Crime and Punishment: Azerbaijanis showed the destruction of two Armenian "Tornadoes" at once

On October 30, 2020, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan distributed a video showing the destruction of two Armenian MLRS "Smerch" at once. The Azerbaijanis called it a punishment for the crimes committed - the shelling of the cities of Barda and Tartar by Armenians.

The footage of the presented video demonstrates how the drone sets up surveillance of one of the Smerch MLRS. He is in a firing position and, having fired three missiles, quickly leaves the place where he was before.

The drone continues to monitor its movement and eventually finds two Smerch MLRS camouflaged in a wooded mountainous area. After that, the detected MLRS are freely shot from the air.

Note that the Azerbaijanis staged a real hunt with the help of drones for the MLRS and OTRK of the Armenian troops, which, as they claim, regularly fire at the settlements of Azerbaijan. For example, on October 29, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan published video of the destruction of one Armenian MLRS "Smerch", which, according to their information, fired at the city of Barda.

Before that from Baku сообщили on the destruction of the Armenian OTRK 9K79 "Tochka-U" and 9K72 "Elbrus", which attacked the Azerbaijani city of Ganja.

In fairness, it should be noted that the Armenian military demonstrated the launches of Elbrus. Moreover, they were carried out as solitaryAnd paired (double) starts.
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  1. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) 1 November 2020 06: 10
    The Azerbaijani military is acting very competently. good
  2. bear040 Offline bear040
    bear040 1 November 2020 09: 46
    This is only due to the illiteracy of the air defense of Armenia. In 2008, the Russian Air Force quickly `` landed '' all Georgian drones
  3. KYYC Offline KYYC
    KYYC (OXOTHuK) 2 November 2020 08: 24
    Azerbaijan completely controls the sky over NKarabakh.
    If Russia gives the Armenians "Krasukh", the Azerbaijanis will destroy them when they approach NKarabs.
    An integrated approach is needed here. And without the use of aviation, nothing good will come of Armenia.
    As long as Armenia does not use aviation, it may be preparing a powerful strike against Azerbaijan.
    And the political ground is being prepared for this.
  4. Semyon Semyonov_2 (Semyon Semyonov) 2 November 2020 11: 35
    ))) drone war.
  5. istrem Offline istrem
    istrem (alexandr istrem) 2 November 2020 11: 50
    - "EXPERTS" read the MATCH Part, and then some sort of ... pushing air
  6. Rus Offline Rus
    Rus 2 November 2020 19: 45
    We don't know how. If we drop only 50 FAB 500, then maybe we will hook the wheels with fragments