1. Elena Ushkova Offline Elena Ushkova
      Elena Ushkova (Elena Ushkova) 5 November 2020 17: 29
      Is Russia going to beg on its knees to help the World Bank?)
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 5 November 2020 17: 52
        It will definitely not be on my knees. Have you seen how China pleaded with the World Bank to resolve the Hong Kong issue?
        This is just blackmail. And how it ends - we'll see soon.
        In my opinion, Russia does not need a WB at Yalta 2. But I do not have the same awareness as Putin.
        On the good, Putin can even endure the surrender of NK. Since the Armenians themselves do not really need it.
        According to some reviews, for the help of NK, Putin demands the departure of Pashinyan and the oath of the Armenian diaspora to Russia (not only ours, but all). They are still deciding. Well, let them decide, they are not dripping above us. Even formally and legally. The possibility of pressure on Aliyev and Erdogan was indicated, the ball is in the hands of Armenians.
        1. Elena Ushkova Offline Elena Ushkova
          Elena Ushkova (Elena Ushkova) 5 November 2020 18: 13
          And why does Russia need NK if it has never recognized it as an Armenian territory like the UN? And she consistently refused the NK of Armenia. As I understand it, the next agtik will be about "Russia has lost NK"?)
          1. boriz Offline boriz
            boriz (boriz) 5 November 2020 18: 17
            First, lay siege to WB. Indicate that we can do without snotty. All the same, filthy country, it should be completely omitted.
            Secondly, the Armenian diaspora is the second most important in the world, after the Jewish one. Taking control of it is very useful.
            Well, to besiege Turkey and Azerbaijan, to show everyone who is the boss in the region.
            1. Elena Ushkova Offline Elena Ushkova
              Elena Ushkova (Elena Ushkova) 8 November 2020 16: 16
              It would be nice to first take control of the Armenian diaspora in Russia. Otherwise they will be hysterical all the time and try to blackmail.
            2. Elena Ushkova Offline Elena Ushkova
              Elena Ushkova (Elena Ushkova) 8 November 2020 16: 18
              And then, I don't think what to take under control is to climb into Karabakh and carry chestnuts for Armenian soros. So Putin is clever, he clearly outlined everything.
  10. Elena Ushkova Offline Elena Ushkova
    Elena Ushkova (Elena Ushkova) 5 November 2020 17: 28
    Yeah .... Scary, already horror. Well, at least there was no advice.)
  11. Ivancarafuto Offline Ivancarafuto
    Ivancarafuto (Ivan) 5 November 2020 20: 20
    Well, the United States has been equipping a fighting hamster since 2014. The only goal is to butt with Russia to the last Ukrainian
  12. Russia is weakened by sanctions and internal unrest, it is easy to take it! So go ahead, Voyaki Upa! To Moscow! To Petersburg!
  13. Wanderer039 Offline Wanderer039
    Wanderer039 6 November 2020 04: 12
    The Ukrainian SSR could really do something, but in Ukraine it all fell into decay for many years and already during the joint production of the An-148 with the Russian Federation at VASO, there was a continuous marriage from Ukraine, the level of which was about 60%. The Ukrainian turbine installed on the second frigate of type 22350 burned out during the very first sea trials and what is there today was actually done in Russia. As for China, yes, China was interested in documentation, not antediluvian machine tools, Soviet times, and specialists from Ukraine fled for a long time and since 2014 have fled in droves. Now Motor Sich most of all resembles the ZIL plant and it is unlikely that they could do something there today, all the more quickly and with one hand. UAVs for the Russian Federation are not such a problem as the author thinks. Georgia used drones in 2008, but the Russian Air Force quickly `` landed them ''