Nowhere to retreat: Russia is heading for tough relations with the West

Amid endless attempts to soften political the situation on the part of Moscow and the equally regular confrontation on the part of the West, Russia is heading for tough relations, writes the American news agency Bloomberg.

After incessant accusations from the US and the EU, the Kremlin decided to abandon attempts to soften the situation and from hopes of restoring relations with the West. Thus, the possibility of ending the dialogue was allowed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who, during an exchange of views on the Valdai discussion platform, bluntly stated that Russia would be forced to cut off communication with the European Union if they did not understand the need for a mutually respectful dialogue with Moscow.

Bloomberg calls this rhetoric from the head of the Russian foreign policy department a sign that confrontation is gaining momentum in Moscow. Thus, according to agency sources, high-ranking Russian officials no longer see any reason to back down in the face of pressure in the hope that the US and EU will finally recognize "the legitimate interests of Russia as a global power." The Kremlin's corridors are increasingly inclined to believe that Russia will never earn the respect of the West, and therefore they no longer see any point in continuing to knock on closed doors. Relations with the West are viewed in Moscow as a "new cold war." At the same time, the Kremlin believes that we are talking about an ideological confrontation, where Russia defends conservative values ​​against the predominantly liberal Western ones.

The ice has broken, gentlemen of the jury

On October 15, the Russian Foreign Ministry published a statement on Russia's withdrawal from trilateral consultations with Australia and the Netherlands on issues related to the plane crash of flight MH17 in the skies over the southeast of Ukraine on July 17, 2014.

Apparently, Australia and the Netherlands did not seek to understand what really happened in the summer of 2014, but were only aimed at getting Russia to plead guilty and receive compensation for the relatives of the victims.

- noted the Foreign Ministry, making The Hague responsible for disrupting the negotiations.

The withdrawal from the trilateral consultations looks quite logical and justified for our country. Nevertheless, he caused an extremely violent reaction in the West. Foreign diplomats frowned, wrung their hands, fell into hysterics and demanded that Moscow must certainly continue to participate in events whose sole purpose was a biased "political trial" over the Russian Federation. But what has Russia forgotten there besides humiliation? As a result, our country, quite expectedly, “jumped over the flags”, hearing only surprised in the back: “But what, it turns out, was it possible ?!”.

Over the past ten years, we have seen an unprecedented degradation of the institution of international relations. From the institution of communications, international institutions have become platforms for propaganda. Even the very concept of a contract has lost its essence and value. The most striking examples of this are the nuclear deal with Iran, as well as the many agreements between Russia and the EU and the United States.

In general, the way the politicians, as well as the institutions of international relations of the West, behave, leads to the idea that there is no one to talk to and nothing about on international platforms. Judge for yourselves, how can you conduct serious negotiations with those who easily "leaked" the content of confidential conversations of top officials to the media, as was the case with the publication in the Parisian newspaper Le Monde of the details of the telephone conversation between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron?

Gone is not only the concept of gentlemanly agreements, but also banal responsibility for one's words. It began, of course, not yesterday - we all remember the "noodles" about the guarantees of NATO nonproliferation to the East, which were hung on Mikhail Gorbachev during the unification of Germany. There are many such examples of blatant lies on the part of the West and further on - for example, the same guarantees to Slobodan Milosevic given by Washington.

Even worse, a number of countries on the political map of the world, including those from Russia's closest circle, have banally lost their sovereignty. This is clearly seen in the examples of Azerbaijan, which is pushed around from Ankara and Ukraine, which is “remotely” controlled from Washington. What is the point for Moscow to negotiate with Kiev and Baku, if the latter cannot decide anything on their own without "approvals" from abroad?

The last statement made by an expert-analyst Andrei Soyustov, I would dispute in the part where it concerns Baku. It seems to me that Ilham Aliyev is quite independent in making decisions and his alliance with Ankara is of a momentary temporary nature. He is the son of a KGB general, 1st secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan and its first president, Twice Hero of Socialist Labor Heydar Aliyev, a 1982 MGIMO graduate, from 1977 to 1991 he lived in Moscow. He has much more in common with Moscow than with Ankara, and it is much easier for Putin to find a common language with him than, for example, with his counterpart Nikola Pashinyan. Therefore, here I would not rush to conclusions. With regard to Kiev and its new president, the conclusions are absolutely correct. Zelensky is a servant of not even one, but three masters (London and Ankara were added to the already existing Washington). We'll talk about them now. Who is who's friend and what to expect from them?

Peace negotiations are always best done from a position of strength

Epigraph: "War is the continuation of politics by other means", "A statesman who sees that war is inevitable and cannot dare to strike first is guilty of a crime against his country." (Karl von Clausewitz)

Azerbaijan has already attacked Armenia. It all looks quite decent, Baku is restoring its territorial integrity violated by Yerevan. At the same time, no one even tries to hide the ears of the Sultan from behind Aliyev. Armenia suffers a crushing defeat, Turkish attack drones were stronger than Armenian tanks and MLRS. The precedent has been created. When Kiev attacks Donbass, this is no longer a factor of place, but of time. Whose ears will stick out at the same time because of the back of Zelensky - the sultan or MI6 director Richard Moore - is not important for us. If Joe Biden wins on November 3, we will see his ears there. What should Russia do in this situation? Should we wait for an attack or strike Kiev first?

I can already hear the words of objections from numerous Russian guardians of refrigerators: “Russia is never the first to attack. We will wait for an attack from the Ukrainian side, and then we will "fry", and then the living will envy the dead. " I answer: first, you run the risk of oversleeping the attack, like the Armenians in Karabakh on September 27 this year, or like the Serbs twice in Serbian Krajina in 1995 (Operation Lightning on May 1-3 and Operation Tempest on August 4-9 of the Croatian army ). The element of surprise always plays into the hands of the aggressor, especially since Ukraine does not consider itself an aggressor, like Azerbaijan at the moment, it is going to liberate its territories (Donbass and Crimea). And secondly, and this is the most important thing. It is not the event itself that is important, but how it will be played up in the media. Non-brothers in general, with a blue eye, can declare that it was you who attacked them. After all, nothing prevented them from telling their stupid population that did not know history that Stalin, together with Hitler, attacked Ukraine in June 1941, Kiev is the mother of Ukrainian cities, and Ukrainians are older than the Romans.

For those who have forgotten, I will remind you how the Croatian operations Lightning and Tempest ended.

Operation "Lightning" (Serb. Besak, Croatian Bljesak) - military operation of Croatian troops to restore control over western Slavonia in 1995. The region was part of the unrecognized Republic of Srpska Krajina and was under the supervision of UN forces. During May 1-3, 1995, the Croatian army occupied the region, overcoming the Serb defenses and eliminating the exclave. The operation led to the exodus from Western Slavonia of the majority of the Serb population and mass casualties among civilians.

Operation Tempest (Croatian Operacija Oluja, Serb. Operation Oluja) - a joint military operation of the Croatian army and the 5th corps of the army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, conducted on August 4-9, 1995 against Serbian Krajina. The result of this operation was the victory of Croatia and the elimination of the republics of Serbian Krajina and Western Bosnia.

Are we waiting for the Ukrainian "Storm in Donbass"? Let's wait ...

And remember the most important thing: "If a country chooses shame between shame and war, it will receive shame and war!" These are the words of Winston Churchill, and they have the most direct relation to us. Ukraine has always been, is and will be a zone of strategically important interests for the Russian Federation, without any reference to Brzezinski. The zone of its influence and its final loss will become a permanent bleeding wound on the body of the Russian Federation (and this is already a fait accompli!). Americans in 2014, I must give them their due, knew perfectly well where they were beating and what they were doing. And all naive idiots can continue to comfort themselves with hopes that it will somehow resolve itself. She will die by herself. Will disappear. It breaks down into atoms.

Will not disappear or disintegrate! Only together with the RF! This is a shahid mobile aimed at us. This embalmed corpse has not yet fulfilled its purpose. The hands of the United States, Britain and Turkey artificially keep him afloat, they pour gasoline on it - recently Vova returned from London and Istanbul, carrying in his beak an agreement on the joint production of shock drones from the Sultan and a contract for the supply of 8 new missile boats by Britain for the needs of the Navy, equipped with cruise missiles. Moreover, the British give money for this - a loan of 1,25 billion pounds for 10 years. Why are these gentlemen doing this? Well, definitely not for the future prosperity of the people of Ukraine. The deceased is equipped for the last journey. They are stuffed with hexogen (before that Washington did the same; in the summer, Congress approved the delivery to Ukraine of 14 newest American patrol boats and other military and technical equipment worth $ 250 million). To all naive individuals, I say - you still can't get away from the war! Are you waiting for Ukraine to strike first? You will wait! The command for this is not given by Kiev, I hope, at least you understand that? Stalin had a chance to strike first. Did not have time. As a result, he lost half of the country. He returned 4 years, paying 27 million lives for it. And you cannot return Ukraine to the stall 7 years ago.

If in the 1st act there is a gun on the wall, then in the 4th act it will definitely shoot. Now the third act of this tragedy has just begun. See you in the next world, tell me later how it all ended. And then don't tell me that I didn't warn you! I hope that at least this time the lessons of history will be taken into account.
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  1. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 2 November 2020 08: 27
    And you cannot return Ukraine to the stall 7 years ago.

    Who are you?
    Ukraine - so they go in the "right" direction, the stall of their ancestors is already over the horizon, but to the level of Sadom and Gomora they still have to shove and shove, and therefore they have no time for "brakes".
    The United States, Europe - and they don't care where Ukraine wanders, if only they don't start becoming great again, and even more so whole.
    RF - Are we trying? We see what kind of "brothers" are there, according to their behavior, nafig such, let those brought up by Soros live with Soros in "mansions", let them squabble for a better future abroad. But when they want to be quiet and start asking for "backward" tradition, then we will need to think three times in what form and why they are needed here. Therefore, now we are equipping our stall, and we don't really want to escape from it, and there is no time to return the "freedom-loving" to it.
    1. GRF Offline GRF
      GRF 2 November 2020 09: 18
      According to the Turkish leader, German Turks should not forget about their origin. In addition, writes The Guardian, Erdogan urged his compatriots to first of all teach their children the Turkish language and only then German.
      Developing the theme of protecting the rights of Turks abroad, Erdogan promised that so-called "blue cards" would be issued for those of his compatriots who decided to renounce Turkish citizenship in favor of German citizenship. These documents are intended to be the equivalent of Turkish passports: officially, dual Turkish-German citizenship is prohibited. If their holders decide to return to their historical homeland, they will not be deprived of most of their rights as they are now, reports The Guardian. Moreover, as Today's Zaman writes with reference to Anatolia agency, Erdogan called on the Turks living in Germany to return home now.

      The status of Russians abroad - non-citizen - in some non-states is a big problem for the authority of the Russian Federation and the state program to assist the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad in the Russian Federation, adopted by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on June 22, 2006, partially solves it. Seeing how similar problems are solved by others (for example, Turkey, Israel) and in the light of possible ruptures in relations, then some countries can slowly begin to knead their jaw, something can fly in, the probability of this is growing ...
  2. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 2 November 2020 08: 54
    If Joe Biden wins on November 3, we will see his ears there. What should Russia do in this situation?

    It doesn't matter who wins, in America, it's not the president who controls everything, but capital. Presidents in America are clowns - showmen, their task is to amuse the audience and say what they say.
    1. Digital error Offline Digital error
      Digital error (Eugene) 3 November 2020 23: 50
      Quote: Athenogen
      showmen, their task is to amuse the audience and say what they say

      This is how Peskov said about, perhaps, the only achievement of the Mishustin government - the depreciation of the ruble against the dollar by 30% in less than a year? "the absolute overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens receive their income in rubles" - there is nothing to worry about, everything is fine with us (holders of dollar accounts)
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 2 November 2020 08: 56
    I would have done so in 2014, as the author suggests. Moreover, it was a good reason. But judging by Putin's 15-point plan, we are not going to return anything. Let's wait for the blow !?
    There are 15 points in the "road map" of the Donbass republics.
    1. First of all, agreeing on new ceasefire measures.
    2. Within three days after the approval of the plan in the Verkhovna Rada, the parties submit lists of prisoners for an exchange, which must take place within 15 days, while exchanging all who agree to an exchange.
    3. Within 10 days after the approval of the plan, the Verkhovna Rada adopts a plan for demining the area in 19 areas and begins work on drawing up a plan for demining along the entire contact line.
    4. At the same time, the disengagement of troops begins in four sectors and a plan is drawn up for the next general and complete disengagement of troops and assets.
    5. Within 30 days after the approval of the plan by the Ukrainian parliament, the President of Ukraine introduces a draft law "On Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine (in terms of the decentralization of power)". This bill provides for the creation of a Separate District of Donetsk Oblast and a Separate District of Luhansk Oblast, which will operate until 2050. This article of the Constitution cannot be changed without the consent of the residents of Donbass in a referendum, which cannot be held before 2045.
    6. Simultaneously with paragraph 5, the Verkhovna Rada needs to amend the law on the special status of Donbass. The special status provides for the work of the executive branch on the ground in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, however, it is separately stipulated that the deployment of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is possible on the territory of Donbass only with the permission of the local authorities. In addition, Donbass itself will determine the official languages ​​on its territory, memorable dates and holidays, as well as the powers of the People's Militia, the appointment of prosecutors and judges. Donbass will have a special economic status in relations with the Russian Federation.
    7. The President of Ukraine adopts new bills on the delimitation of taxes and fees, as well as powers between the National Police and the People's Militia, on the amnesty for all who took part in the events in Donbass. And Ukraine must also cancel its three scandalous laws - on education, on the state language and on the reintegration of Donbass.
    8. All new laws will come into effect on a permanent basis after the OSCE observers have recognized the elections in Donbas as valid. Until then, the laws are in effect on a temporary basis.
    9. The next exchange of prisoners takes place within 10 days after the introduction of all these bills to the Rada. After that, the parties proceed to general demining and drawing up a plan to restore the work of banks and the Pension Fund of Ukraine.
    10. After the laws come into force, the People's Militia units are formed and illegal groups are disarmed.
    11. Local elections shall be held no later than five months after the adoption of laws.
    12. The republics of the DPR and LPR are dissolved after the election of the Donetsk and Lugansk district councils.
    13. After the elections, within two months, a section of the Russian border is transferred under the control of Ukraine.
    14. Two months later, Kiev lifts the blockade and returns state institutions to the Donbass. Nationalized enterprises are returned to their former owners.
    15. Three months after the adoption of the laws, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine together with the authorities of Donbass adopts a program for the restoration of the region.
    1. Accidentally Offline Accidentally
      Accidentally 2 November 2020 09: 30
      You made me laugh. Back in 2011, November-December, I told my friends the civil war in Ukraine ...... it will be. Everyone laughed with joy. They recommended to relax in ward number 6, when it came true, all the so-called friends disappeared. The Kremlin is facing its own problems, but the social tension in the country is too great, we have passed the boiling point of a social explosion, we are stubbornly approaching the point of explosion. Revolution-counter-revolution ... the problem behind the small, what can become a detonator of an explosion, after an explosion in Russia it is necessary the entire vertical of power will change ... and wait for the tanks of Donbass in Kiev. and it will be a different story of Russia (recommendation, trust paid political scientists less) they earn money from those who pay them their salaries. and the Kurginians and Ischenko know how to hang noodles on their ears.
      1. 123 Offline 123
        123 (123) 2 November 2020 23: 11
        You made me laugh. Back in 2011, November-December, I told my friends the civil war in Ukraine ...... it will be. Everyone laughed with joy. They recommended to relax in ward number 6, when it came true, all the so-called friends disappeared.

        Will you give a forecast for the USA? smile
        1. Accidentally Offline Accidentally
          Accidentally 3 November 2020 10: 02
          don't go to Baba Vanga, but when a stuffed animal baidanet us, then we'll find out ............. we won't have fun
      2. Digital error Offline Digital error
        Digital error (Eugene) 3 November 2020 23: 52
        Quote: Kazara
        all so called friends disappeared

        it's for the best - such friends ... however, you don't know how to choose friends smile
      3. EMMM Offline EMMM
        EMMM 4 November 2020 22: 43
        In 2007, we met with classmates in Severodonetsk, and I was very much surprised by the position of one of my former friends (who, by the way, served in the Soviet Airborne Forces, and, accordingly, underwent a certain course of political treatment), who said that we are making money in Ukraine solely from gas.
        Let me emphasize, summer 2007 ...
        Who and how put such thoughts into a person's head?
    2. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 2 November 2020 11: 31
      "I would have done so in 2014, as the author suggests."

      And mass protests in Russia would have had mass poverty.

      "Let's wait for the blow !?"

      About the strike: Putin clearly warned what would happen in the event of a strike.
      1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
        steelmaker 2 November 2020 13: 39
        And you might think we now have no poverty and protests? Only officially 20 million beggars! And Putin promised a lot and warned many people. Trusting Putin is not respecting yourself !!
        1. boriz Offline boriz
          boriz (boriz) 2 November 2020 14: 06
          Don't you remember how at the beginning of the XNUMXs pensioners blocked the roads?
          Now, yet, not even that. But if they climbed into Ukraine, it would seem like children's games in a sandbox. And what would they arrange for us in Ukraine ...
          Look at the map yourself, Crimea + LDNR and the rest of Ukraine. "Feel the difference ..." (C)
          1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
            steelmaker 2 November 2020 14: 31
            Don't you remember how at the beginning of the XNUMXs pensioners blocked the roads?

            First, tell me why did they overlap? And can you understand why now it is not? Put your brains in a row and you won't be foolish at once!
        2. Ivan Ivanov_20 Offline Ivan Ivanov_20
          Ivan Ivanov_20 (Ivan Ivanov) 4 November 2020 07: 39
          Can you imagine, in the USA there are 50 million beggars ...: (((
      2. Digital error Offline Digital error
        Digital error (Eugene) 3 November 2020 23: 56
        Quote: boriz
        Putin clearly warned what would happen in the event of a strike

        Let us first express our deep concern. then we will show cartoons about hypersound 100+ swings. after - we will go to heaven, and they will all die. or am I missing something?
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 2 November 2020 09: 15
    "Stalin had a chance to strike first. He did not have time. As a result, he lost half of the country. He returned 4 years, paying 27 million lives for it."

    "And you cannot return Ukraine back to the stall 7 years ago"

    Another Cadmi. They say everything around is weak, the Americans are blown away, we must hit first ...
    And then the Americans smashed PMC Wagner ...

    But in fact, all this is HSP.
  5. Ivancarafuto Offline Ivancarafuto
    Ivancarafuto (Ivan) 2 November 2020 10: 55
    It is written correctly, everything is heading for war and we see only that obvious "kerosene" added by the West to the civil war in Ukraine. What remains behind the scenes, what surprises will become clear with the first shots
    1. Digital error Offline Digital error
      Digital error (Eugene) 4 November 2020 00: 01
      Quote: Ivancarafuto
      we see only that obvious "kerosene" added by the West to the civil war in Ukraine

      that is why the LDNR proposed to Ukraine in the "roadmap for normalizing the situation" to transfer control over the border with the Russian Federation to Ukraine (maybe a fake?), and Sharia's party, which is against the Russian Crimea, but even more against the war (and, therefore, is negotiable) went to the municipal authorities and will enter parliament - not without the support of the CIA, of course. Sometimes things are easier than they seem.
  6. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 2 November 2020 11: 15
    "Ukraine has always been, is and will be a zone of strategically important interests for the Russian Federation, without any reference to Brzezinski, its zone of influence and its final loss will become a permanent bleeding wound on the body of the Russian Federation (and this is already a fait accompli!)"

    And inside the RF it would be a cancerous tumor. Ukraine simply should not exist. But to climb first to ruin it is the height of stupidity. She falls apart herself. Look at the election results.
    Zelensky, full of impression, is himself running into impeachment. It's scary to steer and respond further.
    Author, scare the Black Sea Fleet with patrol boats, it's funny.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 2 November 2020 19: 54
      Can you tell the difference between a patrol boat and a missile boat? Do you know how a cruise anti-ship missile differs from our Caliber? only the radius of action! Krymsky bridge to demolish her, like two fingers on the asphalt.
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 2 November 2020 20: 06
        Firstly, I didn’t give a reason to poke me and I don’t need such nephews.

        "Before that, Washington did the same; in the summer, Congress approved the delivery of 14 newest American patrol boats to Ukraine"

        I didn't write it.
        Thirdly, 8 missile boats for the entire Black Sea is not serious. Not to mention the fact that as long as they appear on the Black Sea and people can fight on them, the situation will change so much that any desire to fight in Ukraine will disappear.
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 2 November 2020 20: 14
          not serious - this is when a construction battalion officer tells how many missiles are needed to close the Black Sea, 64 missiles are enough so that life does not seem like raspberries to you
          1. boriz Offline boriz
            boriz (boriz) 2 November 2020 20: 17
            How long will they live, these 8 boats?
            A construction battalion - 2 years of military service not in a military specialty.
      2. meandr51 Offline meandr51
        meandr51 (Andrei) 3 November 2020 00: 04
        Another mass of warheads. The bridge weighs a million tons. What is 50-100 kg of TNT to him?
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 3 November 2020 00: 55
          another specialist miner ... how much does the bridge support weigh, you know? and how many million tons did the twin towers weigh like a house of cards? it is not the mass of BG that is important, but the point of application
    2. Digital error Offline Digital error
      Digital error (Eugene) 4 November 2020 00: 04
      Quote: boriz
      She falls apart on her own

      Yeah, it's been 30 years now. And that is why Roskomnadzor blocks some Ukrainian websites in our country - apparently so that we do not catch the collapse virus. Well done - they are watching.
  7. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 2 November 2020 11: 45
    Ruslan, why does the author allow himself such an appeal to the readers of the site? "To all naive idiots, I say - ... Another Makarevich? So Makarevich, at least, has past services to the people. Well, now he fell into insanity, it can happen to everyone ...
    Comments here are limited in the lexicon like nowhere else, but here on you, listen!
    I served as an officer in the military construction units of the Soviet Army, let me remember my youth too. Volkonsky's ears will curl up into a tube.
    1. Kristallovich Online Kristallovich
      Kristallovich (Ruslan) 2 November 2020 11: 53
      Ruslan, why does the author allow himself such an appeal to the readers of the site?

      You just took it personally. The author did not offend you.
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 2 November 2020 11: 57
        The author a priori considers those who disagree with his opinion to be idiots.
        And you allow it. I don't think this will raise the popularity of the site.
        1. Kristallovich Online Kristallovich
          Kristallovich (Ruslan) 2 November 2020 11: 59
          The author a priori considers those who disagree with his opinion to be idiots.

          This is your personal opinion. Don't pass it off as true.
          1. boriz Offline boriz
            boriz (boriz) 2 November 2020 12: 01
            Yes, this is just my opinion, I expressed it and do not impose it on anyone. And I don’t consider (and, moreover, I don’t announce publicly) those who disagree with me are idiots.
            And yet - you live.
          2. mikhail.rybakov2017 (mikhail rybakov) 2 November 2020 14: 16
            A stupid person is one who does not agree with the opinion of this author.
  8. mikhail.rybakov2017 (mikhail rybakov) 2 November 2020 14: 13
    Bravo! We must hit with the first, preemptive strike, otherwise our special services will oversleep again. Our spineless policy has already shown itself, and there are many examples of this. Nobody respects us anymore. They wipe their feet about us.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 2 November 2020 15: 17
      Well, yes, hitting Ukraine first, to the delight of provocateurs and enemies ... (a very good indicator: who is who ...) First, look at yourself, and so that there are no tens of millions of beggars in Russia and dozens of the richest in the world with yachts and football clubs for hundreds of millions of dollars, and not a single million to their country, even for beggars, even for sports clubs. When we become a decent country (now feudalism is obscene), then Ukraine will stop running headlong from us, from today's Russia ...
      1. nhrabrov Offline nhrabrov
        nhrabrov (nhrabrov) 3 November 2020 14: 03
        and while the government proudly announces in its voice that from the beginning of 2021 the tax will be increased from the current 13% to 15% on the amount of income for the FL over 5 million per year and then only for an exceeding part, in decaying Europe the tax on the income of the FL in the amount exceeding 64000 Euro is 48% and for the whole amount FOR ALL! So gentlemen, I will say that Putin's latest initiative in this sense is a slap in the face of the entire Russian people! And not a spit from under a tishka, but a savory all over your face! Only you don't know about it! And then Usmanov in all the media trumpets how he gave one million to the girl for the operation! Yes, how much he stole, millions of girls could have surgery! Don't even thank him! And what do you want from the countries of the Former Soviet Union? so that they follow you? Aha now!
  9. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 2 November 2020 15: 01
    While our rogue officials keep on their accounts the capital stolen from us, in any form in foreign banks and offshore, while their wives, children, mistresses will live and study in Etons and Harvards, living there in luxurious palaces with luxurious yachts, and they themselves will continue to pump out all highly liquid and significant natural resources from our country - oil, gas, timber, expensive polymetals - this will never happen, and our "guarantor" himself is well aware of this. Yes, and socialism was built , and we built communism, now we are building wild capitalism, and the people, as they lived in the village ... me, continue to live, no longer believing in any regular "perestroika", and it's scary to think, against the background of what happened in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, God forbid that the same will begin in Russia, and there are already sparks in Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, and other cities.
  10. andrew42 Offline andrew42
    andrew42 (Andrei) 2 November 2020 15: 38
    Yeah, a provocative article. Hit Ukraine -? And on whom actually there to "hit" the author suggests-? If for the imperious Bandera-pro-American elite, then a Sudoplatov-style DRG is enough for this. If everything else, - so the majority of Ukrainians are still very comfortable feeling themselves in the format of a "war with Muscovites" - they are so comfortable. What, to "liberate" them in spite of their idea of ​​"Ukrainian happiness"? Getting bullets in the back in exchange for humanitarian aid? - Nonsense. How is the author going to "torture" the population of the Okrug? - Something I do not see there either the partisan movement, or the sick Bandera in the gateways. -So far the opposite is true. The author proposes not to fight the spread of the fire creeping to the house, but immediately jump into the fire himself and not suffer. Found an option, you see ..
  11. igornet Offline igornet
    igornet (Igor) 2 November 2020 15: 43
    Stalin had a chance to strike first ...

    - and he used it! He destroyed the Mannerheim Line on the border with Finland, signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler, which made it possible to annex buffer zones to the USSR. Of course, Stalin was not the only one planning all this; After the creation of the buffer zones, they began to rebuild the Army, which in the course of conflicts showed unsatisfactory combat effectiveness and the replacement of obsolete weapons. The war would have started anyway, they knew it, they were preparing for this, but they did not have time! Considerable merit in this and the outdated by that time elite, in the person of Klim Voroshilov ("... this on a white horse does not shoot!") And others like him. In reality, by the summer of 1941, we had only the distant one ready, which played one of the first violins in the Blitzkrieg funeral march. In the very first hours of the Great Patriotic War, Russian falcons flew to Romania and turned the oil refinery in Ploiesti into a heap of stones and ash, as a result of which German tanks had to switch to synthetic gasoline by the winter of 1941-42, which began to freeze at temperatures close to 30 degrees Celsius. Guderian "saw the Moscow Kremlin through binoculars", but his "iron cavalry" was motionless (id est target). All Hitler's hope after the failure of the Blitzkrieg was on the Fifth Column, but the people did not support these losers, again turned out to be wiser than the strategists of world chaos had assumed.
    And now all these attempts with the war between Russia and Ukraine (plus the Baltic limitrophes) are connected with the hope for a "Russian" fifth column that will be able to neutralize the weapon of retaliation. Frankly speaking, these hopes are completely illusory!
    1. Elen_msk Offline Elen_msk
      Elen_msk (Elena Belyakova) 3 November 2020 08: 42
      Di est target)
  12. Ben latin Offline Ben latin
    Ben latin (Valentine Latin) 2 November 2020 17: 26
    ... ..the more often a person makes excuses, the more they do not believe him - this is in life. In politics, the same thing, plus they stop being respected. So "what they fought for and ran into." But how many Russian people understood this long ago, spoke and wrote in the hope that they would be heeded. But apparently, the government and the Russian diplomats either had iron nerves, or some kind of top-secret plans to which they did not tell anyone, or low blood pressure. It's good that they decided, it's bad that they lost so much time without benefit for the country ...
  13. Rus Offline Rus
    Rus 2 November 2020 19: 40
    How can you compare us with the West ... We can't even make syringes with masks ...
    1. meandr51 Offline meandr51
      meandr51 (Andrei) 3 November 2020 00: 09
      Syringes and masks are weakly destructive. They are only inadequate to fight. As for real weapons, ask the barmaley from Syria: who are they more afraid of - ours or the Americans?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  14. olpin51 Offline olpin51
    olpin51 (Oleg Pinegin) 2 November 2020 20: 28
    As there Clausewitz said: -

    A statesman who sees that war is inevitable and cannot dare to strike first is guilty of a crime against his country.

    How I support him. And there is something to say you know to whom.
    1. Alexander Lik Offline Alexander Lik
      Alexander Lik (Alexander Lik) 2 November 2020 23: 35
      So no one compares you with the West.
  15. Alexander Lik Offline Alexander Lik
    Alexander Lik (Alexander Lik) 2 November 2020 23: 34
    The author of this passage simply forgets that Ukraine today is a potential atomic bomb with gangs of humanoid beings roaming around it, armed and with pots on their heads. Which will easily set off these bombs.
    And the so-called. The "people", still voting for any nicknames, poroshenko and Zelensky, stubbornly demonstrates that the disease of Ukronazism and moronicism is progressing.
    1. meandr51 Offline meandr51
      meandr51 (Andrei) 3 November 2020 00: 13
      What difference does it make who this "people" vote for? When the Russian Federation occupied Crimea, 80% of the Ukrainian Armed Forces joined the Russian Armed Forces. People respect power and money. And all this TV and "democracy" is just a circus. Change their TV program - they will forget their Volapyuk in a week.
      1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
        Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 3 November 2020 00: 57
        Quote: meandr51
        Change them the TV program

        And if you change the TV program?
  16. semen Offline semen
    semen (semen) 3 November 2020 03: 02
    Arguing about Aliyev, the author becomes simply ridiculous ... It would be simply stupid to be guided by personal relations in solving fundamental geopolitical issues for Russia ... Aliyev is guided by the interests of Azerbaijan, and not sympathies or antipathies to Putin and to life in Moscow ...
    Having solved the problem with Karabakh, he will turn Moscow into a handle and go to NATO ... If he does not want, the tram will run over him and the more accommodating Azerbaijani "Pashinyan" will do it for him ... Armenia will also be there, for it will be gone hold near Russia.
    1. Elen_msk Offline Elen_msk
      Elen_msk (Elena Belyakova) 3 November 2020 08: 36
      Soon there will be no NATO - let everyone aspire to go there, in the final analysis, then they will knock on our Russian "doors". We have all!
      1. semen Offline semen
        semen (semen) 3 November 2020 15: 07
        This "everything" will be taken away and they won't say thank you ...
  17. Ruslan_3 Offline Ruslan_3
    Ruslan_3 (Ruslan Berlinsky) 3 November 2020 05: 49
    no need to argue .. America was warned that they have nothing to do in the Black Sea and what will happen if they do not listen? warned ... well, they will decide from the boat to go into the Black Sea - immediately drown ... without warning, it has already been
  18. genadij Offline genadij
    genadij (gene gene) 3 November 2020 07: 03
    For the flags! The lust for life is stronger!
    Only from behind I happily heard
    Surprised screams of people.

  19. Elen_msk Offline Elen_msk
    Elen_msk (Elena Belyakova) 3 November 2020 08: 31
    To the author - Bravo! Bravo!)
  20. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) 3 November 2020 10: 42
    The author clearly forgot that at the referendum on 02.12.1991/XNUMX/XNUMX, the "residents of Donbass" clearly expressed their desire to be a part of Ukraine -

    stay away from a heavy drinking older brother.

    Now, as the ration has decreased in Ukraine, do the "residents of Donbass" want Russian rations?
    And tomorrow, if the rations in Ukraine are increased, will the "Donbass residents" want to return?
  21. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
    Indifferent 3 November 2020 10: 42
    If you "hit first," as the author suggests, then you will have to feed them long and tediously. To restore and complain that I had to take advantage of drastic measures. And they, in turn, will take the position of the offended and unhappy. Do we need this? They will turn boats and drones into scrap metal quickly and easily. They have accumulated 30 years of experience.
  22. Dark Offline Dark
    Dark (Design Ovragoff) 3 November 2020 21: 50
    Oh, what do you want from cowardly Russia?
  23. Elena Ushkova Offline Elena Ushkova
    Elena Ushkova (Elena Ushkova) 3 November 2020 23: 10
    "You will wait". I didn't understand something, this is an ultimatum to Putin, like the Armenian one?) It is definitely not the guardians of refrigerators who make decisions. Recently, various figures in the media have begun to behave like a greyhound. They threaten the Kremlin, blackmail ... what would that mean?
  24. osemyonoff Offline osemyonoff
    osemyonoff (Oleg) 4 November 2020 02: 00
    Complete nonsense. It's like my Chihuahua is heading for a tough relationship with a neighbor's Doberman
  25. Samodelkin Offline Samodelkin
    Samodelkin (Samodelkin) 4 November 2020 09: 19
    Bribery and corruption are very bad for Ukraine. Ukraine is in second place in the world in terms of bribes, and do you know why in second? Because they gave a bribe so as not to be on the first))
  26. Oleg Bratkov Offline Oleg Bratkov
    Oleg Bratkov (Oleg Bratkov) 6 November 2020 14: 14
    I am sure that Gorbachev was never given a "guarantee of NATO's non-proliferation to the east", and vice versa, he knew for sure that NATO would creep further. Don't forget where Gorbachev lives and what country he is a citizen of. This is the same as Khrushchev and Brezhnev. They told the people of the USSR about the Cold War, and they themselves chopped down the USSR. Why is Mikhail Sergeevich worse than them?